A Bridesmaid and a Rock Singer

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They had met at a swanky wedding for Anne’s friend Sandy, who had married some big shot CEO of some company or another.

Somehow, Sandy had gotten a popular band with a lead singer who had been on a nationally televised singer’s contest to play at her wedding; at the time, Anne had no idea who they were and didn’t care for the show Sandy had gushed about, so she had paid no mind to the band outside of something to dance to at the reception.

All Anne had cared about at the time was getting off those god-awful shoes she had to wear with the equally hideous bridesmaid’s gown, mint green or not. Her feet were killing her, but she danced and posed for pictures with a pasted smile nevertheless.

It had been an uneventful evening thus far until the band went to take a break after the bridal dance with Sandy and Jeff.

Once the new couple had finished, a cage of doves had been released, one of them letting dropping a load on the lead singer, Constantine’s, head.

“Jesus!” he called out. Both the other band members and Anne couldn’t resist laughing.

Once she had calmed down from laughing so hard and it looked as if people were more interested in laughing at the shit-on singer than helping him out, she picked up some napkins with “Jefferson and Sandra” printed on them and went over to Con, wiping the dove poop from his head.

“Sorry about that,” she had apologized, trying to keep herself from laughing again. “I guess he really had to go. But being crapped on by a bird is supposed to be good luck, though.”

Anne then inspected his head. “I think I finally got it all,” she said.

“Does it stink?” Con asked.

Anne sniffed his head. “No, you’re fine.”

“Thanks,” he said, then gave her a high-octane smile. “Now where are my manners? I could at least introduce myself since you went through the trouble of cleaning bird shit out of my hair while my buddies were laughing like hyenas.” He then stuck out his hand and introduced himself.

The softness of his hand wasn’t lost on her; she smiled back shyly. “Nice to meet you. I’m Anne. I don’t always look this geeky, though. Always the bridesmaid, you know.”

“Well, would Anne like to dance?” Con asked.

“Huh?” she was taken aback. It wasn’t every day she was approached by guys, much less an attractive one like this. Sandy and the other bridesmaids were the beauty queens, not she.

Anne was what was the modern term “plus sized,” and even though Sandy referred her as a “cute redhead,” with a pixie haircut, lovely blue eyes and near-perfect, fair skin, Anne always felt dumpy and unattractive around Sandy and Sandy’s other friends, all who could have been models.

Why didn’t this guy pay mind to the other bridesmaids instead?

“You know,” he smiled again, interrupting Anne’s thoughts. “Kind of thanks again for cleaning shit out of my hair.”

“Oh, all right. Sure.” God, do not make me canlı bahis a klutz now, Anne thought.

As they danced more that night between his sets, Con flirted with her openly and kept moving his body against hers and, eventually, Anne certainly noticed.

As the evening drew to a close, he wanted to get to know her better and invited her back to the room upstairs of the hotel where Sandy had her lavish reception.

She agreed to go, after coming the conclusion that unlike the other guys around the reception, this one was neither a drunk nor a sick pervert.

After about half an hour of chit-chat when they got to the room (and Anne finally getting her shoes off), the conversation turned to love, lust and sex.

They talked about past relationships and how both seemed to lack finding anyone decent, in Con’s case, anything outside of the slutty “groupies” that would get in any musician’s pants at the drop of a hat.

They were still talking when they went outside to the balcony to look at the city below.

“It’s harder for women like me to find someone decent,” she said.

“Why?” Con asked.

“Look at me,” she responded with a small laugh. “I’m hardly a size 2 supermodel.”

“You’re beautiful,” he said, hardly believing this lovely woman had no man in her life.

“Mmm hmm. And how many other times have you used that line today?” she appeared to be teasing, but Con wondered if she thought he was a player that would say anything to get women into bed.

“Just one,” he grinned, then added, ” But the times I’ve seen you tonight, I never really got more than glimpses of you. And I have to admit those leave me wanting more of you.”

“Oh, really?” she asked, blushing slightly.

He went on to say she seemed so different from the others right from the time she came over to him with the wad of napkins to clean the bird shit off his head.

Anne still looked at him as if he was giving a line of bullshit, so he leaned over, took her in his arms and kissed her.

Not one of those friendly, peck on the cheek on a quick on on dry lips, but a full kiss, his tongue licking the corners of her mouth before he found her own tongue.

They kissed hungrily, tasting lips and tongues for a few minutes before Anne pulled away.

“You know, you could have anyone,” she said shyly, seeming embarrassed about enjoying the kiss.

Con took her back and kissed her again.

“I want you,” he said in her ear, “I want to make love to you, Anne.”

His hands found themselves fondling her breasts outside her dress. They were full and he’d never seen anything so sexy.

“Let’s go back inside,” he said. “I don’t have to leave until morning and I’d like you to stay with me tonight.”

“I don’t know…all I have to wear is this hideous dress. It’d be kind of weird for me to walk around in a bridesmaid’s dress in broad daylight tomorrow,” Anne protested.

“I bahis siteleri can take care of that,” Con grinned. “What size do you wear?” he asked, picking up the phone when they came back in.

“Uhm, a woman’s twenty-two, but—“

“It’s cool,” he cut Anne off. “There’s a personal shopper downstairs till midnight.”

Jesus, she thought as he spoke to someone into the phone, he’s going to spend all this money on someone he barely knows, only to boot me out once he sees me naked….

Less than an hour had passed before the hotel personal shopper arrived at the room with Anne’s new clothes.

“So go try them on,” Con grinned at her.

Anne then picked up the bags and went into the bathroom to check out what exactly he’d gotten for her.

They not only fit her right, but they were the things she loved to wear, even though the undergarments were a little sexy from what she’d been used to. Still, she put them on underneath.

She then came out and showed off her new clothes. “So you like?” she smiled. “Beats the hell out of the stupid dress I had to wear all evening.”

He responded by grabbing and kissing her again. “Fantastic.”

From there, they were still kissing off and on, but Con quickly broke the kiss to lick and nibble his way down to her neck as he undressed her and gotten naked himself, heading eagerly for her beautiful breasts.

He sucked her pink nipples, his hands roamed all over them touching and licking every inch of their natural beauty.

He kept all this up as he slipped one hand down the front of her pants and found her mound shaved and his fingers pressed against her opening. She was already sopping wet.

“It’s been a long time for me since I been with a man,” Anne explained. “And I’ve never been with anyone practically a stranger.”

He kissed her again. “I’ll make it worth your while, love. I want to take care of this sweet pussy of yours.”

He peeled down her panties and she stepped out of them. Con then traced his fingertips along her thighs, brushing against her pussy lips and put two fingers gently in her wet slit to tease over her clitoris.

She moaned softly; she wanted him now as much as he did her.

Con then gently llay her down on the bed, kissing and licking his way down the ample body of this goddess, until he reached her pussy, then delved his tongue right in.

He was alternating between sliding his tongue over her clit and fucking her with his tongue as her hips squirmed above him and he could feel her cumming.

After she had come, she pushed his head from between her legs.

“Make love to me,” she said. “I want you so bad…”

Climbing behind and then turning her over so her ass would face him, he was on top of her.

Con was trailing his hard cock down her ass to her wet cunt. His manhood found her entrance, and she was so wet she nearly sucked him bahis şirketleri inside before he was ready.

Her pussy was so tight and he loved the feeling as his dick went further inside her. He ran his hands over her full ass cheeks as he pushed forward into her sweet, tight pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh….yes….fuck me..”, she moaned, as she felt him slide all the way into her sex-starved pussy in one stroke.

Con held himself inside her, reaching around and feeling her huge breasts and her naked, full figured body.

He continued going deeper and harder into her pussy as she came over and over as their lovemaking got more intense.

“God, I love this,” Anne said. “I love having your big cock in me. You like it taking you in me? Yessss, give me more, you feel so good!”

He reached from behind and grabbed hold of her swinging breasts again, gripping onto them tight.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” she squealed. “Go deeper!”

“This is what you really came up here for, isn’t it, love? It’s been too long and you’ve been pretty horny, huh?”

“Yesssss,” she hissed, “Give it to me good. You feel so damn good! I’m cumming again! Deeper! Yes! YES, MORE!”

Once she had cum, Con turned her over onto her back, his lips found hers and they kissed passionately, tongues shooting far into the other’s mouth.

They were breathing heavy into each other’s mouths as he began to slam his cock in and out of her twat.

“Mmmmph…..harder,” she moaned as she felt his cock reach deeper inside her. He pushed her legs up so her feet were near her head as he began to fuck her a little harder.

He broke the kiss and watched her as they made love passionately.

“OHHHHHHHH GOD!!!” she cried, this time cumming violently.

This forced Con to fuck her upwards with his hips, as her orgasm was far too intense. He banged her upwards as fast as he could as he felt his cum shoot its way from his balls to his cock, starting to lose it.

“Ohhh, love, I’m gonna cum!” he called out.

“Oh yes! Cum inside me!” Anne screamed.

He continued to fuck her with all his might, Con could feel the heat building in his balls, and he knew he could hold out no longer. He heard himself let out a grunt and she knew he was ready.

She was holding his penis deep inside her hungry vagina.

He moaned as his cock spasmed, shooting a long stream of hot cum into her eager, hot snatch. Another thick load sprayed behind the first, firing far into her pussy. She was moaning as he emptied his seed into her body.

His cumming was so intense, he couldn’t breathe. Another three loads shot into Anne’s cunt, but the power died down from what it was in the beginning.

Finally, the last of his sperm trickled into her, and he was able to kiss back at her searching lips, gasping for breath.

Afterwards, as they lay beside each other, she seemed to become shy again.

“I loved it,” he told her, kissing Anne again. “I think I may have finally found my soul mate.”

Shortly after, they went to sleep in one another’s arms.

It was possibly the best wedding Anne attended that year.

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