A Favor

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I was lying in bed reading one evening when I got a text from Alan. I had known Alan for more than five years, and he had a very casual relationship, that every once in a while—when circumstances allowed—he would come over and fool around. I thought his text message was an indicator that it was going to be one of those nights.

He texted: You busy?

I did not reply right away. I finished with the chapter I was reading before replying: Not really. What’s up?

He replied seconds after my text went through: Call me.

This was an unusual step. Per the depth of our relationship, there was nothing that couldn’t be handled in a text or two. I thought about what he possibly could have wanted. I never like going into conversations unprepared. I was not wholly prepared for this one.

“What do you need?” I asked, after his hello.

“I am going to need a favor,” he replied.

“That usually isn’t something we need to converse about. What is it?”

Alan sighed. “Well, I have this cousin. Came from out of town. And work just called me, and said that a pipe burst in the basement. Last time I had a pipe burst, I was there for 14 hours. I don’t want to leave the guy alone.”

“So that’s where I come in, huh?”

“Relax,” Alan said. “It isn’t like that.”

“Well, it sounds like you’re ready to whore me out for your cousin. That’s what it sounds like to me.”

“I wouldn’t use the word whore,” Alan replied. “Just hang out with the guy. That’s all.”

“You called me because you want me to hang out with the guy?”

“Well,” Alan said, pausing after the word. “Not exactly that either.”

“Tell me why I’m not hanging up right now.”

“Come on,” Alan said. “Don’t be like that. Look, you are always up for a good time, and my cousin is too. He has gone through a long divorce.”

“Great,” I replied. “He’s probably going to be bitter.”

“No. I think he is past all that.”

I sighed. “I’ve known a lot of divorced people. They are never past that, and you know it.”

“Okay. you got me there,” Alan said. “But are you going to help me or what? Come on, I helped you when you needed it.”

He was right. The week before, my car stalled out on me on the freeway. Alan was not the first person I called, but the first who picked up. I don’t know what he did, but he got the car running and followed me home to be sure I made it there safely.

“Yes, and you were great,” I replied. “But this is weird. I don’t even know the guy.”

“Doesn’t that add an interesting element to this?”

I did not want to agree with him, but the more I thought about it, the more interesting it seemed.

“So, what about the guy? Is he a creep? Is he on meth or something?”

“He is an investment banker in Cincinnati.”

“Alan,” I sighed. “That in no way answers my question.”

“No, he is a good guy,” Alan replied. “Just fallen on hard times. A little quiet. That sort of thing.”

“Am I going to have to talk him off a ledge or something. I don’t want to sound heartless, but I’m not really in the mood to spend the night with a depressive.”

“Then make him happy.”

“Then make him happy,” I replied. “That’s if he wants to be happy.”

“Oh, he wants to be happy, believe me.”

“Christ, what all did you tell this guy?”

“Nothing,” Alan replied. “I just said that I knew someone that knew how to have a little fun.”

“How does he look?”

“Normal, I guess,” Alan said. “A little taller than me. Maybe a little on the thin side. But not skinny. Why don’t you just show the guy a good time? What do you say?”

“I’d say your place or mine?”

“I’d say mine, so that he doesn’t get lost looking for your place. And he doesn’t have a ride”

“And when do you want me to come over?”

“I’m leaving as soon as I get out the shower. I’m kind of in a hurry.”

“Okay,” I said. “But if this guy creeps me out in anyway, I’m taking off. And you will owe me.”

“I don’t think that will happen. Like I said. He’s a good guy.”

“That’s what they all say. But if he is as good as you say he is, I’ll make sure he doesn’t miss you at all. He is up for fun, right?”

“Yeah, he is,” Alan replied. “Try and bring those pink panties. They look good on you.”

“Send me a pic of the guy,” I said. “I want to see what I’m getting myself into.”

“I’m telling you,” Alan said. “He’s all right. Don’t go talking yourself out of it. It will be fun.”

“Just send bahis firmaları the picture,” I replied. “I’m getting ready.”

A minute later, as I was getting dressed, my phone vibrated. I unlocked the screen, and immediately was greeted by a picture message. It was a picture of a man from the chest up. The man looked very ordinary to me—if not a little young—which was not a bad thing. He had spiked blonde hair, and wore glasses. Looked almost innocent. This idea made me hot. Like I was about to spend the night rocking his world.

A few seconds later, I got a text message: Now you send a pic.

I rolled my eyes. I did not particularly enjoy playing games. But I thought, what the hell, may as well give him a run.

I texted back: Oh, he want’s a picture, huh? Want something sexy?

I waited for a reply. It did not take long; perhaps a few seconds.

Alan replied: yesyesyes and gave off a smiley face with bulging hearts over the eyes.

I slid off my pants and underwear, and placed my phone on the floor—pressing the icon to put it in camera mode. As soon as the camera came on, I squatted over the phone, and took three pictures of my ass. I sent the best one over.

I continued getting dressed waiting for a response. I packed a long XXL shirt in a small handbag, along with a container of lube, and the pink pair of panties. A gift from Alan a few months back, they were the only pair I owned, and did not often get the opportunity to use them.

My phone vibrated in my hip pocket. It was a simple text: OMG

I smiled, and texted back: did he like, or should I stay on home?

The reply came quickly: Get your ass over here. I’m heading out for work.

Be there in ten minutes, I replied.

Alan did not live far away, and I made it to his apartment in just over five minutes. His parking space was empty, and I pulled in. I turned off the lights, but left the ignition in the car. The apartment was in sight not ten yards away. The windows were dark, and it looked as though no one was home. I thought that perhaps Alan’s cousin had flaked out on me. He definitely looked timid; a hookup with a stranger definitely outside his comfort zone. Hell, I was fairly experienced, and still had butterflies in my stomach. I had done a lot of things, but I had never fucked a stranger. I was a little worried that the guy would turn out to be a creep, but nevertheless, I found myself pulling the keys from the ignition, and stepping out of the car.

I had walked up to Alan’s apartment dozens of times. This walk seemed to be in slow motion. I felt watched every step of the way. More than feeling, I knew I was being watched. And this made me feel slightly vulnerable to be eyed by some invisible stranger. Thus, I kept walking, and found myself at the door. Alan and I were comfortable enough that I never knocked on his door. I never showed up uninvited, and never had the reason to knock until that moment. I did not want to catch Lee off guard. Little did I know, that I was going to be the one caught off guard.

I knocked softly three times on the door, and listened for approaching footsteps. I heard nothing from inside. Again, I had thought that the guy had flaked out, and I felt disproportionately disappointed. It was then that I realized just how much fun I had wanted to have with Alan’s cousin. I lifted my hand to knock again, when I heard the deadbolt turn. It was sudden and abrupt—as though someone had just cocked a shotgun. I could not help but flinch.

The door opened slowly, and Lee stuck his head in the opening. “You must be Terry,” he said. “I’m Lee.”

For some reason, I found myself blushing. “That would be me. Alan told me to come over, and hang out with you. Can I come in?”

“What?” Lee said, then realized it was customary to let me inside. “Yeah, yeah, come on in.”

Lee stood behind the door, and I walked in. Lee closed the door behind me, and locked it. I walked into the living room, and did not bother to look until I realized that Lee did not follow me in. I sat my hand bag on the couch, and turned. I got quite an eyeful. Lee was standing by the door, naked—save for his glasses—rigid penis angled in the air. It was cut, and not a bad size—actually slightly larger than Alan’s.

“Whoa, hello,” I said in tones of surprise.

Lee then blushed from head to toe. He then went on to cover himself in hands and arms. “S-sorry,” Lee said. “Alan said that you would like it if I answered the door this way.”

“Relax,” kaçak iddaa I said. “I didn’t say I didn’t like it. We just skipped a couple of levels, that’s all. Why don’t you come over and sit down with me on the couch?”

“You want me to get dressed?” Lee asked.

I shook my head. “No. This will do. Tell you one thing, it is a hell of an ice breaker.”

I sat down on the couch, and Lee sat down next to me. I knew that he was feeling over exposed when he crossed his leg. I decided, to see if I could get him to relax with small talk, naked as he was. I was never one for small talk, but realized how different it was when the other person was naked. It was absurd, while at the same time hot.

“Alan says your from Cincinnati,” I said, eyeing his cock.

Lee looked away from me. “Yeah, born and raised.”

“How long are you going to be in town?” I asked.

“A week. Nine days.”

“Any plans with Alan?”

Lee shook his head. “Not really. Just to hang out. That sort of thing. Catch a ballgame or two.”

“Baseball season,” I said.

“Yeah,” Lee scoffed. “I know. The Reds are like 3-18. Hard to be mathematically eliminated in baseball only 21 games in, but we pretty much did it.”

I reached over, and gently pressed Lee’s knee down to where he was no longer crossing his leg.

“All right,” I said. “I’m done making you suffer. I’m going to go get into something more comfortable.”

“Does that mean we’re going to do it?” Lee asked.

“Sure does,” I replied, grabbing my hand bag, and heading into the restroom.

I came out of the restroom a couple minutes later wearing nothing but my XXL tee shirt, and my pink panties underneath. The brim of the tee shirt scarcely reached my thighs, but was enough to conceal the panties. For all Lee would have known, I was naked underneath.

Lee stood up as I approached, and thus I realized how tall he was. I’m 5′ 9″, and he had at least five inches on me. I placed my arms over his shoulders, and he instinctively placed his hands around my hips. I could feel his hard cock jab me in the stomach. We leaned forward to kiss, and it was not until he was sticking his tongue down my throat that I realized wore braces. This was the first time I had ever kissed anyone with braces. It did not bother me, except his braces gritted against my front teeth a couple of times. But that was fine by me, as Lee stuck his tongue down my throat as far as it could go. I like the feeling of a tongue down my throat.

I reached down, and started stroking his cock. I could feel his pulse throbbing through the shaft.

“Why don’t you sit down?” I said pushing him gently to the couch.

Lee nodded, and side-stepped to the couch. Upon sitting, he spread his legs, and his cock flopped over to the right side—slapping softly against his leg. I knelt between his knees, and grabbed his cock.

“You want to have some fun?” I asked, looking him in the eye.

Lee appeared to have lost ability for words. He grunted, and nodded.

I pushed his cock back over his stomach, exposing his tight, smooth balls. I put my mouth around his left nut, and sucked. It had a slight chemical taste, and I could smell a trace of shaving cream. I thought that it was cute that he had cleaned up for me. I then put his right nut in my mouth, and I could feel it constrict tightly. For a second there, I thought that Lee was going to cum already. He hissed, and started running his hand through my hair.

“Just like that,” he whispered. “Just like that. I like it like that.”

I continued sucking his balls and smiled to myself. I had a feeling that Lee was going to be the type that narrates his way through sex. I stroked him softly, and started moving my way up to his shaft. I decided to take it slow. Because he was so excited even before I got to his cock, I expected that Lee was about thirty seconds from cumming. And that was fine by me. Judging by the rigidness of both his cock and balls, I thought that he was going to be able to go multiple times that night.

Once I got to the tip of his cock, I squeezed the shaft, opening his slit. I stuck the tip of my tongue into the slit, and started licking. Lee started squirming on the couch. A glob of precum oozed out, and I licked it up.

“Oh, God, that feels good,” Lee whispered.

I then wrapped my lips around his cock, and slid down as far as I could go—stopping about three-quarters of the way down his cock. I held it in kaçak bahis place for a couple of seconds until his cock twitched—and tickled my gag reflex. It only caused me to wince slightly, and pull up.

“Sorry,” Lee said.

I pulled off, and started stroking his glistening cock. “Don’t apologize. You’re getting your dick sucked. You have no reason to be sorry.”

I then wrapped my lips again around his cock, and resumed bobbing. I could feel a huge amount of precum ooze out from his cock—almost to the point where I thought he had jizzed in my mouth. I swallowed as I sucked. Someone who precame like that, I thought, was likely going to shoot a hell of a cumshot. I already started thinking where I wanted to take it.

A couple of minutes later, I stopped sucking, and looked up to him.

“You want to fuck?” I asked.

Lee nodded so forcefully that I thought he was going to sprain his neck. I then turned, and angled my ass in the air. I hiked up the brim of my tee shirt, and gratuitously wiggled my pantie clad ass. Lee tore open a condom wrapper with his teeth, and I slid down my panties down my thighs. I turned and watched Lee roll the condom over his cock. Usually, I don’t go for condoms, but I was going to let him get away with it just this once. If we were going to fuck again that night, it would be bareback.

Lee knelt behind me, and I could hear him stroking his cock. With the condom on, it sounded like the crinkling of a plastic bag.

“You ready?” he asked.

“I think I’ve already given you enough permission,” I replied, wiggling my naked ass inches from his cock. “Are you going to slide that thing in or what?”

I felt the tip on my ass, and I pressed into him. Though I had lubed up in the restroom, his cock did not slide in as easily as I had expected. I had wanted to get fucked, but, truth be told, I was not used to Lee’s cock size. While he was not huge, he was slightly larger than average. I estimated the second largest cock, I had ever had.

Lee slid in a couple of inches, and pulled out an inch. Slid in halfway, and pulled out to the head.

“Just go ahead, and slide it in,” I said.

“Your ass is so tight,” Lee said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Trust me,” I replied. “You don’t have to worry about me. Just slid it in all the way, and give me a second to get used to it. Your cock feels huge.”

Lee pushed in me, and there was a lot of friction until it finally slid in—essentially slamming in me. I felt a chill down my spine, and waited for the pain. The air left my body as though to make room for his cock. I yelped quietly.

“You okay?” Lee asked.

“Yes,” I replied, spreading my knees further apart on the carpet. “Now, fuck me. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Lee started off slowly, and started to pick up my rhythm as I rocked my ass back into him. It was not long until we were fucking with perfect rhythm. He dug his fingertips painfully into my hips, but that only turned me on even more. Made it feel as though Lee was taking what he wanted. I slammed my ass into his thighs because I wanted him to think the same about me.

We kept this up for a couple minutes until I could feel his cock swell in me.

“Ooh baby,” Lee said. “I’m going to cum.”

“Slam that cock in me when you cum,” I said. “Make me feel it.”

Lee started picking up his speed, and pulled his cock out to the point where only the tip was in my ass. We remained in that position for a few seconds, and I began to wonder if he had plateaued. Then he slammed his cock in my with surprising force.

“Here it comes, baby,” Lee said.

I felt his cock throb in me, as he started releasing his seed. He pulled out, and slammed back in six times, until he was spent.

He collapsed on my back, and started thanking me.

“Lee,” I said. “Stop thanking me. And pull that thing out of me. I want to do something.”

Lee pulled out slowly, and my ass felt incredibly empty.

“Stay there,” I said, crawling around to him.

I knelt down to his crotch, and peeled the condom off. I held it up with wonder. There was so much cum there that the reservoir of the condom ballooned out, looking nearly as though someone had stuffed a ping pong ball in there.

“I want to swallow your cum,” I said. “You want to get your cum swallowed.”

Lee nodded.

I tilted my head back, and raised the condom. I overturned it an inch over my mouth, and squeezed all the cum out into my mouth. I swirled it around before swallowing.

I opened my mouth, and stuck out my tongue—demonstrating that I had swallowed his load.

“How was that for fun?”

Lee could only nod, and collapsed back onto the couch.

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