A Game of Inches – Part Fourteen

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Before I could reply my cell phone rang , once again, it was Amanda.

“Brian, the house is yours, congratulations.”, she said excitedly.

“Thank you, I think.”, I laughed.

“I need a check for five hundred thousand as a deposit before close of day on Tuesday. The balance is due at act of sale.”, she informed me.

“Ok, I will get it to you.”, I answered.

Thankfully, I had been relatively frugal since the signing of my contract. Other than the rent on the condo, the two vehicles I had purchased and several small purchases, I had banked quite a large sum of money. I had also this past year reached four of six incentive clauses in my contract earning me an extra six hundred seventy five thousand dollars. Plus we had the extra paychecks from each game in the playoff’s, the Conference Championship’s and the Superbowl. Even though this was a significant amount of money, it wouldn’t effect me seriously, I had ample reserves.

The weekend was a blur, I had so many things to do. I had to move what few things I had out of my unit, then spent half a day cleaning up everything so it was really nice for when my landlord came home. She had been very good to me, it was the least I could do. I decided as a good will gesture, I would leave the TV behind, Alexis had one in her unit.

On Tuesday morning, I went to the bank and picked up the certified check and dropped it off to Amanda at ERT Realty. She gave me a copy of the key, I had promised to pickup Alexis for lunch, take her to see it. I was at Alexis’ office for noon, she was right on time. We drove straight over to the house, her reaction being the same as mind as we first drove up to the front door.

“Oh my God Brian, this is beautiful.”, she exclaimed.

“Wait until you see the inside.”, I answered.

I quickly ran around the car opening her door, taking her hand as she got out. We walked up to the door hand in hand, I pulled the key from my pocket and opened the front door. Alexis was overwhelmed, it seemed each room we walked into took her breath away. The pool, spa and backyard fire pit took her over the edge. She turned and buried her face in my chest sobbing uncontrollably.

“Geez, if you hate it that bad, I won’t buy it.”, I laughed.

She squeezed me tighter, then lifted her head to mine, tears running down her cheeks.

“It’s absolutely amazing, I can’t even imagine living here.”, she whispered.

“Well get used to it baby, this is your new home.”, I answered, kissing her softly on the lips.

The next few weeks were incredibly busy, we both had numerous things to do. Alexis decided to try and sublet her condo for the time being, rushing to sell it could cost her money. I went to act of sale on the house, then contracted several companies to make the necessary repairs needed before we moved in. We also had to prepare for the team ring ceremony which was only about a week away. We would be presented with our Super Bowl rings, team and individual awards would be given out as well. We had been told when we were measured that we would each receive a Superbowl ring, designed exclusively for us, as well as a smaller version of the same ring, that would be placed on a gold chain, that would be given to the main woman in each of our lives, either wife, girlfriend or mother. I had long debated on what to do with mine, in my heart I wanted it to go to Alexis, but I knew I owed Ashley so much. The problem was solved when I learned that I could receive another one by paying the jeweler what it cost to make one.

I happened to be having lunch with Josh about that same time, we were cutting up and having a good time, both of us excited about the upcoming ring ceremony.

“So tell me Brian, how’s things with you and Alexis ?”, he asked.

“Really good, Josh.”, I answered.

“You love her ?”, he asked.

“Absolutely, more than I ever imagined I would.”, I answered.

He leaned across the table from me, like he was about to spill a huge secret.

“Then marry her, don’t let her get away. She’s an incredible woman.”, he urged.

I was sitting in Alexis’ condo that night, those words kept running through my mind. Alexis had just went to soak in the tub, I knew she was going to be at least an hour. I picked up her cell phone and quickly scanned her contacts, finding the number I wanted. I entered the number into my phone, I would make the phone call the following day when I knew I wouldn’t be over heard.

After Alexis left the following morning, I opened my cell phone and made the call, it was answered quickly.

“Mai, how are you, this is Brian.”, I said.

“Oh Brian, good, good, how are you ?”, she answered.

“Really good Mai, thank you.”, I replied.

“I hear you buy really big house, very nice.”, she told me.

“Yes ma’am, in fact that’s one of the reasons I am calling you.”, I told her.

“Why you call me Brian ?’, she asked, obviously confused.

“Would it be ok, if I came out to see you tomorrow ? I need to talk to you.”, I asked.

“Brian, what’s wrong, Alexis ok ?”, she asked, suddenly tense.

“Oh yes ma’am, Alexis is fine, everything’s really good, I just want to talk with you.”, I said, calming her fears.

“Ok, you bring Alexis ?”, she said happily.

“No, I don’t want her to know I am going to see you.”, I replied.

“Oh, no tell her ?’, she responded.

“No ma’am, please don’t tell her.”, I asked.

I told Alexis, I had to leave early the next morning, I told her I had some foundation business to attend to. Even though what I was going to do was perfectly legitimate, I felt bad, it was the first time I had ever lied to Alexis. Three hours later, I was pulling off of the freeway, I was only minutes from my destination. I found the house without any difficulty, pulling into the driveway minutes before ten o’clock in the morning. Mai apparently heard me pull up, she was waiting at the front door. She greeted me warmly with a hug, then invited me in. I followed her into the kitchen, where she poured me a glass of lemonade, then sat at the table with her.

“What you want to talk about Brian ?”, she asked, some concern on her face.

“Mai, I have fallen in love with Alexis, I want to know if you think she would marry me ?”, I asked.

“Oh Brian, you make me so happy.”, she cried, jumping up from her chair, running around the table and hugging me.

“So when you ask her ?”, Mai asked.

“That’s what I am working on right now. But really, I wanted to ask your permission first, since she doesn’t have a father.”, I replied.

I could see Mai was over come by emotion, tears quickly filling her eyes, spilling down her cheeks. She reached over the table and took my hand in hers.

“Alexis tell me before you visit, she love you very much. You ask her marry you, she will say yes. Alexis is very smart girl, if she love you, then you good man. Now I will have a son too.”, she said between tears.

“Thank you Mai, that means alot to me. But you have to promise not to tell her anything until I ask, it’s going to be a surprise.”, I requested.

“Me no say anything, I promise.”, she responded.

“I want you there that night, I want you to be with us.”, I asked.

“Oh I love to be there, yes…yes.”, she answered.

I explained just what I had in mine to Mai, she loved the idea. I promised to get back with her, on the details, I had a ton of things to do in a very short amount of time. The awards ceremony was just six days away, this coming Saturday night. I left Mai’s house and drove directly back to San Diego, arriving in town about two thirty. I drove over to the team facility and met with one of the assistant media directors, Ms. Linda Kelley whom I had dealt with before. After laying out what I had in mind, I think she was more excited than I was. She assured me she would do everything she could to help me make this happen. I left her office and drove straight to back to the condos arriving an hour before Alexis did. As soon as she walked into the condo, I could tell she had a rough day.

“How about I take you out to eat tonight ?”, I asked.

“I’m way too tired to go out honey, I had a really long day.”, she said, falling on the sofa.

“Well, how about I go get some take out then. You go soak in the tub until I get back.”, I told her.

“Thanks baby, I appreciate it.”, she replied.

I drove across town to Alexis’ favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered two meals and a few appetizers. It took them close to forty five minutes to get everything ready, but I was in no rush. By the time I got back to the condo, Alexis was laying on the sofa relaxing.
She started to get up, but I told her to relax, I would wait on her tonight. I fixed two large plates with the meals, using a third for the appetizers. I brought the plates to the living room, setting them on the coffee table. I went back to the kitchen and poured me a glass of iced tea, then grabbed Alexis a water. I sat down next to her, she had the TV on, a sitcom was playing. She reached over and squeezed my hand tightly, a warm smile on her face.

“I just can’t believe how caring you are. You make me feel like I’m the most important woman in the world.”, she said softly.

“You are.”, I answered, leaning over kissing her briefly.

Alexis went to bed an hour or so before I did, I could tell she was exhausted, I sat up watching TV for a while longer. The following morning after she left for work, I quickly dressed and left the condo. I drove downtown to one of the largest jewelery stores in town, I was there when they opened. I was greeted by a very beautiful, elegantly dressed sales woman as soon as I opened the door. I told her I was looking for an engagement ring, but time was limited, I needed it for Friday afternoon at the latest. She assured me that they had hundreds of rings in stock now, that would be no problem.

She led me over to the back wall where there was an enormous case that was filled wall to wall with bridal sets. She started asking me questions about carat weight, type of setting I might like, things of that nature. I admitted that I had no idea what any of those things meant. She laughed softly, telling me that was common, she would help me with the process. She asked me if I had a price range in mind, that way we could move to the rings that would fall in that category. I told her it had to be special, the money was not all that important. She led me down to the end of the last case, where I have to admit, the rings were stunning. She began to show me several, telling me the total carat weight of the diamonds, which type of setting it was, things of that nature. Each set she showed me was somewhere in the five to seven thousand dollar range, I was having a hard time making up my mind. I did like one particular ring that she had showed me, the diamond was pear shaped, it was quite unusual. The only problem was the diamond was relatively small compared to some of the other settings I had seen.

“I notice you keep going back to this one.”, the sales woman commented, pointing to my favorite.

“Yes ma’am, I like that style, I just think the diamond is too small.”, I answered.

“Wait right here.”, she instructed.

She went through the door in the rear of the store, she was gone for several minutes. She reappeared carrying a dark blue velvet box which looked like it might hold a watch. She set the box down in front of me, slowly opening it up. Inside the box was a pear shaped diamond ring, similar to the style I liked, only much larger.

“So what do you think ?”, she asked.

“It’s beautiful.”, I answered.

“That is a 4.44 carat pear shaped diamond in the center setting. It’s surrounded by twelve four quarter carat tapered baguettes, the mount is eighteen carat white gold. Total diamond weight is 7.44 carats.”, she explained.

“I really like it, how much is it ?”, I asked.

“Well if you’re serious about it, I can go talk to the owner, see what we can do. It was actually designed for a very good customer of ours, but she didn’t really like it, so we have had it for a couple of months. It was originally six eighty thousand, but we collected a deposit on it.”, she informed me.

She left me again, walking over to the large glass office to my left. I saw her talking with an older man in a black suit. He got up and followed her over to where I was standing, introducing himself.

“Good morning, I’m Simon Weitz, how can I help you sir ?”

“Morning sir, I’m Brian Stevens.”, I said, shaking his hand.

“Brian Stevens, the tight end for San Diego ?”, he asked.

“Yes sir.”, I responded.

“I thought you looked familiar.”, the sales woman laughed.

“I’m interested in this ring sir.”, I told him, pointing at the box.

“You have excellent taste, this is the best engagement ring I have in the store.”, he answered.

“Diane, go get me the folder on this item, let me see what we can do for Mr. Stevens.”, he instructed his employee.

The woman left but was back quickly with the folder handing it to him. He opened it, scanned the paper work, then set it down.

“The original cost on the ring was about sixty eight thousand, however I did get a non refundable deposit of ten thousand on it. I’ll be honest, you don’t sell a ring like this every day, so I can really work you a decent deal.”, he told me.

“That will work, what are you thinking ?”, I asked.

“How will you be paying ?”, he inquired.

“Does that matter ?”, I answered.

“Well if you pay cash, I can give you a better price.”, he suggested.

“Ok, cash.”, I laughed.

“Tell you what Brian, I’ll let you walk out of here for thirty five thousand flat.”, he offered.

Before I could even reply, he quickly spoke up once again.

“Come to think of it, I’ll do better than that. You make one commercial for me advertising the store, I’ll let you have the ring for twenty five thousand flat, you’ll never get a better deal than that.”, he finished.

“You have a deal.”, I answered, shaking his hand.

We exchanged our contact information, I promised him I would pick up the ring on Friday morning, paying him the full amount at that time. I told him when ever he was ready to contact me, I would be available to do the commercial we agreed on. I left the store then drove over to the team facility where I met Linda again, getting updated on where everything stood. She had did an amazing job thus far, it seemed everything was falling into place.

The following day, I went to act of sale on my new home, I left right before noon, with the keys to a multimillion dollar home in my pocket. On the ride home, I called Linda over at the team office and asked her if she could arrange transportation for Mai on Saturday morning. She promised me she would have my future mother in law picked up and brought to the hotel where the ring ceremony would be held. It was the best hotel in town, the ceremony being held in their grand ball room. Linda arranged for Mai to have a room at the hotel, I didn’t want Alexis to see her mother until my plan was in effect.

Alexis decided to take off Friday, taking the time to get her hair cut and shop for a new dress before the ceremony. I went with her to the salon, sitting in the waiting room while she was with the stylist. We then went to a couple of stores while Alexis shopped for a dress. While she was in the dressing room trying on another dress, I was looking through the different racks of garments. I came upon a very sheer, elegant black dress that was strapless, it had a black lace shawl, that went with it. I thought the dress would be stunning on Alexis, I called the lady over.

“Do you have this in her size ?”, I asked.

“Yes, we do.” she said, walking over to the far wall, pulling an identical dress down.

By that time Alexis had come back out of the dressing room carrying two more dresses, to put back on the rack. I walked over to her with the dress the lady had handed me.

“Hey baby, try this on.”, I urged.

She held the dress up for a second looking at it, then walked back into the dressing room. She had barely closed the door, when it popped back open, the dress still in hand.

“Brian, this dress is twelve hundred dollars, put this back.”, she whispered, extending the garmet to me.

“Go try it on, please.”, I urged.

“Brian, I’m not paying twelve hundred dollars for a dress.”, She argued.

“No I am. I may never win another Super Bowl ring in my lifetime. This is a special night, don’t argue with me.”, I said, pushing her towards the dressing room.

The sales woman was having quite a good time watching the two of us, I caught her laughing several times. After about ten minutes Alexis came through the door with the dress on, I was floored. She was beyond beautiful, she was exquisite. Even the sales woman had to do a double take. The dress fit her like a glove, every lovely curve falling perfectly into place. The olive complexion, the straight black silky hair and her bright green eyes complimented the dress so well.

“We’ll take it.”, I told the woman.

“You sure Brian ?”, Alexis asked.

“Oh I’m sure baby, very sure.”, I answered.

After picking out a really nice pair of Italian highed heeled black shoes, she was all set. We went back to the condo and had some lunch, then took a ride to the new house just to look around again. On the ride back from the house, Alexis reached over and took my hand in hers.

“Brian, I have never been this happy in my entire life. I don’t know how or what brought us together, but I am so grateful that I’m here now with you.”, she said.

“I’m glad you’re happy Alexis, you deserve to be.”, I answered.

I woke up early Saturday morning, I still had a ton of things to do. I called Mai and told her the limo would be picking her up at one o’clock taking her to the hotel where I had a room in her name booked. I told her I would sneak away right before the ceremony and come upstairs and get her. I then called Linda back one last time to make sure she had everything taken care of. She assured me, even I would be surprised at what she had arranged.

I left Alexis at the condo and drove a few blocks to the barber shop to get a quick haircut. I then passed by the cleaners to pick up my suit that I would wear tonight. I then passed by the jewelers and picked up the ring, then drove back to the condo. I stashed the ring in my trunk, I would have to get it out later when Alexis wasn’t watching.

The event was scheduled to begin at six o’clock, with a meal, then the awards presentation. Everyone was asked to be there by five thirty if possible. Alexis and I left the condo around four forty five, I was amazed at just how beautiful she looked. She could easily pass for a movie star or a fashion model, I couldn’t believe that hopefully in a few short hours, she might agree to marry me. I opened the door for her to get in, then walked to the back of the vehicle, opened the trunk and slipped the ring box into my pocket. I then opened my door and slid in behind the wheel.

“What was in the trunk ?”, Alexis asked.

“Nothing, I just thought it wasn’t shut all the way, it looked funny.”, I answered.

We arrived at the hotel right at five thirty, the valet took my keys. We made our way into the lobby where several of the players and their families were already congregating. Every man in the lobby couldn’t take their eyes off of Alexis, even the women were giving her serious looks. I felt like the luckiest man in the world as I grabbed her hand in mine. I introduced Alexis to several of the players, who in turn introduced their families to us.

Around quarter to six, the hotel manager began asking everyone to move to the grand ball room, informing us that tables had formal seating, to find the table with our name on it. I walked Alexis through the door, we found our table, it was in the first row, right in front of the stage. I helped her into her seat, then made an excuse about not getting a ticket from the valet for my car. I told her I would be right back.

I walked back into the lobby then over to the reservation desk asking for Mai’s room number. I was told she was in room 816, then shown the elevator in which to take. I rode up on the elevator to the eighth floor, then down the hall to room 816, knocking on the door. Mai quickly answered the door, inviting me in. She looked lovely, her dress jade green, her hair had just been done. I accompanied Mai down to the grand ball room, we entered through the rear door. Since our table was front center, Alexis had her back to us. We walked down the center isle to the table where Alexis was sitting, Mai stood back behind her out of sight.

“Hey baby, another guest is here, they are going to take the one chair we have left.”, I told her.

“Here she is.”, I said, extending my hand to Mai.

Alexis glanced over her shoulder, the look on her face was priceless. She squealed in delight, jumping up to hug her mother. She helped her mother to her seat then sat back down, turning to me.

“How did you two pull this off without me finding out ?”, she laughed.

“He plenty sneaky Alex.”, Mai said, pointing at me.

“Obviously so, I better start keeping a close eye on him.”, she replied.

Alexis and her mother started talking, letting me off the hook for a while. Finally I saw Linda in the back of the room, she had motioned for me to join her. I excused my self from the table again, then walked back and met with Linda.

“I have it all worked out, just go along with the MC, do exactly what he tells you to do.”, she informed me.

“No problem.”, I answered.

“Do you have the ring ?”, she asked.

I glanced back at the table, Alexis had her back to me, so I slipped the ring to Linda. She instructed me to go back to my table, she would handle the rest. Just about that time, the master of ceremonies asked if everyone could be seated, it was time to start serving dinner. I glanced around the room, I would say there were at least five to six hundred people present as well as members of the local media, who were covering the event.

Everyone was served a bacon wrapped filet mignon topped in crab sauce, a baked potato and steamed vegetables. The meal was followed up by various deserts which you could choose from, everything was very good. Mai and Alexis had a great time chatting during the meal, I have to admit Mai did an excellent job keeping her composure, knowing what was to come. Finally the staff cleared away the dishes, bringing everyone a glass of wine to begin the awards presentation.
The master of ceremonies stepped to the podium, the program was underway.

“Good evening ladies and gentleman, I am so pleased to be here tonight with you to celebrate this year’s World Championship team from here in San Diego. We hope this is only the first of many more, this team has lifted the spirits of this community to heights it has never known.”, he started.

“We will start the ring ceremony with the coaches, then players and finally the training staff and support personnel. As we call your name we would ask you to follow the front of the stage here to my left, then up the steps to center stage. Each player is asked to escort the woman in his life with him to the podium, so that she may receive her gift as well.”, he continued.

Alexis looked at me strangely, then leaned over and whispered.

“What are they talking about ?”, she asked.

“You’ll see.”, I smiled.

The procession started with the coaches and their wives being introduced, then walking up and accepting their rings. Since the players were called in ascending order of their jersey numbers, it was going to be while before they got to me at number eighty nine. When Josh was called with his girlfriend, the room gave him a standing ovation, which he rightly deserved. It took several minutes for the crowd to finally quiet down and get back in their seats. The procession restarted and one by one, the players moved across the stage with their significant others. It was really wonderful to see a few of the single players escort their mothers across the stage, you could tell they were so proud of their sons. Finally it was time, it was our turn.

“ On offense, number eighty nine, tight end Brian Stevens, who is escorting Ms. Alexis Clarke.”, he announced.

I stood up holding my hand out for Alexis, which she took so gracefully. You could just sense every eye in the room was on Alexis, she was a vision of elegance, form head to toe. The ovation was louder than most, I suspected mostly due to Alexis. I was handed a beautiful dark walnut wood box with a light blue band on it with the number eighty nine. Alexis was handed the same box, only slightly smaller. We made our way back to the table sitting down, we both opened the boxes. The rings were huge, I had never seen anything like it. The face was covered in diamonds, the team logo emblazoned in gem stones in the center. I looked over at Alexis, she had received the exact replica of the face of the ring, only on a beautiful gold chain.

“Oh my God Brian, it’s beautiful.”, she said, kissing me quickly.

Several minutes later the entire team had received their rings, it was time to move on. The master of ceremonies once again took the microphone announcing it was time for the individual awards ,starting off first with a few presentations the coaches wanted to make personally.

Coach Reed was announced first, once again a standing ovation following him to the podium. He thanked the crowd, then pulled a few index cards from his jacket pocket.

“Thank you so much for that warm reception, I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be standing here in front of you. I have a couple of wards I want to make personally, so if you would please indulge me, I would appreciate it.”, he started.

The table behind Coach Reed was filled with awards, crystal bowls, crystal footballs, sterling silver objects, as well as some beautiful porceline footballs. There were close to three dozen wooden plaques as well.

“First and formost I want to recognize the man who I think turned this franchise around in just one year. He has brought a unique brand of football to us, one that I quite skeptically doubted was possible in the beginning. But nothing speaks louder than results, he is the orchestrator of the best offense in football. Ladies and gentleman our offensive coordinator, Chase Cullen.”, he announced.

The room exploded in applause, he was in fact a huge part of our success. What he was able to do in just one short year was astounding. He was presented with a beautiful sterling silver bowl as the year’s most outstanding coordinator, something no one would question.

One by one Coach Reed gave out awards, all to people who really deserved them, he was spot on. He had just given out the award to his pick for defensive player of the year, which was not necessarily the player that would be recognized later by the team. He then moved on to the offensive side of the ball.

“This next award is for my pick on offense, which due to their success this year, was quite difficult to select to say the least. But in the end, I had to go with my gut. I had what most media members called a complete mental breakdown two years when I lobbied for this player to be drafted. I was told it couldn’t be done, some suggested I be drug tested immediately.”, he started.

The room erupted in laughter at his latter comment, it took a few seconds for everyone to settle down. He leaned into the microphone again. By now, it was obvious he was talking about me.

“I put a world of pressure on this kid the minute he walked out on our practice field for the first time. izmit escort bayan I was relentless, failure was simply not an option I would consider. All he did in response was to spend countless hours of his own time in the film room and on the field with Josh Henson, doing everything he could to not let me down. In two short years he has emerged as one of the best tight ends in the game, he has redefined what the prototype athlete should resemble at that position. Ladies and gentleman, Brian Stevens.”, he ended.

I stood up slowly, leaned over and kissed Alexis, she had tears running down her face. I walked up the stairs to the podium, where Coach Reed presented me witrh a beautiful crystal bowl that had an inscription on the base. He shook my hand, then wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tightly. I so respected this man who had gambled his reputation on me, I might not even be playing in this league if not for his vision. I turned and began walking towards the back of the stage where the exit was.

“Oh wait Brian, I think we have another award for you somewhere here.”, he said into the microphone.

He looked over the table quickly, then turned to where Coach Cullen was sitting.

“Chase, where is it ?”, he said grinning.

Chase shrugged his shoulders, grinning back at his head coach. Coach Reed then stepped back up to the microphone.

“Does anyone know where the award is for the most senseless fines in one season ?”, he shouted.

The entire room burst into laughter, most of the room standing and clapping, the joke was on me. He motioned me back over to the podium where he put his arm around my shoulder.

“Brian, I understand the beautiful woman you have seated with you tonight is also your agent, is that true ?”, he asked, grinning.

“Yes sir.”, I replied, in the microphone.

Coach then leaned into the microphone, directing his comments to Alexis.

“Well when you renegoiate Brian’s contract next year, or the year after, I want a clause in there that any fines incurred during the year be paid back directly to me.”, he laughed.

Alexis shook her head in agreement, the room once again having another laugh at my expense. He then shoved me toward the stage exit, I left quickly. I came out of the side of the room walking back to our table. I gently set the crystal bowl on the table, Alexis and her mom were admiring it. I was overwhelmed that Coach Reed had presented me with the award, especially after the year that Josh had. I really felt guilty, the award should have belonged to Josh.

The night was down to the final several awards, MVP of the Year, Best Offensive Player, Best Defensive Player and Best Special Teams selection. The first selection was for the MVP, as expected it went to Josh Henson, it was well deserved. Once again he received a standing ovation. As each award was given out, highlights from that player was shown on the huge screen directly behind the stage. The defensive award was given out, then quickly followed up by the special teams award. The players were asked to remain standing on the stage until all four awards were given out. It was quite obvious that Josh should receive the offensive player of the year as well. The master of ceremonies stepped back to the microphone once more, leaning forward.

“Finally the Best Offensive Player of the Year, Brian Stevens.”, he said, loudly.

I was stunned, I just sat there, unable to move. Alexis leaned over once again hugging me tightly, then urging me to get up. On the screen behind the stage they were showing clips of touchdown catches, then several video segments of my dunking the ball over the goal post. I got up and walked slowly to the stage, my head down, the emotion had finally caught up to me. I was given a beautiful crystal football once again inscribed with the year and type of award. No one seemed happier for me then Josh who hugged me like a drowning man. We all moved of the stage to the rear, beginning to make our way to our tables. Linda was waiting for me backstage, she grabbed my arm and pulled me back behind the huge black curtain.

“It’s time.”, she whispered.

I was already an emotional wreck, tears in my eyes, the night had been so much more than I had expected. The master of ceremonies made one more introduction to the crowd.

“We have one last presentation to do, then we will wrap up the evening. I would like to introduce our director of media relations,
Ms. Linda Kelley.”, he told the crowd.

Linda passed me off to one of her associates, she would give me the signal at the appropriate time. She then walked across the stage, shaking the master of ceremonies hand, then stepping up to the microphone.

“Thank you so much for that warm welcome. As most of you know I am the director of media relations for this wonderful franchise. I love my job, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have been here for close to ten years, but I have to admit, this is a first for me. Being in media relations, I constantly work with the day to day operations of the franchise. This year, for the first time, we have decided to give an award to someone who we feel has made a significant contribution to this franchise.”, she started.

“I would now like to ask Ms. Alexis Clarke from PSA Sports Management to join me here on stage.”, she instructed.

I was watching the monitor back stage, I could see the stunned look on Alexis’ face, as she pointed to herself making sure Linda was talking about her. Linda nodded waving Alexis up to the stage. The amazing part of this entire situation is only three people in the entire room knew what was about to happen, Linda, Mai, and myself. Alexis walked up to the podium standing next to Linda, completely at a loss as to why she was standing there.

“Alexis, I would like to thank you for your dedication to this franchise, I’m not sure everyone knows, but you represent three players currently on our team. We feel blessed and fortunate that you are part of our family and we want to give you a small token of our affection.”, she started.

A very niced dressed woman crossed the stage and handed Linda, another dark walnut box, exactly like what the player’s rings had been encased in, along with a white envelop about the size of a greeting card. Linda thanked the woman, who quickly exited off stage in my direction. I was then positioned right behind the split in the curtains, Alexis had her back to me, she couldn’t see me. I had noticed her scanning the room several times for me, I knew she was completely confused.

“I would like to present you with this gift, hopefully it tells you exactly how we feel about you. But please do not open it, until I read the inscription on the card.”, she asked, handing Alexis the box.

Alexis gently took the box, I could tell from her reaction she was at a complete loss for words or even thoughts for that matter. Linda then tore open the top of the envelop, pulling the large square white card in front of her. Everyone in the room was extremely quiet, no one had a clue what this was all about.

“Wait a minute.”, Linda said, looking in the direction where the woman had just left, “I think you gave me the wrong card.”

The woman who was next to me stepped back through the curtain and shook her head, reassuring the crowd she had the right card.

“Alright , if you say so.”, she said turning back to the crowd.

“Ms. Clarke, I would like you to open the box please.”, she instructed.

I watched thru the small space in the center of the curtains as Alexis opened the box only to reveal a smaller velvet box inside. Once again, she appeared completely baffled as was everyone in the room. Everyone was looking around, trying to figure out exactly where this was going.

“Ms. Clarke, I was instructed to read these words to you as you receive your gift.”, she stated.

Alexis slowly opened the smaller velvet box, her eyes opened wide in disbelief, one hand immediately covering her mouth. She looked at Linda in disbelief, surely this was a mistake. Linda held up the card, then began to read into the microphone.

“Alexis, you have only been a part of my life for a short time, but I am hoping with one simple word you can change that forever. You are the most beautiful, caring, and loving woman I have ever met. I have lost several people in my life that meant the world to me. I don’t intend to lose another. Alexis Clarke, will you do me the honor of being my wife. Will you marry me ?”, Linda finished.

The entire room erupted in screams, men clapping, women were jumping up and down, people were hugging. Alexis was stunned, she kept looking at the ring, then looking back at Linda. The lady with me tapped me on my shoulder, I parted the curtains, stepping out on stage behind Alexis, she still had not seen me. As soon as I walked out, the applause and screams grew louder confusing Alexis even more. I was maybe five steps away from her, when she turned and saw me. I walked up to her, reaching gently for the ring box, carefully removing the ring from inside. Tears were streaming down her face, her body shaking with emotion. I took the ring in my hand, then got down on my right knee in front of her. The noise in the room was simply overwhelming, everyone was cheering me on. I took Alexis’ hand in mine, placing the ring at the end of her finger. I looked up into that beautiful face, the one that I hoped would change my life forever.

“Alexis, will you marry me ?’, I asked.

She was unable to speak, sobbing almost hysterically. She just began nodding her head that she would, as I slid the ring on her finger. I then stood up and kissed her gently on the lips, wrapping my arms around her. Never in our realtionship had she held me that tightly, almost as if she were afraid to let go. Finally she let go of me, I took her by the hand and led her off backstage. She was still crying when the curtains closed behind us, she then turned and hugged me again.

“How….did you….I mean….I didn’t know….”. she stuttered.

“I’m good at keeping secrets.”, I told her, kissing her lips softly.

“Did my mother know ?”, she asked.

“Who do you think gave me permission to ask you ?”, I smiled.

“Brian, I love you so much.”, she whispered, kissing me again.

She excused herself to go to the dressing room to fix her makeup, her face was a mess. I waited for her to return, then we walked back out into the main room together. She quickly made her way over to her mother, they held each other for quite some time. Everyone was shaking my hand congratulating me, the women lining up to see the ring. Josh walked over and put his arms around me and patted my back.

“I’m happy for you Brian, you’re a very lucky man.”, he said, in my ear.

The women were overwhelmed by the ring, to be honest, I knew nothing about jewelry but it was spectacular even to me. As things began to calm down a little, Alexis’ mother, Mai came over to me, her arms extended.

“I am lucky woman Brian. You give me daughter back, now you my son. I love you very much.”, she said hugging me.

“I love you too Mai, thank you for Alexis.”, I replied.

“You no call me Mai, you call me mom.”, she urged.

“I would love to, mom.”, I said, kissing her cheek.

Finally about thirty minutes later, I went back upstairs with Mai, picked up her things and we all went to Alexis’ condo. On the way there Alexis’ explained to her mother that I had just bought a home, we would be moving in next week. Mai was eager to see the new house as soon as possible, we promised to take her the next day. When we arrived at the complex, Alexis set Mai up in the extra bedroom, I grabbed some linens and took the sofa. Even though there was no doubt in my mind, Mai knew Alexis and I had been intimate, I had enough respect for her not to be brazen about it in front of her face. That night we were all sitting on the sofa, I kept noticing Alexis glancing at her ring. Finally she turned in my direction and caught me watching her.

“What’s wrong ?”, I asked.

“Nothing’s wrong silly, I’m still in shock.”, she answered.

“You sure that’s it ?”, I continued.

“Well that and I know you paid way too much money for this ring. It’s the most gorgeous engagement ring, I have ever seen.”, she admitted.

“That’s because you’re the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.”, I said, winking at her.

“How much ring cost ?”, Mai asked me, smiling.

“Mom…… you’re not supposed to ask him that.”, Alexis said, mortified.

“I’ll tell you both on our first anniversary.”, I laughed.

As I laid on the sofa that night, I couldn’t sleep. I had just received my Super Bowl ring, two awards from the team itself, but most importantly Alexis and I were going to be married. I thought back to all the pain I had experienced in my life, my early childhood, the loss of my dad, losing Courtney to cancer. Even though the years had been short, the road had been long and rocky.

I awoke the next morning to Mai scurrying around the kitchen, coffee brewing, breakfast on the stove. I got up and went to the bathroom, then returned to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

“Chào buổi sáng con trai tôi”, Mai told me.

I guess I must have given her a strange look, because she quickly added .

“That mean good morning my son.”, she said, kissing my cheek.

“Good morning mother.”, I said, kissing her back.

“Buổi sáng mẹ tốt.”, she said, “That’s how you say in Vietnamese.”

“I have much to learn mom.”, I laughed.

While I was sitting at the kitchen counter drinking my coffee, a idea suddenly popped into my head. I leaned over the counter and whispered softly to Mai.

“Mai, how do I say I love you Alexis, in your language.”, I asked.

“Tôi yêu bạn Alexis”, Mai replied.

For the next ten minutes, Mai worked with me until I had the enunciation down to her standards. By that time I heard Alexis beginning to stir in her room. Several minutes later she came out walked straight over to me and kissed my cheek, then hugged me tightly. She then walked into the kitchen and kissed her mother, hugging her as well. She poured a cup of coffee and sat down on the stool next to me. By this time, Mai had breakfast ready, serving us each a plate.

“Bạn mẹ“, I told Mai, as she handed me my plate.

Alexis quickly turned and looked in disbelief, then turned back to her mom who replied I was welcome.

“You have been learning Vietnamese ?”, she asked, stunned.

“Your mom is helping me.”, I answered.

We finished having breakfast, then got dressed and drove over to the new house. I let Alexis drive, her mother accompany her in the front, while I stretched out on the back seat. As we pulled into the drive, I heard Mai tell her daughter.

“Most beautiful house I ever see.”, she said, placing her hand on Alexis’ shoulder.

I got out and opened the door for Mai, then followed the two women into the house, allowing Alexis to give her mother the grand tour. By the time the two women joined me in the back yeard by the pool, they were both crying.

“What’s wrong with you two ?”, I asked.

“My mother cannot believe that I will live in this house with you. She said never in her dreams did she imagine her daughter would be this happy.”, Alexis replied.

Alexis took her mother to the back yard around the pool, the spa and the firepit, along with a tour of the yard. It suddenly dawned on me that I needed to go furniture shopping at once. I had a home with over seven thousand square feet, a pool, waterfall, spa, fire pit, huge covered patio with full kitchen, my own wine cellar but not even one chair to sit in. I quickly ran my financial situation through my head, trying to make sure I didn’t over extended myself. Even after buying the house, the two vehicles, Alexis’ ring and normal day to day expenses, I still had close to five and a half million dollars in reserve. I was due a little over two million for the next two years and if what Alexis told me was true, the team may want to renegoiate my contract the coming year and lock me up long term. After all, I had the second best over all stats in the league at my postion and actually led in touchdowns by a tight end.

On the ride back to the condo, I mentioned to Alexis that furniture shopping was high on our list of things to do. She agreed that we would make time to do just that in the near future. We stopped and had lunch on our way back, arriving at the complex sometime around two o’clock. The entire time we were having lunch, I could sense both Alexis and Mai were somewhat disappointed that Mai would be leaving to go back home the following day.

That evening, Alexis and I went down to the pool to relax for a while, Mai stayed upstairs to finish packing her things. I had arranged for the limo service to take her back home in the morning. While we were laying out on the chaise loungers a thought crossed my mind, but I decided to keep it to myself for the time being. We had a wedding to plan, a honeymoon, in addition to trying to furnish a home. I decided to throw out the most important thing first, see how she reacted.

“Baby, when do you think would be a good date for the wedding ?”, I asked.

I could see I immediately caught her off guard, she whirled around to me, lowering her sun glasses.

“You already want to pick a date ?”, she asked, surprised.

“Yes, I do.”, I replied.

She hesitated for a few seconds then reached over and touched my arm.

“Are you really into a big expensive wedding ?”, she asked.

“Why, you’re not ?”, I asked, somewhat shocked.

“Honestly, no.”, she answered.

I think she could tell I was somewhat surprised by her answer, she softly stroked my arm, then grabbed my hand.

“I would much rather have a small wedding, take a really nice honeymoon, but save some money to furnish the house.”, she said softly.

“If that’s what you want Alexis, I’m ok with it, I just hope you’re not disappointed later.”, I told her.

“I could never be disappointed with you honey.”, she answered.

The next morning Mai left before nine o’clock, I could see Alexis was sad to see her go. Towards the end of the week, PSA was having their offices remodeled, the facility would be closed from Wednesday until the following Tuesday. I asked Alexis if she would mind flying back home with me, basically so we could break the news to everybody. She thought it would be a good idea, she booked the airline flight minutes later. We then went to the gym for our daily workout, it was packed. Since the free weight area was crowded, we decided to reverse our routine and start with cardio. Alexis was a great workout partner, she pushed me as hard as I pushed her. There was no quit in her, she trained hard. We finally made our way over to the free weights and machines, the crowd had thinned out some. After an another hour , we both hit the showers, I was done first so I waited for her in the lobby. She was done about ten minutes after I was, we left and drove straight home.

I decided not to call Ashley and tell her we were coming, I wanted to surprise her. We flew out on the first flight Wednesday morning, we arrived shortly after one o’clock in the afternoon. We rented a car at the airport, then drove straight over to the high school where I knew we would find Ashley. I knew since it was Wednesday, they would have their usual general assembly at two o’clock, then be dismissed. It would give me a chance to see some former teachers and coaches, I hadn’t been home in quite some time. We pulled into the student parking lot at ten minutes to two, I knew we would be just in time. I walked Alexis into the main entrance to the school, then right into the main office where Ms. Carter was having a discussion with another teacher. She had her back to me, she was deep in discussion.

“Ms. Carter, I have dentention again.”, I said.

She whirled around quickly ready to bite off some student’s head for disrupting her, her stern look gave way to joy, very quickly.

“Oh my God Brian, come here baby.”, she screamed holding out her arms.

I walked over and hugged her, she had always done everything she could to make sure I had a chance to be successful in life. After my dad was killed, she went out of her way to check in on me, making sure I was doing everything I was supposed to.

“Why didn’t Ashley tell us you were coming ?”, she asked, stepping back.

“We didn’t tell her we were coming, it’s a surprise.”, I answered.

I could see by now she was looking Alexis up and down, her reaction was like most.

“Ms. Carter, I would like you to meet Alexis Clarke, my fiance. Alexis, this is Ms. Carter, my all time favorite principle.”, I said, introducing the two women.

“It’s nice to meet you Alexis.”, Ms. Carter said, shaking her hand.

“And you are still a brown noser mister, your favorite principle, give me a break.”, Ms. Carter said, slapping my shoulder, “But do tell me how you convinced this beautiful young woman to marry you ?”

“I just got lucky Ms. Carter.”, I laughed.

“No you didn’t, you’re a sweetheart, you make a lovely couple, congratulations.”, she replied.

“Well keep it quiet, Ashley doesn’t know yet.”, I kidded her.

“Oh she doesn’t ?”, Ms. Carter asked, “Ok mum’s the word, follow me.”

I knew what this meant, I was going to be the main event of the weekly general assembly, Ms. Carter loved doing this to me. Only now I had exposure with the press, I wasn’t near as nervous in front of a crowd. She led us through the back halls to the rear of the stage, the curtains were drawn so no one could see us. She asked me to wait, then stepped through the large red velvet drapes taking her usual position at the microphone.

“Ok now, settle down, settle down.”, she commanded.

She went on through her usual announcements, I could almost close my eyes and imagine I was sitting in one of the chairs looking up at her. As much as life changed, in some ways it did truly stay the same.
As usual, the wind up was the upcoming events for the next week, as well as the schedule for extracurricular activities. Then she switched gears without missing a beat, the one ability that made her a phenomenal school administrator.

“Now, I know each one of you out there thinks you’re my favorite student of all time, isn’t that right ?”, she quipped.

You could hear the auditorium burst into laughter, a light smattering of applause.

“Well, today I will have to disappoint all of you because truly one of my favorite students of all time has stopped in to pay us a visit. None of you were here yet, but you all know who he is, everyone in this town does. I would like to introduce a former State Football Champion, a Former National College Football Champion and now Super Bowl Champion, but more importantly he is one of mine, Mr. Brian Stevens.”, she exclaimed.

I stepped from behind the curtains to a tremendous applause, everyone of the teachers and administrators were standing. I walked over to Ms. Carter and gave her another hug, then stepped to the microphone. I looked over in the red section and saw Ashley still standing, I waved hello to her.

“Thanks everyone, I appreciate the warm welcome, it’s always good to be back home.”, I started.

“And uh….. Don’t let Ms. Carter fool you guys, I’m only her favorite because I’m not here anymore.”, I laughed.

Once again, the room erupted into laughter, all of the students and teachers laughing and clapping.

“No really, all kidding aside, I love Ms. Carter. You guys don’t realize it yet, but you take all of this for granted. I never realized how much Ms. Carter and the rest of these teachers in this room cared about me until I went to college. In college you’re just a number, you either pass or fail, it’s up to you. No one cares if you go to class, no one cares if you turn your work in on time, no one cares if you’re behind.”, I continued.

“So appreciate what you have here, you will miss it very soon.”, I ended.

By then Ms. Carter had walked back up next to me, I knew what was coming next.

“So Mr. Stevens, I see you’re wearing your Super Bowl Ring, it’s gorgeous. Please tell the assembly what it was like that day on the field.”, she urged.

“Well, I still wake up some mornings and find it hard to believe what I have been fortunate enough to achieve on the football field. First here with Coach Mike, then at Louisiana and just recently at San Diego. It’s been a long road, thousands of hours in the weight room and on the practice field. Countless bruises, sprains and broken bones. Football is a violent game played by violent men.”, I started.

“As I’m sure most of you know, I broke my hand in the first half of the Super Bowl. It made catching the ball a bit difficult, but you’re expected to play through pain, you’re not payed to sit on the bench.”, I continued.

“I’m extremely lucky to play with the best quarterback in the league, Josh Henson, he makes me better than I really am. But I guess looking back on all of it, I have always managed to take advantage of opportunities that were presented to me. First my dad, teaching me the game of football as soon as I could walk, then coaching me. Then after he died, Coach Mike keeping me focused on my future. At Louisiana, I was blessed to play in a very good program. Then Coach Reed, coming to me with this insane idea he could convert me from defensive end to tight end. But each step of the way, people believed in me and I worked hard, it paid off.”, I stated.

“So what I am telling you is that no matter what you want to do after you leave here, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. If you’re willing to work hard every day, all day, you will be successful.”, I ended.

“He learned that from me.”, Ms. Carter said, leaning into the microphone.

Once again the entire room was laughing and clapping, she was in her glory. This was her world, and you were simply a guest in it, you knew that.

“Before Brian leaves us, I want him to introduce someone else to you, she is standing backstage.”, she started.

Crap, I really didn’t think Ms. Carter would bring out Alexis, I mean I did want to tell Ashley in private, just the three of us. I was trying to think quick, but Ms. Carter was all over me.

“Soooooo Mr. Stevens…… We do have class to get back to.”, she said sternly.

My mind was reeling, it was fourth down and three yards to go, the game was on the line. How do I handle this, I thought to myself as I leaned back into the microphone.

“I uh…. Well I met this lady when I first arrived in San Diego, in fact she picked me up at the airport. She was as it turned out, destined to become my agent. She is a former All State High School and National Collegiate Volleyball player, and had several offers to play professionally overseas. Thankfully for me, she didn’t.”, I started.

I looked over at Ashley, I could see a smile on her face, by now she knew Alexis was with me, but I decided to lay it all out there.

“Um Mom……”, I said, looking in Ashley’s direction.

The entire student body was buzzing, I’m sure many of them didn’t realize Ashley was indeed my step mother. After all it had been years since I had walked these halls.

“For those of you that don’t know, our own Ms. Thompson is Brian’s step mother.”, Ms. Carter announced to the assembly.

“I’m um…glad you’re sitting down Mom……. I want everyone to meet my fiance, Ms. Alexis Clarke.”, I stated.

Most of the women in the room stood up clapping loudly, including Ashley. The boys soon joined in as Alexis stepped from behind the curtain and walked across the stage. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress with narrow straps, accented by black high heels. In heels izmit eve gelen escort she was close to six foot three, which was something you didn’t see every day. By the time she hit the podium, the boys were in an up roar. Ms. Carter stepped back up to the microphone, easing me aside.

“I would like to welcome Ms. Clarke, to our school and congratulate Brian and Alexis on their up coming marriage. I would also like to remind all the boys in the room, Brian is six foot six and almost three hundred pounds, I would make sure I was respectful to his fiance.”, she urged.

All of the girls in the room laughed and clapped, pointing to the boys, who were finally settling down.

“Now let’s everyone begin to head back to class, you have ten minutes until roll is called, don’t dawdle.”, she reminded.

I hadn’t heard that word in close to eight years, I had to laugh once again. By now Ashley had walked around the side of the stage and up the steps walking over to us. She gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek, telling me how happy she was for me. She then hugged and kissed Alexis as well, welcoming her to the family. We followed Ashley back to her class where she handed me the key to the house. We left and drove straight over to the house, unloading our luggage in my old room.

We were sitting in the family room when Ashley came in from school.

“Hey guys, what are you doing ?”, she called out.

“In here, Ash.”, I replied.

“Hey you two, what’s up ?’, she asked, walking into the room.

“Waiting on you to go eat.”, I answered.

“Oh, we’re going out ?”, she asked, “I invited Jeff to come over here.”

“Well call him and tell him I’m taking the two of you out for dinner.”, I responded.

About an hour later, Jeff arrived and the four of us got into Ashley’s car and she drove over to the local steakhouse. It was fairly crowded for a week day, we had to wait a few minutes to get a table. Finally we were seated, the waitress took our drink orders. I had my Super Bowl ring on, which both Jeff and Ashley were admiring. A few seconds later, Ashley noticed that Alexis had the Super Bowl Ring Pendant around her neck.

“Oh that’s beautiful.”, she told Alexis, holding the pendant in her hand, as Alexis leaned over.

Now was the time, Alexis looked over at me and smiled, everything had fell right into place.

“Yes, they gave each player on the team a ring, and the special woman in his life that pendant. Only thing was, I had a big problem, I have two special women in my life.”, I said, reaching across the table grabbing Ashley’s hand.

“Aw, you always know what to say. But Alexis is truly your special woman, I can see that.”, she answered.

“Well just so I never get accused of playing favorites, we have something for you.”, I told her.

Alexis reached into her purse and pulled out the walnut presentation box with the silk ribbon on it, with the number eighty nine inscribed across it. She handed it to Ashley, then reached over and held my hand. Ashley looked a bit confused, but slowly pulled the silk ribbon off the box and opened it to find the exact same pendant that Alexis was wearing inside.

“Oh my God.”, she squealed.

“We just want you to know that you will always be a special woman in our life.”, Alexis told Ashley.

Ashley was already in tears, Alexis’ words didn’t help. Alexis removed the pendant from the box, then stood up behind Ashley, placing it around her neck.

“Thank you so much, you really didn’t have to do this.”, she said softly.

“Yes we did.”, Alexis told her.

We had a great time that evening, we spent close to three hours in the restaurant eating, then having coffee and talking. Since both Ashley and Jeff had to work in the morning, we decided to end the evening a bit early, we were home for ten o’clock. Alexis and I were already dressed for bed sitting in the family room watching TV, when Ashley came out of the shower.

“Hey guys, why don’t you take my bed, I can sleep in your room Brian.”, she offered.

“No way, we will be fine.”, Alexis replied.

“You sure ?”, Ashley asked.

“I’m sure.”, Alexis replied.

Ashley was wearing her usual night clothes, long tee shirt and panties, her hair pulled up in a pony tail. She turned and headed back down the hall.

“Ok guys, have a good night, I’ll see you tomorrow.”, she called out.

We watched TV for maybe thirty more minutes then went back to my old room and got into bed. It was a tight fit, but soon we were wrapped in each arms. Alexis” head was resting on my chest, her arm across my waist.

“You know, now I can kind of understand what happened.”, she whispered softly.

“What do you mean ?”, I asked.

“About what happened with you and Ashley, I can see it.”, she answered.

“Just what do you see ?”, I laughed quietly.

“About how you were drawn to her, she’s so easy to be with. She is gorgeous as well, if I were a man …….well, never mind.”, she said, cutting off her sentence.

“No, please continue, this sounds good.”, I urged.

“I’m just saying, I uh….find her very attractive, that’s all.”, she responded.

“Ooh, you got the hots for my step mom ?”, I laughed, grabbing her sides and tickling her.

“Stop……”, she laughed, grabbing my hand.

“You want me to invite her in here ?”, I whispered.

“Oh, now you’re going to get it.”, she whispered, rolling over on top of me.

The rest of the week flew by and soon we were back in San Diego, arriving on mid day Saturday. We decided to spend Sunday and Monday shopping for furniture which proved to be a vaunted task in itself. We finally agreed to let one of the designers at the furniture store meet us at the house, to get a better idea of what would work and what wouldn’t. Since Alexis was so good at this type of thing, I decided to let her handle all but one room. The media room was going to be mine, my man cave so to speak. I decided on a large U shaped leather sectional sofa with two ottomans for the center fo the room. Directly across it would be a sixty inch flat screen TV, flanked by two smaller forty inch TV’s, one on each side. Each unit would be run through a central surround sound system, each having it’s own DVD unit as well. On both side walls, I selected oak book cases with lighting to hold my year’s of memorabilia I had accumulated while playing ball. I had kept almost everyone of the balls thrown to me for touchdowns, I had given away only three or four. I had both my college jersey and my pro jersey framed for the back wall, it was a regular I Love Me room, as Alexis called it.

Close to one hundred thirty five thousand dollars later, we had decorated most of the house, save for two of the six bedrooms. We had a beautiful master bedroom, but was a bit on the feminine side if you ask me. Alexis had decorated the next largest bedroom at the other end of the house as a second master, for when we had over night guests. A third bedroom was done in case of over flow, then another bedroom converted to an office so Alexis could do some work at home. We decided to hold up on the other two rooms until later, we really didn’t need them. During the three plus weeks it took to finish the house, I had a parade of delivery people, designers and rennovators in and out of the house. I was pulling the trash can out on Wednesday night, when I finally saw my first neighbor, a woman perhaps in her forties.

“Hello, I’m Barbara, welcome to the neighborhood.”, she called out waving.

“Thank you, I’m Brian.”, I answered.

“Yes, I know, every man in the neighborhood knows who you are.”, she laughed.

“Oh yea.”, I replied.

“I’m not sure whose more popular right now, you or your wife, it’s a dead heat if you ask me. I’ll bet on her in the long run though, men get bored with football.”, she laughed.

“We’re not married yet, but we will be soon.”, I answered.

“Well if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to come over. My husband’s name is Bill.”, she replied, waving goodbye.

That night I was laying bed holding Alexis, when somehow the topic of our wedding came up again. Once again, I was surprised she reiterated that she did not want a big wedding. Again, I voiced my objections, I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful bride, I could picture her in pure white.

“I know what I want, really I do.”, she urged.

“Ok, what do you want ?”, I asked.

“I want a simple wedding, just the two of us. Then maybe a week off here in our new home.”, she stated.

“Geez, every girl’s dream wedding.”, I laughed.

“It’s my dream wedding.”, she answered.

“If that’s what you want baby, then let’s do it.”, I urged.

Over the next two weeks, we took care of all the necessary paper work and forms. As much as I wanted Ashley to be there, we just couldn’t work out the details around her class room schedule. So we decided instead to have Ashley come up and visit for a few weeks during summer vacation. So we decided to be married on a Saturday afternoon by a Justice of the Peace, with only Mai being there with us.
I arranged for a limo to pick up Mai once again, she would arrive at our house sometime around three o’clock Friday afternoon.

Thursday night I had just gotten into bed, Alexis was still in the shower. Several minutes later I felt her slip into bed next to me, quickly moving her body against mine. I felt her breath on my face, her lips quickly found mine. I pulled her close to me, but she pushed away protesting.

“Wait, wait.”, she said.

“For what ?”, I laughed.

“We have a few things to talk about.”, she replied.

“We do ?”, I asked, grabbing her firm ass.

“Yes we do, stop.”, she answered, pulling my hand from her ass.

“Ok go ahead.”, I conceded.

“Tomorrow night is your bachelor party., It starts at seven o’clock.”, she instructed.

“Bachelor party ?”, I asked, surprised.

“Yea, you need a bachelor party.”, she replied.

“No thanks.”, I answered, grabbing her ass again, “I have everything I need right here.”

“It’s not negoiatable.”, she said, removing my hand once more.

“Ok, I’ll play along, who all is going to my party ?’, I asked, sounding interested.

“That sir, you will find out tomorrow, now go to sleep.”, she demanded, rolling over, her back to me.

“You gotta be kidding me ?”, I laughed.

“Nope, good night.”, was the reply.

I woke up Friday morning, Alexis had already left for work, there was a note on the kitchen counter. It was folded over, a bright red imprint of her lips on the outside facing up. I opened the note, it smelled of her perfume.

Brian, Please be dressed and ready to go by six o’clock. Dress nicely but casual and comfortable. All My Love, Alex.

Ok, this should be interesting, I laughed. I fixed me some breakfast, then went about a few things I wanted to do before Mai arrived. The limo was right on time, it pulled up in the drive way right at ten minutes to three. I went outside and met the driver, taking her bags and tipping him. I escorted Mai inside, setting her bags down in the kitchen area. This was the first time she had been back to the house since we had moved in, the last time she had been here, the place was bare. I asked her to follow me to the second master bedroom Alexis had decorted, it had a large Queen sized Victorian four poster bed with a canopy in it. Even though nothing was ever said at the time, I knew she designed this room with her mother’s visits in mind.

“Oh beautiful, beautiful.”, Mai said excitedly as she stepped into the room.

“This is your room mom, there is your bathroom.”, I said, “I think you know where everything else is at.”

“Thank you son.”, she said,hugging me with a smile.

I was sitting in my den about an hour later when Mai came walking in, still taking in the house detail by detail.

“Hey mom, everything ok ?”, I asked.

“Yes, yes, I’m very good. You want I start to cook ?”, she asked.

“No mom, I’m not sure what is going on, I don’t think I’m going to be home tonight, Alexis has something planned, but she won’t tell me what it is.”, I said, hoping maybe to get a clue from Mai.

“Oh, she be sneaky like you ?”, she asked.

“I’m not sure mom, do you know anything ?”, I asked laughing.

“Nope, Mai know nothing.”, she said, waving her hand and walking out of the room.

I had just stepped out of the shower, when I heard Alexis in the front of the house talking to her mother. I continued getting dressed as I was told, finding a pair of black slacks and a ribbed knit pull over. I put on a pair of black leather slip on’s then headed down the hall to the kitchen. I found Alexis and her mother deep in conversation at the breakfast bar.

“Hey baby, how was work ?”, I asked.

“Good, I’m glad the week is over.”, she said.
I walked over and kissed her quickly, then went back to the ice box for a bottle of water.

“You look nice, I guess I better go get ready.”, she said, jumping off the bar stool.

That last piece of news kinda threw me, why would Alexis being getting ready to go to my bachelor party ? I quickly figured out that this was just another date between the two of us, but I decided to play along. Mai was already in the kitchen cooking her supper, it really smelled good.

“Mom, you sure you don’t mind us going out tonight, I really don’t know why Alexis planned things this way. I hate to leave you all alone.”, I apologized.

“No, no. You two have fun. I always alone….I used to it.”, she said, shrugging me off.

I walked back into my den, I really felt bad leaving Mai, I knew how much she enjoyed being with Alexis. About ten minutes later I heard the sound of Alexis’ heels clicking on the terrazzo floors of the hall way. I turned just as she entered the den, I almost dropped my teeth from my mouth. She was wearing a very tight, very short white dress with spaghetti straps, very sheer stockings and white high heels. Her hair and makeup were impeccable, I was at a loss for words.

“Uh…maybe I should go… change ?”, I asked.

“Nope you’re fine just like that.”, she replied.

Less than five minutes later the doorbell rang, she stood up and extended her hand.

“The car is here, let’s go.”, she answered.

I got up and followed her out the front door and climbed into a large black stretch limousine, the driver holding the door open for us. Apparently he had his instructions as he pulled out of the driveway without any direction from Alexis.

“I hope you enjoy your night, it’s going to be the only bachelor party you ever have.”, Alexis informed me.

“Uh huh.”, I laughed, still playing along.

Within thirty minutes or so we pulled up in front of one of the most exclusive restaurants in San Diego, the driver opening the door for us. As I followed Alexis into the restaurant, I could see every man’s eyes glued to her. She went up to the Maitre d’ and gave him her name, he scanned the reservation list, then motioned for us to follow him. He brought us to a semi secluded booth near the right rear corner of the restaurant. Alexis slipped into one side of the booth, I the other. Within moments, our waitress was at our table, placing menu’s in front of us.

“May I take your drink order’s please ?”, she asked.

“I’ll have a glass of Merlot, he will have ice tea please.”, Alexis informed our waitress.

“Yes ma’am, I ‘ll be right back.”, she replied.

I looked across at Alexis, she was absolutely radiant, a smile from ear to ear.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you ?”, I laughed.

“Oh you have no idea buddy, no idea.”, she answered.

I picked up the menu laughing, she was trying to play my game, I was willing to go along. As I was scanning the menu, the waitress returned with our drinks, setting them down on our table.

“Excuse me sir, are you Brian Stevens ?”, she asked.

“I’m not sure tonight, you better ask her.”, I laughed, pointing at Alexis.

“Yes he is, he’s just being foolish.”, Alexis stated smiling at her.

“Would you mind giving me an autograph before you leave ?”, she asked.

“No not at all.”, I told her.

“So have you decided yet ?”, she asked.

“Yes, we’re both having the steak and lobster, both medium rare.”, Alexis told her, taking the menu from my hand.

I laughed again, she was absolutely adorable trying to play the part, I was going to have a lot of fun tonight. Our waitress left with a smile, I think she was enjoying it as well. Once she was out of sight, Alexis leaned over the table, a serious look on her face.

“So tell me, since you have known me, have you ever lied to me, no matter how insignificant you think it might be ?’, she asked, her eyes piercing mine.

“Wow, that’s a loaded question.”, I laughed.

“I’m serious.”, she reiterated.

“No I have never lied to you about anything. I didn’t tell you certain things, like what I was planning for the ring ceremony, stuff like that. Asking your mother for permission to marry you. But outright to your face, never.”, I answered, seriously.

“Good, then from this point on, I want us to be completely open with each other about everything. If you want to talk to me about anything, just ask. Same with me, no secrets. You’re my best friend, my lover and tomorrow, my husband for life. I never want anything to come between us.”, she stated.

“That’s fine with me.”, I replied.

“Good, now remember what you just said. No going back later when things get a bit sticky.”, she smiled.

“You know me better than that baby, I’m here to stay.”, I answered.

About ten minutes later, our food arrived, the waitress laying everything out. She excused herself, we began to eat our meal. We were talking about the wedding the following day, when I felt Alexis’ foot running up the inside of my leg. I looked up, she had her eyes on me, smiling. She continued to move her foot up my leg until it was pressing on my crotch, then began to slowly move it back and forth.

“Mmmmmm, you like ?” she asked, smiling coyly.

“Oh course, I like.”, I said, reaching down and rubbing her foot.

“Well if you’re a real good boy, there’s plenty more to come.”, she winked.

“Well I guess I better be really good then.”, I laughed.

We had finished up our meal, when our waitress returned, she had a clean plate in her hand, one with the restaurant’s logo on it. She handed me the plate, along with a black sharpie marker, a smile on her face.

“Would you mind ?”, she asked.

“No, not at all. Actually this is a first, I’ve never signed a dinner plate before.”, I answered.

I opened the pen and began to sign the very center of the plate in large bold letters.

Brian Stevens # 89
San Diego – Super Bowl Champs

“Thank you so much.”, she said, “I really appreciate it.”

“You’re quite welcome.”, I responded.

Maybe fifteen minutes later we were walking out of the restaurant, the limo was still waiting. The driver got out and opened the door for us, I followed Alexis inside the vehicle. Once in, she fixed her short skirt, then slid up right up against me. I looked at my watch, it was close to ten o’clock. Once again, the driver pulled off with no instructions from Alexis, I figured we were going back home. But when we hit the interstate going north, I looked over at her.

“Ok now what ?”, I asked.

“Oh so inpatient we are.”, she giggled.

As we made small talk, we rode for close to twenty minutes before taking the exit off the freeway. We pulled off ramp , took the first right and pulled into a large parking lot to a well lit neon building. It stook a second for the name to register, then I instantly knew what it.

“Heavenly Vision’s ?”, I asked.

“Yep.”, Alexis replied.

The car pulled around the back of the building, where that was a second entrance that was covered by an awning. It had the words VIP Entrance Only on the door. The car stopped right under the awning, the driver once again jumping out to open our door.

“You gotta be kidding right ?”, I said, turning to Alexis.

“Do what you’re told mister.”, she smiled.

Ok, I decided, she wanted to see at what point I would back down, two could play this game. I got out and reached inside the car for her hand, helping her out. We walked to the door, where a big guy dressed in all black was standing there with a black leather folder.

“The last name is Clarke.”, she told him.

He opened the folder, then immediately closed it back again. He looked at her once, then up and down at me. This was probably one of the few times he ever confronted someone bigger. He reached over and opened the door for us, I followed Alexis inside. We walked maybe thirty feet down a narrow hallway, where we were greeted by a very pretty blonde dressed in all black.
“Hi, the name is Clarke.”, Alexis told her.

“Oh Ms. Clarke, yes please, come this way.”, she said, turning to her left.

She took us through two large doors marked VIP 1, then opened a smaller door leading us through into a softly lit room. The room was luxuriously decorated, all the seating being large plush leather with high backs, it looked really comfortable. The blonde turned toward the door, then looked over her shoulder.

“Your hostess will be right with you.”, she smiled, closing the door behind her.

“Ok, so where is everyone ?”, I asked.

“What do you mean ?”, Alexis responded.

“Well a guy usually has his friends at his bachelor party, where are they ?”, I inquired.

“It’s just me and you.”, she smiled.

“Wait my bachelor party consists of you and me ?”, I laughed.

“That’s right.”, She answered.

Just about that time, another pretty, young blonde came in carrying a bottle of champagne in a large iced bucket with six glasses. She set the items down on the table next to the large leather chair Alexis was sitting in. I was in the chair, directly next to hers, on her right side. She turned to walk out of the door as well, wishing us well.

“Enjoy.”, she called out.

Alexis poured me a glass of champagne, then one for herself. She leaned back in her chair, turning towards me. She lifted the glass to her moist red lips, sipping the cold liquid. The door opened once again and a very attractive brunette stepped in, she was wearing a sheer see through long silk robe, with a matching black lace bra and panty set underneath. Her body appeared to be quite nice, in fact she is not what I pictured an exotic dancer to be. She walked over to the table where the champagne was, picked up a glass and poured herself one.
She took a sip from the glass, her eyes riveted to Alexis. She lowered the glass from her lips, then looked over at me.

“So you’re the guest of honor ?”, she asked, stepping towards me.

“I guess so.”, I laughed.

“And you are ?”, she asked, looking at Alexis.

“I will be his wife tomorrow.”, she replied, smiling.

“Wow, a bride and groom bachelor party, that’s a first.”, she laughed.

There was music being played inside the room, the song on was winding down. The next song started, it was called “Let Me See It”, I had heard it around the locker room before. The brunette walked over in front of me, spread her legs shoulder with, then dropped the robe to the floor, exposing her lingerie.

“My name is Jacquelyn, I’m here to take care of you.”, she said, leaning over placing her hands on my shoulders.

She began to sway back and forth to the music, I could smell her perfume, quite different than Alexis’ brand, a bit more daring. She began a slow swaying motion, her body getting close to the floor then back up again. She then gracefully lowered herself onto my lap, her back to me. She the bent her knees, keeping her back straight and put one hand on each of my knees. She then lowered her ass until I could feel her just barely grazing my crotch, she then turned her head looking over her shoulder at me. She began to move her ass from front to back, slight applying pressure to my hardening cock. I was extremely embarrassed, I felt weird becoming aroused in front of Alexis.

“You like that ?”, the dancer asked, still looking over her shoulder.

I was really in limbo, not quite sure of what to say or do, I looked over at Alexis. She was staring intently at the both of us.

“Well do you like it ?”, Alexis asked.

“I’m not sure I should answer.”, I laughed.

“Oh before I’m done, you will answer.”, Jacqueline said.

She then stood and turned around facing me, straddling my thighs with her long smooth legs. She once again, lowered herself down until I felt her pussy pressing down on my hard cock. She pushed against me a little harder.

“Oh he likes it.”, she said to Alexis.

Now, since I had virtually no experience at this kind of this, I was pretty much just sitting there. I had heard that, in no way were you allowed to touch the dancers in any manner. So I had both hands by my sides, as she continued her dance. Jacquelyn became to get a steady movement going, one that was basically making my cock strain against the fabric of my pants. She reached down and took my hands, placing them on her hips, holding her hands over mine. I looked up at her immediately.

“I didn’t think I was supposed to touch you.”, I said, softly.

“This is the VIP room, the only rules in here are the one’s I make.” she answered.

Once she was content I was going to keep my hands on her hips, she placed both hands on my chest, squeezing me firmly. She then ran her hands over my shoulders and arms, kneading my flesh.

“Oh this one is some kind of fine. Been a long time since I’ve had my hands on a man that was built like this.”, she told Alexis.

Once again, I looked over at Alexis, it was hard to judge where she was at mentally, but I for one was extremely uncomfortable. I’m not sure if it what because she was watching, or perhaps the fact that was cock was hard as a rock. Either way, I really wanted to get up and leave immediately. Without warning, Alexis got up and walked around her chair, then up behind mine. I felt her hands on my shoulders, then her warm breath in my ear.

“Does that feel good baby. Is she making your cock hard ?”, Alexis whispered in my ear.

I was stunned, this is not what I had expected. My future wife urging me to enjoy an exotic dancer. I finally turned my head towards Alexis, She quickly lowered her mouth on mine. She pushed her tongue past my lips, her hand was resting gently on my cheek. The feeling was incredible, Alexis’ lips on mine, her tongue probing my mouth, while Jacquelyn’s hips were working on my hard cock. I was trying my best not to appear too over eager, this was unchartered terrority between Alexis and I.

Alexis pulled her lips from mine, focusing her attention on what Jacquelyn was doing. As I turned to look back at Jacquelyn, I could feel Alexis’ lips gently kissing my ear. Jacquelyn suddenly stopped her motions, sliding back until her weight was just above my lower thighs. She moved her hands to my zipper without hesitation, I was caught completely off guard. I pulled my hands from her hips quickly, grabbing both of her wrists firmly.

“It’s ok, Brian. Please relax baby, it’s ok.”, Alexis whispered in my ear.

She began to rub my hard cock through my pants, her fingers gently squeezing my shaft. No matter how hard I tried to get into the moment, something was holding me back. By now that same thought had occurred to Jacquelyn, thankfully the song was fading to a close. Jacquelyn slowly got up, bent over and picked up her robe. She then stood izmit otele gelen escort up and started for the door, turning to Alexis as she left.

“I’ll tell Jenna to give you guys a few minutes before she comes in. I think you need it.”

She opened the door, walked out closing it behind her. Alexis had walked back around to her chair, sitting back down. She looked over at me, then reached across and grabbed my hand.

“I’m sorry Brian, I guess this was a bad idea. I just wanted to surprise you once, like you do for me. I thought that since we were being married tomorrow, I could do this for you. I know you wouldn’t do anything like this on your own, but I thought if I were here, telling you it was ok, then maybe …………..”, she finished.

“I guess I’m just surprised Alexis, I would have never imagined you doing this.” I replied.

“I just wanted us to have a memorable night, it’s ok, let’s just go.”, she urged.

“No wait baby, you’re right, I’m sorry. You just caught me by surprise that’s all. Let’s not ruin our night.”, I asked.

Just about that time, there was a knock on the door, then it was opened by a gorgeous blonde girl in her early twenties. She was wearing a white lace tee shirt with matching lace panties. She closed the door gently behind her, then turned to the two of us.

“Everything alright in here ?”, she asked.

“Yes, we’re fine.”, I told her.

“My name is Jenna, how are you tonight ?’, she asked with a beautiful smile.

She walked over to where we were sitting, she was even prettier up close. She asked if she could have a glass of champagne, Alexis quickly poured her one. She took a long sip of the liquid, then set the glass back down on the table.

“I specialize in couples only, Jackie thought perhaps you would be more comfortable with me.”, Jenna told us.

“Ok.”, Alexis answered, looking at me.

“So tell me why you’re here ?”, Jenna asked.

Alexis basically told her the entire story, that we were being married tomorrow, about how many times I had surprised her and how she was trying to do the same with me tonight.

“I see.”, laughed Jenna, “So all of this is your fault.”

Jenna walked over to the far wall and flipped the switch turning the music back on in the room. She walked back over towards us, a seductive look on her face.

“I have to admit, you’re the best looking couple I have ever had in here.”, she told Alexis.

“Thank you.”, Alexis replied.

“Since this was your idea, I’m going to start with you.”, Jenna told Alexis.

“Me ? But this is supposed to be his party.”, she protested, pointing to me.

“Oh I’ll get to him too, but you’re first.”, she told Alexis.

Alexis looked over at me as much as if to say help me please, but I couldn’t help laughing at this sudden turn of events. Jenna walked over to her chair straddling Alexis’ closed legs, putting one hand on each of her shoulders. She began to seductively sway back and forth, her eyes glued to Alexis, who was desperately trying to figure a way out of this.
Jenna began to lower her body as she moved her hips side to side, getting ever closer to Alexis’ lap. She moved back up against her, this time thrusting her lace panties into Alexis‘ breasts, rubbing them through her dress. Soon she had worked her way back down until her ass was firmly in Alexis’ lap, her hips moving back and forth seductively. She still had one hand on Alexis’ shoulder, but her right hand had pushed Alexis’ hair back over her shoulder and was caressing her neck. Jenna then leaned over and whispered something into Alexis’ ear, then looked over at me, smiled and gave me a wink.

She then took her right hand from Alexis’ neck and moved it down slowly over her breast, stopping to squeeze it gently. Alexis’ upper body moved backwards so that her head was resting against the high back of the chair. It looked as if she had closed her eyes, but I wasn’t quite sure from the angle I had. Jenna’s hand moved slowly down over Alexis’ stomach and down into her lap. Soon both of Jenna’s hands were softly stroking Alexis’ upper thighs as she looked dead into her eyes. By now my cock was once again hard, straining against the fabric of my pants. It was at that point I realized that perhaps Alexis had felt the same strange sexual arousal that I was feeling now, when she watched Jacquelyn dancing for me. At that point I borrowed a move from Alexis’ playbook by getting up and walking around my chair to the back of Alexis’. Due to my height, I was able to get down on one knee and be in the perfect position to get a close up view of exactly what was going on. I leaned over to the right and softly began to kiss Alexis’ neck, she turned her cheek against mine in approval. I leaned in close to Alexis’ ear, then whispered softly into it.

“Does that feel good baby ?”

“Uh huhhh.”, she said softly.

I made a quick nod with my head to Jenna, urging her to go further, she understood right away. She took her right hand and slowly I watched it disappear under Alexis’ short white skirt. I turned back to look at Alexis’, her eyes were closed once again. I felt her tense up momentarily, I was guessing Jenna’s hand had just touched her pussy for the first time. Jenna looked up at me and asked for help.

“Pull her skirt up for me please.”, she asked.

I stood up and leaned over Alexis, reaching down to the sides of her thighs, then inching her already short skirt all the way up her legs. I could now see Jenna’s hand between her legs, her fingers rubbing Alexis gently. Alexis turned and looked at me, there was a warm glow in her eyes that I had seen many times. Even though I would have never imagined this in a million years, Alexis was indeed enjoying the touch of another woman.

Jenna took her left hand and pulled slightly on the front of Alexis’s white panties, then eased her other hand inside. She then looked up at me as she moved her hand down further, finally finding Alexis’ pussy.

“Mmmmmm, she’s really wet.”, she purred seductively.

Jenna began moving her right hand a bit faster, quickly finding a rhythm that was comfortable. I leaned over Alexis and pressed my lips to hers, easing my tongue into her mouth. She responded with the usual hunger and passion I had become accustomed to, she was indeed enjoying Jenna’s touch. I eased one hand down the front of her dress, softly caressing her breast. Her nipple was rock hard under my touch, her chest moving up and down in shallow breaths. I pulled my lips from hers, her eyes were still closed tight.

“She is absolutely gorgeous, you’re a very lucky man.”, Jenna whispered to me.

“Yes I am.”, I responded.

Jenna leaned over toward me, her lips touching mine in a warm, moist kiss. I felt the tip of her tongue lightly graze the bottom of my lip. I slightly parted my lips in response, my tongue met hers. She definitely knew how to kiss, her lips sending small tingling sensations down my spine. After a long slow passionate kiss, she pulled away from me looking down at Alexis. Alexis was looking up at the both of us, her eyes wide and bright.

“You like watching me kiss your man ?”, she asked Alexis.

Alexis was at a loss for words, she simply nodded slowly, her green eyes alive with lust. Once again Jenna leaned toward me, but this time she moved her lips to the right side of my head, away from Alexis’ view.

“I rarely do this but if you’re interested, for a thousand, I’ll give you both an unforgettable night, it’s up to you.”, she whispered.

I didn’t even give it a second thought, I simply nodded once to her, her smile said the rest. She looked back at Alexis, who had a strange look on her face, one that said she was the only one who didn’t know what was going on. Jenna leaned down over Alexis face, her lips only inches from hers, there eyes locked together.

“Your man just told me he wanted me to make you cum.”, she told Alexis.

I could see Alexis swallow quickly, but offered absolutely no resistance what so ever. Jenna leaned in further, then softly pressed her lips to Alexis’, it was the most erotic scene I had every witnessed in real life. Jenna’s hand was buried inside of Alexis’ panties rubbing her clit, there lips softly tasting each other. As there mouths separated, I could sense that Jenna was as aroused as Alexis, her eyes glazed over in lust. She glanced over in my direction, her words interrupting the trance I was in.

“Why don’t you come around here, lend me a hand ?”, she asked.

I got up from my knee and walked around the chair until I was standing behind Jenna who was still working Alexis’ pussy with her right hand. She looked over her shoulder at me, then once again gave me some direction. With her free hand, she pulled me down to one knee next to her, then reached out and took my right hand. She quickly guided my hand into her panties, then went back to Alexis. I eased my hand inside the white laced panties, slowly down until I felt her hot, wet pussy. She threw her head back and moaned as I slid my finger up her moist slit. I gently eased one finger partially inside of her, then pulled up finding her hard clit immediately.

She looked back down at me, then again at Alexis, who eyes were riveted between Jenna’s legs. Jenna leaned over once again kissing Alexis quickly on the lips, then whispering.

“You like to watch him finger my pussy ? God , it feels so damn good. He’s rubbing my clit right now, back and forth.”, she said softly.

Alexis did not reply, she simply lowered her eyes back down to Jenna’s panties, as I continued to gently stroke her clit. Jenna once again pulled Alexis back into her trance, her words causing Alexis’ eyes to widen.

“I know you want to see my pussy, you want to see his fingers on me don’t you ?”, she asked.

This time Alexis didn’t even glance in my direction, she simply nodded yes with no hesitation. Jenna removed her hand from Alexis’ panties, then stood up, pushing her panties to the floor, stepping out of them. She was completely shaved with the exception of a small triangle of blonde hair centered just above her pussy. Her lips were full and moist, it was easy to see she was aroused. She then leaned over and reached under Alexis’ dress, pulling her panties off in one motion, exposing her beautiful shaved lips. She stepped back forward, once again straddling Alexis’ thighs.

“Give me your hand.”, she asked, reaching out to Alexis.

Alexis reached out with her right hand, placing it in Jenna’s palm. Jenna took her hand and slowly moved it between her legs, pressing it into her wet pussy. Jenna moved her hips slightly back and forth several times on Alexis’ hand, encouraging her to continue on her own. Alexis began to gingerly move her fingers over Jenna’s pussy, her eyes moving back and forth between mine and Jenna’s. For the first time in my life, my cock was so hard it was actually painful.

“Come up here.”, Jenna told Alexis, pulling her up from the chair.

Alexis stood up in front of Jenna, who wrapped one arm around Alexis’ waist. With the other she pulled Alexis’ face to hers, their mouth’s meeting in one of the most erotic kisses I had ever witnessed. Jenna’s right hand moved down between Alexis’ legs and quickly found her clit. Alexis quickly responded with the same, her fingers moving inside of Jenna. Within probably thirty seconds both women were oblivious I was even in the room, their hand’s working each other into ecstacy. Jenna was looking deep into Alexis’ eyes as her hand continued to work it’s magic.

“You’re the beautiful woman I have ever been this close to.”, Jenna whispered to Alexis.

Jenna leaned in and once again kissed Alexis, this time her tongue visibly slipping into her mouth. I could tell from Alexis’ body movement, she was close to cumming, I had seen it many times. Jenna once again pulled back, looking into Alexis’ eyes.

“Can you cum for me ?”, she asked Alexis.

“Oh yea.”, Alexis panted.

“Can I cum with you ?”, Jenna begged.

“Please.”, Alexis urged.

I will never forget that sight for the rest of my life. Two gorgeous women, standing face to face, moaning to each other as their hand’s ravished each other pussies. Without warning Jenna exploded into orgasm, her entire body shaking, her knees trembling with desire. Seconds later Alexis let go in one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever seen her experience, a deluge of liquid running down her legs. Both women were still trembling in each others arms, their lips now once again joined in a long slow sensual kiss. Finally they separated, once again in control of their faculties, there eyes glued to one another.

“Have you ever been with a woman before ?”, Jenna asked.

“No.”, Alexis admitted, a sudden embarrassment quickly overtaking her.

“Don’t be embarrassed, you were incredible. I can’t remember the last time I got off like that. Thank you.”, Jenna replied, kissing Alexis’ lips quickly.

“So what do we do with him ?”, Jenna laughed to Alexis.

Alexis shrugged her shoulders, still somewhat embarrassed from how she had let herself go in front of me, at least that’s what I believed. Jenna reached down for my hand, pulling me up from the small chair.

“Come over her to the sofa where’s there is more room.”, she said.

I followed her across the room to the large sofa which was directly across from the two chairs we had been sitting in. She pushed me down, then sat down on my right side. She motioned for Alexis to move over and sit down on my left. With both women seated on the sofa on respective sides, Jenna leaned over toward Alexis.

“I think he enjoyed the show.”, she laughed, nodding down to the bulge in my pants.

Alexis smiled back at Jenna, then looked at me with those beautiful jade green eyes, then leaned over kissing my lips softly. She gently opened her lips and pushing her tongue into my mouth. I put one arm around her pulling her close, my own tongue probling her mouth. I felt two hands undo my belt buckle, unfasten the hook, then gently slide my zipper down. Since Alexis arms were still wrapped around me, I knew Jenna was taking charge. In under a minute, she had managed to get both my pants and shorts down past my knees, my erect cock in her soft warm hand. Alexis pulled her lips from mine, allowing me to see what Jenna was doing. She skillfully pulled on my cock in a steady up and down motion with only the swollen purple head visible in her clenched fist. Alexis seemed mesmerized at the sight of Jenna’s hand pumping my swollen cock.

“You like to watch me jerk off your boyfriend ?”, she asked.

Once again, Alexis nodded her agreement, her eyes once again filled with passion. I moved my left hand down between Alexis’s thighs, finding her pussy, very hot and wet. I quickly found her hard clit and began to stroke it gently but rapidly. She closed her eyes in pleasure, her head tiliting back slightly. Jenna leaned over in front of me, pressing her mouth to mine, her tongue sliding between my lips. She increased the speed of her hand, her grip tightening just a bit. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, I knew it was not going to be much longer. Jenna pulled away from me, looking over at Alexis who was staring at us almost hypnotized. Then suddenly with no warning, Jenna’s head fell into my lap, her mouth engulfing my cock in one swift movement. I fell back against the rear cushion of the sofa as Jenna’s tongue rapidly moved up and down my cock. I could feel Alexis’ juices flowing over my hand as I continued to play with her hot pussy. Alexis leaned over me, lowering her mouth on mine, her moist lips slightly parted. As soon as I felt her tongue ease into my mouth, the cum started racing up my shaft. I felt Jenna pull my cock almost completely from her mouth leaving just tip touching her extended tongue. The first explosion of cum splattered across the end of Jenna’s tongue, falling to my thighs. She methodically pulled five more huge deposits of cum from my shaft, her hand stroking me rapidly against her tongue. My cock kept pulsing over and over, cum still dripping out in substantial amounts on her still clenched fist. I fell back into the sofa, spent, it was one of my most intense orgasms ever.

Jenna wiped her lips with the back of her hand, then licked them clean, smiling at Alexis, who was still thrusting her hips back and forth against my fingers. Without any persuasion she quickly moved around me and knelt down between Alexis’ legs pushing her skirt up as high as she could. Jenna pushed my hand aside as she buried her face into Alexis’ wet, steaming pussy. Alexis arched her back and gasped out loud as she felt Jenna’s tongue part the lips of her womanhood. From the motion of Jenna’s head between Alexis’ thighs, it was obvious this was not the first woman she had ever went down on. Alexis turned her head towards me with a look of complete abandon on her face, Jenna was obviously very skilled with her tongue. From the look Alexis gave me, somehow I knew what she wanted. I leaned over and kissed the side of her face softly, then moved my lips to her ears.

“God you look so sexy with her between your legs.”, I whispered,

She didn’t reply, only a slight moan was heard over the sound of her breathing. I kissed her ear softly, whispering words of encourgement to her, as her breathing became more and more shallow. I knew she was ready, it was time.

“Cum in her mouth baby, cum for me.”, I whispered.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Ohhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….”, Alexis screamed, both
hands holding onto Jenna’s head.

Her body shook violently as she pressed her pussy into Jenna’s face, her orgasm pounding her body with waves on indescribable pleasure. Jenna continued to focus on Alexis’ clit, until her body relaxed, her hands falling by her sides. Jenna kissed Alexis’ pussy several more times, before finally getting up and walking over to where her panties were lying on the floor. She picked them up, stepping one leg at a time into them, then pulling them up to her hips. She started walking towards the door, turning back looking over her shoulder.

“I’ll be right back in a few minutes.”, she smiled.

She walked out of the door, closing it gently behind her. For the next couple minutes, Alexis and I cleaned up, put our clothing back on and had just sat back down on the sofa when Jenna returned. She walked back over to the sofa and sat between us, placing one hand on each of our thighs. She turned first to me, then to Alexis.

“Just so you know, this was not part of what I normally do with a client. It’s usually just dancing, period. I guess I just got lost in the moment, I have to admit I am extremely attracted to you.”, Jenna told Alexis.

“I think I got a bit carried away myself.”, admitted Alexis, once again showing some embarassment.

“Well anytime you feel like getting carried away again, you come see me. I would love to fuck both of you, all night long. Here’s my number.”, she replied to Alexis, handing her a small piece of paper that was folded up.

Alexis took the small note, a somewhat stunned look on her face, but smiled nonetheless. She then leaned over and whispered into Jenna’s ear.

“Oh, I get five hundred a session.”, Jenna replied.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wallet, counting off five hundred, then added three hundred more, handing her the money.

“Oh this is so kind, thank you. I feel kind of guilty, I enjoyed this as much as you did.”, she giggled.

She jumped up and walked out of the room, waving goodbye to the both of us with an incredible smile on her face. Just several minutes later the hostess who had showed us in returned to the room. She escorted us out the rear door to where the limo was parked, the driver once again opened the door for us, letting us in. As he entered the driver’s side door, Alexis asked him to take us home. He nodded, then raised the privacy glass up, sealing us off from his view. He started up the car and we slowly pulled out of the parking lot.

Alexis leaned over to me and kissed me, once again her lips hungry with desire. I pulled her close to me, I was still aroused from watching Jenna’s mouth bring Alexis to an orgasm. I reached down running my hand between Alexis’ legs, which she opened willingly for me. Her panties were soaked, I could feel her juices running down her legs. She pulled back from me slightly, her eyes locked on mine.

“God, I need to feel you inside of me baby.”, she whispered.

“We’ll be home soon.”, I replied.

Within thirty minutes or so, we were pulling into the drive of our home. The driver opened the door for us, we both stepped out. I reached into my pocket and tipped the driver a few hundred, then walked Alexis to the door. I unlocked the door and punched in the alarm code, then closed the door behind me. I locked the door, then reset the alarm. Alexis had walked to the other end of the house to check on her mother, but she was already fast asleep. We both jumped into the shower together, cleaned up and got out, heading straight to bed. As I pulled my soon to be beautiful wife into my arms, she broke the silence.

“Remember when we made the pact to be completely honest with each other, no keeping secrets ?”, she asked.

“Uh yea, it was only a few hours ago.”, I laughed.

“Well, tell me the truth about something. How do you feel about what I did tonight, kissing Jenna, letting her do the things she did to me ?”, she asked.

“I’m not sure how I should answer that.”, I laughed.

“I’m being serious, did it bother you ?”, she insisted.

“No, it didn’t bother me, in fact it turned me on.”, I replied.

“I really can’t believe I did those things, I mean I have never even come close to anything like that.”, she admitted.

“Well it looked like you enjoyed yourself.”, I answered.

She swallowed quickly, turned a bit flush, then blinked several times.

“I can’t lie to you, although it was much different than being with you, it was still really good.”, she admitted.

She reached down under the covers and wrapped her hand around my cock, slowly stroking me up and down. I leaned over and kissed her deeply, pulling her into my arms. I slid one hand down her smooth flat stomach, easing one finger into her wet pussy. She moaned softly as I pushed my finger deep inside her. She rolled me over, climbing on top of me quickly, her hand reaching for my cock. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft, lifted her hips and guided me to her opening. She slowly eased my cock inside of her, lowering her weight on my hard shaft.

“Oh God this feels so damn good.”, she moaned as she bottomed out on me.

I reached around her and grabbed her ass, pushing inside of her just a little bit deeper. She began the movement of her hips, her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of my cock deep inside of her. After several minutes of slow gyrations, she looked down at me.

“I want you to fuck me from behind.”, she whispered.

I was very surprised at her statement, knowing that this was how she had been sexually abused in college. She had never offered this before and I in no way ever suggested it, not wanting to bring up bad memories.

“Are you sure baby ?”, I replied.

“Uh huh.”, she smiled.

She lifted herself off of my hard cock and laid face down next to me. I moved around behind her my hands lifting her hips off the bed, her beautiful ass was now at waist level. I reached down for my cock and gently guided it towards her pussy. I pushed the head against her soaked opening, I eased it in slightly, then placed both hands on her hips and pushed forward. The feeling was incredible, I have never been this deep inside of her before.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.”, she moaned as I entered her.

I began to move my cock in and out of her with a slow steady pace, her juices running down our legs. I felt her right hand reached up between her legs and begin to stroke her clit vigorously. In no time she was lost in desire, her hand flying across her clit. Despite my best efforts to hold off, I lost control, the cum racing up my hard shaft.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming.”, I moaned.

With one last thrust, I pulled hard on her hips and buried my cock as deep inside of her as I could, cum exploding against the walls of her pussy. As soon as Alexis felt my warm cum inside of her, she erupted in a violent orgasm of her own, I was barely able to control her hips. Finally we both fell to the mattress exhausted.

I woke the following morning to the smell of breakfast cooking, Mai was already up and in the kitchen. I got up, threw on a tee shirt and pair of shorts and quietly left the bedroom as to not wake Alexis.

“Good morning mom.”, I said, as I entered the kitchen.

“Good morning, Brian.”, Mai called out.

“How did you sleep last night mom, was the room ok ?”, I asked.

“Oh yes, I sleep very good, bed very soft.”, she replied.

“Good, I’m glad you like it.”, I answered.

I poured myself a cup of coffee, then one for Alexis. I walked back down the hall, pushing the door open slowly looking in. She was awake, laying on her side, looking right at me.

“Hey baby, I brought you coffee.”, I told her, setting the mug down on the night stand.

“Wow room service, you’re going to spoil me.”, she said softly.

She sat up in bed and took the cup, taking a long sip of the hot liquid. She brought the cup back down, then smiled at me.

“You know mister, I am hopelessly head over heels in love with you.”, she admitted.

I walked over to her, leaned over and gently kissed her on the lips, my tongue quickly licking her upper lip.

“Good then my plan has worked to perfection.”, I replied.

She laughed out aloud, her beautiful face glowing as always. We joined Mai shortly, who had fixed a really nice breakfast. We then all cleaned the kitchen and began to get ready for the wedding, so to speak.

We were married at a little after one o’clock in the afternoon, with just Mai in attendance. It was over in less than fifteen minutes, not really what you would imagine your wedding day being. As we walked down the steps of the courthouse, for the first time in a long while, I felt an inner peace. I can’t explain it, it just felt like I was exactly in the place of my life I was supposed to be, everything was right.

We stopped and had a nice dinner, then headed back home. That night at dinner, Mai asked us what our plans were for the upcoming week.

“Nothing mom, we are just going to relax around here, take it easy.”, Alexis replied.

“Mai think, I need go home.”, her mother replied.

“Why mom, you just got here ?”, Alexis protested.

“You on honeymoon, no need Mai here, I in the way.”, she answered.

“Nonsense mom, you’re never in the way. We both want you to stay for as long as you want. This is your new home too.”, I interrupted.

Alexis reached out and took my hand in thanks, Mai just smiled but I could understand how she felt. I’m sure she felt awkward being around us since we were just married. I decided to ligthen the mood up quickly.

“Only one rule if you stay here mom. You can’t do all the cooking and cleaning.”, I insisted.

“I like to cook, why I can’t cook ?”, she asked.

“You can cook mom, just not all the time. You’re here to relax, not just work.”, I answered.

“Yea mom, let me cook sometime.”, Alexis pleaded.

At that split second Mai and I looked at each, both of us with the same thought. We both starting laughing, much to Alexis’ dismay.

“Hey now, that’s not nice.”, Alexis whined.

Mai stayed with us for close to two weeks, it was really nice to have her around. Alexis loved her mother so much, they got along so well. One morning after Alexis went to work, I drove Mai home, then came right back. I did mention to Mai in passing that if she felt so inclined, she was more than welcome to move in with us on a permanent basis, but she quickly protested. I let it go, but left the offer standing.

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