A Fantasy Come True

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At 19 I had many things going on, as most guys do. I was always attracted to my cousin Heather M. and thought she was great! I would fantasize sometimes but that’s all it was.

One night though something changed… Heather my cousin was visiting us for several days and my girlfriend and I would show her around the big city. Maybe the 3rd or 4th day into her visit my folks went out of town for a couple of days.

That night there was just the 3 of us and not doing a heck of a lot. We had a couple of beers and were just sitting in the living room. Like a lot of you, Well one beer led to many and then Heather asked if we wanted to play truth or dare… Ahhh ya I guess so. I asked my girlfriend and she said sure, why not.

We got asking silly questions and a few subtle dares. I have to admit I was feeling kind of horny. My girlfriend was slim about 5’6 true blonde hair and very cute. She was about a 34B, where as Heather was about 5’4 125 lbs, strawberry red hair, a few freckles and about a 36C. I asked if we were daring?? and dared my girlfriend to take her top off. She had no real problem as it was just the 3 of us. She lifted her top above her head and she was wearing a light green see-through bra. Her perky nipples and areolas had no problem showing through the bra. Yes definitely had a hard on at this point. It seemed that it has turned into a dare, dare game now. Heather dared me to take off my shirt. No biggy, I’m a guy..

I looked at Heather and dared her to take off her blouse. She looked a little embarrassed but started to unbutton the blouse. As she removed her blouse there was a lovely Full set of boobs hidden under a fairly plain bra. Her skin looked so soft and lightly covered in freckles which seemed to turn me on more.

It was like gang up time… My girlfriend dared me to remove my jeans and as I was taking them down I could see Heather watching very closely. Once they were shed I said I’ll grab a couple of more beers. When I got back they were giggling and laughing, so I asked what’s up? Nothing, just girl talk…

I said I was going to roll another joint and it was my girlfriends turn and to my surprise she dared Heather to remove her jeans. I must have stopped and jaw open because she asked if that was ok. Yes by all means.. Damn OK!!

I had never seen Heather even in a bikini so here I was looking at this cute girl slowly removing her jeans. God she looked wonderful and damn was I hard! She had a pair of bikini canlı bahis panties on and again they were plain but what a sight. Wow she looked great. My girlfriend laughed and said that I really approved of what I was seeing. Heather asked, how so. LOOK, he has such a hard on!! Heather looked and a slight blush appeared but seemed to enjoy the fact that I was hard.

As we passed around the joint we were all at the point of seeing someone getting nude. Heather dared my girlfriend to remove her bra and as she did I don’t know if she was excited or there was a bit of a breeze, but my God her nipples were rock hard. Well damn… Heather I dare you to remove your bra!! This time she didn’t seem to mind. She unclasped it and there was a lovely set of breasts just standing free. Her areolas were large but a light color and her nipples, not poky like my girlfriends, large round and damn Hot looking. Out of my mouth came WOW!!! Now she gave a bit of a blush.. my girlfriend gave me a friendly slap on the arm.. We just laughed.

My girlfriend looked at me and said.. Mike, I dare you to stand up and remove your underwear. NOW, I felt awkward. I stumbled a bit and they both were saying, come on.. do it! I said ok.. and started to move them slowly down. Come on Mike Heather said.. In a moment or two I was standing in front of both girls with a raging hard on. I’m circumcised with a nice head and 6 1/2″. Heather just stared at me, so I took my hand and slowly stroked it a couple of times. Can I sit now? Yes, go ahead my girlfriend said. Heather told my girlfriend to remove her panties and in a moment she was sliding them off and we could now see a lovely set of pouting pussy lips that were damp. She shaves around her lip area and trims above. How inviting… Mmmmmmm

I looked at Heather and said… Heather, remove your panties for us please. She stood up and slowly lowered the panties. As they lowered, I could now see her pubic hair starting to show. Her pubic hair was also a strawberry red color but seemed so silky, not course! Then as they fell away for the first time I saw my cousins pussy lips. They were a light red color and looked so smooth. As she sat back down, her pussy lips parted a little and oh my God was it a wonderful sight.

I just said… God, I’m so horny! Both of them said ya, me to! I leaned over and kissed my girlfriend and ran my hand up her leg. She sighed and I moved closer and moved down and kissed her pussy. I heard a sigh, not just from bahis siteleri her but from Heather. I looked at Heather and asked if she would touch me. Without a hesitation she got onto the floor and grabbed my cock. She had such a light touch that it sent tingles through me. As she slowly stroked my cock I turned and continued to lick my girlfriends pussy. She loves been eaten out and I love going down on her. She tasted wonderful and was getting wetter by the moment.

She said wait! Huh.. I said. She moved over me into a 69 position. She was watching Heather stroke me as I started back on her now open lips. She was wide open and her juices were now flowing quite well. I tried to look at Heather as I ate out my girlfriend but just could not see her. Heather continued to stroke me slowly as though to feel every inch. My cock head was so swollen now and the feelings were wonderful.

For a split second Heather stopped and there was a wet pair of lips engulfing my cock head. I looked up but could not see who had their lips on my cock. God the feeling was getting amazing but I still didn’t know who it was. It was actually exciting not knowing. I continued to eat out my girlfriend the best I could and all of a sudden my whole cock was engulfed and a hard sucking felling back to the head. The feeling was amazing. There was again another slight pause and my cock head was being sucked and licked. It felt somewhat different and then I knew that Both girls were sucking my cock.

I went into high mode on my girlfriend and licked, and sucked all the juices I could. I would flick her clit and then plunge my tongue as far inside her as I could. The licking and sucking continued on my cock and my head was actually starting to spin. My girlfriend was about to cum as she thrust her pussy hard into my mouth. Her juices were running down my cheeks and the next thing I knew she was shouting out… I’M CUMMING!!!! I looked up and her head was high in the air and they was a sudden flood of her juices. She came with such a force. I stopped for a moment to concentrate on my self. The feeling was unbelievable. The sucking and licking was incredible… It wasn’t a slow build up. It was like an explosion. I’m CUMMING I said and Bang!!! I shot like there was no tomorrow. It was so powerful and it was like a whole body orgasm! I just grabbed onto my girlfriends ass as I kept cumming. I couldn’t think, couldn’t breath it was wild. In a few moments it dawned on me. It wasn’t my girlfriend bahis şirketleri that finished me, it was my cousin Heather. It was her mouth sucking my cock as my girlfriend was cumming.

My girlfriend rolled off of me and there was Heather still kneeling between my legs. She had cum on her cheek and she just looked at me and giggled. I looked at her and said WOW!!!! This was F***ing amazing. I sat up and kissed my girlfriend and then leaned to my cousin and kissed her. We actually open mouthed and tongued. I could still taste myself in her mouth. Not bad, but sure as hell different. I looked into her eyes and just said thank you. No, it was definitely “my” pleasure.

The next thing I heard was my girlfriend saying, hey that’s not fair… Heather hasn’t cum!! That’s ok Heather said… Whoa.. no it’s not!

I told Heather to sit on the couch and as she did I moved between her legs. I asked my girlfriend to come closer and I whispered in her ear. She kind of said Ummmm, well OK! Heather asked WHAT? Nothing except that it’s your turn now.

I slowly moved her legs apart and then lifted up and moved towards her. I looked into her eyes and said come here. She bent forward and I gave her a long open mouth kiss.

I slowly moved down and was now looking at a beautiful set of wet pussy lips. I slowly moved forward and started to lick her lips and give a few sucks on her clit. She let out a few whimpers and I got her to slide her ass forward giving me complete view and full access to her pussy. Damn, she tasted sweet and I just held her outer thighs and started to give her a complete bathing from my tongue. She was so wet and leaning back into the couch. As I concentrated on her clit, I moved two fingers to her wide open lips. I placed them at her opening and then slowly slid them inwards. I was licking, flicking and kissing her clit as I started a faster and deeper as well as a hard thrust now and then. She was moaning loudly now and as I looked up I gave my girlfriend a nod. This was her cue to pinch and play with her nipples. I don’t know if it was the shock of having her nipples being touched but her eyes opened quickly and she just started to moan loudly. I continued my liking and sucking and fingering and my girlfriend flicked her nipples. Heather started cumming with such force. She actually screamed for a moment and her juices gushed into my mouth and face and then her thighs clamped so hard on my head it almost hurt. She bucked several times and her whole body shook. It was actual convulsions for a little bit and then she started to calm down and slowly relax. We all just looked at each other and started to laugh and giggle….

What a night to remember!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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