A Dirty Wish Ch. 02

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My Dear Readers,


What I write is fiction/fantasy/fairy tales for adults. None of my characters are real, no one was injured during the production of my stories and just like on T.V., they all get up when the scene is over, have a beer, remove the makeup and go home, ready to return in the next chapter, all the boo boos healed.

Votes and comments are as always gratefully received. E-mail will get a personnel response if you remember to leave me a return e-mail address.


Dom Woolf


Mr. Larkin the general manager of the companies, west coast division was annoyed. Normally his was a quiet and orderly department, everyone doing their jobs with little fuss or bother but the last two weeks had been a buzz with whisperings and suppressed giggles and then this morning an outright shouting match between one of his employees and her assistant had upset the entire office.

Susan Blake his department head had explained that one of her assistants had been a little out of sorts and they had a disagreement over a proposal, but that everything was fine now. Mr. Larkin decided that he better investigate a little more and had called the assistant in to his office. He sat behind his big oak desk as Janice Newly was brought in by his secretary, no executive assistant; he must remember that they were no longer secretaries but the more politically correct title.

Janice was a pretty woman, dressed nicely if a bit too provocatively for the office. She wore a thin white blouse with a black suit coat and a black skirt just above the knees. When she sat down he noticed that the skirt was slit up the side and offered a glimpse of her nylon covered thighs and the garter belt that held them up.

“Now Ms. Newly,” he began.

“Miss, sir. Just Miss.” Janice interrupted him.

“Ahh, humph. Yes.” Mr. Larkin stumbled and began again. “Miss Newly, I understand we had a little disagreement this morning with Ms. Blake.”

“No disagreement sir. I flat told her to quit stealing my proposals and passing them on as her own. Sir.” Janice sat up straighter in her chair which thrust her rather nice bosom directly at Larkin.

“Ah hum, I see.” Larkin stuttered. “You think Ms. Blake is not giving you credit for the work you put into your departments proposals. Is that it?”

“No sir. I am saying that she takes my ideas, my complete proposals and has them submitted as though she came up with them herself and we in the department simply wrote them up. Sir.”

“The Johnson / Twillinger proposal was all mine, as was the Bentley account. If you don’t believe me sir, check my laptop. I keep a record of each one I forward and the dates. You’ll see that she has nothing on her computer before I submit each one then suddenly she orders all sorts of research from others in our group and then submits my work as hers.” Janice looked down at her lap. “Sir.”

Mr. Larkin stood up suddenly. “Stay here.” He left the room and closed the door behind him.

Janice looked around the office; she had never been in his office before. Janice had never caused as much as a ripple at the company in the seven years she worked here. Now thanks to Charlie making her dress in ways she never had and do things she never had the courage too do before, suddenly here she illegal bahis was in the boss’s office and obviously in trouble.

She waited for what seemed forever and do to her nerves began to sweat in the warm still office. She removed her suit jacket and hung it over the back of her chair. Still it seemed as if he had been gone a long time and Janice got up to look at some of the art work on the office walls. Then she began to examine the books in Mr. Larkin’s glass covered bookshelves.

She was bending over to read a particular title when Mr. Larkin silently opened the door and stood looking at the way her skirt molded to her well rounded ass and rode up giving a generous glimpse of her upper thighs above the delicate lace of her garters and stockings.

Larkin was about to say something when he noticed as she bent further still that it didn’t seem as if the young woman was wearing any panties. He couldn’t be sure although it seemed to him that if she was wearing anything under that skirt as tight as it was stretched he should be able to see some sort of panty line after all he could trace the garters right up over the swell of her…..

“Miss Newly, if you would take a seat.” The sound of his voice startled her. She spun around in the close confines of the space between the desk and the bookshelf and had to brush across Mr. Larkin to get back to the front of the desk and her chair.

Mr. Larkin sat behind his desk and just looked at her as if he was trying to look inside her to see what made her tick or maybe as if he was looking to see if she was being honest about his department head. Either way it was making Janice even more nervous and over heated. Larkin suddenly stood up, walked over to the thermostat, and adjusted it.

“Sorry it’s so hot. This side of the building gets all the afternoon sun and just seems to get hotter even after sunset.” He returned to his desk as a current of cold air vented into the room. Janice could feel it blow across her and welcomed the relief from the stuffy office air.

“Young lady, you have made some very serious accusations. I intend to get to the bottom of them. I want to see your laptop and I want you to show me just what you have been doing in my department for the last six months.” Janice couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It seemed that not only didn’t he believe her; he was now calling all her work in to question. Well she would show him, she kept meticulous records.

“Now Miss Newly, get your laptop now!”

Janice grabbed her suit jacket and hurried to her cubicle. She looked around to find that the office was almost empty. Looking at the clock she could see why, it was a quarter to six. Everyone had gone home almost an hour ago. She dropped her jacket across her chair and retrieved her laptop from the desktop docking port.

“Working late are we?”

It was her boss Ms. Susan Blake standing in her cubicle entryway. Janice almost dropped the laptop.

“Yes Ms. Blake. Mr. Larkin wants to see some of my work from the last six months.” She ducked past and almost ran back to Mr. Larkin’s office.

Mr. Larkin had her place the laptop on his desk; she opened the files and began showing him her work. She opened file after file showing him her research and all the preliminary work on each proposal. He illegal bahis siteleri sat there not making any comments just watching intently. What Janice didn’t notice was that his gaze wasn’t on the laptop screen but was directed between her large breasts as she bent over his desk and her blouse fell away giving him a clear view. A view made much clearer because her boyfriend and mentor had cut out the tips of every one of her bras to allow her nipples to poke through. Between the cutouts and the cold air blowing into the office her nipples stood out in proud relief giving her boss the down blouse experience of his life.

It wasn’t until she reached the Johnson / Twillinger proposal that he was able to tear his eyes away and concentrate on the images on the laptop screen. He took the laptop from her and waved her back to her seat as he began to read and check her reports and research. He began to flip through file after file, clicking his way through her every entry.

Then he stopped and looked over at her, then back to the screen.

“Miss Newly, this is going to take some time to cross reference. Leave the laptop and go home. I’ll want you in here tomorrow at 10 am. Is that agreeable to you?”

“So then I said: Yes Sir, Mr. Larkin, and came home.” Janice was explaining her day to her boyfriend and co worker Charlie.

Charlie sat rubbing his temples. “You left him with your laptop. The one you bring home everyday. The one that has all the pictures of all your adventures in the file labeled Wishes; that laptop?

“Charlie he isn’t looking through my laptop. He just wants the work files to compare with that bitch Blake’s so called research.”

“Sweetie, he is a guy and guys always snoop. He’s probably sitting at home with your laptop in one hand and his cock in the other right now.”

“OMG, What can I do? I can’t go into work tomorrow if he has seen those pictures.”

“Calm down. You can and will go in tomorrow and here’s what you’re going to do.”

Exactly on the stroke of ten am Janice knocked on Mr. Larkin’s door and heard him reply to come in. Janice took a deep breath hoping Charlie would be right and opened the door.

Mr. Larkin watched as the girl walked in and took a seat in front of his desk. Today being Saturday, the office dress code allowed casual wear, not that many people worked on Saturday and today there was just Miss Newly and himself. The girl was wearing very tight and very low riding jeans. He could see the upper portion of her pubic swell above the snap on the hip huggers. Her top was a band of stretch material in a light blue that just barely held in her large breasts and clearly showed she wasn’t wearing even the peek a boo bra she had on yesterday.

By the time she sat down, Larkin’s pants had risen considerably. Janice’s laptop sat on his desk where only he could see it and he was comparing the sight of the young woman sitting there with a picture of her sitting in an adult movie booth naked and covered in cum.

“I went over your files last night most thoroughly and I see that you were correct. It seems Blake is taking credit not only for your work but also for everyone in her department. I have asked for her resignation to be on my desk Monday morning and I believe that leaves an opening in your department.”

“However, canlı bahis siteleri I have also noticed certain violations of company dress and work codes that I can’t let slide.”

Janice smiled. “Mr. Larkin, I believe if you read the code you will find that I adhere to the companies dress code at all times and if your referring to the files on my laptop, that is not a company computer but my personnel computer that I use to take work home, to work on in my own time. The only reason I allowed you to see it was to prove that those ideas were mine and mine alone.”

“I see so those other files I found?” He turned the computer around so she could see the picture of her sucking on a cock through a glory hole while giving a hand job to another cock sticking through the hole on the far side.

“Personnel and private and my way of relieving stress.”

“You have a rather unique way of relieving stress, Miss Newly, a problem I have so far failed to find a way to do.”

“It was shown to me by a co worker. Let me show you how it works.”

Janice dropped to her knees and crawled under the desk slipping her top off her large dangling breasts as she came up between the knees of her boss.

“I can see just how stressed you are!” She looked at the material of his suit trousers tenting from the strain of holding in his rigid dick. She unzipped his pants and guided the hard man flesh out through the hole.

“I see your stress levels are going down already.” She began licking the underside of his boner then swirled her tongue round and around his turgid flesh. Larkin gripped the arms of his chair and spread his legs as far apart as the chair allowed. Janice unfastened his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. She sucked his ball sack into her hot wet mouth and gently licked and sucked at the wrinkled flesh.

Her fingers traced the line between his balls and his anus and began tickling the ring around the entrance. Simultaneously sucking in his cock and pressing her finger into his ass, she began to suck, bobbing her head as she slid her lips up and down the wet and sensitive flesh and allowing her finger to press in and be pushed back out of his sensitive rear opening.

She adjusted her position rising higher on her knees so she could take in more of his cock, pushing the head deep into her throat. Her finger found his prostate gland as her free hand wrapped the base of his penus and squeezed.

Larkin was going out of his mind his fingers squeezing the girl’s large tits as the prostrate massage was signaling for him to release and the fingers holding the base of his cock denied him the effect his entire body was straining to achieve. He felt his cock pop into her throat and dive deep in the heat of her when she suddenly released the base of his cock and pressed on his prostrate. Larkin exploded pumping blast after blast of molten hot cum into the girls willing throat and feeling her milk him as she swallowed.

She held him in her throat as he softened and slowly drew back cleaning his cock of the juices he had spent as she went. She stood and collected her laptop, tugging her breasts back into the form hugging material.

She stopped at the door looking back at her boss as he sprawled in his chair his pants around his ankles and his spent cock lying across his belly.

“You seem much more relaxed.”

“Miss Newly. You are to take over Ms. Blake’s office starting Monday. I expect good things from your department in the future.”

Janice walked out and passed her new office smiling.

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