A Deal

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Sue Anderson walked into the bedroom to get ready for bed. She knew that it would not be long before Jim, her husband, would be in to join her. She had left him watching the news while she got ready for bed. She had given him a nice little wiggle as she left the room just to get his interest aroused. Her 19-year-old son, Tim, also observed the wiggle she gave her husband as she left the room. What she didn’t know was the effect it had on him.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror to undress. She liked looking at herself each time she dressed or undressed. Sue was 39 years old and they had been married for 20 years. She was 5’7″ and weighed about 120 pounds, only 3 pounds more that when she first married. She had beautiful breast that were high on her chest and never needed a bra, which was a good thing since she hadn’t worn one since right after her wedding. Her figure was one many women a lot younger than her would have been proud of. Both Jim and Tim were proud of the way she looked. None of the others in Tim’s class had a mother that looked half as good.

As the shirt came off the cool air from the open window made her nipples stand up hard and stiff. She slid off the tight jeans, which was her standard dress, and brought her tiny bikini panties with them. She turned, as she usually did, and faced the window. From the first night of her marriage until now the window was never closed, Jim wanted it that way. She was later to find out that it was a family tradition. Jim had watched his mother while he was growing up and Sue was pretty sure that Tim was taking the same opportunity to watch her. Not that she had ever tried to keep him from see her nude, since they went swimming nude anytime no one else was around.

Jim was a good lover and he tried to please her every time they made love. Sue liked her sex and had always wanted it anytime day and night. There were very few days that went by without having sex one way or the other. Sex was a big part of their lives and Jim never passed her without coping a feel. This resulted in her constant awareness of sex. Lately Tim had found more and more excuses to touch her. She didn’t think Jim had noticed but she had and it really didn’t bother her that much. She liked for men to notice her.

As she stood in front of the window caressing her body she wondered if Tim was enjoying the view. She remembered back almost 20 years ago standing in front of this same window. She had only been married about 4 months and Jim was out of town, a trip to purchase cattle for the ranch. He had been gone a week already and would be gone for 2 more. She was horny and missed him already. This was the first time they had been apart since the wedding. They had moved in with Gus, Jim’s father, soon after the honeymoon. Gus and Jim were partners on the ranch. The ranch was pretty well isolated from everyone else. It was 5 miles to town and 2miles to the nearest neighbor. Jim’s mother died a few months before they married and now the three of them lived here together.

Sue rolled over and stretched. She pulled the cover up and wished she could stay in bed a while longer. She hadn’t slept much the night before, she kept thinking of Jim and how she wished he were lying between her thighs. She hadn’t been this long without sex since her wedding night.

She was a virgin when they married but Jim was very skilled and he took his time with her. By the time their 2-week honeymoon was over he had introduced her to many different ways to please your partner. She was a willing student and didn’t resist anything he introduced. She knew from the first night that sex was one thing that she was really going to like. Jim was a tall man, 6’3″, and weighed about 200 pounds and in wonderful shape. What she didn’t know, since she had never seen a naked man was just how well he was endowed. Had she known that he was so much bigger than most other men were she would probably have been afraid. All she knew was how much she liked what he did to her. She never questioned him as to how he became so skilled.

Sue finally rolled out of bed because she could hear Gus already stirring around and knew she had to get him breakfast. The cool air hit her nipples and made them stand out. She always slept in the nude because Jim wanted it that way. Also, she was missing her usual morning sex.

She dressed in her usual tight jeans and shirt that was only buttoned with a couple of buttons and tied in a knot under her magnificent breast. A pair of boots completed her outfit. She pulled her long hair that came down below her shoulders up into a ponytail making her look even younger than her 20 years.

She knew that she looked good dressed like this and at first she was nervous about dressing this way around Gus. It wasn’t hard to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her ass certainly filled out the jeans in the right places. Jim liked her to dress this way and didn’t mind his father taking in the view. All of them were pretty open around istanbul escort each other. Jim would be sneaking a feel of her tits or ass and Gus would walk in. He wouldn’t even bother to stop what he was doing. At first this bothered her but she soon got use to it and just laughed when they would get caught.

As time went by even Gus would sneak a feel. At first she didn’t know what to make of his actions. She even mentioned to Jim that his father was touching her from time to time. He just laughed it off and said, “What man could resist feeling a woman that looked as hot as she did.” She didn’t mind and really enjoyed the contact; she just didn’t want Jim to get pissed off at his father. She knew that Gus had not been with any woman since his wife died and was probably just horny. She liked Gus so she let him continue the little game, if Jim didn’t mind she sure didn’t. From that time on she dressed to please both Jim and Gus. She knew that Gus had seen her naked on more than one occasion.

Gus and Jim were built alike, both about the same size and looked a lot alike. They could have been brothers rather than father and son. Sue didn’t know just how well Gus was in endowed but he sure had a nice bulge in his jeans. Seeing the bulge in his jeans usually sent her looking for Jim.

She was putting breakfast on the table when Gus walked into the room. Her back was turned to him so she could not see him watching her. Gus as usual liked what he saw. He thought “I can’t wait to get in-between those legs and bury my cock in her to my balls”. The thought mad him horny and his cock came to life. Sue turned and realized he had been staring at her for sometime. She could not stop her eyes from dropping down to his erection. The bulge in his pants left little doubt as to what he was thinking. She could feel her nipples harden and her pussy begins to moist. Jim wasn’t around to run to this time.

“Good morning Sue,” said Gus as he walked around the table to her. He took her in his arms and gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips. Nothing about this was unusual as he did this each morning. The difference this time was the hug was tighter, the kiss longer and she could feel his tongue touching her lips. He pulled her to him and let his hands rest on her ass. She could feel his cock through his jeans but he didn’t back away.

Her knees liked to have buckled when she felt his tongue on her lips and hands on her ass. As always she enjoyed flirting with Gus and before she realized it she had opened her mouth in search of his tongue. It was such a jolt that she felt it all the way to her toes. He was touching her on the bare skin of her stomach, and the results were her cunt was creaming and running down the inside of her thighs.

Gus broke the kiss as if nothing different had happened than other mornings. He said, “the load of cattle would be there about mid morning and he could use some help separating them into different pens.”

Sue, still trying to regain her composure said, “I’ll be out as soon as the truck gets here. I’ve got to do some washing first.”

She sat down at the table to finish her coffee as Gus left to get ready for the cattle. She was still weak kneed from what had just taken place. She didn’t know what she would have done if he had continued to hold and kiss her like that. She was so turned on that she was pretty sure he could have taken any liberties without her stopping him. Those quick little touches had all of a sudden turned into something much more. Where was Jim when she needed him? It was his fault she was so horny. She was use to sex on a regular basis and now she wasn’t getting it.

The cattle truck came about mid-morning. They unloaded the cattle into one pen and let the truck get on its way. They then started separating the cattle into different corals. She worked the head catch as Gus ran the cattle through, one at a time, giving them their shots before turning them out to pasture.

The sexual tension between them had been simmering all morning. Both of them were spending more time thinking about what happened at breakfast than the job at hand. He pushed a steer through the gate before Sue had time to lock the gate, and the steer knocked her down. Gus jumped the fence and ran to help her. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, just my pride is hurt and my pants or full of dirt.”

As she sat up Gus moved around behind her, reached under her arms and helped her to her feet. When she recovered her footing he slid his hand over her breast and gently squeezes them. Sue was in shock as much from the way she was feeling as from him massaging her breast. Nothing like this had ever happened between them before.

He continued to stroke her breasts he felt her shutter. He released her and stepped back from her. He said, “I see that you are not hurt and nothing is broken. Sorry I let the steer in so quickly.”

Sue could hardly speak avcılar escort but did manage a smile and said, “Thinks for the concern and the check over.”

The work was finished by mid afternoon and Gus left to drive the older cattle to the north pasture. Sue decided to stop at the swimming hole and rinse off before getting lunch.

The swimming hole was small creek that Gus had dammed up several years before to have a place to swim and cool off after a hot day on the ranch. It wasn’t very deep, only about 5′, but plenty big enough to swim in. Over the years it had seen a lot of use on the warmer days. Several big oaks offered plenty of shade and there was a picnic table.

Sue sat down and pulled off her boots. She quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes. She enjoyed being out doors in the nude. She and Jim would come down on days Gus was away to skinny dip and make love on the lush green grass. If Gus were with them she would wear her bikini even though Jim tried to get her to skinny dip. She wasn’t ready for Gus to see that much of her. It didn’t hide much of anything from them anyway. She asked Jim, “Why he wanted her to wear such revealing clothes around his father?”

He said, “you’re beautiful and I like to show you off. Besides he gets a lot of enjoyment looking at you.”

Doesn’t it bother you that he gets turned on and doesn’t have any way to get relieved?”

Jim said, “O, he’ll find someone one of these days.”

Sue walked out into the cool water. In the shallow pool her breast look like they were floating on the water. She swam several laps around the pool. It felt good to get the dirt and grime from the cattle pens off. Her nipples were hard from the cool water and the fact she just could not stop thinking of Gus’s hands on them. As she thought about the way he had squeezed them her stomach got a funny feeling deep inside. She shut her eyes and ran her hands over her breast dreaming that it was Gus not Jim touching her. She dropped her hand to her pretty cunt and inserted a finger in her now hot cunt.

She was so involved in what she was doing that she forgot about the time. Suddenly she heard a noise and turned around. There sit Gus on his horse watching her. She quickly removed her hand and sank down in the water up to her neck. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough” he said. “Do you mind if I join you?” Without waiting for an answer he slid from his horse and begins to undress. He didn’t bother to turn around as he came out of his clothes. As soon as he stripped he headed toward her and the pool.

Sue saw he wasn’t really expecting an answer about joining her. She watched him undress, not taking her eyes from him. She lowered her eyes to his cock. What she saw was a very familiar sight. He was hung just like Jim with exception being Jim was circumsized and Gus wasn’t.

Gus dove into the water and swam a couple of laps before stopping in front of her. She was still kneeling down so that the water covered her to her neck. “So you decided to take a swim instead of going to the house,” said Gus.

“I was headed to the house but the pool looked so inviting after fooling with those hot dusty cows. If you will just turn your back I’ll go fix lunch.”

“I’m not in a hurry to eat. I had rather just swim with you.”

“I don’t think Jim would like the idea of his father and wife swimming around without suits.’

“Oh, I don’t know, he doesn’t seem to mind us being together,” said Gus. He then took her by the hands and said, “Stand up so I can look at you.

“I don’t think that is a good idea.”

He pulled her to her feet without any resistance from her. She stood before him naked with her nipples hard and standing proud. He could not take his eyes from them; they were the most beautiful shape breasts he had ever seen. She turned her back to him, not to stop him from looking but to give her time to think. She liked him looking at her and wished it could go farther. The look in his eyes was pure lust for his daughter-in-law.

Gus wrapped his arms around her and cupped a breast in each hand. He pulled her back against his hard cock. He massaged each breast before moving his hands down her body to feel her hot cunt.

Sue had all she could take and turned around to put her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down to her for a kiss that spoke a lot more than words ever could. She could feel his cock pressing against her cunt wanting to get in. She said, ” Gus as good as this feels we have got to stop. I just cannot do this to Jim. What if he should find out, our marriage would be ruined? I love him and can’t hurt him like this. I enjoy all the fun we have had since Jim and I married, and the flirting we do each day, but this is different. We are no longer teasing; it has now turned serious. I would love to have you make love to me right here now, but if we start we will never be able to stop. Once would just not be şirinevler escort enough for either of us.

Gus said, “come on and lets sit on the grass, there is something I need to tell you.” He took her by the hand and side-by-side they moved out of the water onto the soft green grass under the tree. Two magnificent bodies in their naked glory, his cock hard and stiff, her breast standing high and proud on her chest. Her cunt was hot and moisture was already running down her thighs.

Gus sat down on the grass and leaned back against the base of a tree. He motioned for her to sit down beside him. She hesitated until he took her hand and pulled her to him. She sat beside him and he pulled her across his lap to kiss her. She liked the way he was kissing her and she could feel his cock pressing against her side. He continued to kiss and rub her breast between his fingers. He had her so hot that she was about to loose control. She had already quit trying to stop him and just enjoyed the way he was making her feel. She finally broke the kiss and said, “I thought you were going to tell me something.”

Gus didn’t release her but he did start talking. “When Jim was 18 years old I caught him looking at his mother through our bedroom window; the same room where you and Jim now sleep. She was naked and getting ready to go to bed. I had gone to the barn and on my way back I saw someone standing in the shadows. I had no idea who it could be since it is over 2 miles to the nearest neighbor. I eased up behind him to find out it was Jim standing there watching his naked mother, with his cock in his hand. I almost scared him to death when I reached out and put my hand on his arm. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he was shaking so bad he couldn’t answer. I told him to put away his cock and meet me in the den.”

“Back in the den I told him to calm down and explain why he was spying on his mother.”

“I’m 18 years old and mother is the only naked woman I have ever seen. I’m to shy around girls my own age and don’t date much. Mother is always dressing so that she keeps me turned on all the time. I try to keep away from her window but night after night I just keep going back. I can’t control myself, she is so beautiful.”

“I knew what he was talking about, Jenny dressed a lot like you and you always turn me on. I had mentioned to Jenny that she was causing Jim problems dressing like she did, but she just laughed and said that it would just get his blood pumping. She even started dressing more provocative when he was around.”

” I actually felt sorry for Jim and the circumstances he was in. I knew that he was not going to stop looking and she wasn’t going to make it any easier on him.”

“I asked him, how would you like to sleep with his mother?”

“Are you serious,” he said? “You know mom would never allow that.”

” Don’t be so sure, your Mom likes sex and a lot of it, and if she thought she was helping you with your shyness I think she would go for it.” I will help you if you will make a deal with me.”

“So Jim and I made a deal. I would help him get to sleep with his mother and he was to let me have his wife when he married.”

Sue pulled away and sat up. You mean that Jim swapped me for a opportunity to fuck his mother!”

“Not you, he hadn’t even met you at that time. He didn’t like the idea of me fucking his future wife, but at the same time he wanted his mother so bad that he would agree to any thing.”

“What made you think that his mother would do such a thing as that?”

” I was pretty sure she would since I knew how much she cared for Jim, and he wouldn’t be the first family member she had been to bed with. When I met Jenny, I didn’t know it at the time but she and her father were sleeping together. He had been her first lover and they were still sleeping together. After I asked her to marry me she told me about them. She didn’t want any secrets between us and if I couldn’t handle it then she would not marry me. It didn’t bother me at all. In fact it was a big turn on for me. They continued to sleep together until he died. So you can see why I didn’t think it would be any problem to get her to go along with my deal with Jim.”

“What were the details of the deal?”

“I was to talk Jenny in to fucking her son and he was to help me convince his wife to fuck me. Neither one could be forced if they didn’t want to go along, but he was to help me by making sure we were in close contact all the time.”

“Even then he wasn’t sure that he could do it, so I told him to think about it and let me know the next day. I even suggested he might like to go back and take another look at his mom while I fucked her.”

“I can’t believe that you told him to watch you fuck his mom.”

“Why not, he had already seen us before and I figured that would help him make up his mind.”

“I guess since we are here together that he said yes.”

” The next morning at the barn he told me to go ahead and try to set it up. Actually I was looking out for myself. If he had approached his mother himself she would have fucked him and I would have been left out. Now look where we are today, both here naked and wanting to fuck each other and we can with Jim’s blessings.”

“I don’t know if I should be mad at Jim or just let you fuck me!”

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