A Gorgeous Black Lesbian

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A beautiful sexy black girl, standing up for her mother, a housekeeper, against her snobby and bitchy employer

Mrs Natasha Jordan had never been more surprised in her life, she didn’t know yet that, embarrassment, shame, and humiliation were on the horizon and heading unerringly her way. She was at this very moment under attack, and one she was finding out, she had, and would not be able to defend herself from.

The wonderfully gorgeous sexy woman, her long ash blond hair splayed about. Her 5ft frame pinned. Her luscious body was being sorely tested, her nipples, which were always annoyingly sensitive, were being ravaged and creased, they were being sucked, bitten, and nibbled, as well as being rotated and pinched. Her pussy was being fingered, her heart shaped pouty lipped mouth was being kissed. The tongue in her mouth, soft, silky, velvety, it had its way, battling her own, licking her.

And Natasha could not get away, nor prevent her forced seduction which was well under way. And the reason she was where she was simple, Natasha was not really a nice person, she was brusque, even rude, she berated others, treated them as if they were serfs from the old days. Her husband did as he was told, even though he was a very well to do man, with lots of old money.

The house they lived in was ranch style, with lots of land surrounding it, horses in the stables, hands to care for it and them. Natasha led the good life and played the Lady of the manor. Today though, her world was crashing down around her ears, and she was helpless to stop it. Mrs Natasha Caroline Jordan was being taught a very hard and harsh lesson this day.

She was being systematically and forcefully seduced, her attacker was absolutely in charge, was doing anything and everything they wanted. Natasha was beginning the journey from protester, denier, demanding her to be let go, to being made to feel her own arousal. For the first time ever, Natasha was being dominated instead of the other way round. And the domination, being under someone else’s control was having its effect on her body’s responses.

It had been no more than a few seconds since she had felt that ‘ping’ from her nipples, she knew what it was, she fought it. Then, ‘ping ping ping ping ping.’ It was her own body’s sonar reacting to the mouth, fingers, teeth, and lips.

“No!” she blurted out, “No, I won’t,” her attacker knew then that the task in hand was being successful. Natasha came under renewed vigorous arousal. The fingers in her pussy were starting to annoy her, she could feel her own wetness. Natasha had more or less given up trying to beat of the attacks, she had given up trying to get free, she couldn’t.

She had tried to resist it all, and at first she had done, but it was relentless, none stop, her mind was frazzling. There was no consistency in the attacks, they kept changing, and Natasha couldn’t set her mind on one particular aspect. It seemed to be coming from all sides. And now it was a fight she was slowly losing.

Then she heard a voice, it was her own.

“Please, please stop, I will do anything you want, but please stop.” Natasha knew that very soon if it didn’t stop, there would be no way back, and she would give in completely, she was about to be made to. Her attacker looked into her eyes and said meaningfully.

“I am going to kiss you Mrs Natasha Jordan, and you,” she whispered and flicked a tight hard nipple with a finger nail, “will kiss me back!”

Natasha looked up into her assailants eyes and nodded her beautiful head. As lips connected to lips, tips of tongues touched, power supplied and made. Fingers gripped Natasha’s clit and she came. Natasha cried out into the open mouth on hers. Her body blew up, scattered, it ran in all directions, it shattered, and imploded. Her knees came up and her thighs grabbed at the hand with the fingers buried in her now submissive pussy.

The kiss broke, Natasha looked up, her position hopeless, and now her attacker spoke to her. “You, from now on Mrs Jordan, will behave yourself, you will do what I tell you to do. Your life will continue as you want it to do. But when I call, you will come running. If you think this is the last of this, then be afraid Mrs Jordan, be very afraid. I will come for you again, and I will get you again, do you understand?”

Natasha never answered, there didn’t seem to be any way out, she had been summarily captured, taken, and forced into seduction. And made to come in a way she had never achieved in all her thirty two years. It had been she knew, down to the dominance, her resistance broken like a twig.

Elisha Dickson smiled down at her, she tweaked Natasha’s responsive nipples, she witnessed the look of aroused passion on her victims face. She kissed her, Natasha responded in subservience. The 5ft 10″ black beautiful nineteen year old, had subdued, seduced and taken her mother’s employer by force.

And now Elisha was bedava bahis going to fuck her, Natasha had no idea what was in store for her this day. Her embarrassment, shame, and humiliation were just starting. Elisha’s mother worked for Mrs Jordan, she acted as housekeeper, cook and bottle washer, but in reality, she was treated like a skivvy. And Elisha had got sicker and sicker, and madder and madder, when her mother would come home close to tears, and sometimes in tears, at the way Mrs Jordan was treating her, but she needed the money, work was scarce.

So Elisha had conceived this plan, she was a lesbian, about 60-40 in favour, but she still liked the boys too. Her first idea was to go around there in disguise and beat the shit out of the big headed Mrs fucking Jordan. Possible jail time stopped that, she had no intention dong time. So she had come up with this, there was no way, she decided, that Mrs Jordan would cry rape, and from and nineteen year old innocent black beauty such as she.

Elisha started removing Natasha’s clothing, undoing her blouse proper, unhooking her bra. Natasha regaining some composure, lying on the huge Persian rug in the middle of her huge reception room, stopped her and asked her what the hell she thought she was doing. “Haven’t you done enough, you black bitch!” she shouted, for that she received a real round house slap that nearly dislocated her neck.

Elisha jumped on top of her, pinned her hands above her head with one of her own and went for Natasha’s very unruly nipples. Elisha already knew how to treat them to real fun. Natasha rolled up, or tried to, she couldn’t bear it and soon she as moaning again. She knew defeat, her eyes rolled, the arousal she was suffering was still within her. “Please, please,” she bleated. Elisha kept up her assault, she let go of her wrists, and went for Natasha’s pussy behind her. Then, letting go again, she slapped Mrs Jordan across the face.

“YOU WILL DO AS I FUCKING TELL YOU MRS FUCKING JORDAN!” she screamed at her. Natasha knew she was beaten, the sexual assault had just about killed her, a physical was one she did not want or need. Elisha sat there and glared at her, eventually she said.

“Had enough Mrs Jordan, or do you want some more?” she asked raising her hand.

“No, please don’t, I will do what you tell me to do I promise.” Shame burned her brain, how could she submit to this, this young black girl. Yet somehow she understood that she was stronger than her in many ways. Her humiliation, at surrendering to a black girl was more than she could bear. The final degradation was about to take place. Revenge for Elisha, and her unknowing mother was about to be exacted.

She removed the rest of her victim’s clothing leaving her naked on her back, on the floor below her. Elisha, feet astride Natasha, considered making her go upstairs, but that, she decided, might be more trouble than it was worth, later, she told herself. The long legged black she devil, beautiful in her own right, smiled.

She was purposely wearing a front button down dress, a close fitting one that was not tight. With nothing underneath but a huge surprise for Mrs Jordan. She had already kicked of her high heels when she had captured the blond beautiful woman now at her mercy in every way. She sank to her knees, each under the arm pits of her captive. Elisha now really had the dominant position and she was letting Natasha know it.

“When I have finished with you Mrs Jordan, you will note your station, believe me you will.” She told her. “You, have treated my mother abominably, you will treat her from now on, with total respect!” she told her venomously.

Natasha was in fear, real fear, she was beginning to believe that this black girl, bigger than her by far, and as beautiful as she was, was going to hurt her physically and seriously.

“Please,” she said again, “I’m sorry, I will treat her with respect from now on I swear, I will double her pay too,” she added, trying to curry favour. Elisha began slowly undoing the buttons on her dress from top down. She never took her eyes of the now rabbit like woman below her.

She held her dress closed, then swiftly, in one movement, she threw it off. Natasha stared up at her in horror, and utter fear. Elisha was wearing a big black strap on dildo, it was taped to her inside leg. She ripped the tape off, and the black hard spongy dildo sprang to life, it bobbed up then swayed. Without missing a beat Elisha got her knees between Mrs Jordan’s, she threw herself at her, and rammed it all the way in her still hot wet pussy.

Natasha cried out in demented surprise, her head tipped back and hit the rug. Now Elisha began to fuck her, she gathered her knees and lifted them over her shoulders. She raised her self up on her hands, and with Mrs Jordan bent in half, Elisha began her complete demise. She glared at the blond woman below her, and she hit her with everything bedava bonus she had, her hips were like steam pistons driving in and out.

Natasha was banged into submission, followed by an enormous climax that fully subjugated her, it was unbearable, and yet the most wondrous and pleasurable orgasm she had ever had. It made her wrap her arms round her own legs to hold on to Elisha’s shoulders, another climax hit her. Tears flowed from her eyes and down her face. Tears of despair, humiliation, desire, and grateful thanks all mixed and mingled in her mind.

Natasha had multiple orgasms as Elisha had her way, she knew what she was doing. She had done this many times, and all her wiles were focussed on the blond beauty under her command. It was about then that Natasha realised she was having the wildest time of her life. Her marriage, she admitted, while not a sham, was a marriage of convenience.

“Please Elisha,” she said when she could breathe, “I want to be on my knees, please?” It was her first act, and sign that she was undergoing a change in her life. She had never once in her life contemplated girl on girl sex, but this was fantastic.

Elisha pulled out and leaned back. “No tricks Mrs Jordan or else!” she warned.

Natasha sat up, “No tricks,” she said. She turned around and offered herself again.

Elisha immediately dumped the black strap on back in and deep into her pussy. Natasha’s head dropped and she mewled and moaned, her head twisting both ways, as the leggy black beauty screwed her insanely. More and more orgasm ensued until Natasha fell to the floor, she was exhausted, beaten, thoroughly defeated, and she loved it.

She opened her eyes, she had never felt so drained or so good. “It’s time for your last lesson Mrs Jordan!” Elisha said gleefully. She climbed up her, forced Natasha’s hands above her head, then used her knees to hold her arms in place, there was no way Natasha could turn her head. Elisha shuffled her hot sweaty pussy over her mouth. “I need to come Mrs Jordan, so do the business,” she told her pointing at her own pussy. “You know what I mean don’t you!”

Natasha knew full well what she meant, and she had no option but to obey her orders, especially as Elisha rapped her knuckles on her forehead. Elisha pressed her silver painted nails over her pussy and spread the lips. Then she joined them to Natasha’s, Natasha began to suck and lick, the taste was a slightly salty one but not unpleasant, she went to work. Soon Elisha began to roll herself on Natasha, she was already fully aroused, and being made to come by the beautiful blond was nothing more than magical. In what seemed like only seconds Elisha dropped her load directly into Natasha’s mouth as she came wonderfully. Natasha had to swallow all her sweet nectar and did so. And without realising it, she ate her captor as much as she could, and ended by gratefully sucking down all she was given.

Natasha was away somewhere, in the stars in heaven, climaxes that she had been made to have did not come her way very often, if at all. She opened her lovely eyes to see Elisha standing above her. For the first time she really saw Elisha s she really was, a stunningly beautiful young woman.

“Elisha, what am I going to do now?” she said obliquely.

“What do you want to do Natasha?” was all her response was to her.

She tried to gather her thoughts, thinking as quickly as her mangled brain would allow, she said.

“I’m sorry about your mother, I will treat her with respect from now on I promise.”

“And dignity!” Elisha said menacingly.

“Yes I will,” she said, “I will double her money too. I see now I have been less than charitable.”

Elisha, sensing more said. “What else Mrs Jordan, what else is on your mind?”

Looking about her, and then said softly, as if in apology.

“This,” and waved her hand over herself.

“This, this what?”

Taking a deep breath, still lying on her back naked on the rug, she said. “I liked it,” she looked away as if embarrassed. Her face glistening from Elisha’s hot wet pussy.

“I already know that Mrs Jordan,” Elisha told her, “you liked being captured, you liked being forced, you liked being dominated, you liked being fucked by me. You loved me making you come, and you loved being made to lick me out, and you so loved sucking and licking my nice sweet black pussy, didn’t you!”

Natasha’s face went bright red. “Go on admit it, you are just another a black pussy slut, that’s what you want me to tell you, don’t you Mrs Fucking Jordan!”

“Please, can’t we be friends now, you got what you wanted, which was me. And I have admitted I liked it, please Elisha?” This was enough for the glorious black girl, she had fought the fight, had the battle, and now she had won the war.

“Lovers Mrs Jordan, is that what you want to be with me hmmm?” Natasha had never been in this position, she deneme bonusu was used to being chased, flirted with, knocking back would be suitors. She had never been with a girl, or a woman. It had taken her completely off guard, now it was knocking her sideways. Natasha struggled to her feet, she felt weak after what she had been through. She went to Elisha who readied herself for a possible reprisal. She never feared it, she would simply knock Natasha out if she needed to.

Natasha was supine, she reached up and put her arms around Elisha, then said quietly. “I will be whatever you want me to be Elisha.” Elisha needed time to think, she looked at th clock.

“My mother will be here soon, I’ll come back tomorrow at 9am, be ready to talk okay?” Then she Kissed Natasha in a way she had never been kissed. She felt an urge to beg her to stay.

“Please don’t go Elisha, I will tell your mother I don’t need her today.”

“Tomorrow Mrs Jordan,” Elisha told her, she dressed and walked away.

“Natasha, Elisha, please call me Natasha,” she said.

Elisha smiled, “And slut,” she said over her shoulder. Natasha smiled too.

“Mrs Dickson,” she said to Elisha’s mother, Miriam Dickson looked at her wondering what abuse was going to be piled on her today

“I have to apologise for the way I have been treating you and I’m sorry. I realise I could be better and I am going to be. So, can we please start anew, and maybe be friends? I also am doubling the money I pay you. How’s that for starters?”

Miriam Dickson didn’t believe her and said so, backing towards the door. “Please Mrs Dickson, Miriam, I am truly sorry,” she told her. “Let’s have a coffee before you start your work, and I promise I will stay out of the way.” They did so with Elisha’s mother full of reticence, but Mrs Jordan was true to her word. When she left she pressed double money into her hand and smiled.

When she got home she couldn’t wait to tell her daughter about the unbelievable change to her employer. To which Elisha said, “you are right, it is unbelievable mom.” The next morning Elisha walked straight in, Natasha looked at her, she saw a look in her eye and worried. Elisha took her hand, pulled her to her and said.

“I have been thinking Mrs Jordan, what would your husband say if I moved in with you. Like a live in companion for you?” Natasha nearly fell over with surprise.

She sat down, she had to, and thinking furiously, then she smiled.

“I think Elisha, that he might like it?” She knew her husband would have a thrill knowing his wife was being attended to by a girl, a black one? She would have to see what his opinion was.

“The answer to that is I think he would like it Elisha, I know I would. But,” she said, “what about your mother. Did she talk to you?”

“Yes she did, and she is a very happy person. I am too now, so we can be more than friends Hmmmm?”

“Definitely,” Natasha said. Then breathing in, she said. “Can we go to bed Elisha?”

Elisha produced her black strap on,” want some more you slut?”

“Yes Elisha, I am, and I do, and more of you, will you teach me please?” Natasha was not happy when Elisha greased the strap on and fucked her ass. She cried, she wept, but she submitted into detonating climaxes..

That night Natasha sat her husband down and told him, she left nothing out except her total submission to Elisha. She portrayed friendship, and love, she told him he would be included, and not left out, though him, and Elisha would be no no. He agreed, the times he had mentioned this to his wife had been often, he was happy. He knew he couldn’t keep his wife happy in bed, this was the best way forward.

Three nights later he was introduced to Elisha, the surprise on his face at seeing she was gorgeous sexy black girl, even his cock twitched. Elisha laid it out, she was taking over his wife, he would be allowed to watch on occasions, but at Elisha’s discretion.

“Take it or leave it,” she told him, then looked at Natasha. He looked at his wife too, whose solid ‘don’t you dare,’ glare stopped him from protesting.

To test the waters, Elisha said to Natasha, “Come to me Natasha.” Natasha did so, and she was pulled into the girls lap as she sat in the chair. She never took her eyes of the husband, then to let them both know what was what, she slid her hand into Natasha’s blouse. She strangled an already taut hard nipple. Her husband saw his wife’s eyes close, her lips part, and an outward gasp of arousal.

Now he knew, his wife knew, and Elisha knew. She had found a home, she would marry Natasha, and Natasha, who wasn’t aware of it yet, would have children, the fathers being black donated. That night in his own bedroom the husband was fast asleep, he felt an arm go around him, half asleep he cuddled his wife. Her hand found his cock, and she slowly jacked him. He turned to her, and in the moonlight h saw it was Elisha.

“Shhhh,” she whispered. “You don’t think I would let you spend all your nights alone do you, you need to be kept happy, and I will do that for you.” She rose above him, and jacked him until he blew his little load. Elisha brushed her lips against his. “Good night,” she said.

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