A Chance Meeting Pt. 01

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Lana checked the lock on the door. It wouldn’t budge. She could hear footsteps in the hallway outside, but she didn’t know where she was, nor whether she wanted to rattle the door, alerting whoever was outside to her presence.

It was dumb luck that Lana had ended up here: she could only guess that she was in an industrial facility, with long, tiled windowless hallways, lined with locked doors.

Before she got locked in the small room, Lana had walked the maze of dingy tan-colored hallways for a long time and hadn’t seen anyone. She’d entered this room because it had a small plaque next to it indicating that it was for something relating to building maintenance. Lana had let the door shut behind her, venturing inside to check for a possible grid or map of the facility. She did find a map, but she couldn’t read it: it was a mass of color-coded lines and seemingly random numbers, some of them crossed out and re-written in permanent marker. It wasn’t until she’d turned off the hanging lightbulb to exit the room that she found out the door was locked.

The set of footsteps outside faded, and Lana slid down against the wall. She’d been in this small room for what seemed like several hours and felt like this was as good a time as any for a rest. She pushed her unruly mop of yellow hair out of the way and stretched her legs on the floor. The room was fairly narrow, but just long enough for her to lie down in. There was a long narrow drain in the floor along the wall opposite to Lana, underneath a pipe with several sets of valves. Lana stared at them, yawning.

A new set of footsteps pounded up the hallway. Lana sat up and slowly began to push herself to her feet, careful not to make any noise; she could hear the owner of the footsteps rattling doorknobs. The noise quickly neared her door and before she knew it, the door to the hallway burst open. Lana was bulldozed aside by a brown and crimson blur, and heard the door slam shut as she lost her balance and fell on her butt.

The first thing Lana recognized was the tawny brown feathered wings. The owner of those wings turned around, and Lana recognized the shoulder-length crimson hair, pinkish skin tone, and wide violet eyes.

“Captain Ardalae?” said Lana.

“Miss James!” gasped the Captain. “You’re okay.” She reached out and pulled Lana to her feet with surprising strength.

“I’d be more okay if you hadn’t just-“

“Shhh!” The captain pressed her ear to the door. She wore one of her usual long, neutral-colored dresses, but it was torn and scuffed in places.

Another set of footsteps passed slowly. Arin was shaking, but they both stayed silent while the footsteps passed.

Arin relaxed a little when she hadn’t heard any noise from the hall for almost a minute.

“What’s going on?” Lana hissed. Arin turned, looming over her slightly; Arin was about ten centimeters taller than Lana, and her large feathered wings gave her silhouette somewhat of a hulking shape.

“I…I don’t know. I’m-…” Arin blushed suddenly. She looked around behind Lana, and her eyes settled on the floor drain. “Lana, don’t look.”

“What is it-“

Raising her skirt, Arin crowded Lana into the corner of the small room, forcing her to perch on top of the tangle of pipes in the corner. Arin spread her feet over the drain in the floor. She didn’t quite pull her underwear out of the way in time and soaked them before she was able to yank them aside, revealing a puff of her crimson pubic hair, and the biggest clitoris Lana had ever seen poking slightly out of it. She bared her swollen vulva over the grate and unleashed a desperate flood of piss. Most of it whizzed into the drain, but Lana could feel herself getting splashed with small droplets, squashed into the corner at less than arm’s length from Arin.

After a few seconds, Arin relaxed a little and leaned over on the pipes, panting.

“So uh…” said Lana, bemused. Arin looked up at her, her whole face turning red.

“I told you not to loo-” Arin’s voice trailed off lamely. Her eyes dropped to the canlı bahis drain. She had to push out her hips a little to aim her stream. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t give you much of a choice, did I?”

“You’re still not,” Lana snorted. “But you could make up for um…this,” she gestured to Arin’s pussy, which was still spraying strong in the general direction of the narrow drain. “…by telling me where we are and what’s going on.”

There was a noise somewhere out in the hall and Arin hesitated. They were both quiet for the next thirty seconds or so, listening for footsteps over the periodic knocking of the pipes around them and the quiet rushing and splashing from Arin.

“Your urine is very yellow. Have you been drinking water, Captain?” prompted Lana, breaking the silence.

Arin laughed, throwing off her aim for a few seconds and splashing the wall above the drain. “Leah’s trained you well…and yes, I have. I’ve just been holding it for a while.”

“Define ‘a while,'” said Lana.

Arin squirmed. The waterfall between her legs slowed abruptly to a drip. “Umm…since yesterd-…I don’t really know. I woke up in some dark shower room with a headache, some bruises, a full bladder, and this-” she flicked some drops of moisture from her pubic hair. Lana noticed that Arin also discreetly flicked her clitoris before replacing her underwear and reching up to point at something on the left side of her neck. Lana was on Arin’s right, and had to lean over her to see. There was a puncture mark on Arin’s neck; it was small, but it was definitely there, right over the jugular vein. “I don’t know how long I was out.”

Lana leaned over Arin, her nose wrinkling slightly at the alkaline smell rising from the piss on the floor. The puncture mark wasn’t bleeding, the edges were clean, and there were no marks around it indicating hesitation; whoever did this, they knew what they were doing.

“How are you feeling now?” Lana asked, retracting herself back into her corner.

Arin took a deep breath. “Dizzy. But I’m steady on my feet. I’ll have to pee again soon but it won’t be so urgent next time.”

“Okay, but we’re kind of trapped in here,” Lana pointed out. “You let the door shut behind you.”

Arin paused to rub at her eyes. “It…locks?”

“Try it.”

Arin pulled away from Lana, having to lean forward to keep from hitting her head on the light bulb. She tried the doorknob. Lana heard something crack, followed by a loud clack outside the door; the doorknob had fallen off. Arin shivered and easily pulled the door open. Lana would’ve screamed in frustration if the noise hadn’t jarred her too.

“They might’ve heard that. We need to go,” whispered Arin, looking up and down the hall, which seemed to go on forever.

Lana started walking to the left; despite her terrible sense of direction, she remembered that she’d come from the right-

“No, this way,” hissed Arin. She grabbed Lana’s wrist and pulled her up the hallway in the opposite direction.

Lana was about to ask Arin what was going on again when the sound of footsteps echoed faintly from somewhere in the building. Lana’s stomach dropped, and she allowed Arin to yank her up the hall, trying not to think about how wet Arin’s hand was.

They ran for what felt like hours, trying desperately to keep from making too much noise. Arin was much faster than Lana, and pulled her along with relative ease. Everything was a blur of tan tiles, cryptic signs and doors until Lana noticed it getting dark around her. As the harsh fluorescent bulbs faded away, Arin slowed down. She came to a stop next to a small alcove in the hallway, housing a full water cooler, and let go of Lana’s forearm, staggering forward.

Lana could only strain her ears to listen for footsteps out in the hallway while Arin poured and continuously drank more and more from the water cooler using a small wax paper cup from a shelf next to it. All was quiet, from the hallways, but Lana didn’t want to let her guard down just yet.

Arin stood up, tossing the used wax cup politely bahis siteleri in the small bin next to the cooler with one hand. The other was in her crotch, moving rhythmically while her wings twitched behind her; she was masturbating.

Lana hissed, “Arin, we both just woke up in the middle of a bad creepypasta, this is a really bad time for that-“

Arin whimpered, “I can’t…it’s…” Her hand sped up for a few seconds before slowing back down. She pulled it away with obvious difficulty. “You’re…you’re right-“

A shout echoed from far off, somewhere in the maze of hallways. It was faint and made Lana wonder how large this place really was.

Arin led Lana deeper into the offices. The hallways opened up into a wide room full of cubicles with threadbare gray carpet.

“We should be close to an exit,” Arin breathed. Her hand was between her legs again, though she wasn’t moving it.

“You need to pee again?” asked Lana, glancing around.

Arin nodded. “It can wait until we’re outside.” She staggered on, and Lana led them to a dark corridor, branching off the main office. Arin stopped at a row of larger offices, squinting to read the nameplates next to the doors. On the second door she checked, she gasped, “Aha!” and pushed at the door. It opened, and Arin grabbed Lana’s arm again, dragging her through the large office to a door marked “EXIT.”

“No,” Arin sniffed, looking the door up and down. “No, no no…”

“What is it?”

Arin backed up, pulling Lana with her. “There’s an alarm. We need to-” Arin let go of Lana’s arm and hurriedly pulled aside her dress and panties, squatting a little. She let out a brief but strong burst of piss onto the office rug. She stood still for a few seconds, and hurried toward back the door, trying not to look at the puddle on the floor.

“They should have windows on the upper floors,” Arin panted. “Come on, we need to hurry.”

Arin led Lana further down the dim hallway, to a door marked clearly as a stairwell by the plaque on the wall next to it. Arin herded Lana into the stairwell first. Lana looked down as they ascended the stairs: Only the three floors below them were lit, fading quickly into total darkness.

Arin picked out a door four floors up. It was unlocked, and led to another set of offices, with a large window situated in an alcove, lined also with a water cooler, a vending machine, and a dry-looking leafy houseplant. As they approached, they could also see that the window was left open, letting in a steady current of cool air. The sky was dark outside, partially obscured by the black shapes of trees below.

Panting, Arin made straight for the watercooler, filled one of the small waxpaper cups provided on the little table next to it with water, and pulled up her dress, stepping over to the sad house plant. “Alright little buddy, it’s time for some water,” she mumbled to it.

“What are you doing?” groaned Lana. “We need to get out of here!”

“As long as we’re quiet, I think we can afford a short rest,” replied Arin, pulling down her panties. They fell around her ankles and she waddled out of them, positioning her crotch over the plant. “And look at this poor thing. Why is it that people in offices never water their plants?” She stuck out her wings for balance and let go, releasing a hissing stream into the plant. “Fwoof, take all you need, little guy,” she sighed contentedly, massaging her lower belly.

Lana watched Arin from behind for a long moment. Arin was mostly in shadow, but her piss and some of her flight feathers caught the scant light from the window, glowing a faint gold color. Arin drank the small cup of water in her hand like a shot, and dropped one of her hands between her legs as her stream slowed to a drip. Lana turned away toward the window.

The window pane easily swung wider when Lana touched it. The air outside was cool, and Lana could hear rushing water far off, like a river. Below the window was a thin ledge that didn’t look like it would hold her weight. Lana wanted to get a drink of water before they left, bahis şirketleri but Arin was standing too close to the water cooler, starting to make obvious low moans.

Lana threw one leg over the windowsill, stretching her body to get her toe to the ledge. It held Lana’s weight. Pleasantly surprised despite the squelching noises and gasps from Arin’s direction, Lana gripped the windowsill and tested her other foot on the ledge. It held. Lana relaxed a little and looked down, easing her weight onto the ledge. It was too dark to see the ground, but she could count five rows of windows in the neutral-colored wall-

There was a split second of warning before the ledge cracked, pulling away from the wall in a long strip with an earsplitting screech. The noise startled Lana and her arms slipped. She tried to hold on, but she didn’t have enough of a grip and started to slide irreversibly off the windowsill-

Lana felt a pair of hands grasp her forearms; it was Arin. She knew Arin was strong, but her fingers were shaking. Arin leaned back to pull Lana back up, but her dress caught on the corner of the windowsill and she overbalanced, pitching forward instead and falling halfway out the window. Lana’s stomach dropped unpleasantly.

Arin’s grip on Lana’s forearm began slipping, and Arin gasped, “Lana, hold on.”

Figuring her dying words – in a shitty office creepypasta, no less – should be something good, Lana snorted, “Thanks, Captain. I didn’t think of that.”

Arin extended her wings and kicked off from the wall, shooting forward and dragging Lana with her. Lana shut her mouth and hung on for dear life, squeezing her eyes shut while Arin managed an uneasy glide. After a few seconds, leaves and branches slapped at Lana’s feet and legs. She felt Arin abruptly jerk sideways before slamming into a mass of springy branches. One of Arin’s hands let go, but the other remained clamped on Lana’s wrist. Once everything stopped moving, Lana took a few seconds to get her bearings; Lana herself was bruised and tangled in the bough of a tree directly beneath Arin, who hung on, spreadeagled in the branches.

Arin managed to speak first: “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” said Lana. “What about you?” Arin grabbed the arm she still had hold of with her other hand and tried to pull her up a little. The bough bowed under their weight. One of the thinner branches underneath Lana snapped, and she fell a few feet, pulling Arin with her. Arin fell slightly faster, coming to a stop in an awkward position, almost straddling Lana’s midsection with one leg up, caught on an unbroken branch. The lower part of her dress was gone – torn off on the windowsill – and so were her panties. Arin was completely bare from the waist down, her clitoris was hard and throbbing, and it was less than an arm’s length from Lana’s face. Lana tried not to stare at it and failed miserably.

“You left your underwear next to the plant, didn’t you?” said Lana in a conversational tone.

Arin grunted, “Well you might as well have fired a cannon back there, hanging out the window and pulling stuff off the building. And I’m okay, thanks. Now we just have to get out of this stupid-…” She trailed off. Lana expected her to take a breath and keep talking, but instead she started shaking.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” panted Lana.

“Lana, I’m so sorry. If I could move I would,” gulped Arin.

“Sorry for wh-” Lana felt something warm splash across her chest: Arin was peeing again, soaking Lana’s shirt and her bra underneath. “Oh,” said Lana dryly. “Thanks for the warning, I guess.”

Arin’s entire pussy pulsated as her flow picked up into a strong, hissing spray. Lana could feel the small droplets hitting her neck and chin. The branches beneath her were quickly bending under their combined weight, and she was sinking slowly; Arin’s stream was working its way up her chest, beginning to splatter on her clavicles. Lana closed her mouth, but before it could get that far, one of the thicker branches holding them snapped. Lana managed to grab a branch on the way down and hang on, but Arin’s wings got tangled up and she plummeted downward. Halfway down she freed her wings, but she was falling too fast and slammed into the ground.

…Continued in Part 2

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