A Head over the Clouds

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All characters in the story are over 18 years old.

This is based on a true story, about me exploring my sexuality. This is my first story. I hope you enjoy it. And you are more than welcome to leave comments.


That is true. For years my head was over the clouds about it. I was for so long running away from the truth. I am a very privileged man. Most men and women I met everyday dreamed to be in my shoes, and in my pants too. The thought made me chuckle. I am blessed with good looks, high income, and a great personality. A triple threat. Yet there was something that was eating within this false perfection. Shaking the Fake stability. A secret that haunted me. Whenever I engaged in my womanizing ways. And my playboy’s lifestyle.

I wasn’t straight…

The more I pretend, the more I felt ridiculous and fake.

I got down on my knees in front of him. Not only out of my overwhelming lust, and yearning, after years of denial. But also finally I surrendered to my urges, and wanted to let it go.

He looked down upon me. His gaze held a predatory edge, an immense güvenilir bahis dominancy. Intimidating, yet enticing. He was going to use me, and I was never more happy. I kneeled submissively over the public toilet’s dirty floor, next to a toilet seat.

I took his hard throbbing dick between my lips. It was a moment were I felt getting stripped of my macho man’s ego, my pride. I had a dick in my mouth. The thought both shocked me, and aroused me at the same time. Making my semi-hard penis rock hard. I bobbed my head slowly back and forth. Sucking the mushroom-like head of his big fat rod. It was purple, soft and warm. Leaking a salty delicious fluid. I sucked it slowly.Feeling every engorged vein. Every throb and pulse in his thick man-meat. He let an animalistic growl, and vigoursly started to fuck my face hard and fast. My head was nothing but a sex toy to him. He spat on me. While my nose was buried within his pubic hair.

“You faggot.”

He growled at me. Taking his sloppy cock out of my mouth. And Slapping me with it. Smearing my face with pre-cum, saliva, and spit.

My truth türkçe bahis hit me like a lightning bolt. I am a faggot. Yet that never stopped me. I put the dick back hungrily in my mouth. With insatiable lust. Taking it deeper. As if it was my response to him. Yes I am a faggot and how do you like it?

He kept fucking my mouth aggressively. Until my jaw started to hurt. Shoving it down my throat. Until I started to choke and gag.

As he was balls deep into my mouth. Tears streamed down my cheeks, saliva drooled down my chin. Where his full of cum balls kept slapping. But it never curbed my flaming desire. Or his dominating spirit. I sucked on his warm balls too. He let a deep grunt before I felt him shooting his load down my throat. Hot thick spunk seeped down my gullet. I swallowed it eagerly, swallowing my pride along with it. Pride of years of pretending I was a heterosexual man.

He spat on me again, yanking my head. He roughly placed my forehead over the cold toilet’s floor. Right next to the toilet seat base. I could smell the dirty, sticky floor. Saturated with urine and vomit’s güvenilir bahis siteleri smell. He placed his feet over my head, completely dominating me. His shoes pressed over the back of my neck, and he started to piss on me.

“Fucking pole smoking, cocksucker. You earned it. Cum, piss bucket. You are no different than this toilet’s seat next to your head. You are even more qualified to be a Urinal.”

Instantly, his words made me cum. The most strong orgasm I ever had in my life. I was in ecstasy, I came in my pants. Finally he put back his satisfied milked cock in his pants. He pulled my head off the floor. Looking right into my eyes, and my dirty face. His tough gaze changed. His eyes were more gentle now.

“You are such a handsome bastard.”

He whispered, before his dominating nature returned. And he slapped me hard across the face. Pushing my head inside the toilet bowl, and flushed the toilet. I felt the large flow of water hitting my face, washing away the piss and cum traces covering it.

“This is how a prostitute get a facial cleaning,” he chuckled, And then he continued.

“See you tomorrow. Same place, same time. Prepare your mouth for more, dumpster.”

He stated, I nodded my head. That’s all I managed to do. I watched him leaving. As I panted heavily, consumed by my powerful orgasm.

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