A King’s Conquest

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No man could intimidate him. No woman could resist him. Every man secretly wished to be him, and every woman secretly feared him. But none of that was of any concern to Helyah. The warrior king of Ledion’s sole focus was to conquer. Conquer all neighboring territories so that his beloved Ledion could be ensured longevity as a powerful kingdom. The latter had been Helyah’s sole obsession, consuming his mind, body and soul.

That is, until he set eyes on Jezmen, the daughter of the owner of the king’s favorite tavern. He had seen her countless times during her childhood, but had paid little attention to her then. Now, nearly a long eighteen years later, all that occupied his mind was Jezmen’s long golden mane, her delicate hands, her plump, rose-colored lips. Helyah had been to the tavern on a daily basis since he’d returned from the battle of Menil, in order to catch a glimpse of the fair-haired maiden. But it seemed that Jezmen’s father had been afraid that his daughter would be approached by the king, and so had managed to keep her distant from Helyah.

Finally, on a blustery morning, the king cornered Jezmen outside by the water well as she refilled the tavern’s supply.

“You are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes upon.” Helyah confessed. He did not want to miss the rare opportunity to speak to the gorgeous maiden. “I know your father is concerned about any man approaching you, but my intentions are most chivalrous. Will you at least speak my name? I have been dreaming of hearing your sweet voice.”

Jezmen spoke very softly, almost in a whisper, “Your majesty, my father is very concerned for my well-being, but I am certain that he would have no objection to our conversing about the sudden chill in the wind, or about the frost that will most surely approach by nightfall.” Her words were meant to be spoken in a steadfast manner, so as not to appear intimidated, but her trembling betrayed her emotions.

Helyah felt very confident all of a sudden-as if Jezmen were another territory to win in a battle. A territory with weak defenses. He wanted to stay true to his earlier promise of chivalry, but could not control his desire to kiss her sweet lips. He gently grasped her arm, and turned her around to face him. She did not resist. He brought her closer to him, until he could feel her breath on his face. The desire to kiss was so strong for both of them that it was like sweet agony to resist.

When their lips finally did meet, it felt as if an explosion had taken place inside of Helyah. They remained intertwined in the passionate kiss until Jezmen’s bahis firmaları father interrupted them with a loud gasp.

Helyah released Jezmen, and turned to face the tavern owner. The king’s demeanor was not apologetic, but it was somewhat sympathetic. He knew full well that Jezmen’s father would not-could not-deny him Jezmen. However, the marriage of a king to a peasant would not be in the best interest of the throne.

All of these thoughts raced through Helyah’s mind as he tried to decide the most civilized manner in which to inform the tavern owner that the king intended full well to take Jezmen with him before he left the tavern on this day.

“I will offer you a handsome dowry for your daughter, good man.” Helyha stated, pleased with himself. “Enough gold so that you live comfortably from here on.”

Jezmen’s father was at a loss for words. When he finally did speak, his voice shook, “But she could never be your queen.” His voice faltered.

Helyah did not expect the old man to be so presumptuous. “That is undestood. But she will have my undying love nonetheless. I promise you that she will want for nothing.”.

“But–but, you do not understand. She is not what you want.” The tavern owner pleaded.

The king was beginning to lose his temper with the old man. “She is leaving with me immediately. My soldiers will settle the dowry with you once I have departed.” Helyah placed his hand around Jezmen’s arm, and led her to his horse. He helped her up on the beast, and was about to climb on himself, when the tavern owner bravely held him back by his arm. Helyah turned around and glared at the old man. The father’s eyes were full of tears. “Please do not have her slain, please.” He sobbed. “She does not know. She does not comprehend…”. Those were the last words Helyah heard from the old man’s lips as he was held back by the king’s soldiers. He disregarded the old man’s ramblings as a final attempt to dissuade Helyah from taking his daughter.

Jezmen remained silent throughout the long ride to the castle. When they finally arrived, he ordered his servants to prepare her for her visit to the king’s quarters later in the evening. Helyah retreated to his room in order to prepare himself for the moment he had been longing for for so long now.

Finally, shortly after nightfall, there was a soft knock at Helyah’s door. He instructed the visitor to enter. The servants gently led Jezmen inside the room. The maiden’s golden hair had been decorated with flowers, and she had been dressed in a long flowing white gown with an empire waist that accentuated her extremely kaçak iddaa small chest. As the servants prepared to retreat from the king’s quarters, they whispered to each other. One servant shook her head, and the other sighed as they left the room.

Helyah approached Jezmen in much the same manner as earlier that day, by the tavern’s well. But he was so much more excited than earlier. As he brought his lips to hers, the intensity of their kiss was such that Helyah almost felt tears well in his eyes. He pressed her body close to his, and ran his hands down her back. When he arrived at her buttocks, he grabbed one in each hand and pulled her as close to his body as he could. That is when he felt something hard pressing against his midsection. Helyah pushed Jezmen away. He stood back, and stared directly below her stomach, and at the section of her dress that stood up and away from her body.

“Take off your clothes.” He demanded angrily.

Jezmen now trembling because she did not understand Helyah’s sudden rage, obeyed him. She unlaced the back of her dress, and let it drop to the floor. There were no undergarments. Jezmen stood fully naked now, trembling, with tears running down both cheeks.

As Helyah stared at the naked young man in front of him, his face grew redder and redder with rage. “How dare you?” He growled. He violently pushed Jezmen to the floor. Jezmen began sobbing uncontrollably.

Jezmen looked up at Helyah, and managed to speak between sobs, “Why have I displeased you, your majesty? Why do I repulse you?”.

The king was preparing to kick the young man, when he caught himself. It genuinely seemed that the man did not understand what was happening, why Helyah felt deceived. He remembered the old man’s words, “She does not know…”. Could it be that the young man’s family had raised him as a maiden in order to avoid having him drafted to battle? Could the deceit have been so successful that even Jezmen himself did not know?

Regardless, what was the king supposed to do now? He could not risk being ridiculed by his subjects. His rule would be questioned.

Yet, as he stared at Jezmen, still sobbing on the floor, with the golden mane covering all of the tell-tale parts of his body, the king could not help but wonder what it would feel like to make love to him.

Helyah kneeled down over him, and wiped Jezmen’s cheeks dry of tears with the back of his large hand. He gently raised Jezmen to a sitting position, and sat down across from him. “I am sorry.” Helyah muttered. Jezmen looked into the king’s eyes, and hesitantly reached out to kaçak bahis touch the king’s face with his fingertips.

The brush of the soft fingers on his lips was all that Helyah needed to be convinced that he still wanted Jezmen. He gently laid Jezmen down on the floor, and eased himself down on top of him. The king kissed him passionately. With one arm holding him up on the floor, Helyah untied his pants, and released his throbbing, aching member. He placed Jezmen’s hand on his fully engorged penis. Helyah gasped at Jezmen’s touch. He could feel a trickle of cum spurt from the tip of his cock. He rubbed Jezmen’s hand up and down his length, lubricating his hard cock with his cum.

The king then proceeded to part Jezmen’s legs, and raised them so that his knees touched his own stomach. Helyah slid up Jezmen’s body until he was between the man’s buttocks. Helyah pushed Jezmen’s legs further, so that his buttocks were completely separated, exposing the pink entrance that Helyah so longed for right now.

Helyah was as gentle as his desire allowed. He pushed himself inside of Jezmen slowly. The young man flinched when the head of Helyah’s cock opened the tight hole. Helyah noticed the look of pain on Jezmen’s face, and did not move until Jezmen’s hips pushed forward, engulfing almost half of Helyah’s length at once. Jezmen gasped, moaned, and groaned. The mixture of pain and pleasure was overwhelming.

Jezmen felt faint with pleasure as Helyah entered him deeper, and deeper, until the full length of the king’s cock was inside of Jezmen. The king was careful not to thrust until Jezmen had relaxed somewhat. He knew he could otherwise hurt Jezmen. But Jezmen’s hips had found a rhythm, and were now thrusting, pushing Helyah’s cock deep inside him.

Helyah realized that Jezmen’s body was hungry, so his thrusts became accordingly harder and deeper. Jezmen reached down to Helyah’s buttocks, and pushed him in, attempting to satiate the need for Helyah’s fullness. Just as Helyah thought he could no longer hold back his release, Jezmen let out a scream as his body almost convulsed. Helyah looked down at Jezmen’s erect cock, and realized that they were both covered in Jezmen’s eruption. The sight of the pearly white cream all over his lover’s body, and Jezmen’s loud, prolonged screams of ecstasy pushed Helyah to the edge of orgasm. He thrust inside Jezmen as far as he could, and felt the explosion rising up from his testicles. When the release finally came, it was amazing. Helyah had never experienced anything like it before.

When the long series of spasms had subsided, Helyah embraced Jezmen. He stayed inside of his lover for fear the moment would disappear. Helyah closed his eyes, and drifted into a sweet slumber in which he dreamt that he could rule his kingdom with Jezmen at his side…

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