A Flight to Remember

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I could feel her hand rubbing my ass as we moved up in the security line at the airport. I also felt my pussy starting to get wet. I couldn’t wait to get on the plane. Karla and I both knew what was about to happen and she was just getting me ready. Karla was my best friend and we had been planning this trip for months.

We went through security then went our separate ways. The plan was to board like we didn’t know each other then “meet” and fuck.

Tracy took a seat by the window, where she kicked her shoes off and relaxed while she waited for Karla to join her.

Tracy was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard a soft voice ask,

“Is this seat taken?”

“Ah no, as a matter of fact it’s not, please…sit down.”

“My name is Karla.”

“Hello Karla. I’m Tracy.”

After exchanging pleasantries, they talked about their jobs, with Tracy telling Karla that she had a sexy ass secretary she was dying to fuck. Tracy knew Karla liked it dirty and she tried to deliver.

The stewardess walked over, telling them that they were about to take off. Once they were airborne, Karla got up and walked over to the stewardess handing her something. Karla returned to her seat telling Tracy she asked the stewardess to make sure they weren’t disturbed, just in case Tracy “wanted to get some sleep”.

Karla sat down a little closer to her this time, their bodies slightly touching. Tracy loved the feeling of the warmth of Karla’s body next to her, it was somehow erotic. Tracy closed her eyes, not really trying to go to sleep, just more or less relaxing. After several minutes had passed, Tracy sensed Karla’s leg was pressing against hers, and she could hear Karla cooing softly.

This was moving painfully slow, but both women were so turned on it would be worth it.

Tracy opened her eyes to find Karla had taken off her jacket, and she had unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse, allowing her to slip her hand down inside her blouse.

Tracy could see that Karla’s fingers were beneath her bra, and she was toying with her nipples, moving her fingers over them, and pinching them between her fingers. Tracy felt her sex beginning to gush juices as she watched Karla’s hand move further into her blouse, caressing her breast, as her head tilted back, her eyes closed.

Tracy’s own nipples were beginning to grow even harder, canlı bahis pushing against the fabric of her blouse, as she watched Karla’s body start to shudder. Suddenly Karla opened her eyes and looked over at Tracy who was smiling.

Karla smiled, looking into Tracy’s eyes. She relaxed, moving her hand away, leaving Tracy’s hand to rest on her breast. Tracy began to unbutton some additional buttons on Karla’s blouse, when she smiled and stopped her saying,

“Hold on, I’ll be right back.”

Then Karla got up and went to the back of the plane. While she waited for Karla to return, Tracy looked around, and then pulled up her skirt and quickly removed her panties, sticking them in her coat pocket she had draped over the seat in front of her. No sooner had she straightened up, than Karla returned.

“Where did you go?” Tracy asked.

“Oh, Nowhere.”

Karla then looked up at Tracy and smiled, then she noticed Karla had removed her bra, and her nipples were clearly visible through her thin silk blouse. Karla sat back down next to Tracy, and Karla spread her legs to show she was also no longer wearing underwear. And she was soaked. Both women looking into each others eyes, but not saying a word…they didn’t have to.

Karla’s body was pressed against Tracy’s as Tracy placed her hand on Karla’s arm. Slowly Tracy moved her hand up Karla’s arm, as Karla leaned back into the seat, her eyes closed as Tracy’s hand inched ever closer to Karla’s breasts. Tracy traced her fingernail around Karla’s nipples, through her blouse, causing Karla to gasp, her nipples becoming even harder. Tracy unbuttoned two more buttons on Karla’s blouse, pushing it open and sliding her hand inside, cupping Karla’s breast in her hand.

Tracy felt the warmth of Karla’s breasts, as she caressed and gently squeezed them, teasing her nipples and rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. Karla’s breathing was becoming heavier by the second, as her arousal grew in its intensity. Karla moved closer, as Tracy put her arm around her, sliding her hand back into Karla’s blouse, caressing her breast, as she started unbuttoning the buttons on the front of Karla’s skirt with her other hand.

Tracy eased her hand up Karla’s thigh, while marveling at Karla’s naked sex. Her pussy was beautiful, her lips full and wet, her clit swollen and needing attention….attention that Tracy bahis siteleri was only to happy to supply. Tracy’s own sex was awash with her lustful juices as her finger touched Karla’s wet lips. Karla gasped again, this time smiling as she whispered,

“Yes, yes…touch me. Touch my pussy.”

Tracy teased Karla’s lips, barely touching them, which only made Karla want her more. Finally, Tracy eased her finger into Karla’s warm sex, working it around, exploring as Karla cooed softly, as she reached over and caressed Tracy’s breasts, unbuttoning Tracy’s blouse and slipping her hand inside Tracy’s blouse. Tracy eased another finger into Karla’s pussy, spurred on from her own arousal as Karla teased her nipples, causing the fires of Tracy’s lust to explode into an intense passion. Tracy worked Karla’s pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb as Karla’s arousal was about to explode in an intense orgasm.

Suddenly Karla’s hand squeezed Tracy’s breast, as her body stiffened…she was cumming over and over as Tracy placed her lips to hers, giving Karla the most passionate kiss she could. As Karla’s orgasm slowly subsided, Karla sat up, placing her hand on Tracy’s thigh. Now Tracy was the one leaning back in her seat as Karla moved her hand up Tracy’s thigh, her fingers touching her wet pussy. Tracy practically ripped her blouse open, begging Karla to suck her nipples. No sooner had the words past her lips, then she felt Karla’s lips on her breasts.

Karla’s finger danced inside Tracy’s pussy, taking her places only another woman could, while Karla sucked Tracy’s nipples, teasing them with her tongue. Tracy could hardly breath she was so aroused. Karla kissed her way up Tracy’s neck, placing her lips on Tracy, their tongues dancing an erotic dance as Karla took Tracy to the edge, as Tracy started to cum, the orgasm sweeping over her as her body shook, and shuddered. Once Tracy had stopped cumming they heard the pilots voice over the intercom saying they would be landing in fifteen minutes, and to buckle their seat belts.

After landing Karla and Tracy went to pick up their baggage.

Karla handed Tracy a card saying, “Here’s my phone number and address, just in case you might want to give me a call sometime.”

Tracy looked at the card and laughed.

Karla laughed, “Would you like to stop by, and come in for a glass of wine?”

“Yes of course,” bahis şirketleri Tracy replied.

Tracy followed Karla into the building asking what floor she lived on. Once inside her apartment, Tracy had no sooner placed her luggage by the door, than Karla spun her around, pinning her against the wall, kissing her, and tearing at her blouse. Tracy could hear the buttons from her blouse hitting the tile entry way. Tracy was overcome with lust, never had she had anyone attack her like this….it was so fucking erotic.

Tracy tore at Karla’s blouse, listening to the fabric rip as the two women ravaged one another. Karla grabbed Tracy’s arms, raising them above her head, as Karla kissed her neck and throat, working her way down to Tracy’s nipples, taking them in her mouth, biting them to the point that it was becoming painful, yet so fucking erotic.

Finally Karla let Tracy’s arms go, unzipping Tracy’s skirt, practically yanking it form Tracy’s body. Karla kissed her way down Tracy’s stomach, running her tongue through Tracy’s neatly trimmed bush, then taking Tracy’s clit between her lips and sucking it as Karla slid as many fingers as she could into Tracy’s pussy.

Tracy was moaning and panting, as Karla devoured Tracy’s sex. Licking, kissing and sucking her clit and pussy, as one powerful orgasms after another surged through Tracy’s body. Tracy grabbed Karla by the hair, pulling her to her feet, thinking that she could play the rough sex game as well.

Once Karla was standing, Tracy pulled her head back, running her tongue over Karla’s neck, placing her strong thigh, between Karla’s legs.

Tracy kissed her way down Karla’s neck, pushing her thigh into Karla’s sex, as she took Karla’s nipples between her teeth, tugging at them, and biting down on them causing Karla to squeal.

Karla started humping Tracy’s thigh, rubbing her pussy up and down, Tracy’s muscular leg. The harder she humped Tracy’s leg, the more aroused she became. Tracy removed her leg from between Karla’s, leading her over to the couch, where Tracy pushed Karla down. Tracy placed her head between Karla’s legs, taking in the aroma of her lust, then she began running her tongue over Karla’s pussy, taking her clit between her lips, nibbling her clit like she had her nipples.

Karla gasped and squealed as she tugged at her own nipples, begging Tracy to make her cum. Tracy inserted two fingers deep into Karla’s pussy, working them as she sucked Karla to another series of strong orgasms. Both women were spent, resting as Tracy returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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