A Dream Vacation Ch. 05

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(Edited by LarryinSeattle without whom this story would be nothing more than a mass of lines and phrases.)


JP woke slowly from one of the most sensuous dreams he’d had in a long time. In the dream, Vicki was lying behind him, her pubic hair tickling his butt as she rubbed her pussy against him and her hard nipples pressed small indentations in his back. Then suddenly he realized it hadn’t been a dream as he felt her lean forward and lightly kiss the back of his neck. “Good Morning, sweetheart,” she whispered as he felt her hand pumping his hardening cock, rubbing her thumb over the sensitive head. This instantly sent shivers up and down his spine. “Did you sleep well?”

Turning around, he drew her into his arms. “I slept great except for a dream I was having,” he teased as his throbbing cock pressed into her soft belly before kissing her passionately, shoving his tongue into her mouth.

Vicki moaned. This was exactly the reaction she’d hoped for as she grabbed his ass, pulling him tight against her as she ground herself against him. Their tongues danced and battled with each other.

Finally pulling away, she struggled for breath as her body shivered. She had known when she woke that she needed JP again. She needed his cock filling and stretching her just as he had the night before and leaving another load of his cum deep inside of her.

“I’ve got him now,” she thought as she gazed into his eyes and she slowly slid down the bed, dragging her fingernails over his shoulders and down his chest to his groin. Gently, she cupped his balls with one hand while gripping his rock hard shaft in the other. Almost in slow motion, she leaned forward to kiss the tip before using her tongue to lick all over it like a Popsicle. Finally, she opened her mouth and sucked it into her mouth while she held his gaze. Then ever so slowly, she began bobbing her head up and down.

Without even realizing he had done it, JP groaned as her hot mouth and tongue worked their magic. Instinctively reaching out, he entwined his fingers in her hair and held her head as he began pushing upwards to match her descent, sending more and more of his cock inside her mouth.

Delicately, she squeezed his balls and stroked his shaft as she lovingly sucked his cock. All too soon, she had his cock throbbing, ready for release. Then she suddenly released it and slid back up the bed.

“Tease,” he groaned.

Sensuously she leaned forward dragging her breasts up over his chest as she moved further and further up until they were once again staring into each other’s eyes. “I never tease, you know that. You’re going to get everything I can offer… when I decide,” she sighed as she ran her tongue across her lips enticingly.

Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close. “You can wake me up like this anytime you want.”

Immediately, she put her finger against his lips to stop him from saying anything more. “Shhhhhh,” she whispered as she leaned over and kissed him. Even after two years of marriage it still amazed her that JP’s touch and voice stirred her unlike anyone else ever had including the lovers she’d known while in the film industry.

Her hands ran through his hair as she kissed him, deep. Their tongues were seeking, feeling, sliding against each other. She loved kissing him, his sexy mouth, that wonderful tongue, and that deep-voiced intimate moan that just came from him. She could feel the heat radiating from his chest against her breasts, could feel his hands touching and exploring her body; her ass, her back, her hair. Instinctively, her hips pressed against his and moved in a rhythm as old as time, while her breathing was becoming more and more uneven after every touch.

All the while, she could feel his cock growing, its hardness pressing against her stomach just above her patch of female fur. Reaching down, she stroked it gently with her hand. She was aware of everything around her and felt completely in tune with the world around… and she wanted him.

Pulling away, she gazed into his eyes before moving upwards. “I’ve only been weaning Jacob for a few months,” she whispered as she wrapped her hand around her right tit and offered it to him.

JP’s green eyes sparkled as he stretched upward and took the nipple between his lips. Gently he began to suckle on her.

“Harder, lover. Suck my tit. Suck it hard. Get my milk. I know it’s there, I can feel it swelling my tit. Come on, baby. Suck harder,” she chanted.

JP did as she asked and suddenly he felt her milk erupt from her distended nipple, spraying the inside of his mouth. It’s what every child needed and what many men still fantasized about, including him.

Wrapping her hand behind his head she pulled him closer and forced more of her tit into his mouth. “That’s it. Suck my tit. Take my milk, drink it. Ohhhhhh god, it feels so good. Come on, suck on my tit. Suck harder. Drink my mommy-milk. That’s it. Suck it. Drink it all.”

As canlı bahis he was sucking her hard nipples, she took his head in her hands, moaning and arching her back with the pleasure. “Bite it,” she whispered.

He gently bit down on the hard knot, increasing the pressure, until she whimpered with pleasure/pain while she wiggled her hips against his hard cock. Sucking more of her tit into his mouth, he bit her pulsing nipple again while pinching the nipple of the other one. She could feel the growing sensations that flowed from her nipples to her clit. As if they had a mind of their own, she found her back arching, pressing more of her tit into his mouth while he kept squeezing both of them.

“Ahhh,” she moaned. “Oh yeah, baby… yeah… I want you to drain my tit and then do the same to the other side,” she crooned.

Withdrawing from her now empty tit, he took the other nipple into his mouth and bit down on the dark, distended nipple. Her reaction was instantaneous as her body quivered and she found herself wanting more… wanting more of what he was providing, wanting that feeling of being dominated and controlled until he suddenly pulled away releasing her nipple with a muffled ‘pop’.

She looked at him as he placed his hands on her ass and pulled her upwards while he slid lower in the bed. The slight touch of his fingers on her ass, his breath running over her belly, the friction of his body as he slid beneath her, and his tongue licking her across her skin resulted in her moaning and whining with each new sensation. Every touch, every breath, every sound was heightened for her. She wanted it so badly.

Moving further and further up the bed, Vicki soon found herself grabbing the headboard of the bed to brace herself while JP slid between her spread legs. She could feel her body throbbing in anticipation as he parted her pussy with his fingers. She could feel his breath hitting her wet pussy and she almost couldn’t contain herself knowing his tongue would be slicing her apart at any moment – that wet tongue wanting to lick her, taste her, feel her clit, and run itself over every inch of her womanhood.

Feather-light kisses covered her inner thighs and the outer lips of her pussy until JP suddenly stopped. Frustrated, she was about to move off of him when his finger plunged into her wet hole.

“Ohhh yeah,” she chanted. “Ohhh yeah.” Her hips immediately settled on his hand driving his finger into her depths as animal sounds flowed from within her throat.

She was almost totally engrossed in the feel of his finger sliding in and out of her when she felt his tongue plunge into her pussy and move up and down. The finger never stopped but kept plunging into her over and over. “Ahhh yesss,” she whispered, “More… don’t stop. Finger my pussy. Feel how wet you’ve got me.” Using one hand to hold the headboard, she took the other and squeezed her tit and nipple.

His tongue was eating her up. It was licking her all over, inside and out, up and down, and side to side. His hot tongue ran from the bottom of her lust-swollen pussy lips up to the knob of her clit, poking its head out from its hood. It was hard, exposed and throbbing almost as if begging for more attention. His finger plunged deeper and deeper, creating more moisture for him to taste, more friction for her to feel, more pleasure for them both.

She felt like she were about to explode. She felt so needed, so appreciated, so sexy, so desirable, and so horny. She craved his attention. She yearned for the closeness, the strong arms and hands, the deep voice, the sexy way about him. She basked in the feeling that he would take care of her, that he would protect her from harm, that he would give her what she wanted… what she needed.

His tongue caressed her folds while his finger touched the most feminine part of her soul, making her moan and twitch and move and groan and smile. He was taking her places, licking her and licking her. “Oh god, your tongue feels sooo good,” she groaned.

“Don’t stop. Whatever else you have planned, please don’t stop,” she pleaded. Writhing above him she tried to keep her pussy in place for him but she was about to cum… and cum hard. She knew that within seconds she would reach her limit as she felt the tingling starting from deep inside.

JP must have sensed it, too because he stopped eating her and pushed her down until she was straddling his body.

Vicki lay there with her head on his shoulder, whimpering as the feeling in her stomach started to recede. That was when he kissed her. It was a deep passionate kiss, his tongue driving deep into her mouth, sharing her tangy pussy juices. Pulling away, she licked his lips and then his face of all of her wetness, all the while moaning her pleasure, “Sooo good.” She was so overwhelmed by what he had done to her already that she barely noticed when he shifted again so his cock was lightly pressing against the opening to her pussy.

Reaching between them he grabbed bahis siteleri his cock at its base and swung it upwards slapping her clit… once… twice… three times.

Her body shivered and tightened as her eyes flew open. “Wha… aaaaaAGGGHHHHHHHHH,” she screamed as her orgasm surged through her.

Using the hand still wrapped around his cock, he aligned it with her gapping pussy while placing his other hand on her ass and pressing it down until he felt his cockhead nestled between her pussy lips. Then in one long, continuous thrust he drove his cock into her.

“Ooohhh shit,” she moaned. “Shit, shit, shit, you are so big baby… ohhh… you are filling me up.”

Her ass went all the way down the length of his shaft until she was sitting on top of him and his cock was impaled all the way inside of her wet throbbing pussy. She rocked backward, arched her spine, and put her hands on his shoulders driving herself down until she could feel his head hitting her spot deep inside of her, feeling her clit rubbing against his girth, and could feel him filling her up completely inside.

“Oh… god… you… feel… so… good,” she breathed, inhaling and exhaling between her clenched teeth.

Her hips started fucking him, fucking his willing cock, hunching on his member, forward and backward, forward and backward… moving faster and faster.

“Ohhhh, fuck me. Fill me pussy. Stretch my cunt. Drive your cock into my pussy,” she whined, almost crying with the wonderful sensation of being filled up, of everything being rubbed, of seeing the look in his eyes that told her how much he was enjoying it as well.

Her movements became a blur as she sat up pulling away from him until only the head of his cock was still inside of her before driving herself down onto him while he was driving up to meet her. Quickly, the room filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and the occasional ‘squirt’ as his cock filled her while the aroma of sex permeated everything.

“Oh shit… fuck me… fuck me hard… fill my pussy… fill my cunt… cum in me… make me cum… make me cum with you,” she chanted with each thrust. “Now, JP… now… I’m gonna cum… ohhh god… don’t stop… you feel… so good… so fucking good… ooohhhhhhh fuck… now baby… now… fill meeeEEEEEEEEEEE.”

Just at that moment, JP leaned upwards and clamped on her distended nipple adding to the sensations coursing through her.

Her insides started to explode around him, the surge of sensation and orgasm starting in her chest and moving downward to their connection point. Her pussy contracted around his cock and contracted again, and again, and again.

Her mouth flew open in a noiseless scream as she drove herself down on his cock and held herself there. Her hands clenched and squeezed her tits and nipples while she arched her back and tilted her head backward. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes were closed in ecstasy. Her pussy was clenching his rock hard member as rope after rope of his thick cum rocketed from the tip to splatter against the rear wall of her pussy, searching for the opening to her most intimate place.

Suddenly, it seemed as if every bone in her body melted and she sagged forward, pulling away from his spewing cock until it popped free, sending its last strand of cum splashing against her pussy lips and the delicate fur surrounding it. “Yesssssssss,” she hissed. “So nice… so hot,” she mumbled as she rolled off of JP.

Sliding an arm under her head, JP pulled her close and held her. Then, turning his head, he noticed the clock flashing ’11:30 AM’. Vaguely, he remembered that it had read ‘8:30 AM’ when Vicki had woken him up. A smile crossed his face as he thought, “Three hours. No wonder I’m beat.” Using his feet, he pulled the covers back up into arms reach and was just about to take a nap when he remembered Vicki’s diaphragm.

Leaning up on his elbow he saw the case sitting on the bedside table. Slowly, he pulled his arm from under her head and slid from the bed. Quietly, he walked to the bedside table and withdrew the diaphragm. He had seen Vicki put it in several times so he gently spread her legs. Her pussy gaped open like a huge tunnel as he carefully slid the diaphragm in using his fingers to press it all the way to the back.

Accidently, his thumb hit her clit at just this moment, sending a shiver running through her body followed by a sharp intake of breath. “MMmmmmmmmmm, so good,” was all he heard as she drifted off to an exhausted sleep.

Quickly, JP returned to bed himself and was starting to drift off as he thought, “Maybe this time. Maybe we did it again.”


When JP awoke later, the sun shone through the window and seemed to be caressing Vicki’s naked body as it highlighted every dip and curve. Reaching out, he lightly ran his fingertips from the hollow of her waist up over her thigh and back again.

“Mmmmmmm, that feels good,” she whispered, “but bahis şirketleri if you don’t stop we’ll never leave this room today.”

“And what’s wrong with that?” he said, jokingly.

Rolling over so she was facing him, she replied with a lascivious twinkle in her eyes, “Absolutely nothing except I was hoping we could take a ride to that rest stop we visited the first time we were here.”

A far off look formed on JP’s face as he thought about the rest stop. It had been their second day together and they had decided to take in the scenery. Vicki had been a tease from the moment they climbed on his cycle, rubbing her tits against his back while innocently running her hand over the front of his pants. When they stopped to get some food for lunch, they had been told by the store owner about a rest stop not too far away. Needless to say, they never did eat; instead, they had made hot, passionate, animalistic love under the blaring afternoon sun.

“Earth to JP… Earth to JP,” he heard as Vicki called to him.

“Sorry about that. I was just remembering the rest stop.”

“I thought as much,” she continued. “So what do you say we take a ride?”

JP quickly got up and dressed while Vicki used the bathroom to put on a special outfit she had purchased.

When she came out, she was dressed in a white, translucent top that was tied under her bust almost revealing what she was wearing underneath. Her jeans were form-fitting but had a zipper that went from the front of the pants down between her legs and then back up so they could be unzipped into two pieces. The final piece of the outfit was a set of calf-high black high-heeled boots.


“Flattery will get you everything,” she quipped as she headed towards the door, making sure to rub herself against him as she lightly cupped his groin. “Let’s get going I can’t wait to see the rest stop again.”

JP followed and hopped on the cycle as Vicki settled herself behind him.

The miles flew by as they cruised the back roads but Mother Nature had a plan of her own and several miles from their destination the heavens opened in a massive rain storm.

Fortunately, they noticed an old barn situated well off the road and immediately headed for it. When they arrived, JP pulled the cycle under an awning behind the barn before they entered. It was big, though not huge by Texas standards. But more importantly it was warm and dry. Quickly looking around, JP noticed the hayloft. “Up there. Get going.”

Vicki stood for a second before starting to climb the ladder. “May I ask why we’re going up here?”

“Simple. Hay is warm and we’re soaked. The best way to avoid a chill is to climb under the hay.”

Vicki turned and gave him a look, “Oh, is that why?”

JP laughed. “God, you’re suspicious.”

Giggling she replied, “Only since I married you.”

Once in the hayloft, JP hollowed out a place for them and they crawled in pulling the hay on top of them.

“Mmmm, you’re right. This is warm,” Vicki whispered as she snuggled against JP.

Then all at once they heard the barn door open and voices below them.

“Hurry up and get in here. I’m soaked,” they heard a young man’s voice say.

A young woman replied, “So am I. We better get out of these clothes before we get sick.”

Crawling from their spot in the loft, JP and Vicki watched as the couple stripped off their clothes.

“God, you’re beautiful.”

“You probably say that to all the girls,” the woman sighed.

“Nope, just you,” he murmured as he wrapped his arms around her.

Instantly, the couple began kissing and the last shreds of their clothes were tossed on a hay bale.

“Wanna go up in the loft?” he asked.

The young woman shook her head. “Nope, everything I need is right here,” she continued as she moved backwards pulling the young man with her. When she felt the hay behind her she jumped up on it and smiled at him. “Now give me that cock. You’ve been rubbing it against me all day and I need it deep inside of me right now.”

JP and Vicki watched in amazement as the man stepped closer to the woman as she spread her legs. His cock found the opening to her pussy as if guided by radar. Then without another word, he drove himself into her.

“FUCK ME,” the young woman screamed. “Ohhhhh, baby. I had no idea you were so big. Fuck, I didn’t believe it when Jenny told me she felt like she was being split in two when you fucked her. Mmmmmm, push it in. Fill me with your cock.”

Grabbing her ass, the young man drove into her. “You’re so tight. It feels like a fucking vise wrapped around my cock.”

Wrapping her legs around him, the woman pulled him closer. “What did you expect? You’re only the second guy I’ve ever been with.”

The young man suddenly stopped. “Only the second? I thought you and Phil and then Eric.”

Laughing, the woman pulled him the closer. “Those idiots only wish they could have what I’m giving you. They wouldn’t know what to do with a pussy if it jumped out and bit them. Now fuck me. Make me your girl.”

Instantly, he began to pound her and the barn filled with the sound of their moans and grunts.

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