A Hidden Life – Fort Campbell Pt. 02

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I called Maurice at what turned out to be his home phone. Maurice told me that a client had closed on a house that afternoon and was looking for help in cleaning it up and possibly painting a room or two over the weekend as the movers would be there Monday. The client would pay me $100 for two days work.

I was more than willing and told Maurice, I’d volunteer to work for any of his clients in the future also if the money was this good.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Dave. Can you be at my office by say, 8:00 tomorrow morning?” Maurice asked.

“See you then!” I replied.

On Saturday morning, I arrived at Maurice’s office where in addition to Maurice’s Eldorado there was a sweet yellow ’72 Camaro Z28 parked in front of the door.

Maurice had heard me pull up and had already come to the door. A white guy in a wife beater t-shirt and gym shorts was standing next to him.

Maurice introduced us, “Dave, meet Mr. Hancock.”

“Please, call me Mark.” he said stepping forward and offering his hand.

I took him in. Late twenties, early thirties, about five foot, nine, maybe 200 pounds, thick barrel chest, impossibly wide shoulders, narrow waist, muscular legs, what appeared to be a nice sized package under the shorts…

“Mark? Glad to meet you, my name is Dave.” I responded, raising my eyes to meet his.

Turning to Maurice, Mark said, “Thank you for all your help. I guess we’re going to get to it.”

“You ready?” he asked me.

I was tightening the chin strap of my helmet and replied, “I’ll follow your car.”

“Think you can keep up?” he asked, grinning.

“I don’t know, my little scooter only has 900cc, but I’ll give it a try.” I said.

“Dave? Thanks for doing this.” Maurice said before his voice was being drowned out by engine starts.

I followed Mark easily enough. We arrived at his new house roughly ten minutes after leaving the realty office.

Mark unlocked the house and opened the garage. We both grabbed an armful of cleaning supplies from the trunk of the Camaro and carried them inside. Mark gave me a quick tour. He really wanted to paint one of the bedrooms, the kitchen and the living room before Monday. The living room was going to provide the most difficulties as it had a rather high vaulted ceiling and front wall.

We went back out to the car and brought in the other supplies along with a big Kirby vacuum that was in the back seat.

We made a plan of action and got to cleaning. I started in the kitchen while Mark took on the bedroom and living room. We figured that would give the walls a chance to dry and perhaps be ready for painting later that day or early Sunday.

I finished the kitchen close to noon. All the appliances had been cleaned inside, outside, and underneath. The old shelf liners had been removed and the cabinets had been Murphy soaped, the sink faucet buffed to a dull sheen and the floor mopped. Good enough for an inspection.

I went in search of Mark whom I found precariously standing on an apple ladder that the previous owners had left behind trying to clean the upper windows on the high wall. The ladder would rock side to side quite a bit with each movement that Mark made.

“Hey Dave, could you hold this thing? I just know this wobbly bitch is going to collapse on me and dump my ass.” Mark asked.

I went over and held the side of the ladder, when Mark moved, the ladder still freely moved. So I stood underneath the ladder, pushing up and back with both arms. That seemed to hold it better. Mark cleaned the window while I stared straight ahead at his sizable package wrapped neatly in his shorts. When it occurred to me that Mark hadn’t been moving for a couple of moments. Looking upward I met his questioning eyes. It was clear that he knew exactly where I was looking.

We moved the ladder and repeated the process twice more, once for each window, Mark’s package filling out more each time.

Mark grabbed his wallet and keys from the bedroom and headed out to pick up some food to eat and the paint. He also brought back a small step ladder so he could trim in the bedroom walls.

While we were eating the burgers Mark had brought back, he told me that he was an E6, he and his wife were married seven months ago and his wife was now six months pregnant.

“She’s already told me she isn’t putting out until well after the baby is born.” he grimaced, subconsciously reaching down to adjust himself, “That means damn near a year without getting any.”

“That must suck.” I said.

“No, she won’t do that either.” he said laughing, “Good girls don’t do that, she says.”

“I guess you’ll have to find some other way to relieve the pressure.” I replied.

“What do you do for relief? Is it easy to score something around here?” he asked.

“Oh, you know, the usual, single GI stuff. Get out on the weekend and look to see if I find something.” I shrugged, “Probably the same stuff you did before you got married.”

We finished lunch and went inside. Mark decided that illegal bahis I should keep cleaning the other rooms of the house while he started painting the small bedroom. By the evening, the house was clean, the small bedroom and the kitchen had been painted.

I asked Mark what time he would be ready in the morning.

He said 10:00 would be good because he was going out to get some breakfast. He asked for restaurant suggestions. I gave him the name of a diner and told him I would meet him there at 8:00.

I got to the diner right at 8:00. Mark was already there and enjoying flirting with the waitress, Norma.

“David! It looks like you need some coffee, my love.” Norma purred, casually leaning over my shoulder and pressing one of her ample breasts against my neck while pouring coffee in my cup. “The usual for you, Dave?”

“Yes, please, Norma.” I replied.

“Now, how ’bout you sweetie? You know what you want?” Norma asked Mark.

After Mark quit staring at her breasts, he stammered out his order. I also added some club sandwiches and chips to go.

After we had eaten, Norma brought out the bill and the lunches. Mark reached for the bill, but so did I, and I have longer arms. One of us managed to knock the pen out of Norma’s hands. The pen hit the edge of the table and then skittered underneath.

“Dang-it.” she said, squatting down to get the pen. As she reached under the table with her right hand her left hunted for something stable to hold. It found Marks’ right thigh, just below the leg of his shorts.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to touch your leg.” she said to Mark while standing. “I can be such an oaf.”

Mark gallantly accepted her apology. I handed Norma the bill with enough money for a rather large tip. Mark stood, but had to make some personal adjustments to himself before walking past the other diners. He still walked out holding two bag lunches in front of his waist.

We tackled the high edging in the living room first. That left painting the walls with the roller and painting the baseboard with a brush.

We decided to break for lunch and eat the sandwiches we had picked up earlier.

Holding the sandwich out in front of me I said, “The diner that we got these from? The owner used to be 3rd brigade’s mess sergeant before he retired. He’s really a great guy.”

“That waitress, Norma? She was hot. I think she was hitting on me.” Mark said, “When she dropped her pen, I swear that was just so she could touch me. I felt like I was walking out of there with three legs.”

A quick glance at his crotch told me that Mark was going to have fond memories of Norma for quite a while.

“Crap!” Mark cursed, “Look at me, just thinking about her is giving me wood.”

“Only five more months to go.” I grinned at him, nodding to his now clearly bulging groin. “I think you’re going to have to go put something else on before you bust out of what you’re in.”

Mark put a hand into his shorts and rearranged his stuff so it was more comfortable.

Mark went out to get the baseboard paint and clean the edger.

When he came back in with the brush and baseboard paint, I noticed his t-shirt was tucked in to his gym shorts. This was the first time all weekend he had tucked in his t-shirt.

“You probably should have tucked in your shirt in order to impress Norma.” I said laughing, “You never know, you could of got lucky.”

Mark looked at me a little odd and said, “One thing I learned in the ‘Nam, you’re better off making your own luck.”

Mark explained that I would paint with the roller and he was going to do the baseboard.

Mark laid down on the plastic and started to paint the baseboard on the wall I had completed. He was laying on his left side so that he could use his right hand to paint.

I had just completed my third wall when he caught up to me. I let him go by and get a body length of distance out of the corner before continuing to roll.

Now that he was to my left, I had a clear view straight up his gym shorts. Mark was going full commando and it was obvious he wanted me to know it.

“So, what are you going to do when you leave here?” Mark asked.

I looked over towards him, he was studiously painting the baseboard. I noticed the left leg of his shorts had been pulled up, leaving his cock fully exposed to my view. He wasn’t fully erect, but he was fully inflated and it looked like a glorious seven or eight inch cock.

“I’m not sure.” I replied, “Either I’m going to go back to the barracks, or try making my own luck, so to speak.”

Looking towards his face, I knew he had been watching me stare at him again.

He moved forward, his shorts covering his genitalia again.

He finished the baseboard a few minutes later. Ten minutes after that, I was done.

We washed out the tools at the utility sink in the garage. With that done, Mark thanked me for helping him and put five $20’s into my hand.

I put the bills in my pocket and held out my hand to shake.

Both of illegal bahis siteleri us knew what we wanted to happen but neither of us was committing to make the first move.

Mark reached down and adjusted himself, still leaving an obvious tent in his shorts. “I’ll bet my legs are going to cramp like a son of a bitch tonight with all the squatting I did.” Mark said, “If I knew of a massage parlor around here, I’d be going to it.”

“I’ll tell you what.” I said while staring fixedly at his crotch, “If you want, I can massage your thighs which might relieve the cramps you’re feeling.”

We went into the master bedroom, where I told Mark to lay on his stomach and I would massage the back of his thighs.

I gave Mark a cursory rub on the back of each thigh. I made it a point to ensure I went as high as possible.

I had Mark roll over so that he was on his back.

Mark now had a full on erection. It ran along the left side of his shorts, the glans had slipped free of the fabric, his shorts hiding the shaft.

I went to Mark’s right side, away from his penis. I massaged his right thigh, all the while watching the precum leak from his glans onto his left thigh.

I moved to Mark’s left side, starting to massage his thigh just above the knee and working upwards. His shorts had ridden up some more, leaving half of his penis completely exposed.

I looked at Mark’s face, his eyelids were squeezed shut, his mouth was a tight line. I could see his eyeballs moving rapidly under the lids, almost like if he opened them this wouldn’t be happening. I carefully picked the fabric of his shorts up and uncovered the rest of his penis.

Still watching his face, I carefully placed my hand on his cock. His nostrils flared but he made no move to cover himself.

My next step would not be confused as anything ‘innocent’ or ‘accidental’. I watched his face as my fingers gently wrapped around and lifted his cock up from his belly. His mouth formed a little ‘o’ and he started breathing from his mouth instead of his nose. His eyes remained shut, but were no longer tightly squeezed.

I reached over with my right hand and lightly squeezing the purple glans. Mark did a sharp intake with his breath, his cock starting to dance in my hands.

I quickly released my right hand and leaned over him, taking his cock into my mouth just before he erupted. There was no way I could handle his flow of cum. It spilled out of my mouth, leaving pools of cum on his shorts and shirt.

I quietly sucked and licked the cum from his cock.

“Stay here, let me get you cleaned up.” I said. I came back with a warm wet washcloth, putting my hands in the waist band of his shorts, I pulled them off. I knelt beside him and lightly wiped his penis and scrotum clean and returned back to the bathroom to rinse the washcloth.

I again knelt next to him. I put one hand on his thigh and squeezed.

“Hey Mark?” I queried.

“Yeah?” he asked.

I lightly lifted his cock. “If we repeated this tomorrow, do you think you’ll cum that fast again?”

“Probably.” he said sullenly.

I bent over and licked his cock, “How about if we do it twice in a row? Would you be that fast, both times?”

“I don’t know for sure.” he replied. “Other than jacking off, I haven’t ever done it twice in a row.”

Again I licked his cock, “Want to try?”

“Hell yeah!” he said, “What time are you going to be over?”

“How about 8:00 PM?, I asked, “That should give you time to eat and get everything sorted.”

When I arrived at Mark’s house the next night, the garage door was open and there were quite a few boxes stacked in there. I thought about going in through the garage, but decided to go to the front door instead.

Mark answered my knock quickly. He asked if I wanted coffee, as he had just made a pot. I said yes and continued in to the living room.

Mark brought two cups in handing me one. “Excuse the pajamas, I just finished taking a shower and figured since I wasn’t going anywhere, I might as well get comfortable. Place look a little different?” he asked.

“It does.” I replied, I grinned, “It looks like someone might actually live here now.”

“Coasters still packed” I asked.

“Yeah, they are. I’ve got a few months to unpack so I’m not in a hurry.” he answered. “I’ve also got to report in to my new assignment tomorrow.”

We both got a paper towel and folded it into fourths to make a poor mans coaster, then returned to the living room. Providing light for the room were two lamps, one on either side of the couch. I went over to the side chair instead of sitting on the couch. I put my coffee down on the side table and sat on the front edge of the chair.

“Mark, since we both have to work tomorrow, can I get you to put your coffee down and come over here?” I asked.

Mark readily complied, however; while he stopped within arms reach, it was going to be too far away to accomplish what we were here to do.

Sitting up slightly, my eyes met Mark’s canlı bahis siteleri and I pointed to the carpet right in front of my spread knees. “Mark, If you stay where you are, we can talk about things for a while, before I leave, but if you want your dick sucked, you’re going to have to stand closer and show me what you want.”

Mark stepped in front of me… and did nothing.

“Mark, you want me to look closely at your PJ’s?, Okay, I can do that.”

“I want you to suck me again.” he said, a little taken aback.

I sat back in the chair and took a drink of coffee, flicking my hand in the universal ‘go away’ sign.

“Mark, I’m not trying to be an asshole, but you need to be more than a passive player in this. We both know that I will suck your cock. We also both know that is why we are both here tonight. You’re not dating me, you’re just in this for the sex. You have a very nice cock, I want to suck it, and you know I want to suck it.” I said.

I continued, “Once your cock is in my mouth, I’ll take over, until then, you’re going to have to show me what you want me to do for you. Understand?”

Mark nodded, looking very apprehensive.

Softly, I said, “Mark it’s easy, don’t think about it, just walk over, lower your PJ’s and stick your cock in my mouth. It’s really as easy as that.”

I put my coffee down and leaned forward on the chair.

Mark pulled his PJ bottoms off and stepped out of them. Grasping his cock and holding it level in front of him, he came and stood directly in front of my face and pushed the head of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and let him push in. My warm lips closing around the shaft of his hot cock, my tongue cradling the underside in a warm bath of saliva. I removed his hand from his cock and placed it on his hips.

Working fast, I cupped his balls, giving them the gentlest of squeezes while simultaneously swallowing the glans and first couple of inches of his cock. I pulled back slightly, then tugging lightly on his scrotum, I pushed my head forward, pressing my nose against his abdomen.

I put my hands on his hips to hold him still and gave him several long strokes with my throat. I pushed him back slowly, letting his cock side all the way out of my throat. I noticed his leg shaking and counted to two, before pulling him back in, his cock smoothly sliding down my throat. I held him tightly to my face as his body convulsed, shooting his load of cum down my throat.

After his penis slid out of my mouth, he picked up his PJ bottoms and headed to the master bath to clean up.

I went to the main bath to take a leak and brush my teeth.

I noticed he had his Class A uniform hanging across the tub. The tub had water in it. I imagine he was steaming wrinkles from the uniform. His ribbons showed two tours in Vietnam and a Bronze Star for merit. I noticed the ‘Flying Wheel’ insignia of the Transportation Corps on the collar of his jacket. This meant he would probably be assigned to the 34th or one of the other transportation companies.

When we had both refilled our coffee cups, we sat in the living room shooting the shit. I learned that Mark had grown up in a very religious household in the suburbs of Boston. He had known his wife, Chrissy, since they had attended grade school.

“I gave up on organized religion a while back.” Mark said, “Chrissy, has not. Once I get them unpacked, there will be a crucifix for damn near every wall. That thing over there that looks like a lectern turned the wrong way? It’s sole purpose is to hold a really big ornamental bible.”

“I’m assuming you’re Catholic, then.” I said, “Not that I’m a practicing member or anything, but when I was younger, I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church, similar to your religion, just without most of those pesky rules.”

After about a half hour of talking, I had Mark stand up from where he was seated on the couch.

“This time, you don’t have to do anything other than sit back and relax, okay?” I asked Mark.

Mark nodded his head rapidly, but did manage to stammer out an “Okay.”

I knelt in front of him, pivoting the coffee table out of the way so that it wouldn’t interfere.

Hooking my fingers under the waistband of his PJ’s, I pulled them down just far enough so that I could see his penis emerging from his pubic hair. I leaned in and nuzzled the base of his cock, with my nose buried in his pubes to the side of his penis, I continued pulling down his PJ’s, until his rapidly hardening cock sprang free. I released his PJ’s to fall to the floor, trapping his cock against the side of my face with my right hand. My left hand cupped his still heavy balls as I turned my head towards his cock, nibbling the length of it with my lips.

“Sit on the edge of the couch.” I told Mark. He did so and I pushed his knees apart. “Pull a little forward, about another four inches. Yeah right there.” His balls now hung completely free, his scrotum dangling off the edge of the couch.

I ran my mouth from the base of his cock all the way to his glans, my tongue slathering him heavily until I got to his frenulum, where I lightly flicked the tip of my tongue, causing his cock to twitch with each flick. I didn’t spend too much time there, I was going to try and make this last.

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