A Cop learns his place

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A Cop learns his place
Eric Stone was finally on vacation , he had just finished his last tour for the next two weeks . He was thinking he might take a few days ,go deep into the next county , rent a room and become a cum slut for anybody who wanted him ,although he did have a thing for black bears. He himself was on the chubby being 5’10 and about 225 ,he had brown hair and a dick that was about 4 in . at best. He just couldn’t say no to them ,last time he did it he got 3 different guys to come fuck him in his motel room. He only let guys use him when he was away from his county , he was careful not to let anybody know he was a faggot . Even as he drove home he thought back to how it started. He had known since he was a teen that he liked guys but was very careful to hide it , he even got married but that only lasted 8 yrs. The older he got the harder it was for him to act interested in sex with his wife , even though he had yet to be with another guy except for a few times with a friend as a teen , all he thought about was cock . After 8 yrs of marriage his wife found somebody else and left . He pretended to be upset but in the back of his mind he was thinking that he could finally start meeting guys’
He had gotten a computer before she left and used to watch gay porn when she was at work , he even got himself a black butt plug he used but in while he jerked off .Hell one time his wife came home early and he had to get dressed while it was in , he wore it for almost an hour before he could sneak away and take it out. Once she was gone he started going into the local m4m chat rooms , first just to chat ,then finally he worked up the nerve to meet a guy .He was so nervous driving to the park and ride where he was told to meet the guy in his truck ,the whole time he drove he was thinking of turning around . He got there drove up to the guys truck ,the guy smiled waved him in.Eric climbed in the truck and looked at the guys .He seemed nice enough ,he was about 45 yrs old ,13 yrs older then Eric, he was about 6′ 1 maybe 250 white with a beard .They talked a bit Eric told him this was his 1st time with a guy ,George smiled said he would take it easy on him . After a few minutes George opened his pants and pushed them down over his ass showing Eric a semi hard cock about 4 in . long even now . Eric just stared at the cock his mouth went dry as George reached over grabbed the back of his head and pulled it down to his cock . Without even thinking Eric opened his mouth güvenilir bahis siteleri and started to suck on the cock ,he was surprised how good it felt on his mouth and when it started to grow in his mouth Eric could feel his little dick get hard in his pants .He loved how George kept pushing his head down on his cock getting it deeper and deeper in his mouth until he started to gag on it .That just seemed to turn both men on. He could hear George telling what a good job he was doing and how good it felt .Eric could feel his dick leaking precum in his pants as he sucked .While he sucked he could hear other guys walking around outside the truck and at 1st he was afraid others might see him being a cock sucker but then that just seemed to turn him on more and he started to moan around the cock in in his mouth which by now had grown to almost 7 in and he was starting to taste the precum leaking out of Georges cock . The more Eric sucked the more aggressive George got pushing his head harder onto his cock and deeper into Eric’s mouth gagging him more .Eric had snot coming out of his nose his mouth was filling up with saliva and leaking down George’s cock . All of a sudden George pushed his hips up shoving his cock into Eric’s throat and yelled ” Take it cocksucker ,swallow my cum ”
Eric could hardly breath with that cock in his throat but couldn’t wait for his 1st taste of cum , he pulled off the cock a bit so it could shoot the warm salty cum into his mouth so he could taste it . He loved the feeling of the hard warm cock shooting in his mouth ,then while he was tasting the cum in his mouth he felt himself cum in his pants and he moaned even louder around the shooting cock .After was seemed hours he felt the cock start to shrink in his mouth and George pulled his head off his lap.He laughed and said “You should see your face ,what a mess ” then he looked and saw the big wet stain on his pants and said ” I guess you like being a cocksucker ,you came in your pants ”
Eric lifted his head up and started to wipe his face but George stopped him told him to get out of his truck like the cocksucker he is .Eric was embarrassed but did what he was told ,as he exited the truck there was 5 or 6 guys standing on the grass about 10 feet away watching him get out .They were laughing at him ,calling him a cocksucker and a faggot and as embarrassed as he was that turned him on . When he got in his car he could feel the cum starting to cool on his lap and he realized perabet giriş what he had done and thought to himself that he would never do that again what if those guys found out he was a cop . He swore to himself he would never do that again .
He kept that promise to himself for almost 2 weeks ,he had found out that that park and ride was a gay cruising spot .That explained all the guys standing around . From what he read guys would park there car walk into the woods to find guys or sit in their car . Eric was on his way home after stopping off with a few other cops for a few drinks , feeling very relaxed he convinced himself that he was just going to drive by the park and ride just to see if there was anybody there . To his surprise there had to be 30 cars there ,he sat in his car away from the others and watched as guys walked in and out of the woods .He soon realized he had to piss so he parked near the woods got out walked into the woods just to piss, he told himself . He walked in the woods about 10 feet and to his surprise there was some old guy on his knees sucking a younger guy with 3 other guys standing around watching .After Eric pissed he walked over to watch too . he could feel his cock get hard and he started to rub it in his pants .While he was watching a black guy walked up next to and said “that’s pretty hot, that old guy sure loves cock ”
Eric looked over at the guy he was about 5’7 maybe 200 lbs. and he had his cock out and was stroking it .Eric did a double take , it was the 1st hard black cock he had seen outside of the porn he watched . The guy saw him looking and said ” you like what you see boi why don’t you feel it ”
It was like Eric was in a trance he reached over and started to stroke it feeling how hot it was in his hand .While he was playing with the guys cock he could feel him open Eric’s pants and push them down to his knees ,then he pulled Eric’s shirt off over his head and threw it on the ground . Eric knew he should stop him but he couldn’t .The guy started to feel Eric up , rubbing his cock and ass then he reached up and started to pinch Eric’s nipple .That brought a moan from Eric ,then the guy pulled Eric’s head down and started to kiss him as he worked his nipples. Eric couldn’t believe how good it felt having a guy play with his tits , it was like a woman’s tits .Eric was moaning into the guys mouth and jerking his cock . He could feel the head of the guys cock start to get slimy . The guy started perabet güvenilir mi to push Eric to his knees and without having to be told he took the guys cock in his mouth and started to suck .He was amazed how big and thick the guys cock was for such a short guy , hell he had to be over 8 in. plus he was uncut . The guy was very gentle with Eric at 1st kind of just rested his hands on his head and let Eric work at his own pace . Eric reached around took a hold of his ass cheeks and pulled him into his mouth already tasting the pre cum .While he sucked he , he could feel the cool night air on his naked body and could feel his dick bouncing up and down as he sucked . The guy started to pull Eric’s head harder and harder on to his cock , telling him to suck his black cock , and how he loved white faggots sucking him .Eric could hear other guys around them talking saying how hot it look seeing a big blk. cock in a white guys mouth and how small Eric’s dick was and no wonder he was a faggot. Eric didn’t care he loved how the cock felt in his mouth and tasted , he could feel the cock getting harder and harder in his mouth then the guy held his head tight and started to shoot that hot cum into his mouth , Eric was surprised how hot it was ,and how much there was , it started to leak out of his mouth and down his chin . He let the guys pull his head close to his stomach as his cock started to shrink . Then the guy pulled his cock out of his mouth with a soft pop and stood back looking at him still naked on his knees cum on his face gasping for air . He just kind of smirked at Eric and said ” You are a good cocksucker if you want you can jerk yourself off ”
Eric didn’t even think he just grabbed his dick and in about 5 strokes he came . The guy laughed told him ” Wipe that cum on your face , look like the bitch you are ”
Eric did as he was told and could hear the other guys laughing at him .He started to come down from his excitement and started to feel guilty that he had let a guy use him like some slut and others were laughing at him .He was cop after all . He got up in a hurry forgetting his pants were down by his ankles and feel face first back on the ground dirt sticking to his face and crotch where the cum was , Everybody really got a laugh as he got to his hands and knees trying to get up . Somebody walked up behind him and stuck a finger up his ass forcing Eric to go back down on his stomach to get away from it .He was finally able to get to his feet as he bent down to pull up his pants somebody smacked his ass . Eric was so embarrassed that he ran out of the woods and into his car without even getting his shirt . The whole way home he swore he would never do that again.

This series is semi biographical ,hope you like it

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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