A Gentle Seduction

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All rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author, Dave through the link in my profile, any suggestions are welcome.

This story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact between Males. As such it is homoerotic, designed for the entertainment of mature adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, or if the subject matter would create any kind of personal moral dilemmas, please exit now.

Please write me with ideas and thoughts; I am very interested in how my fiction is received and welcome dialog with the readers. Direct communication by e-mail to me at dodge1191@hotmail.com use story name as subject.

Cast: Old Buddy Kirk—Son John—Mikey, servant

It should be fun. My old high school buddy had really hit the jackpot; he was loaded now. I was surprised when I received his invitation and a few days of hunting with an old friend sounded great. He had a cabin in the mountains smack in the middle of a few hundred acres he owned. The weather was superb as I slowly traversed the hardscrabble single lane road up to his place. I thought back to when we were kids, Kirk had always been bigger and had been kinda my protector. I was always smaller without his preppy good looks. We were opposites and I had always wondered what attracted us to each other. When it came time for college we had lost touch. Boy it would be nice to see him again.

His cabin wasn’t quite just a cabin. It was considerably larger than the one room affair I had visualized. He opened the door wearing only a robe. “Mike, how are you buddy, gee it’s great to see you again.” I looked the “cabin” over; it was mostly a very large single room even extending to the bathroom. He caught me looking at the bathroom without walls and told me that the place wasn’t yet finished. I’m not a construction expert but it looked finished to me; just finished without walls.

We sat down and had a beer while talking of the “good old days.” Kurt was remembering how he was always there as my protector in school. “No one would screw with you little buddy, they knew you were under my wing. You were always a bit strange then you know, a lot of people thought you were hot for me” As he said this he rubbed my head and I thought to myself, what the fuck is this.

“Mike, go get me another beer.” It sounded more like an order than a request but I got up and returned with a beer for him.

“Tell you what little buddy, let’s put on a tape to watch, I like to have a little porn on during the day to keep me on edge.” On edge, gee this was getting to be really odd.

On the tape there was this guy with a huge cock fucking the crap out of a slim little blonde girl while a small, scrawny guy looked on. I must admit it was really hot. The Porn stud finished with a great sigh and finally pulled out of the cunt with a loud pop. The littler guy just slid to his knees and began licking cum and cunt juice off his cock like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“That’s my favorite part, in the beginning the little guy agrees to become the guys servant, you know, a kind of man-servant. Kind of like in that old book we read in class, “Robinson Caruso.” “To be honest with you that’s the part that made me think of you again.”

I couldn’t believe it, he saw me as his servant!!! How the hell could this be? I really didn’t know what to think, I was shocked but yet a little flattered he was thinking of me at all. It was confusing.

Kirk stood up and told me that the best part was coming up and I should watch, he was going to take the shower he was headed for when I showed up. He just dropped his robe and was naked walking to the open, walk-in shower. I don’t know about what was the best part on the video; I couldn’t stop looking at him. He really took his time soaping up then called me. “Mike come here and wash my back.” Again, no request, more of an order. I just sat there looking at him. “Get over here now, “he ordered. To be honest I thought about telling him to shit in his hat, thought about just getting into my car and leaving. What I did surprised me more than anyone. I got up and went to the shower!

He was very solicitous about me not getting wet as he handed me a washcloth and soap slowly turning his back to me. “Soap me down good Mike, I’ve been waiting for this.”

Rubbing his back was simply sensuous; I noted that I was quickly getting hard. “Don’t forget my ass cheeks, do my ass.” Again in the form of an order, not a request. For whatever reason I complied and now had a raging hardon as I soaped his ass. I noted how wildly erotic it was to be doing what he asked me to; washing his naked backside. He suddenly turned and I couldn’t help looking at his cock, it was half hard and huge.

“I see you like this Mike” he said motioning bahis firmaları at my little hardon. It was embarrassing, I actually blushed. He stepped out of the shower area and just looked at me. “Don’t just stand there, dry me off.” Without a thought I grabbed for a towel and began drying Kurt off. He didn’t even lift his legs so I found myself kneeling in front of him drying his feet. When I looked up I saw he was smirking, “go ahead Mikey dry my crotch off. I was then handling his massive cock with the towel, how the hell did I get here?

“Go ahead now suck on the head, you know what to do.” I was in a kind of trance as I gently opened my lips to his cock. This was very new to me but that cock was so big; he was so masterful. The head was as big as a ripe plum but I was able to get my lips around it and began my first blowjob. Oh, I had had women give me them but never thought I would be on the giving side. I settled in and began trying to get more cock into my mouth. I guess my feeble attempts were OK because I felt him holding my ears, then a groan and I was retching with a mouth full of cum. After the burst subsided he lifted my chin, I looked at his manly face and he told me to go clean up. I went and washed my face thinking, what now, what now? “While your in there strip off all your clothes, you need to be naked” What the hell I thought to myself.

“That was good Mikey, now you understand where you fit in the grand scheme of things. Why don’t you scrunch down on the floor, no get over between my legs? Rub my feet now and I’ll try to explain where we’re going.” I lifted his leg and began massaging his foot. “Ahhh, that feels nice. Well now we know that you’re a cocksucker, in fact since you sucked me off you’re my cocksucker. You’ve had your first taste of cum, now it’s time to train you. Do my toes now then clean them up with your tongue. One of my reasons for reacquainting myself with you is so I can show my son how to handle a pussyboy.”

Still somewhat traumatized I started rubbing his toes then gently licking them thinking, what son, Pussyboy?

“Ahhh that’s very nice Mikey. You know I always thought you would make a great pussyboy but back when we were in school I was a lot shyer than I am now. Now I know that I can get whatever I want just by going after it. What I’m after now is frankly a body slave like those old Roman dudes used to use. They would take a young slave boy and train him to service them in everyway. If they needed to piss their boy just opened his mouth, if they wanted their asshole licked the boy stuck his tongue out. I kind of talked you into sucking me off but I did notice that you got a nice hardon and in fact you’re hard now. Enough with my feet lick my balls for me, boy. Yea that’s it, show me how much you enjoy it cocksucker”.

I was licking him eagerly by then. “Get down under my balls now”, and it was then I found the spot right where his ass crack begins and began to mouth and tongue him there. Gosh I have to admit that the musky male taste and smell of him down there was wonderful, it was so erotic.

“You know Mikey this is going to be great, I often have to cum 3 or 4 times a day and you’re going to enjoy it each time. Cunt is nice but so high maintence. You have to romance them, talk nice and listen to their chatter. With a pussyboy all I’ll have to do is teach you what I like. Fucking a cunt is great and I’ll still do it but a nice, warm mouth has a tongue to caress and worship my cock.”

“I’m kind of interested in what you think about all this, I need to know to train you properly. Were you excited when my cock went into your mouth, what were you thinking?

I stammered and muttered that it was Ok. Kurt rewarded my reticence with a very hard slap across my cheek. “Do what I ask, think and be honest.” Through a quiet sob I responded.

“At first Kurt I resented your even thinking of me as that kind of guy.”

“What kind of guy, be explicit or you’ll be punished and from now on call me Sir.”

“Thinking of me as a cocksucker Sir, I was mad at myself for calling you Sir yet I felt this odd little tingling that didn’t go away. I was confused because I didn’t fight, didn’t really want to fight. Once it was in my mouth I just did what comes naturally.”

“Of course you did. Your mouth is like a cunt, a cunt with a tongue. You know the only reason cocksuckers like you have tongues are to lick a man’s ass and balls. Tell me how did you like your first taste of cum?”

Cunt mouth! I was insulted and yet excited by this talk. “It was Ok, at first I was scared but it just shoot into my mouth and I swallowed.”

“No, what did it taste like, answer me?”

“It was creamy, sticky and thick, kind of salty, I think I liked it Sir.”

“That’s good because you’ll be getting lots of it from now on, I like to get sucked off 3 or 4 times a day and you’ll be my cum dump. What I’m looking for is a body servant like the old Romans had. In their day they trained a slave kaçak iddaa to serve all their needs. This boy would dress them, wash their owner’s bodies, suck them off, drink their piss, whatever was needed. Is that for you Mikey?” “Suck my cock now, take it slow.”

A few days later Kurt had told me his son was on the way. I thought I should look for my clothes but Kurt refused. “No Boy, a pussyboy should be naked. Besides its time John learned all about boys like you.”

It was strange how he called me boy, we were the same age. I wondered about what was in store for me with John. In the last few days I had been humiliated yet happy serving Kurt, he had begun showing me how to serve him. It was embarrassing that I liked it.

On Tuesday I was again kneeling between Kurt’s legs, sucking on his prick when the front door opened. Instinctively I pulled off to look and was shocked by a swift, hard slap. “Keep your attention where it belongs boy, you know better. “

How are you John, nice to see you.”

“I’m great Dad, is this the pussyboy you wanted me to see?”

“Yeah, but a lot more than see, you’re old enough to drive now and it’s time you learned how to handle cocksuckers like this. We can have a little Daddy, Son bonding like we did when I taught you to ski.”

“Sounds great Dad but I already have a girlfriend you know.”

“Yeah I know but fucking a bitch just isn’t the same as having a cocksucker dedicated to servicing you. Have you noticed that since I redirected his attention he’s concentrated on my cock, he doesn’t yet know what you look like. That’s really the difference, with a cunt you’re always romancing the bitch while a boy like this can be trained to only think about the cock in his mouth and it’s pleasure. A girl is nice to fuck but you just can’t get away from the drama, broads are high maintence. Watch, go ahead Mikey take it all the way down, deep into your throat.”

I relaxed my throat muscles, swallowed and let that fat cockhead stab into my throat. The saliva just gushed out of my mouth as I did as I was told, what I had been taught.

“Isn’t that just great John. A few days ago he just gagged at the thought of taking a cock that deep. He probably won’t be able to stuff that horse-cock of yours down though. Why don’t you take off your clothes and we can begin your lesson eh?”

In a minute Kurt grabbed my head and pulled me off his cock.” Ok boy, you should now be looking at my Son now, isn’t he a fine lad?”

I looked up as John was lowering his shorts. The first thing I saw was his cock hanging, limp in front of me, still on my knees. It was long, about 8 inches, and circumcised. His balls hung loosely in their sack. His hair was thick and a reddish blond. I reached up to hold it and Kurt Squeezed my shoulders a bit. “Hold it baby, no hands, no hands at all. John wants to see what you can do with that pretty mouth.” I let it go and caught the tip with my tongue, scooping it between my lips. He stayed limp as I sucked it into my mouth. It was thick as a German sausage and longer than his Dad’s. I sucked hard and felt my cheeks implode along the soft skin of his cock. I ran my tongue over his head and along the underside while I sucked and pulled my mouth along the sides of his shaft. Now I could feel it swell a bit. He rewarded my effort with a sucking sound through his teeth. I kept up my sucking until it finally swelled stretching my mouth to its limit. I started pumping my mouth up and down his shaft like his Dad liked. The head was enormous, I suppose the size of an egg and the shaft that ran back from it was proportional. Now probably 9 to 10 inches. He began moaning a bit and humping his hips.

“Suck it you bitch, suck it good.” he would murmur, from time to time. I pressed my lips against the shaft and it could have been plastic it was so hard. Only the warmth of the blood flowing through his shaft told me it was real. I raised my chin and pressed down against his shaft, feeling it push into the back of my throat. .I pushed and swallowed hard, feeling it slip down my throat. I was rewarded with a sigh and his bushy hair tickling my nose. I couldn’t help it, I began gagging and crying.

“Just hold him there John, feel his throat muscles massaging your cockhead, isn’t that great? Now let him loose to breathe then punch him back on your cock, stretch his throat open.”

John held me in place as I struggled for breath. “Can you feel his throat muscles massaging your cock, great isn’t it?”

“Now that he’s used to it just fuck his face in and out.” The boy began stroking his cock slowly in my mouth; about every third plunge he pushed his prick into my gullet.

I was able to gulp a little air each time before the boy impaled me again on his monster cock. I felt like a fish on a spear. After gagging me that second time he let me go on my own. I pulled back off and worked his head a bit, and then back over the shaft. Up and down the long shaft I pumped. I felt his hands grip my kaçak bahis ears more tightly while he pumped his hips more. I tickled his head with my tongue and began to taste a steady ooze from his piss slit. He jerked a little and then groaned. I felt the first burst slide up the shaft and splatter into the back of my mouth, I almost choked again but the delay between spurts saved me. I swallowed and pulled back so my whole mouth could take in the next larger spurt of cum. There was another, then another and then a slow dribble as he began to relax his grip on me and the cum subsided. I swallowed all of it and he pulled his cock out of me. It was still ramrod stiff and bounced upward as he stepped back. He held it in his hand and ran the head over my lips and along the side of my face. Just then Kurt sent me into the kitchen to get them a couple of beers.

When I returned I was ordered to start licking John’s feet nice and clean while they talked. “You know once you’ve filled a boys mouth with your cum you own him. I think we should kinda combine his training to be my body slave with showing you the possibilities of having a suck-boy around for yourself. I’ve already talked to him and he’s as hot as any slut I’ve had.

“To begin with John it’s important for you to realize that an eager cocksucker is a treasure to be used not abused. I’ve found that you need nothing more than the occasional swat or maybe a little sting from a riding crop to focus a cocksucker. They thrive on being able to submit to a man. Watch how happy he is sucking my cock”

“OK Mikey, its time for you to learn new things.

“I’ll explain as we go but it’s important for you to realize what you are. If you let yourself go you’ll be happier in the long run. I knew John was coming so I bought some gear for you. Why don’t you lick John’s balls while I get it.”

I was soon lost in those teen balls using my tongue to caress and clean them. I felt Kurt drawing my wrists back and fastening them behind my back, I was cuffed then released.

“Ok now boy put these other cuffs on your ankles, yeah that’s the way. The cuffs on your wrists and ankles are nice leather aren’t they? John notice the iron rings, there to use when you want your boy to stay in position. Ok now Mikey hold your head up while I lock your slave collar on, how’s that feel boy? Answer me.”

“I don’t know, it feels strange, kind of hot though. The pictures of ancient Roman slaves showed many of them cuffed like this and maybe that’s what makes me excited.”

“Of course it does, that’s who you are.”

At supper that night I was allowed to sit at the table naked in my cuffs and collar while Kurt and his son ate with silk robes on. They talked as if I wasn’t there and I knew enough not to speak.

“Maybe we shouldn’t let him eat with us but I think it’s Ok once in a while as long as he performs for us. That’s really the beauty of having a boy trained as a man’s body slave; you have total control. In the next few days we’ll bring him along as we show him where he belongs. An accomplished cocksucker must learn how to submit willingly to his owner. If you want to piss he should be opening his mouth. When you want your ass licked his tongue should throb.”

The next day Kurt told his Son that it would be much fun and very instructive to start over with me.

“We’ll begin at the interview stage and go on to training, we’ll have fun and I guarantee you you’ll learn a lot. Hell, by the time were done you’ll know all there is to know about cocksuckers. To begin you need to understand that one of these natural cocksuckers want to serve, they actually relish the humiliation. Watch now.”

“Are you a cocksucker boy”? he asked as he lifted my chin up. “Yes Sir I am.”

“Good boy, it’s important that you know what you are. Lick my balls while we talk, their a little sweaty. Use a lotta tongue. Watch how he works those balls John, see how eager he is to please. That’s the thing about boys like him they long to please you.”

Was he right, did I really want to please him that much? I now know I’m a cocksucker and I am there for their pleasure and amusement. At the end of the game their balls are empty and they send me away full of cum. They laugh, joke and have a good time with my mouth pussy which is all that matters, their satisfaction.

Kirk always had porn movies on the TV and whenever I wasn’t serving him I watched. The genre was always a cocksucker serving his Master. He had prepared a little booklet that he said described the sex-slave boy’s role. I studied it in front of the TV. I wanted to serve my owner as he desired. I often thought of some of the more interesting passages.

“When the cock is big and thick it’s more difficult to take it, especially for the new non-skilled cockeaters. But you must do your best, at least to take a big portion, as much as you can, to show your owner you are willing to satisfy him and you only need some time to learn how to stretch your throat. Gagging is expected and most owners appreciate throat spasms on their pricks. Practice and practice. I repeat, don t let him go away totally unsatisfied. The owner will understand your efforts and can help you along the way.”

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