A Good Game of Pool

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Part I

Another dull Saturday night with nothing to do. I was going stir crazy, and just needed to get out of the house for a while, so I decided to head downtown and play and look for some fun. I thought I’d start out at the pool hall. The place that I often refer to as the “pool hall” is really a classy billiards and drinks kind of place; not dressy, but hardly the kind of place where you’d expect to see bikers playing pool. It was really a place where guys took their dates, or where guys and girls went looking for dates.

Now, since it was Saturday, I expected the place to be crowded. It was more than crowded; it was really packed. If I wanted my own table, I was going to be waiting all night. So, I figured I’d just grab a cue and see if I could join a group that already had a table. Scanning the place, I saw a table that seemed to have only one person playing, a very attractive girl. She had long dark hair, legs that wouldn’t quit, and was wearing a low cut top that seemed very inviting, especially as she leaned over the table to make a shot. And, she was leaning over the table right now, lining up a shot that looked to be pretty difficult. I thought about introducing myself, but decided I’d better wait until she finished her shot. The cue ball bounced off two bumpers, and then gently tapped another ball into a side pocket.

“Impressive,” I said, smiling at her. “You must have practiced that one a lot.”

“Nope,” she said, “I’m just making them up as I go…”

“You got this table all to yourself?” I asked.

“For now, yeah,” she replied.

“Want some company?” I asked.

“That depends. Are you any good?” She said with a sly grin.

“Are we talking about pool?” I answered, with a similar grin.

“Among other things, yeah.”

“Then, sure, I’m pretty good.”

“We’ll see about that. Why don’t you rack ’em up for us?” she asked.

I grabbed that rack and started collecting the balls.

“By the way, I’m Dona,” she said, busily chalking her cue while she sized me up.

“Mark,” I replied, using the first name that came to mind. For all I knew, she was using a fake name too. Girls do it all the time; give the guy a fake name and phone number, and then if he turns out to be a loser, he’ll never be able to find her. But she’ll always try to get the guy’s real name, so that she can call him if he’s really interesting. I could play that game too.

As I racked the balls, she just stood there, sipping her drink, leaning on her pool cue. She seemed to be sizing me up, but not just as a pool player. I noticed her eyes going up and down the length of my body, lingering slightly around waist level. She threw her head back, finishing her drink with one last big swallow. Then she looked over at the bar and raised her glass. In no time, a waitress appeared carrying another one on a tray. It looked like a scotch on the rocks. I threw a twenty on the tray, and asked the waitress to bring me whatever Dona was having. The waitress nodded. They seemed to know her at this place.

“You go first. Guest privilege.”

I didn’t argue. I leaned over the table and broke, knocking one ball into a corner pocket. It was luck, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. I moved to the other side of the table, and took another shot. I actually made the second one too. Then I made my fourth and fifth. On my sixth try, I finally missed, and it was her turn. She set her drink down on the edge of the table and walked with confidence around to the cue ball. Then, she proceeded to casually make her next seven shots in a row, never once looking up from the table. She finally missed, then looked up at me and made a sweeping gesture with one hand, indicating that the shot was mine. I proceeded to clear the table, finishing off the game. I wasn’t really sure whether she let me win, or whether I actually beat her. But, it was important that I establish some credibility early on; I had to get her to take me seriously as competition.

“Not bad,” she said. “I think I could use a break. You mind if I step outside for a cigarette?”

“Not at all. I could use some air anyway,” I replied.

As we walked away from the table, I started to wonder if it would still be ours when we came back. I saw Dona gesture to the waitress, then point to the table. Regular customers usually get their way.

We stepped outside the door and leaned against the front of the building. As I looked at her, I realized that she was not carrying a purse. She lifted up the corner of her skirt, revealing the top of her black lacy nylons. They were held up by a black garter and, in that garter, was a silver cigarette case. There was a curve in the case that allowed it to fit flush against her thigh, without leaving any unsightly bulge to spoil the line of her skirt. She opened the case, placed a cigarette carefully between her full lips, and lit it using a slim lighter that was in the case as well. She put the case back into her garter, and smoothed her skirt back bahis firmaları out to cover the wrinkle.

She took a deep drag and looked at me. “You’re pretty good,” she stated.

“Maybe. Maybe I’m just lucky.”

“Let find out,” she said, flatly. “How about we make the next game a little more interesting?”

“Play for drinks…cash, or what?” I asked

“Head,” she said.

“Excuse me?” I said, looking puzzled.

“I’m asking if you want to play for head,” she replied. Here’s how it works: If you win, you get a blow job from me. If I win, I get head from you. Interested?”

“I’m in.” I said, as I felt a bulge starting to form in my jeans.

She crushed out the end of her smoke with her high heel, and nodded toward the door. “Let’s go…”

Part II

We stepped inside and, as I expected, our table was waiting. Dona didn’t waste any time; she walked right over to the table, signaled the waitress for another drink, and then racked the balls.

“This time, I’m not taking it easy on you,” she stated. “One cushion shot each… closest ball to our side of the table wins the break.”

Dona sent one off the cushion and it came to rest no more than an inch from the opposite side.

“Beat that,” she said flatly.

I knew already that I was in trouble. She had just been fooling around with me during that first game. She was a shark, and I fell right into the trap. Still, it didn’t really bother me. This was the only pool shark that I ever met who played for sexual favors. That was going to make this game a lot more interesting than money ever could.

I took the next cushion shot, and it was the best I had ever done. Still, Dona’s was better, and she won the break. She smiled at me while she chalked her cue, then ran her tongue around the lip of her cocktail glass, teasing me with a simulation of a blow job that I knew I couldn’t win.

Dona’s first shot spread the break beautifully, and dropped the nine ball into a side pocket. She tilted her cue straight up and walked around to my side of the table. As she lined up her next shot, she bent over the table, looking for the right angle. I felt a pleasant sensation and noticed that the backside of her tight skirt was rubbing against the front of my jeans. As she continued to line up the shot, she wiggled her ass slightly, and I felt my hard on get just a little bigger. She pulled the cue back, then turned to look over her shoulder at me, just to make sure that I was watching. She took the shot, without ever turning back to look at the table. The cue ball cleanly knocked the eleven ball into the corner. She slowly turned to face me. Taking a step toward me, she softly pressed her breasts against my chest.

“You know how this is going to turn out,” she said. “The only question now is this: Do you wanna get there fast, or would you prefer it if I made it last little longer?”

“Are you talking about the game?” I asked.

“Of course. One thing at a time. We can talk about how much time you’re going to spend between my legs after I win.”

“You mean “if,” don’t you?” I asked.

“I mean “after,” she said, as she ran the back of her hand along the side of my cheek. She patted my cheek lightly and said, “This won’t take long.”

She proceeded to move around the table, knocking in one ball after another, looking like she had spent a lifetime doing it. It was a thing of beauty, really, watching her bend over the table, that tight blouse barely able to contain those huge breasts, that rear end wiggling in the air, practically inviting me to reach out and grab it. She was hot, and she loved flaunting it.

During the remainder of the game, she finished off three more rounds of drinks. Most women would have been so loaded by now that they wouldn’t have been able to hold a cue, but not this one. She seemed to be getting better. Her walk began to look a little unsteady, but her shots were still rock solid.

I still had not been able to lay a cue on the table, and she was down to the last ball. She picked up her cocktail glass and, trying to carefully balance on those high heels, slowly walked over to me. She downed the last bit of her drink, then handed me the glass. “Hold this.” she said, as she leaned closer and put her lips to mine. She pressed harder, and plunged her tongue deeply into my mouth. I felt her hand gently rubbing my cock as she explored every area with her tongue.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“I just wanted to make sure that your mouth is nicely lubricated,” she replied.

She walked back to the table and lined up the last shot. She banked the cue ball off the end cushion, and it tapped the last ball toward the corner pocket. She turned to me while the ball was still in motion. “Game over. Pay up.” … the last ball dropped into the corner pocket.

“I guess we need to discuss terms; time and place and all that,” I said.

“What terms? The time is now, and the place is here.”

Part III

I kaçak iddaa took her by the hand and let her down the hall behind the bar. It was surprisingly quiet back there. Dona had I had been the last ones in the place; all the other guys and girls who had not hooked up had moved on to other bars, looking to improve their prospects. I was about to get something much better – the hottest pussy in town.

Finally, we saw the door: “Ladies.”

“Not many of those around here, I’ll bet,” commented Dona. “Ladies, I mean.”

“I’ll bet you’re right.” I replied. We opened the door and saw something we didn’t expect: The ladies room was an old-fashioned ladies lounge, complete with couches and make up mirrors. “Oh, yeah,” I said, “I remember reading that this place was converted from an old cat house. This is pretty classy for a place like this…”

“Yeah, it’s perfect,” Dona purred, as she let go of my hand and slowly reclined on a red velvet fainting couch. I just stood there, enjoying the show. She looked incredibly beautiful, reclining on that couch. Her legs were thrown over the side just so, looking like flawless porcelain, her high heels and short skirt accenting the sensuous shape of her thighs, and her long, flowing hair was casually tossed over the backrest. The soft light, combined with the red velvet of the couch, left me staring at her in a bit of a daze. Just then, she crossed her legs, revealing just a flash of panties under her skirt. I took the hint. I approached her slowly, kneeling down on one knee as I kissed her softly on the cheek. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, clearly inviting me to go further. I kissed her on the lips, and then began a series of soft kisses down the right side of her neck. I made it as far as her chest, and then began to unsnap her low cut blouse. I’d like to thank the person who invented these easy snaps for women’s blouses.

The other thing that makes Dona’s blouse so easy to unsnap is her ample bosom; they had been contained in that blouse far too long tonight. Except for a brief flashes, they had been in hiding all evening. Nothing this lovely should be hidden for so long. I popped the first, second and then third snap, and her breasts did the next one all by themselves. They wanted to come out, and I was not about to deny them. I pulled on the blouse with a bit more force, and the front snapped open completely, revealing those two gorgeous breasts that every guy in the place now wanted, but which were mine only. As I ran my tongue down her chest and toward her nipple, I felt her abdomen tense slightly with anticipation. My lips surrounded both her nipples with wet, gentle kisses, then just a slight pull as I began to suck. Each time I sucked, I could feel her hips thrust forward ever so slightly, as if she were gently fucking something that wasn’t there.

She reached for the button on my jeans. With one quick pull, she not only popped the top snap, but pulled all the other ones as well, and out came my throbbing cock, bigger and harder than I had felt it before. She gently stroked me with her soft hands, knowing just how to keep me at maximum hardness.

Both of her nipples were now rock hard, a result of the cold air combined with my gentle sucking. I continued to move my mouth on down her stomach, then onto her abdomen, but her skirt prevented me from going any farther down. I thought briefly about removing it entirely, but decided that it would be more fun to simply toss her skirt up and pull down her panties. Her hand had not left my cock since she had first touched it; it was almost as if she didn’t want to let it get away. So, I lifted her skirt and tossed it back onto her abdomen, revealing nothing but a lacy black thong. She had trimmed her pussy hair, but had not shaved it completely, so that it would not interfere with the beautiful lines of her panties.

The panties were so tiny that I didn’t even have to take them off to get access to the best pussy in town. All I had to do was pull them slightly aside, revealing a perfectly trimmed pussy, just waiting for some action. With the thong pulled to one side, I kissed, and then licked her inner thigh. Her hips rose up and her grip on my cock tightened slightly as I moved to the other thigh. I put one of my hands on her breast as I began to probe the outer lips of her pussy with my tongue. I could feel her breathing get slightly faster, and her grip on my cock tightened a little more. My tongue was now moving around the full outer lip of her pussy, and I was licking it as if it were the most delicious dessert ever created.

She moaned a quiet “Mmmm” as I continued. Her hips began to quiver slightly, as if she were about to come, so I backed off slightly to prolong her pleasure. I reached for her waiting pussy with both hands and pulled the lips slightly apart, so allow better access with my tongue. She must have known what I was going to do, because she finally let go of my cock and gripped the side of the couch with her hand. kaçak bahis With her lips pulled apart, I kissed her clit, and then began to lick it. Up and down, then side to side, I licked it until I thought she was gong to break off a piece of the couch with her grip.

Every muscle in her body seemed to be alive, every nerve ending on fire with anticipation. I could feel her about to cum, and this time I was not going to back off. I plunged my tongue as deeply as I could into her pussy. It went as deep as my cock has ever been. She spread her legs even more to try to get my tongue deeper, and it seemed to be working. She threw her head back onto the headrest and softly whispered “Oh, god. Oh god…” as she began to turn the tables on me by moving her hips in such a way that she was fucking my tongue. Her whispers turned into a muffled scream, and I placed my hand over her mouth to prevent her sounds of ecstasy from reaching the rest of the pool hall. She screamed.

Part IV

With my hand over her mouth, the scream was muffled, but I looked up at her face and noticed that her eyes were open. She was looking behind me. I turned to see what it was, and noticed that the door was now slightly ajar, and there was part of a face visible. I couldn’t tell if it was male or female, but apparently her sounds of passion had attracted some attention. Someone was watching us. Since my head was momentarily lifted out of her muff, I said quietly “We seem to have company. Should I stop?” I slid my hand off of her mouth.

“Don’t you dare! A bet is a bet,” she said, closing her eyes.

I moved my head back between her legs, slowly licking her inner thigh, and working my way back to her waiting pussy. The lips of her pussy were noticeably engorged, and the moistness was threatening to wet the fainting couch. She put her hands on either side of my head, and guided me back into her pleasure zone. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy again, I felt her gasp for air, then raise her hips off the couch, trying to get just the right angle. At the same time that she raised her hips, I thrust my tongue in as far as it would go. I still had my eyes open and noticed that her nipples were firm and erect, and her chest heaved with each thrust of my tongue. I grabbed her left leg, lifted it up, and rested it on my shoulder, which made access to her pussy even easier. I gently probed the outer lips with my fingers, then pulled the lips apart so that I could lick the inner part of the lip with my tongue.

Dona’s ass was beginning to squirm a little, but it was that same, cute little squirm that I had seen her do while bending over that pool table. I knew there was something very sexy about the way she wiggled her ass while lining up a shot… now I knew why. I think she was actually getting off sexually each time she thrust that pool cue. It was all starting to make sense. She used pool as foreplay, then played for sex. Whether she won or lost as pool, she still got off.

I was now holding each of her ass cheeks in my hands, and still had her leg thrown up over my shoulder. Her pussy was dripping wet and she was going to risk a fabric burn if she kept rubbing the couch with her ass. She needed to cum, and she needed it now, I pushed my finger deep inside her pussy, then I pulled it back and gently probed her clit with the tip of my finger, while still licking the inner lip of her pussy. She gasped for air and moaned just as I found the right place and the right pressure on her clit. Her hips thrust up into the air, and she let out a gasp of sweet relief. Dona slowly lowered her hips back into my waiting hands. She lifted her head up off the couch and brushed the hair from her eyes.

“I have to say this much… you sure make good on your bets,” she said, trying to catch her breath.

“I may not be very good at the table, but I always pay my debts,” I replied.

Part V

She slid her thong back up her leg and then under her skirt, wiggling that beautiful ass into that tiny piece of string. I helped her smooth her blouse and snap it back up, leaving just a couple of snaps open at the top so that I could still have a nice view of her ample breasts.

“Did you ever get a look at whoever was in the doorway?” she asked.

“No. All I saw was a shadow, and then they were gone,” I answered.

“Sounds really quiet out there. Let’s go take a look,” she said as she took my hand and led me out the door. We walked quietly down the hall until we reached the back of the bar, and I realized that there was a good reason for the quiet: We seemed to be the only ones left. While we were having fun in the ladies lounge, the place had closed and left us locked inside.

“Oh, this is too good. Look, there’s no one watching the bar.” She slid behind the bar and slipped her cigarette case out from her garter belt. She placed one between her lips and lit it. With the cigarette still dangling, she grabbed a bottle of scotch and poured herself a double. I walked around the front of the bar and sat down at a stool. Watching her sip her free drink, I had an idea. Maybe, if the liquor was free and I stayed a while, she might get loaded enough that I could fuck her before the evening was over.

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