A Holiday of Miracles Ch. 1

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So here we are: beach, sun, no need to work….and my parents. I tried and tried to prevent it, bur now they are here with us. “It’s our holiday” I said; “It’s her birthday wish” she replied, “your mother wants to have all the family together.” Oh dear, we had been together last Christmas, on her birthday and…but on our holiday in Spain? But all right, I do as you they please. So I dressed up for the meal, we went down and sat on the table with my parents, my mother 43 years old and my dad born in 1953. We ate, talked about everything and nothing and had a few drinks.

“When will Luise und Randolph arrive tomorrow?”

“They plan to be here for supper, mom.”

“Oh, I’m so glad to have you all here. You might call me crazy, but why don’t we go the hotels disco tonight?”

Before I could say anything, the three others agreed and we all went to our rooms in the ground level of the hotel, to choose clothes for a night of dancing. Anne, my wife, put on her black see-through dress with a black thong and a black bra under it. And here we have one more reason to hate holidays with my parents: in foreign countries, where nobody knows her, she sometimes wears see-through clothes without anything under.

“This not the way a like to wear it, but your mom and dad should be alive after this evening, don’t you think?”

“Don’t care, even this will strike him down. I am married to a potential killer.”

The disco was not too crowded and as Anne and my mother were dancing, dad came up to me with two glasses of tequila.

“We güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri are lucky guy,” he said “look at these two women. They’re driving everyone crazy!”

Yes, he was right, all the guys and even some girls were looking at my wife in her dress and mom.

Dad and I talked for a while and I noticed how he fixed Anne. Every time she looked around it seems she didn’t care too much about me. She looked at dad, whispered with mom and smiled as if they all three were keeping a secret or making some plans that do not include me.

“Some of the beer and tequila wants out again,” I said and left the conspirators.

I came back three minutes later and they were gone. I searched the disco for about ten minutes, but couldn’t find them anywhere. I went to the reception to get the key, which was still there and walked through the hotels park to our room. I passed the front of the hotel and came to my parents room. The light in the room was on and the curtains open. I saw my mom undressing, dad wasn’t in the room. She opened her blouse and took off her skirt. There she stood in black underwear and stockings, a person from a childhood dream. And witch young boy does not dream of an older woman, showing him the secrets of love. Oh god, it was my mom. I just wanted to turn away, when dad came in nude from the bath. The first thing I thought was, why don’t they close the curtains, everyone could have seen, what I saw, then I understood, that they must like it. Through the windows I could güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hear what they were saying.

“Our guest is opening the champagne in the bath and will come soon,” dad said with a grin and three glasses in his hands.

What happened next, was a thing I couldn’t believe: Anne came in still wearing her see-through dress. She filled the glasses and they drank.

“I don’t feel too good being here without Steve,” Anne said “but I don’t think he would understand what we will do now. O.K. Who wants to be first?”

“Come here and I’ll show you,” my mother waved her to come.

Anne went over to the bed and started kissing my mom. I clearly saw how they put their tongues in each others mouth. I was so shocked by that view, that I didn’t realize three things: first I didn’t realize that Anne was rubbing dads dick while kissing mom. The second thing I didn’t realize was my erection and my right hand in my trousers. Third: Two couples were coming down the way, stood beside me, watched my wife and my parents having sex and inspired went on for their own special night.

Then dad turned Anne around. She laid on her back and as if it was the most normal thing, he fucked her. He pushed his dick deep inside her and started moving.

“You should not enjoy her alone,” I heard my mom saying, as she sat on Anne face.

“Lick me you little whore: Ones who fuck my husband must at least lick my pussy”

She moved her clit on Anne’s face and I could hear the sounds of their güvenilir bahis şirketleri loving. I never seen Anne being so horny before and she cried out when dad shot his cum into her pussy.

“Oh, that was so god!” Anne cried ” and now lick your husbands cum out of my pussy. Lick it and drink it!”

When they all got down a little bit, dad stood up opened the balcony door and….saw me. He didn’t really look surprised and turned to the women.

“We had an spectator, a special spectator, shouldn’t he come in and tell his dirty wife how to behave?”

I went in and wasn’t able to say something. They all could see what has happened to my cock while watching their games.

“Did you like what you saw?,” Anne asked.

“Yes” I replied and must confess that after the first shock I liked what I saw.

“So be a part of it” my mother said and pulled me on the bed.

Faster than I could think she was upon me. Anne pulled down my pants and I felt the warmth of my mothers inside. She moved up and down, took my hands and pressed them on her tits. Beside me were Anne and my father starting for a second fuck. And so the night went on for a while.

At morning we had breakfast together. First nobody talked then mother said: “I liked very much, what we did yesterday. But I also know, it was wrong. I have an idea: why not separate this week in Spain from our normal lives? Let us do all that we want to and speak out all our fantasies und forbidden desires!”

“I think this would be alright” Anne answered.

One after another we all agreed and now that we knew, that we have to care and think about what will happen in the next week we felt very good an free and looked forward to what will come.

“There are only two little problems” I said, “Luise and Randolph!”

To Be Continued…

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