A Hot New Schoolmate

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I am a 45 yo bisexual. I have medium length, brown hair, a moustache and goatee. I dye my hair, moustache and goatee, to hide the little bit of gray that creeps in, feeling that I look younger with the dark brown color. I am 6’2″ tall, weigh 200 lbs, blue eyes and a 7-1/2″ (when totally hard) cock with a width of approximately 2-1/2 fingers, whatever that measurement happens to be.

My first sexual experience, with another person, happened at the age of eighteen. My family had moved to a new neighborhood and school district. The school introduced me to my first “boyfriend” named Donny, as a helper to make sure I knew which bus to ride home after school. Donny and I became friends rather quickly.

On about the fourth or fifth day, after school, Donny and I were in his bedroom as usual. Donny showed me his collection of Playboys. Of course, I got a huge hard-on looking at the pictures of all the naked, nasty women and apparently so did Donny. Suddenly, and without warning, Donny stood up from his bed and opened his pants, pulled down his underwear and shamelessly exposed his boner to me. I was dumbfounded. I felt a strange, but wonderful feeling as I watched him, along with a guilt feeling, as I was always taught that even looking at or touching one’s own penis, except to pee was a huge sin. The good feelings won as I watched Donny take his hard rod in both hands, sit down and begin to stroke his cock up and down; I had always thought that I had pretty nice sized cock, but Donny’s was a fucking monster.

My own cock became even harder than it was looking at the girlie mags. I was too embarrassed to follow through with my immense desire to pull out my own prick and follow suit, masturbating with my new friend. Mesmerized, I continued watching as he grunted and moaned as he pumped himself, closing his eyes for a minute, then opened them and looked at me. Each time he would look at me, I seemed to notice a lusting in his eyes, and his already huge cock would pulse and get bigger, or harder, or both and he seemed to pull on it a bit harder and faster. Also, each time I saw that lusty look as our eyes met, and I noticed his reaction, my cock would throb and get harder too.

The fat head of his dick was so shiny, and smoother than my own. Within a short time, he began moaning louder and breathing faster increasing the rate at which he jerked his cock. As if I were in a trance, my eyes became fixed to his penis and hands. I actually throbbed several times, feeling my pre-cum wetting my shorts, as I watched his cum begin shooting and spurting wildly, covering his chest and stomach. Some of his lovely airborne sperm actually shot as high as to hit him in the cheek. As he wiped himself clean, I stammered, “I really better get home now,” and racing home, I went to my bedroom and jerked myself off as I remembered the sight I had just witnessed; and I covered my own self with all my built up and pent up jism.

The next day, my mind was occupied, or preoccupied, on stuff other than schoolwork. I kept wondering, hoping that this afternoon I would get a repeat performance, also wondering if I would have the courage to join him, as we jerked off together. Gratefully, I was given a repeat, and after a few minutes knew I wouldn’t be able to wait till going home, and slowly undid my own jeans, pulled them and my undies down to my knees, and began stroking myself as I watched Donny again, as we both laid back on his bed, side by side. Me watching him, and he watching me as we jerked our cocks. It wasn’t long before we both exploded. This, orgasm, and the one I shot the day before were the most intense orgasms I could remember having before then.

Things progressed from there, almost each day adding something else to our play. The next day, as we were beating off, Donny reached over and his hands took canlı bahis şirketleri over as he pumped my hard throbbing cock. As I gasped with excitement, throbbing and growing harder in his hands, I reached over and took hold of Donny’s cock, feeling a cock other than my own for the very first time. Again I felt exhilarated and with the new sensations of a new pair of hands on my cock, along with the exciting feeling of the hardness I pumped in my hands, I came faster and harder than ever before as we both climaxed nearly at the same moment, which just added to the excitement; feeling Donny’s cock twitching and throbbing and shooting his huge load right there in my hand, as I jerked and spasmed, as I came for the very first time with someone’s hand, other than my own wrapped tight around my dick, stroking and pumping me till I was totally spent.

The next day turned out to be another great surprise; after grabbing my cock, Donny lowered his face towards it and began licking and sucking. God… did that feel great. He paused long enough to ask me to tell him when I was going to shoot my load. It didn’t take long, and Donny pulled his mouth off and finished me with his hands. Oh my God, what a climax.

After coming down from another cum high, and catching my breath, I decided I wanted to return the favor, with a strong desire to see just how Donny’s cock felt and tasted in my mouth. I placed his cock near my lips and licked him. Exhilarated, I loved the feel and taste and continued doing what had just been done to me trying my best to do things to the hardness in my mouth, that he would enjoy feeling. When Donny told me that his cum would be there soon, I removed my mouth as I pumped him to completion. I apparently didn’t move away far enough because a big splat of Donny’s cum hit right on my cheek, ran down and dripped onto my chest. It felt warm, and I felt a chill go through me as I realized I had just had someone else cum on my face. I wasn’t really sure why that excited me that much till a bit later in our explorations.

As we cleaned up with some paper towels, a thought ran through my mind. I had the strongest curiosity; just what cum would taste like. What would it feel and taste like to have Donny shoot his load into my mouth? Then I thought to myself, “damn… I just missed my chance to at least taste it. I sort of regretted not thinking before I cleaned my face to wipe some of his cum with my finger and taste it right there and then. Even though I regretted the missed opportunity to taste sperm for the first time, my thoughts of tasting his cum really included him shooting directly in my mouth.

We continued sucking each other to right before shooting for a week or so, and each time I wanted to, but was still unable to, ignore the warning, and have Donny fill my mouth with his hot, creamy load. I have no idea why, but for some reason, I was more afraid of how Donny would react, as he shot his load down my throat, than I was afraid I wouldn’t like it as much as in my fantasy. There were again several opportunities to lick up some of his cum after he unloaded, yet I decided that I wanted to have my first taste of his cum directly from the source. I wanted Donny to take my, “cum eating” cherry, from me as he fucked my face and mouth. I wanted to feel his cock enlarge and throb as it delivered my first drink of his hot white creamy load.

Then, one day, I got so fucking horny, as we began our play, I decided it was time and I was going to fulfill this fantasy of mine. I sucked Donny first. As I licked, sucked and pumped his cock, playing with his balls and tasting them too, I could feel Donny’s cock growing in my mouth, as he moaned in pleasure. Soon enough, I heard Donny give me the warning, where previously I would have taken him out of my mouth to finish him with my hands. canlı kaçak iddaa This time, however, I just kept him in my mouth. I wrapped my lips tighter and began pumping his throbbing, pulsating cock with my mouth and hands. He warned me again, and I kept right on sucking him. After me not taking my mouth away, on his second warning to me, Donny finally got it that I wanted his cum in my mouth and began to fuck my face in harmony with my hands and mouth pumping him.

His cock swelled bigger than I remember seeing it swell when I would finish him with my hands, so I figured he must really like the idea I had planned. All of the sudden, I felt him really throb and his hard, yet still hardening, cock began to spurt. His moans grunts and groans sounded more intense and the thick gobs of cum he filled my mouth with seemed to be more and felt and tasted sooooo damned good, as the roof of my mouth, my throat and tongue were covered and filled with his semen. So full was my mouth that some just had to dribble out the corners of my mouth and down my chin, as much as I tried keeping it in my mouth and swallowed as fast as I could. His cock just kept shooting faster than I could swallow it all. Oh my God… how HOT that was. It turned out to be even hotter than I had ever imagined, or fantasized about.

From then on, I was hooked. Not only did I crave the feel and taste of a hard cock in my mouth. The final reward of filling my mouth with hot, creamy, tasty cum was my goal and I never again removed my mouth when Donny was cumming for me, unless I was in the mood to have him cover my face instead. To this very day, I still love to suck cock and swallow their loads and fell cum on my face. Always will. Sometimes I really have enjoyed when Donny would straddle my chest as I sucked him off. Then, when he was ready to cum, I would have him pull out and finish himself as he jerked his cock, as I would open my mouth wide to catch what landed in my mouth, or outstretched tongue, and receive the remainder of his load all over my face. I loved the feel and taste of cum in my mouth, and I loved feeling it shoot on my face as well.

One day, a couple of other neighborhood boys overheard Donny and I talking about our “secret” doings. These boys were about a year older than Donny and myself. After school that afternoon, Donny came over to my place. My sister, Nicole was the only one home. I was about 19, and Nikki was 22. Mom and dad had gone out of town, and when we got there, sis had locked herself in her bedroom, as usual, with her stereo blasting. I had borrowed my dad’s video cam and had decided to secretly film myself going down on Donny. We had taken off our clothes, and I was kneeling while I stroked my hard cock and at the same time began sucking Donny.

Just as we were getting into it, my bedroom door opened and there stood Jeremy and Bryant; the two who had overheard us earlier. Both the boy’s jaws dropped and almost in harmony stammered, “so it is true… you are a cocksucker.” I immediately removed my mouth from Donny’s mouth and he and I both tried to hide our naked and towering hardons. “Oh God” I blurted out. “You’re not going to tell anyone about this are you?” They both stood there dumbfounded for what seemed an eternity. Then, one of the boys, I think it was Bryant, reached down and began stroking his cock that was hardening under his jeans.

“Maybe we can make some sorta deal,” said Bryant, as he turned to Jeremy and winked. “You suck us both off and your secret remains a secret with us,” he said. Jeremy smiled and nodded his approval for the deal, and began stroking his hardening piece of meat. Before I really even thought, I blurted out, “sure.” My head began reeling. I was going to get to taste two new cocks.

I told the two boys to undress and sit on the bed on either side canlı kaçak bahis of Donny and I would take care of all three of them. God, I never felt this excited in my whole life. I got back on my knees, with my newly hardened pole waving in the air and wrapped my lips back around Donny as I reached with both hands and took a hard cock in each hand. I began stroking them as I sucked Donny hard again. Soon enough and I had these three horny boys standing around me, as I took turns sucking and stroking their throbbing cocks. Then it occurred to me; the camera is till going, Here I was on my knees and secretly filming as I sucked off three of my neighborhood boys all at the same time.

In my pursuit of hot cock and cum, I was oblivious to the world around me. I wanted to make these boys shoot as much cum as they could, and did everything I could think of to achieve my goal. I took turns licking, sucking and deep-throating all three hard cocks. I licked at and sucked their balls and sacks into my mouth. I would pump my mouth up and down as I licked each head, making sure my mouth was ready to lick up any and all pre-cum dripping from these horny guys.

I suppose as I was working for my rewards, Nikki had come downstairs to talk to me. She was so quiet and opened the door, only to see her baby brother, throat and hand deep in hard cock. She apparently stayed there and watched me as I finished my friends and the job at hand and mouth. I didn’t find out that sis was there in the doorway, with her robe open fingering herself till later.

I was watching my homemade tape later and jerking off, when one of the guys moved just enough to have the cam film the doorway. I don’t know how long she had been there, but according to the tape she stayed there and frigged off as I made sure all three of my prized pricks were ready to cum at once… as I finished one in my mouth, the other two spurted their loads, covering my face. I was cumming also, moaning loudly around the hardness throbbing and shooting in my mouth. According to the film, that is when my sister began shuddering in her own orgasm.

After that, she never said a word to me about seeing this, and I never told her I knew she was there. I wonder to this day if she ever saw anything else. I know I spied on her on numerous occasions and saw many lovely hot sights. All this running through my head, of course, I took matters into my own hands and jerked off to a super, body shaking, intense orgasm.

Besides having sex with men, I also love sex with women, of course; hence I am bisexual. When I first married, I tried to keep this passion and need for men and hard cocks and sweet cum, of mine a secret, till one day when my wife found out. I was still sneaking off, over to Donny’s house to suck him off when I found myself horny for cock and cum. One day my wife followed me. I was so horny, I didn’t even pay attention or see her driving behind me. As I was giving Donny one of my hot blowjobs, my wife saw me as she peeked in through Donny’s bedroom window, his big hard cock slamming my face and mouth. She watched as Donny and I were both oblivious to the world, due to the task at hand, and mouth, Donny wanting to cum for me, and me working hard to get my mouth full of his cum, which always happened sooner or later. She watched the entire event.

To my surprise, when I returned home my wife just about raped me. She tore off my clothes and we began the most passionate sex we’d had in a long time. As I was pumping in and out of her hot, wet cunt, she began moaning that she wanted to really watch me sucking off another man. She told me that she had followed and watched through the window. Now, she wanted to be right there, in the same room as I pleasured a hard throbbing, horny cock with my mouth, hands, and tongue. After we both were satisfied, I showed her the videotape I still had. After we watched it together she attacked me again.

My marriage to my sweet wife began, at that point to broaden in several ways. For beginners, I never had to hide my love and desire for cocks and cum ever again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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