A Fantasy

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You have stood at the window behind the curtain as I’ve fucked you, one hand on your belly as you suck on my thumb, stifling your moans and cries . The few diners left below are oblivious of what is happening just above their heads.

You are unobserved now but want to be seen, not by the diners perhaps but you are wanton in your need at this moment and I wonder how I’ll satisfy us both. The lunch time wine is lubricating your lust. The door of the room stands open still and one of the young Turkish waiters pauses to look in, and I signal him to come in and join us.

He smiles, then turns and calls out, and pauses again before entering. I pull you back into the room; you have your audience now. You step slightly forward wanting him to se my cock moving in and out of you. He watches me stroking your ass, grunting his approval as you turn to him, your eyes telling him everything, and he drops his pants freeing his huge cock. It’s already jumping and he strokes it as he reaches his other hand to yours.

Another waiter arrives, another young Turk, who laughs canlı bahis at what he sees. You need more attention now and I turn you to the heavy table and you lie forward, then I turn you on me till you are on your back. One Turk jumps up and kneels straddling your head, feeding his big cock to you and you suck him busily as he watches me, and the other continues to watch me stroking in and out of you. He grasps your pole and strokes it in time with his own long thin one, still watching.

They joke with each other, make hand signals and I sense what they may be joking about. I plant my hand back on your belly and withdraw from your passage.

The Turk holding your cock moves between your thighs and feeds himself into you as I bend to kiss your nipples and add my hand to the other young Turks.

We quickly have you spouting your seed for us. The young Turks talk and the one you are feeding on pulls free and moves forward. He obviously wants to fuck you too. I wonder what they will do, what order they will fuck you in, but they move their hands about and talk. I bahis siteleri now straddle your face, my tool filling your mouth and you do duty sucking me.

Then the Turks are pushing your thighs higher and the one inside you brings himself up onto the table crouching over you, trapping your thighs under his as he pumps you. The other Turk has moved behind him the bends over and I gasp as he reappears standing on his head behind his friend, his legs spread and hanging back, his tool hard and hanging straight down his belly.

The friend reaches back and takes his friends long tool, feeding the head of it into your hole below his own. You buck at this huge invasion and would have them off you if not trapped under his thighs, and I grab your arms and pin those down, knowing this is what you want but don’t want. Two young cocks working inside your single passage so you think you will split apart.

The Turk facing me is going, ‘oh oh’, and moving his hips gently as you buck and writhe beneath me. The athletic rear Turk has penetrated you and slowly drives deeper, his bahis şirketleri cock pointing down and running along the rear of your tunnel aided by his friends stroking pull and push.

Soon he is well in and I feel you whimpering. I pull my cock from your mouth and bend to kiss you as they begin to fuck you in an alternating rhythm the way you have fantasized being double fucked. They do it like experienced diggers alternating their tools in your channel.

I hold your arms back still, stretching your torso out. I lean in to kiss the Turk wanting him to know that I am mesmerized by what he is doing to you. You begin to join the fuck now, meeting the rear Turks thrusts with yours. I palm your belly making you moan more and tease your nipples and kiss the Turk again, pleased he had the desire to do this to you.

Both fill you with hot cream then withdraw, laughing happily as the rear one falls to the ground with a heavy thump.

They laugh and thank you, lying there still with your legs raised, feeling their cum leaking from you as you recover, shocked at what they have done to you, but loving every moment of it. I stand down and move into the space they have vacated between your thighs and add my seed to theirs as you gaze at me, moaning and stroking yourself .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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