A Curious Roommate

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Slipping on her sunglasses and tucking away a book in her bag, Camille Dunston walked across campus headed towards the parking lot. Her Friday morning world civilization class had consisted of her professor monotonously lecturing for an hour on the ancient Egyptian empire.

“What a waste of a beautiful Friday morning,” she thought as she walked passed the library headed in the opposite direction of numerous students rushing to class.

“Now that my 12 p.m. sculpturing class is cancelled I at least have the afternoon off,” she said contemplating what to do with the rest of her day. Camille was a second year art major. Although she had always wanted to move to New York City after high school and major in studio art at NYU, she had compromised with her parents’ wish and attended the local state university about half an hour away from her hometown.

“New York is a dangerous place for a young girl,” the sophomore remembers her father saying. Attending school close to home did have its perks including a haven to escape to on weekends for home-cooked meals, free laundry service and some extra parental financial support.

The clear blue sky along with the birds chirping amongst the large oak trees made for a picturesque backdrop to a beautiful summer day. Camille’s delicate tanned skin sweltered in the bright summer sun as she strolled across campus, dressed in a little white blouse with ‘Angel’, a fitting label, written in front. Camille had always been a shy girl. She was always the skinny girl in class that none of the guys would pay attention to and all the girls would make fun of. Unlike most girls at her high school, it wasn’t until her junior year that Camille experienced the physical changes that most young girls would experience during their early teenage years. To elude the pressures of the high school crowd she had gotten involved in athletics and arts. It was during this time that she developed her love for the arts that later on helped her decide to major in visual arts. Now at the ripe age of nineteen Camille had slowly begun to develop a figure that was noticeable in the way her low-cut jeans accentuated her firm petite ass. All the years of track and field training during high school had obviously done her body well as evident by her tiny frame and skinny legs. Her thin fit calves flexed as she picked up her pace reaching the campus parking lot and spotting her little blue KIA parked towards the end of the row.

As she pulled into one of the parking spots in front of her apartment she noticed that her roommate’s car was gone.

“Shelly and Patrick must have gone out” Camille assumed, thinking of where her roommate and her boyfriend could have gone off to at this time in the morning.

She had met Shelly Parker during her freshman year. They had hit it off so well that they decided to move-in together the next year. Shelly was a beautiful blonde with sparkling blue eyes. Her good figures however were often overshadowed by her modest girl-next-door type personality. A physical education major, she was always involved in sports. Thanks to her active healthy lifestyle she had developed quite a fit body that complemented her large bosom. It was at a sporting event that she had met Patrick Danforth. Shelly and Patrick made for quite a cute couple. He was a football player at another college nearby. He was a tall and lean 6’2″ and 215 pounds. That combined with his rugged good looks and great smile made him a definite cutie and a great catch. It was that cute smile with his dark brown eyes that had caught Shelly’s attention the first time they met. He had sprained his ankle playing flag football and limped off the field. They struck up a conversation as she checked his ankle on the sideline. She couldn’t help but notice in how good of a shape his body was as she held his strong leg while working on his ankle. They exchanged some glances as their conversation turned into flirting, which continued after the game when he asked her out. A month later a serious relationship had developed.

On weekends when Patrick would come into town, they would spend the majority of the weekend in her bedroom. The sounds of Shelly’s moans and her bed squeaking would repeatedly wake Camille up during the night or disturb her from studying during the day. Shelly Parker was at first glance a quiet girl. However Camille had soon found out after they moved in together that Shelly was quite the wild girl when it came to sex. She was loud and loved to encourage Patrick by yelling out obscenities such as, “Fuck me! Pound my pussy!”

Camille had often wondered what it would feel like to get fucked like that. Thanks to her strict upbringing, she had remained a virgin and had never even seen a cock before. She had found out about masturbation during a slumber party at one of her friend’s house her junior year in high school. As soon as she got home the next day she tried it out and discovered the intense sensations she could give herself by playing ankara eve gelen escort with her pussy. Yet the way her roommate would yell out in pleasure when her boyfriend was fucking her had made Camille suspect that having a cock inside your pussy must be even more pleasurable. She had often played with her pussy imagining how a cock would feel inside it. Her curiosity had peaked many times and she had often considered asking Shelly about it, but she could never garner enough courage to do it.

Camille had been watching TV in the living room last night when Patrick arrived.

“Hey Camille,” he greeted her as she opened the door for him. “What’s new?”

“Nothing much,” Camille responded. They made some small talk as he walked in behind her.

“Is Shelly home?” he asked looking around for his girlfriend.

“Yeah, she got home about 15 minutes ago. I think she’s in the shower.”

“Cool,” said Patrick as he walked over to Shelly’s bedroom door and knocked.

“It’s open!” Shelly yelled from the shower. A big grin crossed Patrick’s face as he opened the door and proceeded to enter the bedroom. That was the last Camille heard of them for the night. Well, not exactly. About twenty minutes later she heard Shelly’s moans as she and Patrick initiated their night of intense love-making in the privacy of Shelly’s bedroom. Camille tried to raise the TV’s volume, but she could still clearly hear Shelly’s loud moans as Patrick drove his cock into her.

Camille’s breathing got heavier as she sat there listening to her roommate getting fucked mercilessly by her boyfriend. With the TV remote control in her left hand she flipped through the channels, while her right hand slowly crept down to her small breasts as she caressed her nipples. The sounds coming from her roommate’s room where pushing her to a higher state of arousal, and she started pinching her erect nipples through the material of her tank top. The sounds from the TV emanated in the background as she gazed at the screen, her mind wandering off as she now was rubbing her extremely sensitive nipples feeling her crotch starting to dampen her cotton panties. Soon enough her left hand found its way in between her legs as she brought the remote control to her crotch area. Camille could hear Shelly’s moans in the back of her head as she closed her eyes and proceeded to rub the remote control against her pussy through the cotton material. She imagined the remote control being a nice big cock rubbing up against her pussy. Spreading her legs wider apart she grinded her hips against the hard object and poked her pussy through her damp cotton panties with the end of the TV remote control. Her nipples were fully erect as she thrust her chest out focusing all her senses on the hard plastic object poking against her crotch. It felt so good, and she can feel her pussy lips being spread apart by the end of the remote control through her damp panties. She let out a slight moan as she fought the urge to express more audibly the incredible feeling of her pussy being stimulated by the hard plastic object.

“Fuck me!” Shelly yelled at the top of her lungs, snapping Camille out of her sensuous euphoria.

As Camille retired to her bedroom she heard whispers coming out of her roommate’s room as Shelly and Patrick recuperated from their mind-blowing love-making session. A bit later on Camille fell asleep like many other nights, fighting the urge to slip her fingers inside her own wet panties fantasizing what it would be like to have a cock like Patrick’s slipping in and out of her tight little pussy.

Camille locked her car and walked towards her apartment searching through her keychain for the key to the front door. As she unlocked the door and entered her home, Camille was surprised by the sight of Patrick lying on the couch in nothing but his boxer shorts. He was watching SportsCenter, and seemed to jump at the sound of the door opening, quickly grabbing for some throw pillows lying next to him on the couch.

“Hey Camille!” he shouted sitting up while attempting to cover himself with the pillows.

“Good morning Patrick,” Camille answered, equally taken aback by the awkward situation. “I’m sorry. I didn’t see Shelly’s car, so I thought you two had gone out.”

“Oh no it’s my fault Camille. Shelly said that you were at school and you weren’t going to be back until later on this afternoon. She got called up for an emergency at work.”

Camille stood there looking away trying to figure out what to say next. As Patrick hastily tried to get up from the couch, Camille snuck a peek at her roommate’s boyfriend. Looking him over she noticed just in how good of a shape Patrick was. She could see his well-defined arms and chest as he sat there in the couch trying to find a way out of this most awkward of situations.

Patrick knew for sure he was in big trouble. Not only had his girlfriend’s roommate just walked in on him sitting gaziosmanpaşa escort in his boxers in their living-room, but what was worse was that he was trying to hide a massive erection underneath all the pillows. He and Shelly were fooling around in the couch when she got the call from work. One of the other student assistant trainers had called in sick, and she was called in to cover for him. Patrick had begged her not to go, but she had explained that she owed this guy for covering for her last time. However while getting up to go get dressed she dropped to her knees in front of him. Looking him in the eyes with a big grin she started rubbing his hard cock through his boxers.

“Oh baby… did I cause this?” she smiled up at him.

“Yeah, you sure did,” he replied. “You’ve been teasing me for the last hour, and now you’re going to just get up and leave me stranded like this?”

“Well let’s see what we can do about it,” she said slipping her hand inside his boxers and grabbing a hold of his cock. It was rock-hard, and she had trouble bending it to the side in order to slip it out of his boxers. She then again stared up at him while leaning forward and teasingly sticking her tongue out to lick the bottom side of his cock. He leaned back into the couch letting out a low groan as he felt her slippery wet tongue trail up and down the length of his hard cock.

“Oh shit baby,” he moaned, “that’s it lick that cock.”

She smiled as she continued to lick and kiss every part of his cock. Shelly knew exactly how he loved to have his cock sucked. He loved it when she got it nice and wet before she slid it inside her mouth. Moving towards the head of his cock, she licked and sucked on it as if she was licking an ice cream cone. She grasped the shaft jacking him off as she sucked on the head of his cock.

“Oh yes,” he groaned once again, “I like that baby.” Then all of a sudden he felt his cock drop back on his stomach, his swollen cockhead pulsing. As he opened his eyes, he saw Shelly standing in front of him smiling.

“What the fuck…” But before he could finish his sentence Shelly spoke.

“I’ve got to go. But if you promise me you’ll be waiting for me right here in these tight little boxer shorts when I come back, I’ll promise you I’ll make it worth your time,” she said as she headed to her bedroom to change.

“What if Camille comes home?” he yelled as she walked away.

“Today is Friday, she has class until the afternoon,” Shelly responded.

“Shit!” he thought, mad at himself for actually going along with his girlfriend’s plan. He should’ve known better to lay here in her apartment with a full-sized erection confined underneath his boxers. What was even worse was that his damn cock was so hard it wouldn’t go down no matter what he tried. He had tried playing with it, stroking it, tugging on it, hoping the damn thing would go down. Now things had quickly turned on him. He was now nervously struggling to conceal his fully erect hard-on as he heard Stuart Scott announce the final score of the Heat-Pistons game in the background.

Camille noticed that there was something wrong. Patrick was trying to hide something as he struggled to get out of the couch. Camille’s heart was pounding harder as she tried to escape to her room. As Camille walked passed the couch she noticed Patrick trying to unsuccessfully conceal his crotch with the pillows. Her eyes almost popped out when she saw the size of the tent in his boxers, and she felt her knees go weak.

“Oh shit,” she muttered as she tried to catch her balance, instead tripping over her book-bag and falling forward onto the couch. Patrick noticing her falling reached out to grab her as they both fell back onto the couch.

“Are you OK?” he asked with concerned eyes.

“Yeah I’m OK,” Camille responded. She had fallen on top of Patrick’s, and as she moved around trying to get up she felt his strong arms around her tiny waist. Suddenly she noticed that her left thigh was laying a top of his crotch, and as they locked eyes she could feel the bulge caused by his hard cock through the material of her jeans. Yet something felt out of the ordinary. They both instinctively looked down and were stunned. His cock had slid out of the front-slip of his boxers and the plump head of his erection was staring up at them.

“Shit!” Patrick nervously mumbled, trying to move around to slip his cock back into his boxers. “I’m so sorry Camille, this is so fucking embarrassing,” he noted now sliding a hand down and grabbing his cock trying to push it back into his boxers. As he did this, his arm rubbed up against Camille’s crotch and he sensed her warmth through her jeans. He immediately looked back up at her and realized she was dazedly gazing into his eyes, and had slowly started rubbing her crotch against his arm.

The sight of Patrick’s cock poking out of his boxers had made Camille’s mind lose all control of her ankara grup escort body. The act of seeing her first cock ever had sent a shiver through her whole body that ended up at her pussy, which was getting wetter with every passing moment. As she looked at him struggling to get his erect cock back into his boxers, she surveyed his body from up-close. As she inhaled his masculine scent, she was turned on even more feeling his strong arms and broad chest. They felt so hard. Closing her eyes she sighed softly and unconsciously started grinding her crotch against him.

She felt his hand stop struggling with his cock and start moving back up between their bodies. She opened her eyes and looked at him as she felt his hand stop at her crotch. He started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. Camille now let out another moan as she once again closed her eyes rubbing her crotch against Patrick’s hand.

A pang of guilt suddenly overtook her as she realized what she was doing. She was in her living room grinding herself on her roommate’s boyfriend’s hand. Shelly could return any moment now. What would she do if she walked in on her roommate dry-humping her boyfriend’s cock? Camille started reasoning with herself. She couldn’t do this. She was not that type of girl.

“Patrick! We can’t do this! I’m sorry,” she said coming back to her senses while quickly turning around, planting her feet on the floor in order to get up.

“Camille, I’m so sorry,” Patrick responded, now scared shitless that he had really fucked up. Not only did he get caught in his boxers by his girlfriend’s roommate, but he had exposed himself to her and somehow had ended up rubbing her crotch. Trying to piece the chain of events together, he grabbed his cock and sat up in the couch, again trying to get his erection inside his shorts.

Camille pulled her hair together and adjusted her blouse. She looked down to find her roommate’s boyfriend still struggling to get his large cock inside his shorts. She stared at his cock, looking at the pink knob at the top of his engorged shaft. She felt that tingle in her pussy as her mind and body struggled for control once again. Her mind went back to last night, as she sat in that very same couch listening to Shelly moan as her pussy was stuffed with that very same cock that Camille was staring at right now. Camille wondered what his cock must feel like. She didn’t want to just stare at it. She wanted to touch it. Feel it. Smell it. Taste it.

As Patrick raised his butt off of the couch grabbing the band of his boxers to readjust them, Camille leaned forward and grabbed hold of his engorged cock with her right hand. Patrick froze, his butt still in mid-air, as he looked up at Camille trying to figure out what the fuck was happening.

Her inhibitions now thrown aside and her curiosity taking over, Camille shyly smiled at Patrick as she felt his member throbbing in her grasp. There was a moment of silence as they both tried to justify what they were about to do. Camille stared at the large cock in her hand, observing a white pearl of what looked to be liquid at the top of the pink knob. His cockhead was huge she thought, and so were the thick veins running along the sides of his shaft. Camille’s curiosity had taken a hold of her, and she forgot all about the fact that it was her roommate’s boyfriend’s cock that she was holding. She leaned forward to get a better view of the magnificent cock she was holding. She wanted to see what a cock felt and looked like. She moved the cock from side to side, inspecting it. It smelled weird, but the musk scent was arousing. Camille could not explain why. Her eyes traced the thick veins that ran along the side of the stiff mass of flesh. Their purplish color was a stark contrast to the pale white flesh of his erection. She also noticed that there was more liquid now oozing out of the slit in the middle of the head. The head of his cock was actually starting to get slick with the liquid trickling down its sides. Camille hesitated touching the head with a finger to feel what the liquid felt like. She remembered enough from her high school biology class to know that it had to be sperm. But she thought that sperm only came out when a guy had an orgasm and ejaculated.

Sliding down to her knees in front of him she moved her other hand up to grab the lower part of the shaft. She could feel his heart pulse through his cock. It was so exciting. She looked up at him noticing that he was staring at her as she inspected his cock. They both felt a bit uncomfortable trying to figure out what to say next.

“I think I know how to get it back in my shorts,” he said breaking the awkward silence. “Can you help me out? It won’t fit inside those tight shorts. It needs to go down before it can be put back in there.”

“So how do you get it soft?” she asked innocently.

“Well” Patrick groaned, letting his butt fall back onto the couch as he looked down at the sight of Camille’s tiny hands rubbing his stiff cock. Her fingers felt so good wrapped around his rigid member.

“I can think of a couple of different ways we can get it soft,” Patrick sighed now slowly taking control of the situation.

“So how does Shelly usually handle this problem?” Camille asked, thinking for sure that her roommate has done this before.

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