A Boy at the Pool

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I am a Bi guy aged 40 from the midlands of the UK. I have been married for eight years. After some experiences with guys when I was younger I thought all that was behind me until my Bi feelings began to resurface a few years ago. Since then I have indulged in extensive sexual activity with guys online through personal networking sites, chat rooms and other sites, on the phone and in real life. I have been involved in a relationship with an older gay guy locally for about a year now. My wife has no idea about this side of my life.

My boyfriend has been working abroad for about two months and is not due back for another three making me desperate for some more action. This is the true story of an encounter I had with a young guy recently while my wife was away.

I hope you like the story and would love to hear from you (especially from any young guys who read it and enjoy it). I love to chat to people about stories and experiences so please get in touch via the Contact tab on my profile.

Enjoy x


My wife was away for the weekend and I had no plans at all. I decided to start the weekend with a swim at my health club. I was getting undressed in the changing rooms and as usual looking around to see if I could spot any attractive guys getting changed. My main motivation for attending the club was to watch young guys in the gym, the pool or sauna. I loved young, firm, smooth, muscled bodies, especially in lycra or speedos.

The changing room was quiet with no one special for me to spend the morning fantasising over, when a young guy walked in. I noticed him first because I thought how young he looked. He was medium height and slim built with short brown hair, dark brown eyes and very young looking features. I was struck with how pretty he looked and would have been convinced he was under 18, had the club not been limited to 18 year olds and over. I had never seen him at the club before and wondered if he had just passed his eighteenth birthday and just joined.

I watched him cautiously as he got changed into his gym gear. I slipped by black lycra swimming shorts on, conscious that my cock was growing a little hard looking at him. As he took his top off I saw that he had the t-shirt of the local University on and realised he must be a student who had just arrived for his first term.

He changed into gym gear and I watched him as long as I could without making it obvious. As I gathered up my towel and made to go to the pool I caught my reflection in a mirror near where he was standing and realised in horror that he could see me staring at him. I wondered if he had noticed and blushing walked quickly past him. I glanced up as I passed and noticed the number of his locker, 57, as I did he looked directly at me and smiled quickly. I blushed, smiled back and walked on to the pool.

I did a few leisurely lengths in the pool but couldn’t stop thinking about him, my cock hard all the time so couldn’t concentrate on the swimming. After about 20 minutes though I began to focus and get a rhythm going doing another 25 lengths or so. After that I stopped at one end of the pool and had a rest against the side checking out the other guys in the pool. I saw someone coming down the steps and realised it was the guy from the changing room. There were four lanes in the pool and each of the others had at least two people in. I wondered if he might get into mine. I looked as he approached. He was wearing just a pair of very tight shorts and I admired the nice bulge in the front as he walked towards the pool. His body was smooth, slim and well toned, my heart beat faster as he approached.

He looked up and down the pool and walked to my lane.

“Is it OK if I use your lane?” He asked.

“Of course” I said, smiling as he slipped in.

I was nervous wanting to speak to him but wondering if he recognised me from the changing room.

“I’ve almost finished” I said. “You can have the lane to yourself soon.”

“Don’t worry on my part” he replied, smiling that smile back at me.

I got my courage up a little, he seemed in no hurry to start swimming.

“I’ve not seen you in here before” I said.

“No, I’ve just started at the Uni and have only been here a couple of times”.

I asked where he was from and he mentioned Plymouth, a city about 100 miles to the south.

“So are you enjoying Gloucester?” I asked him.

We chatted about places around the city that we knew and he asked about places that he had heard of and not visited yet. Then he asked me about Cheltenham, a town about 9 miles to the west.

“There is a place I would like to go canlı bahis şirketleri there” he said, “but haven’t really found the right people to go with”.

“Oh where is that” I asked.

“Exs” he replied.

My heart skimped a beat a little as he named a gay club in Cheltenham.

“Oh I’ve been there a few times”

“Really” he replied, seeming surprised. He glanced at my hand resting on the side of the pool with my wedding ring he asked, jokingly. “So did you go there with your wife?”.

I laughed a little nervously. “No. She doesn’t know I have been there. I’ve been there with a couple of friends”.

By now my cock was very hard and I was desperately thinking about how I could make my next move when I heard someone call in our direction.

“Hi Tom”.

He looked up at a girl a few lanes across and with a look of noticeable disappointment on his face mentioned that it was a girl from his course.

“I’d better go and talk to here”, he said. “We are doing a group project together at the moment”.

“Perhaps I will see you again” I said, smiling but disappointed.

He smiled wide “I hope so” and swam off to his friend.

I was feeling frustrated as I got out of the pool and showered, running my soap covered hands over my still hard cock and thinking about the gorgeous boy I had been chatting to. Then I had an idea.

I quickly changed and pulled a piece of paper from my filofax. I wrote a note quickly, taking advantage of the empty changing room.

“Hi Tom,

Nice to talk to you in the pool. Shame you had to go. My wife is away this weekend, if you are free perhaps we could meet up for a drink or something.”

I wrote my email address on the bottom of the note and folded it flat. I went across to locker number 57 and slipped the note in a crack by the lock and pushed it so that it fell into the locker. I then went back home to wait to see if he got in touch.

I got home at around midday and logged on to my email and MSN messenger. I checked the computer every few minutes throughout the afternoon but had nothing except a couple of winks from other guys I chatted to online. Normally, I would relish the change to spend time at home with the opportunity to chat with guys but that afternoon all I could think about was Tom from the pool.

About five thirty I heard small noise from the computer and realised it was messenger. A grey box appeared in the corner of the screen – “studentboytom would like to add you to his contacts”. I clicked accept immediately and an icon with his name appeared in my contacts list.

“Hi” “Hi Tom” “Sorry I had to go earlier, was enjoying our chat.” “Me to”

We chatted for about 20 minutes about various things when I typed.

“So, would you like to meet up this weekend?” “Mmmmm yes please came the reply instantly. “It would be fun”. “Why don’t you come round?” I asked. “It’s just me here and there is beer and wine in the fridge.” “Sounds good to me” Tom replied.

I gave him my address and he said he would be around in about 30 minutes. I waited nervously as the minutes ticked by.

I went up stairs and changed into a pair of tight, semi see thru HOM shorts, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Bare footed I walked down stairs as the front door bell went.

I opened it and there he was. He was dressed in a pair of knee length shorts, a tight t-shirt that showed off his body and a pair of trainers. He looked more stunning than I remembered him. I looked him up and down as I invited him in.

I poured us some wine and took it across to him as he sat on the sofa. We began to chat about how he was enjoying it at university and what he was doing. The conversation was easy and I felt comfortable with him as he seemed relaxed.

As I came back 15 minutes later with some more wine he asked me “So you go to a gay club and don’t tell your wife. Isn’t that a bit naughty?”

I smiled back “I suppose so. But I like to have a few secrets.”

“So who did you go to Exs with?” he asked.

“A guy I have been seeing” I said.

“Lucky guy” said Tom grinning cheekily at me.

“He wouldn’t think he was lucky if he could see us now” I said. “I think we would be jealous that I can’t take my eyes off you.”

He blushed a little and smiled back “well he doesn’t need to know” he said as he placed his free hand on my thigh.

I looked intensely at him as I moved forward and we gently kissed, our lips barely touching as we did. We kissed lightly and hesitantly, feeling the tension build as our mouths barely touched. I felt his tongue flick my lips which sent a shudder canlı kaçak iddaa through my body.

I got up and shut the curtains in the lounge so that no one could see us. Tom followed me as I did so. I turned and he was stood behind me. We kissed again, more passionately this time and embraced, my arms against his firm, slim back pulling him towards me. Our mouths and tongues hungrily sought each other out as we let ourselves go. My hands slipped down to his firm ass and I pulled him towards me, feeling his hard cock against mine through the material. His hands slipped under my t-shirt and slipped it up, his hands firmly stroking my chest as he did it. I did the same to him and slipped his t shirt over his head, throwing it on the floor. I kissed his neck and ran my hands over his naked chest as my cock ached against the tight material of my jeans. My hand slide down his chest to the front of his shorts. I undid the tie at the front and pulled them open. My hand gently slid down the front where I felt his cock hard and straining against the smooth material of his pants. I ran my fingers the length of his hard shaft to his soft balls and pressed them gently. He let out a moan as I touched him. I moved my other hand down to his shorts and over the waist band of his tight smooth pants moving round and stroking his small, firm ass. I felt his fingers working eagerly on the buttons of my jeans and I kissed him, my tongue deep in his waiting mouth and stroked his ass though the material of his pants. His shorts slide down his legs and he kicked them away, dressed now only in his light coloured, skin tight pants.

By now he undid my jeans pushing them down my thighs. My cock was rigid in front of me tenting out the front of my shorts. He slipped my t shirt of and we stood facing each other, flushed and horny dressed only in our pants. Our cocks aching and rigid clearly defined under the material. I slipped my pants down and stood naked in front of him. He looked me up and down and smiled, his eyes lingering on my hard, cock, the end wet with precum.

“Wait here till I call you” he said turning and leaving the room.

I heard him go up the stares and opening the door of the spare room, the bathroom and then the main bedroom. I heard him go in but couldn’t tell what he was doing except that I heard a drawer opening and closing. I waited for a couple of minutes, rigid with anticipation and excitement until he called me up.

I walked up the stares and entered the main bedroom. The curtains were drawn but in the half light I saw Tom standing by my wife’s dressing table, the top draws both open. He was wearing a, black, see thru lacy thong from my wife’s lingerie draw that tightly contained his cock and balls, both perfectly clearly outlined under the material, and a pair of black patterned, lacy topped stay-up stockings.

My cock stiffened even further when I saw him. I walked across the room and stood inches away from him, our breathing heavy as the electricity crackled between us. Two aching cocks, begging for release.

We kissed slowly and gently, our mouths barely touching, our bodies a few inches apart. I could feel the electricity and tension building up between us more and more.

I lay down on the bed and Tom lay over me and I drew him down on top of me. His breathing excited me more and more and he ran his hands over my chest slowly, my nipples aroused and swollen a few inches below his. I gently pulled him down and we hardly touched, still kissing slowly, his nipples brushing the hair on my chest, the hardness in his panties aching, almost touching my erect cock.

I pulled him down further and we came together at last. I felt my chest crushed against his as his kissing became harder and more insistent. As he straddled me and our crotches touched I couldn’t help moaning with desire and pleasure. We moved together like that, simulating making love, and I felt, even through the material of my wife’s black thong, the hardness of his cock which made me even hotter and hornier.

We stopped for a moment as the tension became almost unbearable and he moved down besides me so that wewere lying facing each other on our sides. We lay gently touching each other for a few moments, him tracing the outline of my chest and nipples with his fingers and me rubbing his chest and shoulders and running my fingers through the hair on the back of his head. I moved my hand down and pushed him over onto his back and gently kissed and licked his chest, taking the hardened nipples one by one in my mouth and running my fingers lightly over his taut stomach. He ran his fingers through my hair and canlı kaçak bahis groaned at the warm wet touch of my mouth. Slowly, slowly I moved my mouth down over his stomach, kissing and licking and gently biting. I stopped and he reached down and stroked my cock, his hand brushing against my erection, his mouth longing to do the same. We lay facing each other again, him only in his panties and stocings and we still hadn’t touched each others cock properly, both putting of the moment for as long as possible, relishing the torture of desire. His knickers strained as his cock was dying for the gentle touch of my fingers, but still we waited, looking at each other and slowly caressing each other everywhere except where we really wanted to.

We started to kiss again and the warm soft touch of our mouths was too much to resist, so he slowly ran his fingers down over my stomach to my groin, where my erection was waiting, and he gently ran his fingers up and down the length of my cock, barely touching me.

He sighed with desire and our kisses again became harder and more urgent while my hands moved down to his tight black thongs running over his tight ass.

He managed to pull himself together enough to be aware of the hardness under his hand and he sat up and pulled off his panties, now stained with precum and I finally saw what I had been dying to see all night, his cock hard and erect with desire for me.

He took my cock in his hand and felt its hardness, sliding his fingers slowly and gently around it. I wanted my cock wet so I could really drive him crazy so I moved him round so that his head was near my cock and he gently kissed my stomach and thighs, moving closer to my cock which was so hard and horny for him. All I wanted to do was for him to take it in his mouth, but instead he took it in his hand and moved his mouth down and slowly licked and sucked my balls, while gently rubbing my cock with his hand. His groans were driving me wild. He moved his tongue slowly up the shaft of my cock until he reached the head.

Gently holding me in his hand he flicked his tongue round the head of my cock, running it gently under the ridge of the head and up onto the wet eye. He took me slowly for the first time into the warmth of his mouth and gently, hungrily ran his hot tongue over my cockhead, drawing me deeper and deeper into the heat of his mouth. I started to move very slowly in his mouth while his hand squeezed and caressed my balls. He could feel my rigid cock in his mouth as we started to lose control. I moved faster and faster in his mouth and I felt coming up from inside me like a wave, an orgasm which shook my whole body as I moaned his name. His mouth filled with my hot cum as my body writhed in ecstasy. He hungrily drank, swallowed and licked my cum, not wanted to miss a drop of my orgasm. He was so horny and I hadn’t finished.

I pulled my cock from his mouth and went round behind him forcing him on his stomach. I pulled ass towards me. Knelling with his ass in the air in front of me as moved my still hard cock, slick from his mouth and my cum, to his ass. Slowly and gently, inch by inch I started to enter him. His ass griped me and I felt rock hard pushing inside him bit by bit.

About half way in I stopped, He was desperate to feel all of me inside him, for me to fill him up with my cock. I slowly started to rock, my hands squeezing his hips, my hands stroking his stocking covered legs. I was moving half of my hardness in and out of him, not giving him it all, leaving him gasping and unsatisfied each time. I moved out and each time he was desperate and horny for me to move back, begging me to fuck him.

I reached round and slid both hands round to the front of him and grabbed his rock hard, aching, begging cock. As I moved in and out of his ass I gently ran my hand up and down his cock, hardly touching him, driving him crazy. He was gasping from desire, wanting me as I moved more of the length of my cock into him and out, more and more each time until at last he could feel the hardness of my eight inches inside him all the way until my aching balls were squashed against him. Now I was really making love to him, all of me, hard and gentle inside him.

I moved harder and faster and I could hear his breathing as my cock thrust into him and knowing I was getting close to coming as my hand pumped his cock harder and faster.

I could feel him beginning to melt around me and then I finally began to moan again and spurt hard into his ass. He came too, me gripping his spurting cock as his cum shot out in front of him all over the bed and pillows. We both screamed and gasped from desire, not caring if anyone heard us.

His ass bucked as I pumped the last drops of orgasm inside him. His cock bounced up and down spraying his cum over his bed hitting him in the face. We collapsed together panting at the height of pleasure.

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