A Fathers-Day Treat

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Anna Kendrick

To set the scene, I have recently been reintroduced to my daughter after a break of almost 23 years. Her mother and I split shortly after her birth as I found that she was having an affair. Due to the acrimonious circumstances I was prevented by my ex from seeing my daughter over the years and only after she turned 18 did she have the opportunity to try and track me down. We have met a few times in the last few months and we have become close.

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Looking forward to seeing my estranged daughter this fathers-day weekend is an understatement. We have been apart for nearly 23 years and are rekindling a long lost relationship. We have met a few times but as we live in different parts of the country we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like. She has invited me to stay with her this weekend as a fathers-day treat. I pull up outside her apartment block and climb the stairs to her second floor flat. I ring the doorbell and wait just a few seconds before I hear hurried footsteps approaching from the other side. The door flies open and I am greeted by my lovely girl. She is about 5’4″ tall with shoulder length light brunette hair. “Hi daddy!” she exclaims, before throwing her arms around me and giving me a huge hug. “It’s so good to see you, I feel like it’s been ages since we last met.”

I hold her close to me, breathing in her light perfume and revel in holding my baby girl close to me.

“Hi Sara, it is good to see you again. I’m glad I could make it this weekend.” I kiss her lightly on her cheek as we embrace.

Then she leads me through a short hallway into her flat. It is light and airy with a modern feel and a view over the local park. The main room is a lounge diner with a small kitchenette off to one side. A small dropped leaf dining table sits close to a wall beside the kitchenette and a 2 seater sofa and matching recliner dominate the room facing towards full length glass doors opening onto a small balcony. A modest TV sits on a stand nearby and a small bookshelf groans under the weight of a collection of paperbacks.

I drop my overnight bag beside the sofa and walk to the balcony doors. “Lovely view you have here, I can see why you love it here.”

Sarah stands beside me and we look across the park together. “I do love it here dad, it’s so close to work and I have loads of friends nearby too. I have made up a spare bed in the guest room for you, would you like to settle in and maybe have a quick shower before we go out this evening. I was hoping to take you to a small café near the beach just down the road from here.”

I agree, and taking my overnight bag into the guest room, I quickly take a shower and freshen up before reappearing in the lounge. Sara has taken the opportunity to change into a knee length summer dress, and before long we are walking down the side streets towards the local seafront. It seems quite natural to hold her hand as we walk, chatting about nothing in-particular along the way.

We arrive at the café, a smart trendy place, and decide to sit outside. Ordering wine with our meal we enjoy a glass while watching the sun set. A delightful meal arrives and still chatting about inconsequential things we enjoy each-others company. I start to notice just how beautiful Sara has become. She is elegant and has a delightful laugh. Her blue eyes seem to pierce through me, looking deep into my soul.

She is slender in build, but not unnaturally thin. There are certainly curves on her body, although not exaggerated. Her summer dress is flattering to her figure, revealing the merest hint of her soft curves and allowing her to feel cool and relaxed. Her slender long fingers are well manicured. She is wearing no rings, but does carry a simple silver bracelet and is wearing a silver chain around her neck with a small blue pendant that I gave her as a present when we very first met 6 months ago. Each time I look into her eyes I am captivated by her.

After the meal we walk along the seafront for a short while before deciding to return to her home. There is a slight chill in the air when we arrive and Sara is glad to be indoors. The cool air has caused her nipples to noticeably stiffen under the cotton fabric of the dress, although I try my best not to stare.

Sara retrieves a bottle of wine and two glasses from the kitchenette before sitting opposite me on the sofa. She crosses one leg under her and relaxes comfortably with her wine. We continue to chat about this and that. As the evening lengthens our conversation turns gently towards more serious subjects. She starts to tell me her story, how she was bought up and how she found out about me. I listen intently, sipping occasionally from my wine glass as her tale unfolded.

I felt heartbroken as I heard her talk of the day when she found out that her mother’s husband was not her father. The lies that she had been fed must have really messed with her, and it was certainly the reason that she left celtabet giriş home as early as she did. To Sara’s credit she channelled her energies into her studies and then work, allowing her to get a good job and afford the flat she was in.

She was watching me intently as she spoke, studying me closely. I suddenly became aware that I could see her white panties just peeking out under the hem of her dress. I try to ignore what I have seen and continued to talk with her, relaying some of my own experiences. Perhaps Sara has seen my glance at her panties, I don’t know, but she shifts slightly allowing me to see more of them as we talked. Her eyes never seemed to leave mine and I was becoming aware that I had started to feel slightly aroused by her attention and by the view I was seeing. I adjusted my position slightly to lessen the tightness felt as my cock starts to become erect, and hope that I can control the sexual arousal I am experiencing.

Sara suggests that we opened another bottle of wine and made an excuse to visit the bathroom. This allowed me to straighten myself out and retrieve a fresh bottle from the kitchenette. I have just topped up both our glasses when she returns.

Our conversation continues, we both have intense stories to tell, but equally we were both trying our best to hold back from the raw emotions we have both felt. Loss, love and joy were mixed with alcohol and the conversation flowed.

“I don’t know why mum left you” Sara remarked at this point. “My stepdad really want that special, he was moody. He never seemed to hold a job down for long and was quite spiteful to mum as well as me. They split up about 5 years ago after mum found out that he was having an affair.

Despite everything dad, you have worked hard and improved yourself. You seem to have looked after yourself too. Do you work out?”

I laugh off her compliment. “No sweetheart, I just tend to keep fit by being active and eating well.” I reply.

“Well, I can’t see you being kicked out of many beds, dad. Did you see how many girls looked at you while we were out earlier this evening?”

I’m sure that I blushed. Looking at Sara, I noticed that the white V of her panties was again revealed to me. This time however I noticed that there was a distinct damp mark on them. This felt weird. Here I was being complimented by an attractive young woman, my biological responses were spot on, I was getting turned on. I shift a little to ease the mild discomfort of my growing erection.

Sara smiles at me. “Are you ok dad? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

I look at her, she is slightly flushed around her neckline. As I admire her I noticed the swell of her breasts under her thin cotton dress. Her nipples are definitely still erect, even though we are now quite warm in the confines of the small lounge. She tosses her hair as I watch her, as she does my cock twitches again.

“It seems that you aren’t the only hot one in the room daddy”, she remarks. “Someone or something has got your attention.”

I stutter something about needing to use the bathroom and made my way out. The wine has definitely helped in loosening me up but I am reading too much into this, surely. I manage somehow to control my erection and tidy myself up. Loosening a button on my collar, I return to the lounge. Sara, is now semi reclined on the sofa. Her ankles are modestly crossed now which make my efforts at self-control a little easier.

“Do you have a partner now daddy?” she asked.

“No, not at the moment, in fact, I haven’t had a partner for a while now” I reply. “How about you, are you dating?”

“No. I made a conscious decision when I left home to keep my virginity until I met the man of my dreams. Until recently I haven’t met him.”

“I admire you Sara. It can’t have been easy”

As she smiled at me she asks,”Why do you say that daddy?”

“Well, even though I’m your dad, I can tell you that you are stunningly attractive. I’m sure that the guys will be queuing up to take you out on dates.”

Sara changes her position on the sofa and crosses her leg under her again, revealing a view of her definitely damp panties as her dress hitches up.

“Well, I haven’t been short of dates daddy. I just haven’t taken things any further”

“I’m sure that your prince will come along soon enough”

“That’s the thing daddy, I don’t want a prince, I want a real man. They’re not so easy to find. I mean, it took me 5 years to find you!” she answers.

I realise that I am staring at her. Her summer dress is only barely covering her, with a good view of her cleavage and also the white v of her panties I am fighting hard not to try and take advantage of her in our semi drunken state.

She looks at my drained wineglass. It is late and we both seem to have got very close to a line that may never again be uncrossed. I make excuses about being tired and retire to my guest bedroom. Sara, switches out the lights after me and takes herself to her celtabet yeni giriş own bedroom.

As I drift off to sleep I hear Sara settle onto her bed. I wonder what she wears at night, and my erection starts to rise as I imagine seeing her nubile body.

A while later I am awoken by a noise. At first I can’t quite work out what it is. It seems to be a low humming sound, though I can’t quite be certain at first. Then hearing a muffled groan the other side of the thin wall I realise that it is Sara. The sounds, though muffled and quiet, arouse me to the point that I have to relieve my hard erection. I rub my cock slowly, building pleasure for myself until I release a flow of warm thick white fluid. It flows with some force onto my belly. I mop myself up with a tissue and feel briefly satisfied. Then I wonder who Sara is thinking about as she pleasures herself. Thoughts turn to erotic dreams as slumber takes over my body.

The new day starts brightly. Summer sunshine streams through the gaps in the bedroom curtains. I quietly get up and take a quick shower, making sure to clean myself up from last night’s masturbation. After shaving I return to my room and dress in a loose fitting cotton t-shirt and jeans. A few moments before I leave my room I hear Sara moving around and then hear the shower start in the bathroom. I decide to venture into the kitchenette and make coffee for the both of us while she is getting ready.

I open my bedroom door and immediately see that the bathroom door opposite is only partially closed. Inside the Perspex shower screen is closed but I can clearly see Sara through the warm steam showering herself. Her shoulder length hair, now darkened by the water, cascades around her shoulders setting off her light skin. Her nude form is seared into my brain as I watch her soap herself.

I quietly make my way into the kitchenette, feeling equally embarrassed and aroused by seeing my grown daughter so completely naked in front of me. I feel guilty that I have spied on her in her intimacy, but my penis swells as the image revisits my consciousness, sexual thoughts run rampant through my mind.

I fill the kettle and prepare two instant coffees. Then leaving one on the counter I walk into the lounge/diner and stare out of the balcony doors across the park below me.

Soft footsteps on the carpet break my thoughts followed by slender arms reaching around my waist. I turn and kiss Sara on the cheek. She is wearing just a bath towel, wrapped tightly around her.

“Good morning daddy,” she chirps “enjoying the view?”

My assumption is that she is referring to the park, so I agree, hoping that she hadn’t seen me watch her earlier in the shower.

She presses closer into me and hugs me tight. “Happy fathers-day, daddy, I am so happy that we can spend the day together.” The scent of honeysuckle blossom from her shower fills me as I hold her damp form close against me. Her wet hair, cold against me.

“I’ve made you a coffee sweetheart, it’s in the kitchen.” I say to distract her. If we continue to stand this close my building erection will surely be noticed.

She releases me and with a smile collects the steaming cup from the counter.

“Did you sleep well dad?” she asks. “I know that sometimes it can be difficult to drift off in a strange bed.”

“I slept fine thanks Sara.” I reply “It was nice to be woken up with the sunshine this morning.”

She giggles “I can think of better ways!”

My eyebrows arch in response to her reply.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean?” I playfully respond.

As I do she looks directly at my groin and smiling at me then replies. “Oh I’m sure that you do daddy!”

Sara then sits on the sofa and retrieving a hairdryer starts to brush her damp locks. I watch her admiring her natural youthful beauty.

“What plans do you have today then Sara? Are we stopping in or going out and about today?”

Looking directly into my eyes, Sara smiles and tells me that she has planned a meal for me later on, but that this morning we could just enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

With her hair dry Sara stands and walks towards her bedroom. As she does the wrapped towel unfastens and slides to the floor. I catch a glimpse of her firm bottom as she squeals and dashes out of the room. A responsive twitch in my groin registers my male urges.

I turn to look out of the balcony windows again to protect Sara’s remaining modesty.

A few moments later she returns, this time wearing a satin gown, tied at the waist. This exaggerates the curve of her hips and again causes my body to respond physically.

We share an awkward silence for a moment, before I giggle.

Sara looks at me, questioningly. “What’s so funny dad?”

“I’m sorry darling,” I reply, “the last time I saw you like that I was changing your nappy. If I recall correctly you had a job keeping them on too!” We both laughed and I cuddled her close to my side.

“It is so good to celtabet güvenilirmi have you back in my life sweetheart.” I kiss the top of her head as we cuddle. My erection still remains in place as I see her cleavage framed by the plunging V of the satin gown.

Sara turns me towards her and stands close enough to me for my bulge to gently press into her groin.

“So, did you enjoy the view?” she asks. “I think I can tell that you did, daddy.”

“This is wrong darling,” I start to say. “You’re my daughter.”

“I’m a grown woman daddy, and we are consenting adults. I have noticed you trying to hide your hard on since yesterday daddy. You want this as much as I do. I can feel you right now against my body, daddy. I want to feel you inside me.”

She raises herself up onto her toes and kisses me on the lips.

I can’t help but to respond. Her soft mouth inviting my tongue in to explore her. We kiss, with increasing passion as we become more aroused.

I break the kiss. “I want to know that you are really sure Sara. This is Pandora’s box we are opening and the consequences are explosive.”

“I know daddy. I have thought about it a lot since we met. I love you deeply and I want to be so very close to you. I want you to be my first and my most special. I want to be yours forever.”

“You already are my most special girl Sara.” I reply. “No one could ever hold my heart as much as you do. This line, if we cross it may change everything.”

“I know daddy. I want to cross the line with you and be yours.”

We kiss again. Holding each-other tightly. Her firm breasts pressing into me. My erect penis pressing into her as our arousal grows.

I slip a hand under the lower hem of her satin gown, feeling her soft firm thigh as I move my hand upwards to caress her round cheek. Sara’s arms are linked around the back of my neck as we continue to kiss deeply.

She steps back slightly, and reaches down to unfasten the sash tie around her waist. The slippery cloth parts, revealing her nubile form.

I unfasten my belt and unzip my jeans, allowing the heavy cloth to fall to the floor. Then, I step out of the discarded item. Sara unfastens the buttons on my shirt and slides it off me.

My cotton shorts are tented as my erect penis presses against the material. Despite Sara’s inexperience she reaches down to feel the size of my organ through the material, clasping her slender fingers around its girth.

I slide the gown off her shoulders, revealing her fully naked body for the first time. Looking at her I see that her pink nipples are erect on her firm small breasts. Her young body carries just a little additional flesh with a soft curve over her belly. Her long legs are toned and lightly tanned.

Sara looks directly into my eyes as she holds the shaft of my penis. Her grip gentle, almost fearful.

I pull the elastic waistband of my underwear to clear the swollen organ and allow them to drop to the floor. She looks down at my hard cock and takes hold of it again, very lightly brushing her hand along its length.

“It won’t break sweetheart, you can be a little firmer if you want.” I tell her.

She grips a little tighter and massages the shaft a little.

“It’s the first one I’ve ever seen, is it always that big?”

“No sweetheart, it is responding to your touch that has made it that big.”

I reach up to cup one of her breasts in the palm of my hand. Squeezing the soft flesh I apply pressure to the swollen pink nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her areolae stiffen against my palm as I stimulate her. My other hand pulls her soft bottom into me and I feel my erect penis press against her belly as it stands erect between us. She gently sighs as we continue to kiss.

“It feels so good.” She murmurs between kisses. I break the kiss gently and lead her by the hand into her bedroom. We lie on the bed, continuing to kiss. I lie back for a while allowing Sara to explore me, both with her eyes and hands as she runs them over my hairy chest and down to my groin.

With her confidence growing Sara starts to massage my penis more firmly. Being uncircumcised the skin over the head of my cock starts to reveal the swollen glans below. Sara looks worried until I tell her that it is ok. I pull the foreskin back to show her just how flexible it is.

She stares intently at the deep pink, almost purple head of my cock and remarks on how shiny it is.

Then she notices a bead of clear fluid starting to develop at the tip.

“Are you cumming daddy?” she asks

“No, not yet sweetheart. That is just the start of things. It will help us in a while by providing some lubrication.”

“Can I suck it daddy?” She asks. “Isn’t that what boys like?”

“If you want to you can, but don’t feel that you have to. Take your time and enjoy what you are doing.” I reply.

Sara bends down and kisses the tip of my cock. The she parts her lips and allows the head of my penis to move into her mouth. I deliberately hold very still to allow her to take things at her own pace, mindful of the fact that she has never done this before. Opening her mouth wider she takes the head of my cock into her mouth and holds it there. As she does, she looks up into my eyes uncertain what to do next.

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