A Change in College

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I had just started college in a new town and was looking to start a new life. I am guy that is only 5’3 weighing in at 109lbs and have long brown hair that reaches the middle of my back. I had spent most of my teens as an outcast and was always teased for being small and looking like a girl. I was looking to living on my own and to be known as myself.

I was on campus for about 3 weeks when Beth a beautiful girl, with long brown hair, who was in my Accounting Class asked me to go to a costume party with her. I was very excited to be asked and told her I would love to attend. Beth told me to meet her at her apartment two hours before the party and that she would take care of our costumes. I arrived as instructed but, was shocked to find out that she had planned for us to go as two cheerleaders. I started to argue with her but she said that I either go with her as a cheerleader or not at all. She was the first friend I found so I did not want to upset her so I told her I would be a cheerleader.

She sent me into her bathroom telling me to get all my body hair off . When I got out of the shower she threw me a pair of white crotchless panties to put on. I was a little embarrassed due to my erection and was just holding them in my hand. She seemed to get very angry with this and yelled for me to put them on or get out. I quickly put them on and she said that this just wouldn’t do, you can’t have your little cock sticking out of your skirt. So she grabbed a maxi-pad and cut out a place for my cock and balls to be tucked into. I thought it looked very silly with the front of the white crotchless panties covering my cock and balls but with my asshole fully exposed. She just looked at me and said that it would have to do.

She next had me put on a scented cream all over my body that made my skin smell and feel as soft as a woman. She complimented my legs after dressing me in a very short black and white striped skirt, white sox’s and a pair of saddle shoes. Next she glued some fake tits on my chest before having me put on a bra and waist clincher that gave me hour glass shape. I sat in a chair for the next 1/2 hour or so having my hair styled into ponytails and having makeup applied to me. After I put on the cheerleader sweater I was then allowed bahis firmaları to look in the mirror. What I saw was a beautiful woman that could have easily been Beth’s sister but I was looking at myself. It felt so weird to see myself like this. Beth seemed to love how I looked and said that I looked delicious.

We got into Beth’s red camaro and drove deep into the woods to an large old house that was owned by a fraternity from our campus. When we got there we were greeted by a lot of wolf calls and a few swats on our asses as we ran to the door. We had gone into the main room when I noticed that not only were we the only ones in costume but that Beth was the only girl there. I was nervous about this and pulled Beth into the bathroom to ask her what was up. She calmly said that she had been just pulling a joke on me but when I went along and got dressed as a girl she decided that she would take me to the party to see how far it would go. She told me that since I was here that if I did not pretend to be a girl for the rest of the party that she would just go out to tell the guys that she found out that I was a fag. She also added that I would probably be beaten up or killed by them. I begged her to take me home but she just smiled saying that I would just have to walk home alone dressed as I was if I wanted to leave so badly. She then left to enjoy the party. I waited in the bathroom a while but decided that there was nothing I could do in there so I went into the kitchen to find something to drink. Beth was in there with a group of guys playing quarters. She introduced me as Candy and then told me to sit down an to play a few games. She explained during the game that I was injured as a child and couldn’t talk to them but could hear fine.

I did not want Beth to tell on me so I just sat down and played for about an hour as they all picked me whenever someone got the quarter in the glass. I started to get drunk quickly so I was not as nervous when the guys flirted with me. I winked back to the guys I was playing with as they told me how sexy I was. The game ended when I looked over at Beth, she had her hands all over a big guy by the name of Ted. She looked up at me giving me a smile and suggested that we go party in the other room. kaçak iddaa I shook my head no against the idea but two big guys grabbed me and dragged me into the next room with them. I was tossed on the couch like rag doll and then handed a large glass of punch while someone else put in an X-rated GangBang video in the VCR. There must have been something in the punch because I soon started to feel funny and grew very weak. John and Bill the two big guys next to me seemed to get very hot and horny watching the GangBang video on the TV screen. I the video continued I kept trying to push their hands away. They kept putting their hands on my thighs and grabbing at my fake tits. Bill grabbed me roughly and kissed me full on the mouth forcing his tongue in my mouth as John blew in my ear and nibbled at my neck. I was getting very worried and scared about what would happen when I looked over I saw that Beth was sucking on Ted’s big 12 inch cock that looked to be as big around as my wrist. Bill on my right must have seen what they were doing too because he took out his large soft cock out of his pants and began pushing my face into his smelly crotch. He had my face against this manhood telling me to suck his thick 8 inch dick. I tried to pull away but with his hand behind my neck I was just too weak.

Beth saw me struggling to get away so she yelled over to Bill that I was into rough sex and enjoyed being slapped around and forced into having sex. Hearing this Bill grabbed a big handful of my hair yanking my head up slapped my face several times and yelled suck my big fat cock Bitch. I try to say something but he slaps me again forcing my face against his prick. I decide to do what I was told before he beat me to death. I stuck out my tongue and he pulled on my hair forcing my face up and down his cock and balls until they were wet from my tongue. He tired of that quickly and slapped me in the head putting his cock head against my lips. He then told me to open my mouth and take his large cock in my slutty mouth. As I took his large cock into my mouth I tasted its saltiness and felt it harden and grow longer seeming to be searching for my throat. It filled my mouth stretching my lips as he started to heave his hips off the couch while pushing my head down to kaçak bahis meet his thrusts. He began to fuck my mouth as if it was a pussy. He continued pulling my hair forcing my head up and down trying to get his cock all the way down my throat. As tears fell from my eyes I tried to tighten my lips trying to get him off so this would come to an end.

It is when I thought it could not get any worse when I heard Beth telling John on my left to join in. She said that Candy is an virgin but just loves to have her sexy ass fucked. With in seconds I felt him flip up my skirt and push his cock head against my asshole. I moaned with pain as he tried to force his large cock head in my asshole without any lubricant. Bill told John to listen to this Bitch enjoy this as he pushes his cock head farther into my throat making my lips touch his pubic hair. John begins to get frustrated trying to get his cock in me so he grabs my hips pulling my ass to him as he throws his weight on top of me forcing his cock all the way up my ass in one long powerful thrust. A burning white pain shoots through my ass and body making me feel like I was being ripped in two. John slowly began thrusting in and out of my ass with his hard cock, biting my neck as he groaned how tight my chocolate tunnel was.

John pulled his cock until it was almost coming out of my asshole then rammed his so far in me I felt his pubic hair against my crack. The burning white pain caused by his long hard cock slowly started to turn to a pleasure as he picked up his speed and thrusted deeper into my bowels. Bill pulls on my hair making me get up on my knees as he keeps his cock in my mouth and John just moves along with us while he continues fucking my ass. I hear and feel them pant and moan as they got into some kind of rhythm trying to get them selves off. Bill’s cock throbs and seems to double in size as he fills my throat with his salty sperm. He keeps his cock in my mouth until I have swallowed all his seed. John then pushes his cock as hard as he could filling my ass with his sperm. As this is happening I see stars and feel myself shake and cum the best cum of my life.

As I stopped shaking John and Bill pulled their cocks out of me only to be replaced by two more guys. As the next guy grabs my ponytails and plunges his cock deep into my mouth I see that there is a long line behind him. And can only imagine how many are behind me when the guy behind me grabs my waist and embeds his pecker deeply into my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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