A Helping Hand

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With hindsight, Toni reflected, she had been pretty stupid by anyone’s standards. Crossing the road without looking was not something you would expect a mature forty year-old woman to do. She had been lucky, though; the car wasn’t moving very fast, otherwise things might have been very different. As it was, she had woken up in hospital with a broken arm and leg, and mild concussion. Plus numerous bruises, cuts and grazes.

At least the worst was over now. The cast on her leg had been removed two days ago, and the one on her arm was due to come off next week. But she still felt very shaky on her feet, partly due to her injuries, and partly due to lack of exercise over the last few weeks.

Climbing the stairs was an effort now, and Toni found herself out of breath as she reached the landing. Her youngest daughter, Saskia, came out of the bathroom.

“I’ve run the bath,” she said. “And there are clean towels on the rail.”

“Thank you, darling,” Toni smiled. Saskia had been such a great help recently. Toni didn’t like to think what she would have done without her. “Would you do me a favour, I mean another favour.”

“Course I will,” replied Saskia.

“Help me into the bath, would you, I don’t want to take any chances.” Toni was still very unsure of her sense of balance, having relied on crutches for so long.

In the bathroom, Toni discarded her robe. Her breasts were full and heavy, but still firm, her nipples large and dark. Toni smiled as her daughter put an arm around her waist, cooing maternally. This role reversal actually felt good, it was nice to have somebody looking after her for a change. Holding onto Saskia’s shoulders Toni stepped gingerly into the bath.

The water was steaming hot and full of bubbles, just as she liked it. Lowering herself into the bath was tricky, but the hot water soon eased away any aches and pains, making her skin tingle. Toni found herself relaxing; the soft feathery touch of the bubbles was deeply sensual, almost erotic. But she felt slightly ridiculous, with her right arm hanging over the side of the bath, a plastic bag wrapped around it to keep it dry.

Saskia sat on the toilet and the two of them chatted for a while as Toni luxuriated in the bath. Time flew by, betist giriş and Toni realised that the water was starting to get cold; time to get on with the business in hand. But she found to her dismay that soaping herself was easier said than done; she realised she couldn’t work up a lather with one hand.

“Do you want me to do that, mum?” Saskia asked. Toni smiled gratefully. “Would you darling? I’m sorry, I can’t do it with one hand.”

Saskia took a sponge from the shelf and knelt by the side of the bath. She plunged her hand into the water, searching for the soap; Toni felt a frisson of excitement as her daughter’s fingertips brushed against the inside of her thighs. Wow! She thought, I’m not supposed to feel that, am I? This is my daughter for God’s sake!

Toni found herself relaxing again as Saskia lathered her body. This was certainly therapeutic, but there was an undertone of something else… some other feeling that she was sure she shouldn’t have.

Toni watched her daughter. Saskia’s big brown eyes dominated a still-babyish face. Sometimes it was hard to remember she was a grown woman. Her long brown hair was tied back, a stray lock escaping at the front, making her poke it back behind her ear repeatedly.

“Oh, darling,” Toni protested. “You’re getting soaked!” Saskia looked down; her white t-shirt was drenched, becoming almost transparent, making it plain that she was bra-less. “Sod it,” Saskia replied, pulling the t-shirt off over her head. Toni saw her daughter’s naked breasts for the first time in years. They were small but firm and shapely. Toni giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Saskia asked defensively. “Your nipples,” Toni replied, stifling her laughter. “They’re just like mine.”

“They should be, shouldn’t they? I’m your daughter.” Saskia laughed, and then fell silent. “Yes”, Toni replied softly, gazing into her eyes. “You’re my daughter, no doubt about that.”

Saskia carried on; her movements slow and deliberate. Toni parted her legs as wide as she could as Saskia’s hand moved between her thighs. Toni found she was unable to speak as her daughter’s hand moved closer to her most intimate place. But the sponge was too big to reach, so Saskia dropped it and lathered her hand betist yeni giriş instead.

“My God,” though Toni, “this is not happening.” Her feelings of arousal were clear and strong now, as Saskia’s hand plunged between her legs once more. The younger woman’s fingers sent an electric thrill through her mother’s body as she touched her labia, slipping over and between them. There was nothing innocent about this, Toni realised, it was openly sexual. Saskia’s finger was sliding in and out in a steady rhythm, her thumb was rubbing Toni’s clit with a gentle circular motion. Waves of sensation spread through Toni’s body as Saskia masturbated her towards a climax.

It had been a long time for Toni, and as her orgasm came upon her she almost fainted with the intensity of it, closing her eyes as her breath hissed from between her lips in a great sigh.

When the wonderful feelings finally subsided, Toni gradually opened her eyes and looked up at her daughter. She couldn’t believe what had just happened, but all the same, it had been incredible. Saskia smiled down at her. “You better get out, the water’s getting cold.” Toni eased herself up, with Saskia supporting her. She stepped carefully from the bath and Saskia bundled her up in a large fluffy white bath-towel. Briskly but gently, Saskia rubbed her mother down with the towel until Toni’s skin assumed a healthy glow.

Toni made her way to the bedroom while Saskia cleaned the bath. Toni dropped the towel and stood naked in front of the mirror, taking a good long look at herself. She looked pale, and out of condition, but she would soon get back into shape. She felt incredibly good after her relaxing bath and the wondrous thing Saskia had done for her; but there was something she didn’t understand. Was it a sexual thing for Saskia, or was she just doing her old mum a favour? If it was the former, that just posed a whole new set of questions, questions that Toni couldn’t begin to answer.

“Alright, mum?” Saskia came into the room, clad only in a pair of pale-blue panties. The two women sat side by side on the edge of the bed and Toni took her daughter’s hand. “Thank you, darling. That was very special,” she murmured. “It’s been ages since I could do that for betist güvenilirmi myself.” Saskia blushed. “That’s OK,” she said. “You must have been gagging for it!”

Toni chuckled. “Yes, I was. And I’m very grateful. So I would like to do something for you.” Saskia looked at her mother, puzzled. “Make yourself comfortable, and take off your knickers.”

Saskia removed her panties and lay back on the bed, still unsure of what was about to happen. At Toni’s insistence she moved further back on the bed and parted her legs.

Toni looked at her daughter, lying naked in front of her. She was so beautiful; the very sight of her brought a lump to Toni’s throat. Gently pushing Saskia’s legs further apart, Toni began the next stage of their adventure.

She started by running the very tip of her tongue along the inside of Saskia’s thighs, alternating from one side to the other, gradually working closer to her daughter’s pussy. She could tell Saskia was aroused, her glorious womanly scent filled the air. Toni felt herself becoming aroused again.

Saskia moaned as her mother’s tongue began to probe the fleshy folds between her legs. The feeling was indescribable, no one had ever done this to her before. She was certainly no virgin, and she masturbated regularly, but she had never known the pleasure of cunnilingus.

Suddenly the sensations increased immeasurably as Toni found her clitoris, swirling her tongue around it while gently caressing her labia with a finger. Saskia arched her back, pushing herself into her mother’s face. Toni began flicking her tongue in and out between her daughter’s pussy lips while rubbing her clit with a couple of fingers, varying her rhythm to intensify the effect, coaxing Saskia higher and higher towards her orgasm. Saskia’s sweet juices coated the tip of Toni’s tongue as she pushed it deeper into her daughter’s pussy, burying her face between those firm young thighs.

Suddenly Saskia gasped, again and again as her climax burst over her, hips bucking wildly in the throes of orgasm, clamping her legs tightly around her mother’s head. Toni continued licking Saskia’s pussy, gradually slowing down as the eruption subsided; Saskia collapsed like a rag doll, breathing heavily, her cheeks wet with tears of joy.

Toni lay beside her daughter and held her tightly. Saskia was still shaking as she looked into her mother’s eyes. They lay in each other’s arms, both comfortable and fulfilled, until sleep overcame them, bringing dreams of what the future might hold.

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