A Daughter’s Need

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*Note: all characters are over 18.


Brook slipped out through the front door and crept quietly around the side of the house. Her mother was in the hot tub with Tom tonight, and after listening to them play naked under her bedroom window almost nightly for the past two weeks she found herself overcome with curiosity to watch them. She’d peeked at them through the window as well, but the angle from there didn’t provide the curious eighteen-year-old a very satisfying view. She wanted to see as much as she could.

The compactly built young brunette wasn’t used to living in a house as big as Tom’s, and for that matter, she wasn’t used to living with a man in the house at all. It had always just been the girl and her mother. She’d never known her father, and since Janice, her mother, had rarely mentioned him over the years the girl never had too much curiosity about him. Those times when she did wonder about him Brook rarely bothered asking questions, assuming her mother didn’t like talking about him. Growing up with a single mother was simply Brook’s reality. Just a couple of times a year the girl imagined what it would be like to have a father in her life, but she kept that to herself.

Ultimately, their life together had always been comfortable, if not especially flashy, and making any major changes never seemed an important issue. Janice had gone out with plenty of men over the years, but she rarely ever brought one home. Consequently, her sudden marriage to Tom seemed completely out of character for the sexy, attractive thirty-six-year-old.

Brook had liked Tom well enough when he started spending time at the apartment where she and Janice lived before. It was nice having him around. He was always funny and friendly, and sometimes Brook imagined it was what it would be like to have a father in her life. But the couple would always disappear into Janice’s bedroom early in the evening and probably had no idea how the sounds of their ecstatic fucking bled through the thin walls.

At first, Brook just laughed it off and either turned up the TV or stuck in a pair of earbuds and listened to music. But it wasn’t long before she was retreating to her own bedroom and listening to the distracted pair with her hand between her smooth, young thighs. She probably had even more orgasms than they did.

Then one afternoon Janice called Brook into the kitchen in the apartment they’d been living in, saying she wanted to have a serious talk. The first bomb the girl’s mother dropped was that Tom was Brook’s father. She explained that they’d had a casual relationship years before, and it was over by the time Janice discovered she was pregnant. The reason she never told Tom was that she never wanted a man sticking around because he felt like he had to. It wasn’t what she wanted for herself or Brook.

Brook was okay with that. She knew her mother had devoted herself to giving the two of them a good life, and despite the girl’s occasional daydreams of having her father in her life, it wasn’t as if she could say life with her mother wasn’t a good one. Then Janice told her Tom had asked her to get married, and have both mother and daughter move into Tom’s big house. It all came so quickly Brook wasn’t sure what to make of it. As much as she liked Tom, it was a lot to take in all at once.

Janice told her daughter that day that she wanted to say yes. She was in love with Tom, but she didn’t want to make any decisions without including Brook. As they sat and talked things over, Brook got to like the idea more and more. She wanted her mother to be happy, and she also realized that having her father in her life was probably more important than she ever admitted to herself before.

Tom was older than most of the men Janice went out with, but he was incredibly handsome and in really good physical shape. He always seemed warm, upbeat and friendly. Brook didn’t know if she loved him or not. He was still someone new in her life and now that she knew he was her real father she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to look at him. But her mother assured her that time would take care of everything and they could be a happy family.

Brook was still getting used to everything. She had a really nice room and even her own private bathroom. There was the hot tub and swimming pool, and a lot of property with enough woods around to give them total privacy from the closest neighbors. It all seemed so nice, but at Tom’s, she couldn’t hear them fuck as easily as she could back in their old apartment, and oddly enough that made her feel disconnected. It wasn’t hard to sneak down the hallway and listen through their bedroom door, but it didn’t feel the same as when she could lie in her own bed and touch herself.

Brook decided to be cautious about Tom and settling in to her new surroundings, although she didn’t want to do or say anything to spoil things for her mother. Janice was the happiest she’d ever seen, so even if Brook was keeping a little distance bahis firmaları on the surface, she still didn’t want to do anything to make waves. Back in their apartment, she was around them more just because the place was smaller, although it seemed like they spent most of the time closed up in Janice’s bedroom. In the couple of weeks since the move, the girl spent a lot more time on her own in her new bedroom.

The curious eighteen-year-old now padded out of the house barefoot, wearing a loose pair of drawstring shorts, without panties, and a cropped T-shirt without a bra that she planned to sleep in. She was petite, with tightly compact curves, but she often wished she had bigger tits, even though her legs were shapely, curving into a pertly rounded ass.

As she approached the cover of the bushes at the rear corner of the house, she could hear her mother’s and Tom’s voices before she could see them. The view through the bushes was partly obscured by leaves and branches, but the outside lights were on at a dim setting, and the couple were both sitting totally naked and soaking wet up on the bench that went around the upper edge of the tub.

Brook couldn’t help feeling proud of how good her mother looked naked. No wonder Tom was crazy to fuck her night after night. She looked like a slightly taller, curvier version of her teenaged daughter. The girl found herself wishing her tits were as big as her mother’s, even though they were pretty close. But Brook was actually proud of her tits and often wore low cut tops that her friends’ mothers would probably complain about. Yet Janice was the same way, and she never said anything about the things her daughter chose to wear. How could she when she was usually dressed the same way?

Brook was surprised to see her mother’s pussy was as smooth and hairless as her own, and Tom’s hand was barely a couple of inches from her slit as he casually rubbed the inside of her upper thigh. At the same time, Janice had her hand wrapped around Tom’s lust engorged cock, and Brook nearly gasped out loud when she saw how big it was. He seemed huge. No wonder he made her mother cry out with pleasure from their bedroom every night.

The girl’s experience with cocks included a little bit of internet porn, and just three guys from school that she had jerked off, but this man whom she had only recently discovered was her father made them look downright tiny by comparison. She couldn’t help feeling a huge sense of pride. Not that she knew why. It wasn’t like it was something she could brag about to her friends. And above all, it wasn’t like Tom’s cock was available to her, but she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to look at him the same way.

Daddy’s got a huge cock, she muttered under her breath. It was barely a whisper, but it gave her a warm, tingling sensation just to say the words. She’d never even called him Dad. It was all so new she didn’t even know if she was supposed to. She wanted to, though. And for some bizarre reason she couldn’t explain, now that she knew how he was built she wanted to call him Dad more than ever.

She also felt proud of her sexy mother who was skimming her hand up and down Tom’s enormous shaft like it was nothing. The girl wished she could be just like that, pleasing a man like Tom – no, pleasing Tom himself, her own father – like it was what she was made for.

Then Tom slid his hand directly over her mother’s pussy and stroked her lips with his large fingers. Janice threw her head back and sighed deeply, grinding her hips while he fingered her slit with an affectionate smile on his handsome face. At that point, Brook didn’t want to be like her mother, she wanted to be her mother. Her young pussy quivered with damp heat as she yearned to be fingered just the way Tom was fingering Janice.

The trembling girl gnawed on her bottom lip and slid her hand into her shorts to stroke her own pussy, trying to imagine Tom’s finger along her moist slit instead of her own. His fingers were so much longer and thicker than hers. Her pussy flushed steadily as she watched the naked couple casually play, but after a while they backed off and picked up their wine glasses, taking a breather.

Tom looked preoccupied, which Janice quickly noticed and asked what was bothering him. Holding her wine glass in one hand, she put her free hand back on her husband’s huge cock and continued to lazily stroke him.

“Something bothering you, baby?” Janice asked.

The man looked down at the way the girl’s mother was stroking his hard cock. “Maybe this isn’t the time,” he said.

“Aw baby, don’t be silly. You can always tell me what’s bothering you.”

“It’s Brook,” he told her.

Janice giggled briefly but kept stroking his cock. “What about her?”

“I’m afraid she’s not happy. I’m not even sure if she likes me very much, but I really want her to. I mean…she’s my daughter. And she’s an amazing girl just like her mother.”

In her hiding place, Brook’s heart started to beat kaçak iddaa faster. It was so weird that they were talking about her while her mother was playing with Tom’s excited cock. Weird, but exciting in a way she couldn’t begin to explain. She dug her finger deeper into her sodden pussy.

“She just needs time to adjust,” Janice said, her hand still moving up and down his rod. “Why don’t you trying spending more time with her, just the two of you. The two of you should have a relationship of your own. The girl needs a father, and there’s no one better than you. Take her shopping. Out to dinner or the movies.”

“That’s a great idea,” Tom agreed. “I really want her to be happy, too. I hope she can learn to love me as much as I love her.”

“All she needs is some time to get to know you better. I know she’ll love you just as much as I do.”

Tom snickered deviously and nodded toward his wife’s stroking hand. “Are you sure about that?”

“Oh my god, you’re terrible!” Janice laughed. Then, after a brief pause she said, “You think our daughter’s pretty, don’t you?”

“Umm, yeah,” he replied, haltingly.

Janice snickered. “No sense in playing shy now, darling. Your cock has been hard as a rock the whole time we’ve been talking about her.”

“Oh my god, okay. Of course she’s pretty. She looks like you, after all.”

“Hmmm, good answer. So I suppose if you think I’m hot you must think she’s hot too,” Janice teased him.

Tom groaned in exasperation, but he was clearly hard as an iron pole while the girl’s mother steadily stroked him. “Okay,” he finally replied. “She’s hot, just like her sexy mama.”

Brook’s pulse raced wildly and her pussy felt unbearably hot. She wondered if he really felt that way or if he was just saying what he thought her mother expected him to. But hearing him say that he loved her and also that he thought his daughter was hot instantly imprinted in Brook’s mind in a way that made her nipples throb with heat.

Janice giggled, but then turned more serious, even though she never stopped hand-pumping his excited dick. “Oh babe, I hope we can always be honest with each other. About everything.”

Tom then kissed her deep and hard and slid his hand back between her open thighs to rub on her pussy like before. “I think you need a daddy yourself,” he said, nearly growling.

“Mmmm, I sure do,” she purred, slipping down into the tub. She bent over and grabbed the side of the tub while pushing her ass out toward Tom. “Fuck me, Daddy,” she mewled over her shoulder. “Fuck your little girl just as hard as you can.”

With a leering grin, Tom slid down in the water too, and gripping Janice by the hips, he gradually eased his enormously swollen prick into her pussy from behind. Brook’s heart pounded even harder as she watched him begin to fuck her mother with that huge, hard cock.

“Oh yes, Daddy, just like that. Fuck your little girl, baby,” Janice moaned.

Hearing her mother call Tom Daddy while he fucked her made Brook’s entire body shiver with electricity. She fought to keep her breathing quiet while she furiously massaged her pebble-hard clit under her shorts and watched the naked couple fuck. It was like being in a whole different world compared to just listening to them. And between the general resemblance between mother and daughter and the way Janice was calling him Daddy, Brook realized it was almost what it would look like if Tom was fucking her. She even started to imagine she was watching herself getting fucked by her own father. She couldn’t remember when her pussy had ever felt so hot or wet.

Tom’s body seemed so amazing as he gripped Janice’s body and gracefully shoved his long cock into her pussy, forcing hot moans and gasps from the girl’s mother with every thrust. Brook’s pussy was on fire, and she was furiously alternating between rubbing her clit and pumping her finger up inside the dripping wetness of her aching hole. She ached to feel something as long and hard as her father’s cock plunging deeply into her ripe, young body.

Brook was mesmerized by the sight of his cock. She slipped her free hand under her top and toyed roughly with her sensitive, swollen nipples while she wished she could have been closer. Even close enough to see how it looked with her mother’s pussy lips stretched around the girth of his imposing shaft. No wonder Janice had married him in such a hurry. Who wouldn’t want to have all that just for herself.

“Oh god, Daddy, you’re gonna make me cum,” Janice moaned after Tom had been fucking her steadily harder and deeper for longer than Brook could keep track of. “Cum with me, Daddy. Fill that tight girlhole with hot daddy cum!”

Brook was stunned by her mother’s dirty mouth. She’d never heard them talking like that the times she’d heard them from inside their bedroom. But she felt a bizarre kind of pride and admiration for her mother to be able to express herself that way. It was just how she hoped she could be, but then again, kaçak bahis if she had a cock like Tom’s pounding her pussy the way he was pounding into Janice, Brook realized she could be anything she damn well pleased.

Then Tom did something that shocked her. Just as her mother was egging him on to cum in her pussy, the man growled and raised his open hand, finally swinging it across his wife’s naked ass with a piercing smack. Janice cried out in surprise and pleasure while Tom pumped her hole with a series of breathless thrusts.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” Janice cried. “Give your baby girl that hot cum.”

Brook’s heart was pounding and her tight, young pussy was contracting in orgasmic spasms around her thrusting finger. Knowing she was cumming along with her mother and Tom only made the feelings more intense.

After stroking his cock into his horny wife’s pussy until he was drained, Tom pulled back and sank down onto the seat under the water. Within a couple of seconds, Janice was by his side, happily snuggled up to him.

“I hope we didn’t wake up Brooklyn,” Tom said. His tone was light but he wasn’t laughing.

Brook could see the way he raised his eyes up toward the windows on the second floor where her bedroom was. She got the distinct impression he looked disappointed not to see her standing at her window looking down at them.

Pulling her hand out of her shorts, Brook’s fingers were soaked with her juices. Her upper thighs and the crotch of her shorts were all smeared, too. It felt like her cream was everywhere as she snuck away and back into the house the same way she’d come out.

When she got back to her bedroom, she went to the window and looked down at the hot tub. She was hoping Tom would look up again and see her this time, but he was intent on kissing her mother, his large hand grazing over the woman’s full tits as they bobbed on the surface of the water.

Brook sighed and got into bed. Before she fell asleep, she had her hand down inside her shorts again and the other under her top. Images of Tom’s enormous cock pumping into her mother from behind played over and over again in her mind. God, how she wished it was his hands on her body instead of hers and kept mauling herself until she had three more orgasms. Only then could she fall into a peaceful sleep.

The next morning, Brook ended up alone with her father in the kitchen. She was having some yogurt for breakfast while he was drinking coffee before heading out to work. Janice had already left, and the moment he said good morning Brook’s face flushed hot and she could barely look him in the eye. She felt bad, knowing he’d probably think it was because she didn’t like him, but after everything she’d seen and heard the night before it was impossible to look at him. All she could think about was what he’d looked like fucking her mother blind.

She was wearing the same top she’d slept in, but before coming downstairs she’d changed into a tight-fitting pair of shorts that let the pert bottom curves of her ass cheeks poke past the hem. It was as skimpy an outfit as she’d worn in front of him so far since she had yet to use the pool or hot tub when anyone else was home. He didn’t say anything about it, and she had no idea if he was looking at her since she couldn’t bear to look at him. She knew some of her friends walked around in front of their fathers in their underwear, so her outfit shouldn’t be so bad.

Brook had caught some of her friends’ fathers checking out their daughters and daughters’ friends plenty of times. Her friend, Cindy, and her dad were so touchy and affectionate with each other that Brook had often wondered if there was more to their relationship. There were a few times Brook had seen Cindy’s father touching her ass. Cindy had looked at Brook, realizing what she’d seen and merely blushed and smiled. Now Brook was dying to ask her friend if there was something going on between her father and her. If there was, Brook thought they were lucky. Cindy’s dad looked at her like she was the most important thing in the world.

“Is everything okay, Brook?” Tom finally asked, jarring the girl out of her thoughts. He was sitting at the tall, island counter sipping coffee.

“Oh yeah, sure, why?” she replied, still not looking at him.

“You seem really quiet.”

“Everything’s good.” She was glad he didn’t point out how she couldn’t bring herself to look at him.

“If you say so,” he said skeptically. “I hope you’ll feel okay to talk about anything that’s bothering you. I mean, we’re family, right?”

The comment made her flinch. Before, family only meant her mother and her. With Tom in the mix it was suddenly a real family – mother, father and daughter – and as much as she loved the idea, it was still a very new proposition. Logically, she knew she wasn’t supposed to ache to feel Tom touching her ass the way Cindy’s father touched hers, but she yearned for it anyway.

“Yeah, I guess,” she said, sitting across the counter from him with a yogurt container and spoon.

“You guess?” At least his tone sounded light.

Now she smiled briefly and even looked at his face. He was smiling and looking at her curiously.

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