A Girl Invited Me Over Pt. 01

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OK so you invite me over to your place.

I arrive and knock on the door, no answer.

After a while I grab my phone to call you but there’s a message there that just says “come on in, the doors unlocked and I’m out back O”

I oblige, walking through the echoes of an empty hallway to your back yard.

The scene out back is quite peaceful, birds chirping – the occasional cicada.

I notice the hat first.

Wide brimmed and speaking to a secret confidence.

The legs second,

Smooth and with a slight paleness that invites men to act like beasts.

The book third,

Covering half your face and demanding all your attention until you sense my presence.

The smile fourth,

My eyes meet yours and hit me with a warmth I can barely fathom. Sweet and somehow devilish at the same time as you drop the book.

Then the rest floods in. Black top, blue bikini bottoms, nothing else.

My eyes take a quick day trip along your shape.

You noticed but choose to play it cool, “hey”.

“Hi, sorry I’m late.”

“Don’t worry about it, gave me time to catch up on some reading and enjoy the sunshine.”

“I can see” my tone with just a hint of suggestion belying a second meaning and my eyebrow reflexively cocking before quickly moving on to “It’s lovely out here isn’t?”

“It is…” you reply steadfastly, “…and secluded.”

You smile at me and I almost instinctively reach up to stop my eyebrow from cocking off of my head before remembering that I have a degree of motor control over it.

Was the second meaning implied or inferred?

“…I can sunbathe out here without worrying about the neighbours,” you clarify.

“Oh right,” I can’t help but let out a small amount of disappointment before recovering with “I guess you only have to worry about your family bugging you.”

“Haha true, but thankfully they’re gone for the day which gives me this place to myself… Ourselves,” you correct yourself whilst that damn smile reappears and melts me to a puddle.

You sit up on the bench and pat the space next to you. I nervously head in your direction but you cut me off with “how can you wear a jacket like that on a day like this?”

“Oh,” I laugh. “I guess I got dressed before I saw the weather.”

“Well put it here,” you motion towards the bench you’re sitting on.

I remove my jacket and fold it over the bench, now clad in black jeans and a white crew tshirt. I sit down next to you feeling a warmth, not sure if it’s you or the sun. You pay no mind to me and keep reading your book.

“…What’s your book about?”

“Oh it’s just a book about how couples’ level of trust with each other can lead to better sex.”

Whilst this is not what I expected you to say it’s also not that far outside your wheelhouse so to some extent hearing this actually makes me slightly less nervous.

“Oh really? Don’t you think books that examine sexuality kind’ve take something fun and make in… I dunno… not?”

“Nope,” you respond plainly, “it’s actually really fascinating – you’d like it.”

“Haha really? Are you going to lend it to me?”

“Maybe when I’m done… Sorry I’m right at the end of the chapter and then I’ll stop.”

“No worries, I’ll just enjoy the sun.”

I look around at the garden, the two umbrellas, enjoying the sun.

Then I continue to enjoy the real view directly to my right, not worried about being caught with you so engrossed in your book.

After a while you bring your knees up to your chest and place your feet onto the bench – I recall that when I arrived you were spread out relaxing in the sun.

Wanting to be of some use I reach out and gently clasp halkalı escort your ankles with my hands and pull them towards me. You look up and see my eyes meeting yours and go along with it so that your feet now rest across my lap – you lie back as before, grasping onto your hat as you shift to ensure it doesn’t fall off and then settle back into your book.

Your feet are resting right around my groin area and would in fact be on it were it not for the support coming from my hands around your ankles. Wanting to prevent things from being awkward I position my hand underneath your feet but you flinch.

“Haha stop it, that tickles!”

“Oh sorry.” I consider your leg for a moment before moving your feet a little bit away from my crotch and hold them so my hands cup the bottom of your calf. “How’s that?”

“Mhmm… better.”

I pause for a moment whilst your eyes meet mine and I try to see inside them. Was that a ‘hmm’ or an ‘mmm’?

You begin to dig your feet and toes into my leg playfully under the guise of getting comfortable – a bit like a cat before lying down.

The level of comfort you have with my personal space spurs me to do what I frankly was trying to stop myself from doing anyway… I run my hand up and down the back of you calf.

“How about that?”

“Mmm… Even better.”

Ok that time it was definitely a ‘mmm’. After a moment I bring my hands over and rub up the inside of your shin to the inside of you knee.

“How about that?”

This time you simply nod and sigh. I continue like this for a moment.

Then one time as I come up to your knee and slowly spread my fingers down it like a spider. I do this a few times with no response and then…

“How about that?”

You put your book down for a second and say “how about you just assume I like it until I tell you I don’t?”

“Hah… ok”

You return to your book.

After a momentary lapse of confidence I regather myself and move my hands to the underside of your thigh. Knowing this is the first part of your leg that has any sort of sexual implications, my touch is gentle.

You don’t provide any positive or negative feedback. At one point I think I see you bite your lip but if you did it must have been over in a moment because it’s gone before my brain can fully register. I begin to stroke my fingers gently along the length of your thigh. The smoothness of your skin flusters me a little and I begin to make longer strokes, knowing that the cheeks of your lovely butt are peeking out from your skimpy bathing suit.

My strokes reach lower, expecting to be stopped each time but it doesn’t happen. Suddenly I am stopped, but not at the start of my stroke. Rather at the end as my hand cups the underside of your knee and massages their briefly.

“Hey!” You exclaim, responding by kicking my leg.

“Hey!!” I respond with, in confusion to the sudden act of physical violence.

“I’m ticklish there!”

“Well… you said to assume you like it until you tell me you don’t!”

“Well… I guess I’m telling you.” You kick me again cheekily again – this time a lot closer to my groin.

“Be careful! You almost kicked my…”

“I was just assuming you liked it until you told me you don’t.”

You poke your tongue out at me with a devilish grin.

It’s cute, very cute, insanely cute.

I’m sure you meant it to be cute, but I’m not sure you understood the heights you hit because you are definitely not suspecting me to react by pouncing on you.

My lips meet yours with a swiftness that neither of us could possibly explain after the fact. It’s almost like şişli escort we float to each other.

The tension overflows into intense passion.

I take my lips on an expedition across your neck, your collarbone. I nibble on your shoulder and ear and growl softly into the latter. My hands simultaneously pick up the rest of the expedition and are treated to the revelation that due to your state of dress they have a nigh-unfettered access to all the top attractions. I run my right hand firmly up and down your back whilst my left strokes your side.

I begin to tug at your top and you respond by pushing me back onto the bench, you kneeling on the bench beside me and facing towards me. You take your hat off and hand it to me, then expertly remove your top to expose a truly lovely set of breasts.

Unkissed by the Sun, I get to work making up for it – kissing in small passionate circles around your nipples, alternating between them and occasionally licking across the underside.

They are too much for me to take and you begin to feel my hardness against your leg, threatening to burst from my jeans. You instinctively reach down and rub you hand over it – hearing my grunts muffled as I take your left nipple in my mouth.

You fumble for the zipper of my jeans and begin to pull down, the bulge helping you along the way. You reach in and with very little coaxing my large cock springs out from my pants and into your hand.

Feeling it get free I pause from sucking on your nipple and our eyes meet, unsure what’s going to happen next. Your eyes on mine with only occasional glances downwards you begin to slowly stroke my hard cock in your hand.

My eyes close and I let out a gasp before opening them and pulling you towards me – we kiss passionately whilst you continue to stroke me.

It’s too much, I pull you towards me and you straddle me. I take you right nipple in your mouth as we begin to grind against each other. The dainty fabric of your blue bikini bottoms barely withstanding my hard cock against you.

As you begin to feel me against your pussy you feel yourself get wet.

You can see in my eyes there’s no faking this moment – I want you.

You push me back again. Once more we are eye to eye.

You take my hand and place it over the tiny knot to the edge of your bikini bottoms and give me a nod. Understanding immediately I pull at the knot and the bikini bottom falls away.

You move back off of my cock to grab the falling underwear and toss it at my face cheekily before leaning backwards on my lap and giving my cock little short strokes.

I respond in kind, I sniff at your bikini bottoms naughtily and am treated to an amazing scent. Filing that away for further pursuits I pull them off my face and I grab your hat that was sitting next to me and hold it up for you.

You lean towards me, giving me an opportunity to place it on your head whilst stealing a kiss at the same time. All the whilst your hand strokes my cock.

Halfway through the kiss I open on eye to see that your ass is sticking up straight in the air pertly. My hand reaches out and slaps across the cheek.

“Ow! Mm… fuck,” you exclaim breathlessly.

“Ticklish?” I ask mischievously.

“Just assume I like it until I tell you I don’t,” you slyly retort – letting go of my cock and grabbing hold, instead, of my tshirt.

I spank you again. This time I know I see you bit your lip for sure and you twist the white tshirt instinctively – only able to let out one word – “More.”

I briefly thank god you had hold of my tshirt and not my cock when twisting and I spank you again, this time very hard.

You let out a loud sarıyer escort exclamation – there’s no doubt that it’s a pain and pleasure combination but it’s hard to tell from your expression

“Maybe we should come up with a safe word?”

You grab even harder on to my tshirt and pull my torso towards me, talking through gritted teeth.

“How’s this for a safe word, I want you to fuck me.”

Leaving very little room for interpretation as to your desires I oblige.

My cock, true and unwavering, aches to be inside you.

My hands reach down to your butt again but this time I cup your cheeks gently and scoop you up towards me so that your wet little pussy is now hovering over my huge rock-hard dick.

Our eyes meet and I began some downward momentum – pushing you towards me. Ultimately though I leave the decision of the force by which I enter you up to you.

My head begins to stretch your lips as you slowly sink down onto me. You go slow but do not stop until all of me is inside you, gasping the whole way.

Once I am inside you you rest your head on my shoulder and we stay like that for a few moments. Your eyes closed you experience the sensation of fullness that comes with having my cock entirely inside you and wait for your muscles to stretch out to accommodate my size. Likewise I am suddenly surrounded by your warmth and wetness.

After you feel comfortable I feel you come to life with a very small, slight bucking of the hip. I don’t move, simply enjoying the feeling of this lovely pussy against my cock.

The little bucks getting more purposeful and you shift your weight from forward resting on my to a neutral position and begin to ride me.

Our eyes meet and we both see for the first time how much the other person is enjoying this. Me in my jeans and white tshirt, you naked but for a sunhat.

This spurs you on and you begin to ride with more pace and purpose, through a little curl of the stomache at the end of each buck.

My hands still resting on your butt cheeks I begin to get more involved and grab firm hold of them and I begin to meet the end of each of you bucks with a small thrust of my own.

Our bucks and thrust go faster and faster and before you know it our bucks

“You feel so fucking amazing!” I breath into your ear. “I want all my fucking cock inside your pussy.”

I grab hold of your hips and begin to rock them against me furiously you lean back with your hands clasped against my neck and chest.

“Oh my god! Ride me, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I yell completely intoxicated with lust.

You lean back harder to increase the angle and friction of our fucking and I take this opportunity to push to back even more so that you almost begin to fall and are close to a 90 degree angle from me save for my hands around you holding you up. From my seated position I hold you and hit you with tiny little thrusts whilst we make out.

Feeling some amount of control I now lean back and grab hold of your hips lifting you high before slamming you down onto my cock. I repeat this and you begin to work with me bouncing higher and higher before slamming down and taking the full length of my cock each time – speeding up each time.

It’s too much and I begin to get close but you sense this and you remove my hands from your side.

Taking back control you slow things down and expertly ride me up to the tip of my cock and then back down. Occasionally at the tip of my cock you swirl your hips around slightly basically swirling your pussy around my cock.

Then without warning you slip off of my cock and get on your knees and lick our juices off of it. I can only manage to get our one word – “Fuck.”

Feeling in control you stand up and… then you begin to walk away.

Despite the amazing view I am treated to, I am confused.

Then you pause and turn just your neck to me.

You remove your sunhat and fling it in my direction.

You beckon wickedly towards me before disappearing into the house.

I must chase you.


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