A bike ride

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It’s a gorgeous spring day. The temperature finally reaches the mid-sixties, and it seems miraculous after a long, cold winter and too much snow.

It doesn’t take long to get dressed – for a serious bike ride. Black Lycra cycling tights, which hug my thighs like a second skin. In fact, that’s really all they are, a second skin. You don’t wear anything under cycling tights, since they’re made with wonderful chamois lining to prevent saddle sores. I complete my outfit with a colorful cycling jersey, mostly red, highlighted with blue and white flashes. Aerodynamic helmet.

I look the part. About 5 foot eleven, lithe frame, with lean muscles. Dark hair, a little longer than usual. I haven’t shaved for two days, so I look a little rough around the edges. My cycling look. Man, I can get on a bicycle and go for hours. It’s so liberating and enjoyable. I thrive on the intensity and challenge.

But it’s the first time on a bike in several months, and it wouldn’t be smart to push too hard. So I decide to try the Sambro loop, which will take me along the coastline, a long, winding road with many short hills and a few long ones before it heads back to the city center. All in all, about 50 kilometres. A good hard test for the first ride of the season.

I move slowly through the city. Limbering. Cautious. It’s Earth Day, so many cyclists are out. The drivers here are polite, but you can never be too careful. I have one long scar on my right leg, a reminder to pay close attention to the cars around me. But they soon thin out as I move to the city’s outskirts.

What a glorious, glorious day! As I turn on to the Herring Cove Road, greeted by long, sloping hill, I pick up my pace. The wind, so fresh and clean, whips past me, and my strong legs quickly establish a brisk cadence. Along the water, past the yacht club, to the small fishing villages that wait beyond.

Soon the hills start, and my breath comes in gasps, my thighs burn. I welcome the distraction, the opportunity to think.

It hasn’t been easy these last six months. Alone again….And lonely.

…… Melanie was a wonderful woman in many ways, smart and ambitious, but eventually that had been our undoing. Maybe I should have been more flexible; she had a wonderful career opportunity out west, and maybe I should have gone with her. But I love it here, and didn’t want to move.

Besides, I wasn’t sure she was the woman for me. She was raven-haired, pretty, and so many men looked at her longingly whenever we were out. But she didn’t like sex, at least not the way I did.

I tried to be a patient lover. Until she had met me, she had never had an orgasm with a man. She’d never had an orgasm, period. In the past, she was drawn to selfish men who used her, and she never learned to enjoy her own sexuality, to enjoy her own body. She said she had only tried masturbating a few times, but she never came.

But I still enjoyed sleeping with her. Her pussy was soft and warm, and sliding my cock inside of her was wonderful. But it took her a long time to get comfortable with me. She didn’t like foreplay, would only let me kiss her nipples, and didn’t know what to do with my cock, even though I had tried to teach her what I enjoy. In the beginning, she would only make love in the missionary position. I would lie on top of her, kissing her nipples and her mouth and neck, trying everything. I would thrust inside of her, sometimes slowly, sometimes harder, varying the depth of penetration, moving my cock around inside of her, rubbing her clit. But nothing.

Eventually, I’d come, but still I’d continue to pump away, hoping for some response. Anything. I’m sure it would have confounded most men. But I’m not insecure, have never felt sexually inadequate. The truth is that I love pleasing women, and I love being pleased. And that counts for a lot.

I do have one attribute that many men don’t – I can come two, often three times without losing my hard-on. To me, it seems the most natural thing in the world, and I’d never thought it unusual. It was that way when I was 17… And it still holds true now that I’m in my thirties. I guess it’s one benefit of being fit. So I could love Melanie for forty-five minutes, an hour, longer if she’d want. But eventually, she’d ask me to stop, and I’d slide out her, still hard and wanting.

I longed to go down on her, but she wouldn’t hear of it. I told her how much I would love to please her with my mouth and tongue, but she didn’t want me to. And she’d never dream of taking my cock in her mouth…. And I missed it so much.

Still, I made love to her often, and remained faithful to her. Eventually, we had a breakthrough, and when we had sex, she would have small, soft orgasms that made her skin flush. She still wouldn’t let me go down on her, but at least we tried a few new positions, and I was hopeful that she’d become more adventurous when we’d make love. Maybe even pleasure herself.

But then the job opportunity…. And she left. On the last night, she had canlı bahis şirketleri a wonderful deep orgasm, screaming when she came, and I moved down yet again to taste her pussy… But she grabbed me quickly, panicking… And it didn?t happen. In the morning, she was gone…..

All this ran through my mind as my legs pumped, and I noticed that my cock was at half-mast, very visible and straining at the tight Lycra. I smiled, figured maybe I’d better pay attention to the road.

But I didn’t return to reality soon enough. I hit a pothole, and my back tire quickly went flat. Damn. It’s hardly the end of the world, since I carry a spare tube, rolled up under my seat. But I was having such a good day; didn’t want to stop….


Helmet removed, I get to work. While I’m crouching on the roadside, taking the wheel from my bike, I hear a car pull up behind me, and hear a woman’s voice, asking first if I needed any help. But then the ring of familiarity. “Richard, is that you?”

You get out of the car, as I crane my neck to see who it is. Oh God, it’s Samantha…. I hardly know her…. We’ve talked a few times over the last year… And I have such a crush! You’re Melanie’s exact opposite, actually – so sensuous and sexy, with eyes that are soulful and mischievous. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to kiss your lips.

I smile, and stand up to speak with you, slowly lowering my bike to the ground. I wonder what you’re doing here, and you explain that you’re housesitting for some friends. It’s right up ahead, looking out on the Atlantic.

We chat amiably for a minute before I realize that my cock is still at half-mast and very visible. You can’t help but notice it. You’re smiling. Have you noticed? At once, I’m mortified and yet excited.

I feel the familiar tingling in my loins, and feel the blood flow, and I feel dizzy…. I’m getting more turned on by the second…. I can hardly hear your words. But still you continue to talk amiably, smiling, looking into my eyes, as though nothing is wrong.

It happens so quickly, I gasp. You step closer to me, and kiss me…. Just a light brush against my lips, but it’s magical. With your second kiss, I feel your hand in my hair, pulling me to you, and I’m helpless to resist. I feel your mouth, so soft, warm, inviting…. and when your tongue lightly licks my lips, I’m yours… My breath catches in my throat, and my thoughts short-circuit… I can feel my erection pressing against you, and I want to touch you, to kiss every inch of your body.

“Please, Richard… Come with me…. Now….!” You seem as excited as I am.

I hesitate for one second…. Overwhelmed… Before throwing my bike in the trunk, and getting in the front seat. You put the car in gear, and drive off quickly….


We don’t talk at first, seemingly struck dumb by what just happened. But you reach over and hold my hand, and it’s the sweetest thing you could have done for me. I kiss it gently, and you reward me with a smile.

My mind is filled with possiblities…. We turn on to a dirt road, and you drive quickly, raising a cloud of dust. Past plenty of trees, an open field or two, but no houses. I wonder if you know what you’re doing.

You do. You stop without warning. Pulling a blanket from the back seat, we move through a copse of trees to a delightfully secluded meadow, thick with wild flowers. The sunlight feels so warm here, and off in the distance I can hear the faint roar of the ocean, but I can’t see the shore.

My mind is swirling. It almost seems unreal, that I couldn’t be here, with this wonderful sensuous woman. This beautiful woman. But the softness of your hand in mine tells me this is not a dream.

We kiss while you’re still holding the blanket, and I’m breathless once again. Your lips are so sweet and full, and I love how they feel pressed to mine. Soon our tongues are fencing playfully, and I’m smitten.

I love how you undress…. At once shy and knowing. I should be doing the same, but I’m transfixed…. I gasp at the sight of your breasts…. You seem to bloom before my eyes like a delicate rose. And then you slowly undress me…. Peeling the Lycra from my legs, kissing me softly. And the blanket is laid out.

When we’re both naked, I hold you to me, kissing you again, this time excited by the eagerness, the urgency I feel there. I feel your soft hair, your gentle scent… You are so lovely….

My mouth finds your neck, so supple and fine…. As I blaze a trail down to your breasts, full and warm… I kiss your nipples, feeling them harden beneath my mouth… My tongue circles your right nipple endlessly, before I suck it eagerly it into mouth, hearing your first faint moan…. And then I do the same with your other nipple, only the moans are mine.

As I slide lower, I kiss and lick your tummy… Every part of you is so sensual, so tender…. And I can feel your body urging me on impatiently canlı kaçak iddaa as I move closer and closer to your mound…….

I kiss you, gently at first…. Tracing your pubis with my mouth… And I reach behind you, and pull you closer so I can fully explore your lovely pussy.

You do exactly what I want you to do…. Placing your right leg over my shoulder, inviting me in…. My first kisses are just that … Kisses…. But I’m soon overwhelmed by the urge to taste you… To feel you come around my mouth….

I start licking, probing your soft folds, encouraged by your moans. By the time I’m licking around your wet opening, I feel your hands in my hair, pulling me tightly against you. Soon, you sink to the blanket beneath us, and I lower myself to you.

I start licking…. Pressing my tongue against you… And tracing a long, slow, languorous path to your clit…. Again and again.. And then I’m pulling at your lips, sliding my tongue along them, tracing their dips and contours…. I feel your excitement growing, the urgency in your movements… So I find your sweet, liquid center, and start thrusting with my tongue… Shallow at first, then deeper… Probing, searching…. Faster, faster… I hear your moans, mingled with mine…. Oh, Samantha… You taste so sweet and exotic…. I’m intoxicated by your taste, so turned on, so eager to hear your come….

My tongue leaves your pussy, but my fingers don’t… Two are thrusting inside of you as my mouth moves to your clit… A few deft licks at your swollen pearl, tongue circling…. Mmmmmm, Samantha….. You are so beautiful…. When I suck your clit into my mouth, you thrust against me…. I can feel your passion building rapidly…. I surround your clit, tongue licking, fluttering…. You grind yourself hard against me… Moaning, gasping…..

I hear my name over and over…. I don’t stop… Licking, swirling… Caressing… Bringing it on, faster… Your pussy is so sweet, so delicious….. And I feel your contractions begin, squeezing my fingers while as you writhe beneath me… Humping my face…. And I savour your cum, so turned on by your orgasm….. And I never want this moment to end.


….. Finally, you pull me up toward you, kissing my mouth, licking your juices from my chin… We hold each other tightly… A brief respite… Before long, I feel your hand slowly sliding over my hard-on. Another minute more, and you’re over me, grasping the base of my cock with your hand so you can kiss it….. . I gasp again, lost in the feelings I haven’t known in so long. You seem to love giving me pleasure – my reaction makes you smile. With your tongue, you tease my cock, swirling, licking, sliding, while your hand milks the base.

My eyes close; I’m lost in the sensations. Suddenly, you open your mouth and take me deeply inside, every single inch, sucking my cock deep into your throat. I moan loudly, my hands in your hair, as your mouth slides up and own, your tongue licking at the sensitive areas under the head. Oh God, it feels so fantastic, you know exactly how to please me. My breathing quickens, and I can feel my cock getting impossibly hard. I can’t stand it; my legs are shaking, and I sink to the blanket. You don’t lose a beat, sucking, licking… Bringing me so close, so close….

It hits with a ferocity that overwhelms me, and I feel each contraction keenly as your mouth continues its magic, deepening my orgasm even as you swallow each spurt…. I open my eyes, and meet your eyes, you’re looking right at me as you continue suck my cock. You take my cock from your mouth and move up to kiss me, and I suck on your tongue as it enters my mouth, tasting my own cum.

Ahhhh……. I want to enjoy you – exploring your body, every part of you. Kissing, licking, sucking, probing. Taking my time. Slowly, teasing you. I move on top of you.

More kisses for your mouth, cheeks, neck, ears – tongue rife. My cock is so hard, you can feel it pressing against your body, but I won’t let you touch it. This is all about you, my desire to give you pleasure. My mouth moves over your breasts, kissing, licking. I love sucking your nipples; I could do it all day. I cup your breasts in my hands while my tongue licks your nipples, so erect and hard. My tongue vibrates rapidly. You moan. Encouraging me. I start to suck, first one huge nipple, then the other. God, you are so sensitive, your breathing quickens with pleasure. It’s wonderful. You’re watching my every movement, and I notice your hand reaching down to your pussy, exploring your lips, savoring the wetness. I love how you do that.

This feels so good, I take a moment to savor my excitement by moving my cock between your breasts, squeezing them together, and sliding my long, hard cock back and forth….. Slowly, slowly, rocking my hips, lost in the sensations. Your breasts are so soft, round, smothering my cock – it feels so fantastic.

I work down again… My fingers explore your pussy; canlı kaçak bahis hot, wet, wonderful. Sliding in and out, slowly. One finger, two fingers. Exploring your beautiful wetness. In and out, faster, faster, my fingers pumping inside of you even as I use my thumb to rub against your clit. It doesn’t take long before a gentle orgasm hits, and your pussy tightens around my fingers. I remove them from you, and lick your juices, before reaching inside you again. It takes a few moments….. Then I can feel it, just inside your lovely opening, a small, sensitive lump. Your G spot. I start to rub it, massage it, with my fingers, and feel your excitement. Building slowly at first, then faster. You moan, you start to shudder, your hand reaches down to massage your aching clit. Faster, faster…. Like waves building, building. You’re breathing, fast, hard, shallow, your hips bucking. I can feel the contractions start…..

Deep, strong. “Oh God, Richard…. I’m coming,” you cry, as my fingers furiously massage your G spot, and your wonderful pussy is soon sopping… And then, it seems like minutes… your fingers finally stop rubbing your clit, your body relaxes, your face is flushed and smiling. You look like you love to come.

Looking in your eyes as I rest between your legs, I slowly lick around your thighs and your pussy, cleaning up as best I can….. So tasty. Now, when your breathing approaches normal, I’m back at it. My mouth moves all over your pussy. With my fingers, I open you, and thrust my tongue deep inside….. Again and again….. Tasting you, feeling your excitement…. Before moving just a little higher. My hands part your soft lips, exposing your clit. I surround it with my mouth, sucking gently, tongue swirling, fluttering, your hands on my head teaching me the best way to pleasure you. First sucking softly, then harder and harder still. Urgent, harder. Your legs tighten around my head, and you thrust your pussy upward into my hungry face. Your breathing comes in gasps. And soon your juices are everywhere, and I will never forget your taste.

You pull me towards you, and kiss me deeply as the contractions subside….

But I’ve been without passionate sex for so long that I’m eager to keep going. I know how soft and sweet you are…. And all I want to do now is come inside of you.

My cock is still hard and you stroke it gently, it’s still so sensitive. “Will you take me from behind,” you ask, and I’m wondering if you know how to read my mind. While you’re resting on your hands and your knees, I move behind you, and rub my cock along your slit until it is moist. Then I bend over, and tongue your beautiful cheeks, biting them playfully.

Suddenly, I plunge inside, forcing my long, hard cock all the way into you. We both cry out at once, the sensations are so exquisite. Your sweet, gorgeous cunt feels like the finest silk. It doesn’t take long for us to establish a fabulous erotic cadence. You rock back and forth on your hands and knees, as my hips thrust hard against you. Your pussy tightly grips my hard cock, and by sometimes moving you legs closer together, sometimes farther apart, you vary the sensations that we feel. It’s wonderful, so absolutely wonderful. It feels so natural to be completely naked, the wind caressing our bodies, my cock sliding in and out of your delicious cunt relentlessly.

“Oh, don’t stop, baby,” you say. “I want your cock, every inch of your cock.”

Your words inflame me. I can’t believe how incredibly soft and silky your pussy is, and I tell you how good you’re making me feel. But you know that already from the way that my cock twitches inside of you. Every minute or so, it’s as if I’m having a small orgasm, without actually coming. And after the twitching subsides, my sexual pleasure heightens.

With my hand, I reach around and start fingering your clit, which makes you moan loudly. After a minute, your hand reaches between your legs, coming to rest on your lips, so you can feel my cock sliding in and out of you. Your passion is rising to a feverous pitch, and I’m keeping pace. You move your hand to your clit, taking over from my fingers, which are becoming somewhat erratic as my orgasm nears. And so we continue…. Both of us are gasping, breathing heavily as our pleasure mounts. I thrust deep inside your beautiful pussy as you finger your clit furiously, as we abandon ourselves to our feelings.

Soon I’m over the edge, and I cry out, “Oh God, Samantha….. ,I’m going to come. I can’t hold back….” My words push you over the edge, and I can feel your pussy contract around my cock as I unleash spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum deep inside of you.

“I can feel it baby,” you moan, “I can feel your cum.” And your body shakes as a long, violent orgasm takes over. The pleasure is deep, hard, profound… and it seems to last forever. When I finally pull my cock from you, my chest is still heaving and I’m exhausted. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm. I hug you tightly, your breasts pressing against my chest, and kiss you deeply.

“That was wonderful,” you whisper, before I can get the same words out myself. Our bodies entwine, and we wrap the blanket around us, kissing and enjoying our closeness, the magical feeling of skin against skin….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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