A Discovery Ch. 08

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I awoke to the rare aroma of freshly brewed coffee and took a moment to make sure I wasn’t dreaming – about the welcome beverage and the even more welcome knowledge that Debbie was real. My eyes opened to find her sitting up in the bed, smiling down at me.

“Coffee, sleepy?” she said.

I struggled to sit up and grinned my reply, both hands ready to accept the steaming mug before eagerly sipping at the pungent liquid.

“Looks like you need that,” Debbie said, “You still need me as well?”

I nodded, “Yes and yes. Who else would make me coffee this early?”

“And you call me the terror!”

“Well you are. But a lovely one.”

“Presumably that’s not linked to the coffee?”

I put the mug on the bedside table and pulled Debbie down beside me. Propping myself up on one elbow I pecked her nose and smiled, “It’s not linked to anything other than the fact that I’ve fallen madly, deeply and truly with a beautiful terror.”

She beamed back at me, “I’ll settle for that. No matter that you have managed to turn my entire life upside down in just a few days.”

“Ditto, terror.”

Debbie turned and picked up my coffee mug, handing it to me before cocking her head to one side and staring deep into my eyes. “Dallas,” she said, slowly, “Do you realise just how much I love what’s happened to me since I met you? It’s like a missing piece has magically appeared – one that I never even realised was missing.”

I sipped at the coffee, “I honestly feel that way as well. It’s like the previous couple of decades were missing something without me ever knowing. And… well… I know we’ve only known each other for next to no time at all but… but I can’t imagine things any other way now.”

“You’ve no idea how happy I am to hear that.”

I set the mug down again and pulled Debbie close, “I don’t know what’s happened and I don’t care.” I covered a sudden rush of nervousness with a strangled laugh, “Hell, Debbie, I know it sounds crazy, sounds stupid even, but you’re all I’ve ever wanted. I just didn’t fucking know it!”

Debbie’s voice dropped to a whisper, “Understood. And now… now I just want you beside me,” She pushed me onto my back, “and beneath me.” She kissed me softly and deeply, “If I had the nerve I’d ask if we could just stay together now.”

“If you had the nerve I’d say yes, then.” I didn’t let myself think, just let myself feel what was true and deep inside my heart.

“Are you sure that would really be a ‘yes’ if I managed to find that nerve?”

“This is getting very soppy,” I managed, “but my ‘yes’ would still stand.”

Debbie shuddered in my arms, “Pass the bucket then because I think I’ve just found my courage.”

“Then accept my yes. Now just wonder what I might have said yes to if you’d made me a bacon sandwich to go with the coffee!”

She giggled delightedly and delightfully, “As if I’d dare handle spitting bacon fat dressed like this. Or rather, undressed like this.”

It was my turn to laugh, relief for some reason coursing through me, “I’ll go without the bacon butty as long as you promise to stay naked.”

“That’s a deal as long as you agree to as well.”

I nodded, “I do. I think I’m becoming a nudist with you.”

Debbie sat up, “You know, maybe we should try a nudist resort some time. I’d hate to be caught unawares around here, but I’m not sure I wouldn’t mind being able to show off – and more to the point, show you off – at a place like that.”

I was about to say ‘no way’ but a sudden image of a naked Debbie by my side receiving approving looks in a natural, naturist, environment stayed my protest. Even the thought of being naked myself and seen by strangers took on a strangely attractive light. And here was the funniest thing about that sudden feeling – it wasn’t exactly a sexual reaction, maybe more a thing of pure proudness to be able to be with Debbie like that. “No promises,” I shrugged, “but let me think about it and maybe we could try it sometime.”

She paused and then giggled, “What’s happening to us, huh? So many new and different feelings.”

“Oh yes,” I drew her back into my arms and kissed her softly, “and such lovely new feelings at that.”

The kiss was returned and quickly become more passionate, more eager. Our hands caressed each other’s naked flesh and most intimate areas, drawing sighs and moans of pleasure. I think I ended up drinking more of Debbie’s delightful juices than I did my coffee. And my coffee never screams its pleasure… For the first time in my life another person’s climax made me cum.

It was in the kitchen before we could even consider what was going to happen later that day.

“So,” Debbie grinned, “no clothes all day?”

I shrugged, relaxed to the point of floppiness, “I guess, but it’s going to make checking up on my parents’ place a bit tricky.”

“Your brother won’t be back until tomorrow and the lane is pretty quiet.”

“Pretty quiet, but I bet more than one car passes us if we walk that way to get there.”

“So? We’ll just have to dive for cover in the trees.”

I looked into her bright blue eyes and bahis firmaları shivered with delight, “You’re naughty. Lovely but naughty. Somehow that feels a lot more daring than any nudist club.”

“Very true, Dallas. I think it’s already giving me all sorts of naughty ideas.”

I stood up and placed my hands on her shoulders, “Okay then, let’s do it.”

Debbie giggled, “Perfect! I think we should spend as much time as possible being like that.”

“Like that?”

“Nude, naked, free as a bird!”

“Free as a bird is right in your case. Lovely tits!”

She gave another giggle and breathed deeply, puffing out her small, perfect chest with its gorgeous big nipples, “Great tits, surely?”

“Oh yes,” I kissed each of her constantly hard nipples in turn “I won’t be asking you to tern away!”

“Going to be constantly goosing me are you?”

“You’d be a fool not to believe it. Gullible even!”

Debbie started to push me backwards into the living room and towards the sofa, “These puns are awful, you know? I think I’ll have to distract you.” She dropped to her knees and pushed me back onto the cushions, my legs scissoring open, “Perhaps you’ll stop if I make you owl with pleasure!”

As her tongue slid up the inside of my thigh I just about managed to assure her I wasn’t complaining – or even grousing – and just laid back.

I never fought against Debbie’s attentions, but rather, opened myself up to her in a way I’d never done for anyone before. She licked and probed, nibbled and sucked, kissed and drank from me – and I let her bring me to heights of pleasure I never knew existed. She seemed to realise that I was beyond protesting, beyond the point where I thought I should return the pleasures right there and then – seemed to know that I knew that there would be a thousand opportunities for me to return the favours – and I could feel her own excitement grow.

She told me three times that she loved me, told me twice that she wanted me to explode with pleasure, and told me once, just as I started to climax, that she wanted me forever.

It made my orgasm soar into the heavens.

Afterwards I found myself cuddled up to Debbie on the rug in front of her parents’ sofa. I had no recollection of sliding down there but was more than happy that somehow I had. “I could get used to this,” I told her.

“Good,” she said, “I want you to.”

“Do you realise something?”

“After that, I’m not sure I realise anything.”

I patted her rump, “Listen, terror, it’s important.”

“What is it then?”

“You might want to grab the bucket.”

Debbie gave a trademark grin, “Why?”

“It’s official.”

“An official bucket?”

I patted her rump harder, “Stop that, terror.”

She rubbed at her rump, “Surely you know I rather like that?”

“Shut up! Let me just say it!”

“The official, bucket-inducing thing?”

“Yes!” I gave a laugh of my own, “I haven’t forgotten, you know?”

Debbie cocked her head to one side, “Forgotten what?”

“What you said just before I cum like a steam train”

“Oh,” she said, “that.”

“Yes, that. You sure you want me forever?”

Her smile slipped. “Yes. I can’t explain it, but yes.”

“Well,” I said, not allowing myself to think, just feel, “The feeling’s mutual. I guess were stuck with each other now.”

Debbie’s wide, blue-eyes improbably widened, “It just felt so right to say that then – still does – and now you mean it’s okay by you?”

“More than.”

She choked a laugh, “Fucking hell, Dallas – pardon my English – but… fucking hell.”

“Quite,” I nodded, “And making love hell.”

“And that,” Debbie nodded, “Definitely that as well.” She stood up quickly, “I guess I have no idea what’s supposed to happen next but at least I know it’s going to be with you, and you know something, Dallas? We are going to be so fucking happy.”

“And so happy fucking?”

“Bet on it. And now… now let’s not get dressed and go and wander up to your parents’ place!”

I offered her my hand to ease myself upright, pulling her close as I stood, “Fine by me.”

I had no idea what was happening to me and I loved it. Suddenly my life was moving at a hundred miles an hour in directions that I’d never noticed on any compass before. And right beside me was Debbie with her wild hair, her big blue eyes, her small breasts with their large, dark nipples, her gloriously flat belly, her smile, her dry dark wit, and a heart that I wanted all to myself.

So what if all of this was crazy and daring and wild? So what if we were discovering the naughtiest of delights, the most primitive of desires for each other? I felt more alive than ever before. More daring, as well, but just as scared.

“So how about we come up with a way of getting back at my brother tomorrow?”

Debbie laughed, “A part of me should be thanking him, but there’s really no way that little perv is going to get away with what him and his mates did to you – and us.”

I nodded, “They scared the crap out of me. I really could get into the nudist camp thing I reckon, kaçak iddaa but there’s no way if that lot were there. Just the thought of them getting hard seeing me and you like this makes me want the bucket for totally different reasons!”

I received a delightful – and delighted – hug from Debbie, “Great answer. I reckon that tomorrow we should get him and whoever else is there with him outside just as naked as we were. Lure them away from the house somehow and see if we can get them caught. You mind the view if that happens?”

“I like the idea too much to object. And besides, it’s not as if I haven’t already seem him naked over the years, is it?”

Debbie laughed, “I’m lucky enough not to have brothers of any sort so I have no idea what’s normal or not. But I promise you this, Dallas – after what they put us through the other day I am totally determined that they’re going to pay for things, even if they get to see me like this!”

The thought of young male eyes on Debbie’s naked form flipped some very unexpected switches deep within my belly, “I promise I’ll be right with you all the way.”

“Oh?” she giggled, “So suddenly it might be alright if Ben and his mates see your nude tits and pussy?”

I smacked her rump “Leave Ben out of the equation and I was thinking of your naked body anyway.”

“Ooh,” she rubbed at her rear, “You smack me like that in front of any of them and they might get to see more than my bare flesh!”


“Dallas, angel, they might just get to see this suddenly very wet terror shift all the way into climax mode. I don’t know what it is you’ve done to me, but you get me so turned on so easily!”

I had a sudden vision of the boys celebrating their nineteenth birthdays with images of my Debbie squealing her delight as my hand slapped at her bare butt and for a few seconds I confess I didn’t mind that thought in the slightest, Ben or no Ben among them. I was still daydreaming when Debbie cracked open the front door.

“Dallas, angel, I think we’re now in the perfect mood to walk up the lane, huh?”

My mind struggled back to the present and I peered outside with a mixture of horror and eagerness, “Haven’t you checked to see if anyone’s coming.”

Sudden fingers at my groin made me gasp with pleasure. That made Debbie giggle, “Seems like you’re close!”

I made no move to stop her but shook my smiling head, “You really are an absolute terror!”

She could have done anything to me right there in the open doorway – which I’m sure she knew – but she gave another trademark giggle and stepped outside, “Come on you, I want to see that lovely naked body walking up the lane.”

“As long as it’s next to yours,” I said, “you are more than welcome.”

Her parents’ front path seemed so long that morning, and every step felt like another mile from safety, but the warm air on my nakedness and the sight of Debbie’s nudity just beside me had my body crying out for more. We stopped at the front gate and ducked down behind the hedge as a car trundled slowly past, Debbie’s eyes huge in the shadows, he smile threatening to reach both ears.

“I’ve got a new idea,” she whispered as we waited for the vehicle to disappear, “I want to make you climax unseen as close as possible to a perfect stranger!”

“What if unseen turns to seen?”

Debbie shrugged, “Whoever it was would probably see me cumming as well in that case!”

“Terror!” I hissed, my stomach doing cartwheels as I realised it would probably happen.

“I prefer that loads and loads to ‘no’!”

“True,” I shivered, “But if I let you do it to me, then I get to do it to you. Deal?”

Debbie stood and pulled me to my feet, “Deal.” She kissed me right there at the end of the garden path, then charged out of the gate and onto the lane, her laughter sounding desperately loud.

With butterflies the size of albatrosses flapping around in my stomach I walked out to the middle of the lane and took her hand, so desperately aware of our nakedness. When she nodded in the direction of my parents’ place we set off at a gentle walking pace, my ears straining for every sound. I could feel the moisture of Debbie’s sweat in her palm and the gentle trembling of her arm which let me know she was as nervous as I was and that had the weird effect of both calming me and yet making me even more nervous at the very same time. We had walked maybe five minutes before the unmistakable sound of an approaching engine had us scuttling into the trees that overshadowed the lane. We crouched down as low as we could and stared at each other, stifling laughter.

“You know,” I whispered as the engine noise grew louder, “I was half expecting you to try to delay our retreat!”

“Not a chance,” she snorted a laugh, “Even if I knew who was coming I just don’t have the nerve.”

“And this coming from the girl who suggested a nudist camp?”

“That,” she said, “is entirely different. This would be so unexpected the driver might crash into the trees!”

“Oh, so it’s for their benefit then?”

Debbie stood, a tree protecting her modesty from the lane, “A bit. kaçak bahis But also because I know you’d be too chicken!”

My mind whirled and I stood up beside her. Just as I did so a car rushed past and I waved at the lane, almost completely sure no one would be looking into the trees but feeling desperately daring. “Oh yeah?”

Debbie’s mouth dropped into an almost perfect ‘o’. She grabbed my hand and headed back onto the lane, the car well out of sight, “And you call me the terror!”

“Well you are. Now come on before we really are caught!”

We set off again, giggling like girls half our age, ears still pricked for any distant sound.

This time we’d only been walking for half a minute when a metallic growl announced that a van or similar had turned on to the lane a good distance ahead of us. I wasn’t overly surprised when Debbie took a few more steps, dragging me with her, but my lack of surprise turned to something near panic when she continued walking towards the rapidly approaching vehicle noise.


“I think we have a few more seconds yet.”

The engine noise was approaching the bend in front of us. “Micro-seconds!” I began to drag at her hand, pulling her towards the trees.

She finally relented and we hurled ourselves over a grassy bank just a fraction before the noise ahead of us dropped the muting tones of the trees, and we crawled behind the nearest cover with hearts hammering.

“You… you…” I hissed.


I saw a flash of white as a van rumbled past, my heart not slowing much as I realised that we had gotten away with our last second dive for safety, “Yes, terror! That was close!”

“Think of it as practice for tomorrow,” Debbie said, her mouth curled up into a shaky grin.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She shrugged, “I reckon it’ll take a lot to get your bro and his friends to risk coming after us naked, so maybe we’ll have to come close to showing off for them.”

It was my mouth’s turn to form a shocked circle, “I’m not having any of them see me like this!”

“Well, I can’t say I want that either, but we might need to get close to letting them see. So this is good practice, yeah?”

“It’s naughty practice!”

“And the open-top bus wasn’t?”

I shivered, “That was different. No one could catch us on there!”

“I don’t reckon anyone driving by could catch us if we run for it. By the time anyone stopped we’d be miles away through the trees.”

I felt tremors that were altogether too arousing, “We wouldn’t even know who was driving!”

Debbie’s right hand snaked down between my thighs, “All the more fun, and someone is soaking wet at the thought!”

I moaned, “Stop it!”

She laughed and pulled me to my feet, “This is lovely!”

Following her back to the lane I slapped at her rump, “This is crazy, more like!”

Debbie stopped in the middle of the road and rubbed at her butt, “Seems to me as if you like all this.”

“That doesn’t make it good!”

She turned and started marching towards my parents’ house, “It does for me, and you’d better catch me up fast because if anyone else drives along here I might need someone to drag me to safety.”

My heart refused to stop hammering, “You mean if I don’t drag you off the lane you’d just keep walking even if someone was driving towards you?”

“Seems that way,” she said.

“I might like the idea of you getting caught. Ever thought of that?”

She paused, turning to face back to me, “For you I might do it. Ever thought of that?”

I stifled a laugh as she bit at her lower lip and then our eyes lit up in unison as another engine noise, deep like the last one, indicated that another van had turned on to the lane ahead of me, behind Debbie.

I stood stock-still and watched as Debbie’s big, blue eyes widened even further. She pointed at me with a shaky arm, “You serious?”

By way of an answer I just stepped sideways, ready to dive for cover myself but more obviously making no move to herd Debbie into the protection of the trees.

“Dallas! I really will just stand here!”

I shrugged, “You’ll lose your nerve.”

“I’m in your control now.”

“You won’t dare!” The engine noise was becoming louder.

“If you want me to, I will, I swear it.”

My heart was pounding. This was the ultimate sacrifice of modesty that Debbie was offering me and I suddenly knew that she meant every word. I also knew that it was turning me on like crazy. “You are so beautiful,” I whispered.

That was the moment when she realised I wasn’t going to rescue her. She muttered something under her breath, then louder, to me, she gave a strangled laugh. “Just don’t let anything bad happen, okay?”

I watched, open-mouthed, as she turned and walked to the side of the lane and just stood there. The approaching van could only have been a few metres from the bend ahead of us and I took the first step towards the grassy bank that would hide me.

Then I stopped.

With every nerve ending screaming in a mixture of nervousness and arousal I sprinted to Debbie’s side, the look of shock on her face etched into my memory forever more. She half turned to the trees beside us and I realised that she thought I was running over to push her to cover. So I grabbed her elbow, stopped her moving.

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