A Christmas Fetish Pt. 02

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Well, not that it needs to be said, but things were getting very interesting that day in 1976. In A Christmas Fetish, I believe I left off where Kelly was straddling my mom in the den recliner, and I was beginning to lick the soles of her bare feet. I had just begun sucking Kelly’s big toe, when the unthinkable happened. “NO! Stop!” The next thing I knew, Kelly fell off moms’ lap, and pretty much landed in mine. Kelly half sat, half lay in my lap as she stared up at mom incredulously.

Apparently, Kelly had been pushed by my mom who, also apparently, was having misgivings about how the situation was unfolding. “Monica?” Kelly said, almost under her breath. “What the hell’s the matter?”

Anyway, to make a long story short, Mom kicked Kelly out of the house. It was loud, and ugly. Mom yelling at Kelly about corrupting mine and her relationship, and Kelly yelling right back that all she did was open mom’s eyes to something that she already wanted. And so things remained.

Until New Years Eve. It was about six o’clock p.m. Mom had been running around getting ready to go to a party that her office was throwing, while I sat on the couch wondering if she would ever model her clothes for me again. “Well? What do you think?” I heard her call out from the dining room.

I walked around the corner to see her standing by the dinner table. She put her hands on her hips as I appraised her choice of dress. She was utterly gorgeous. Her hair was put up in a bun except for two wisps which hung down and curled against her neck just below her ears. A pink blouse rounded out by a grey jacket and skirt combo almost finished the ensemble. What caught me however, was her shoes. I had never seen them before. A beautiful pair of shiny, black leather pumps with almost a stiletto heel. I looked into her eyes and smiled. “You look gorgeous as always, mom.” I said.

And then I was startled to see tears in her eyes as she walked up to me and embraced me. “Oh honey. I’m so sorry how I’ve treated you the last few days, and Kelly too. I guess I was just scared that all of our relationships were going to change into something we couldn’t control. That might hurt us some time, you know?” I just nodded as I was too excited to speak for fear of breaking the spell. “Do me a favor would you? I made some sausage balls last night. How about taking them to Kelly’s house for me? Maybe she’ll know I’m sorry for ignoring her and we can talk at the party.” Mom reached behind her and retrieved a Tupperware container with a red bow on top, and pressed it into my hands. “If you hurry, you might catch her before she leaves.”

Needless to say, I fairly ran the short distance to Kelly’s house, and sure enough, her car was still in her driveway. I hadn’t seen her since the day mom kicked her out of her house, and it was long overdue as far as I was concerned. I had rung the doorbell a couple of times before I began to suspect güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with a sinking heart that she wasn’t home. “Shit!” I cursed under my breath as I turned away.

I had just reached the sidewalk when I heard, “Well, well… if it isn’t the offspring of my affection.” My heart as well as somewhere below my belt, jumped as I turned towards the voice. Kelly stood in the doorway with one hand on her hip and the other apparently holding herself up against the doorframe. As I got closer, I noticed she was also dressed for the party. She was a fox in her all black one piece dress, the skirt of which ended well above her knees.

When I got back on the front step, she reached out and softly caressed the side of my face. “Hello Sugar.” She said. She almost slurred her words. I wondered if she had been drinking already. “C’mon in.” She purred, and walked back into her house. As she walked back inside, I looked down her black nyloned legs and saw that she wasn’t wearing shoes. Her soles beckoned me inside. “Have a seat while I finish getting ready. Oh, by the way, there’s some wine on the coffee table. Help yourself if you don’t think your mom will mind.”

As I sat on the couch, I saw the bottle of wine chilling in a bucket of ice, reminding me of the gift I had brought. “Oh yeah.” I called out to her. “Mom wanted me to bring these sausage balls she made. I think she wants to make up for the argument ya’ll had last week.”

I heard high heels clacking down the hall towards me. Kelly walked in and stared at me. “Let me ask you something.” She said as she stood next to me putting on a pair of earrings. “Do you have any problem with what happened between us? I mean, between me and you, or me and your mom, or even between you and your mom? Anything bug you about it?”

I had to kill these thoughts now if I was ever going to experience anything like last week ever again. “Uh, no Kelly. To be honest with you, I really enjoyed it. I mean, I was embarrassed that you saw me kissing mom’s feet at first, but when you seemed to understand it, well, It actually turned me on.”

Kelly sat down next to me and propped her feet up on the coffee table. “And you didn’t have a problem watching me doing that to her either, or when I was making out with her?” I just shook my head with a matter of fact smile on my face. Kelly picked up the wine from the bucket and opened it. “Well, in that case, let’s celebrate!” She said. Not even bothering with glasses, Kelly upended the bottle and chugged away.

I found myself imagining that the bottle neck was my mom’s toe as Kelly’s lips were wrapped around it as she drank. “Ah! Boy that’s good. Here, your turn.” She said, handing the wine to me. As I began drinking from the bottle, Kelly reached down and slipped her heels off, and placed them next to the bucket of ice. As I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand, Kelly stood and faced güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me. “Do you want to celebrate like a little boy? Or do you want to celebrate, like a man?” She asked huskily. With that, Kelly straddled my legs and sat on my lap facing me. She grabbed both of my hands and pinned them behind my head against the back of the couch, as she began pushing her crotch and chest against me. “Well?” She asked.

All I could do was stare into her green eyes and whisper, “Like a man.”

“Good.” She whispered. “Then you’re going to have to accept things like a man, o.k.?” Kelly leaned back and reached behind her. She placed the wine bottle between our bodies, then reached back again. This time she had one of her high heeled pumps in her hand. “And you’re going to have to celebrate like a man too. Hold this.” She told me, pushing the shoe against my hand. As I held her shoe in my hand, Kelly began pouring wine into it. Then she raised the shoe to my mouth and said, “Drink up.”

I opened my mouth and Kelly pressed the back of her shoe against my lips. I drank greedily as the wine poured into my mouth. I swear I could taste the sweat from her foot mixed in with the wine. When the shoe was empty, Kelly pushed it over my mouth and nose and commanded that I clean it. At first I wasn’t sure how I should do it. But then she grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it back against the couch, at the same time, pushing her shoe harder against my face. “With your tongue!” She said rather sharply.

I pressed my tongue as far into Kelly’s shoe so I could and began licking and sucking up the remains of the wine. Then, when she was apparently satisfied with the job I had done, she turned the shoe around so that the tip of the heel was just touching my lower lip. Kelly leaned over, “Suck it.” She whispered into my ear.

As I opened my mouth, Kelly pushed the heel. I wrapped my lips around it as she began pushing it in and out of my mouth. Kelly was really enjoying herself now as I noticed a flush appear on her cheeks and the pace of her breathing had quickened. She had also begun grinding her crotch into mine, and, I have to say, the pressure down there for me was getting intense.

Suddenly, Kelly reared her head back and let out a chilling squeal as she pounded herself down into my lap. As she did however, she almost gagged me with the heel she had practically buried in my throat. I had to reach out and grab her when she almost fell off of me onto the coffee table. As she regained her balance, she then leaned to my left and pushed me down onto my back. This time she was straddling my chest and once again pinned my arms above my head. She slid up a little further and used her nylon covered knees to hold my shoulders down. Kelly leaned down into my face, her blonde hair dangling around our faces. “Now, my big, big man. You… are going to… worship me. Do you understand güvenilir bahis şirketleri what that means?” She asked.

I was tongue tied, so I nodded rapidly that, yes, I did indeed understand. She then slid back along my body so that she was sitting on the couch, but between my spread thighs. And then, she presented her beautiful feet to my face once again. She placed both of her feet side by side on my face, completely covering my mouth, nose, and eyes. I inhaled the scent I had remembered from my house a week ago. She began rubbing them gently back and forth across my lips. “Go ahead, stick your tongue out and start licking.” She said to me.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue as she drug the bottom of her feet across it. I licked both of her feet from heel to toe, then had to lift my head a little so she could shove her toes into my mouth. I sucked long and hard, even pulling on the hose with my teeth then sucking my spit right back out of them as her toes writhed before my face. At one point, she reached down and ripped the hose from her feet freeing her toes and soles to be serviced by my tongue.

And service I did. My mouth was beginning to tire from all of the licking and sucking I was doing. Then she suddenly stood up right on the couch and looked down on me laying there between her feet. “You know, when you were sucking my heel, I was getting so hot because I was imagining that you were really sucking a cock … and now …” Kelly reached under her dress and pulled a pair of red silk panties down her legs, peeling the now ruined hose down with them. “Now I want to see you lick and suck this.” She said and lowered herself back down onto my chest.

Just as I thought I was going to finally get to go down on a women, however, the phone rang. As Kelly smiled down at me and began sliding her crotch closer and closer to my mouth, she reached over towards the coffee table and picked up the cell phone. Beep. “Hello? Oh, well hello Monica!” I could have died right there with this gorgeous woman sitting on my chest, getting ready apparently, to sit on my face, and my mom at the other end of the phone. “Oh honey.” Kelly began. “Don’t you worry about that, I understand your concerns, really I do.” Kelly glanced down at me with a sultry smile and said, “Sure he’s still here. Hang on a second.”

Kelly held the phone down to where I could speak. “Hi mom, what’s up?” I asked in what I hoped was a normal voice, as Kelly continued moving up my body until she was practically straddling my throat. Mom told me that she was ready to leave for the party and needed me to come home now. “O.k., mom. I’ll be home in a second. Bye.”

Kelly put the phone down on the coffee table and looked down at me. Then she stretched out so that she was lying on top of me and gave me a soft kiss. “Now, hon, Don’t take this the wrong way but, remember what I said about accepting things like a man?” I nodded, getting kind of confused. “Well, what I was about to do to you…? Well, I think it would be more fun if I was doing it to your mom? Don’t you?” I just smiled as she softly rimmed my lips with her tongue and realized just how utterly ruthless this woman was.

To be continued …

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