A Beautiful Morning Ch. 05

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Big Dick

Emily awakened the next morning, a bit sore from the night of passion only a few hours ago. She looked over and saw that I was still sound asleep, exhausted as well from last night. It was a beautiful morning.

Emily smiled, and turned around to her phone lying on the night stand where she’d set it down after the crazy night. She unlocked it and checked her notifications to see if there was anything important she needed to look at before she’d spend the morning looking through her socials.

To her surprise, she’d received a text message from last night from a man named Erin. She opened the message and read: What’s up baby girl? Where you been at? We missed you last night at the bar?

Below the text, was a picture of Erin sitting alone and naked in his bed, focusing the camera on his chest and lower body, showing in full view a ten inch uncut cock with two clean shaved balls.

“Fuck…” Emily sighed, staring at Erin’s big, black cock.

Only about an hour later, Emily found herself in Erin’s apartment, on her knees and sucking on the tip of his cock as he groaned softly, holding her hair up in a pony tail.

His cock was massive, thick and veiny – any girls dream. It curved leftwards about halfway up the shaft and boasted a thick pink head as well. Emily sighed playfully as she opened wide, staring up at Erin and whined as she slapped the thick member against her lips.

“Fuck baby! I missed you!” Erin exclaimed, letting her continue to play with his cock.

“I missed you too baby. I forgot just how big you and Jared were. Is he going to come over to play?”

“You already know girl. But for right now I got you all to myself.” Erin said as he reached down, feeding his cock into her mouth.

Emily opened wide as she took him in, taking in his familiar scent and feeling his cock press against the back of her throat. She adjusted and took him in deeper, taking a little more than half of his cock until she couldn’t anymore.

“Oh fuck yes baby!” Erin moaned, slipping it out from her mouth as a string of saliva followed it.

Emily laughed as she wiped her eyes and went down to his balls, smearing her face against his wet shaft and sucking in his nuts one by one.

“Oh fuck yes!” Erin said as he began to stroke his cock, lightly smacking it against her face…

I awakened alone in my bed and saw that Emily had left. It bummed me out, having wished I could have a least gotten a blowjob from her before she’d gone, but maybe she just had things to do.

I sighed and uncovered the sheets, looking down at my semi hard cock. “Fuck you’re already awake.” I said to myself.

I yawned and stretched, reaching over for my phone and checking my notifications, seeing if I had anything I needed to tend to. I immediately noticed a text message from Alice, who explained that she’d be arriving in town to meet with a potential client, asking if I’d like to meet with her after and show her the town.

I immediately thought of Emily, and how quickly things had moved forward with her. Was I falling in love? Would it be wrong for me to see another woman while I was fucking her?

It was a hard thing to decide, as we weren’t really ‘together’, and definitely wouldn’t be promoting our relationship out in the open.

Then the thought of Alice’s pussy opening as I slid my cock into her from behind came to mind. Emily was a beautiful flower, with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin that was soft and smelled of roses. Unlike my sister however, Alice had a fat ass that was fit kaçak iddaa and firm and large breasts that were a treat to suck. I’d be crazy if I didn’t try to at least fuck her one more time.

So I texted back, and let her know that I’d be happy to meet with her again and catch up over dinner…

Emily cried out in pain as Erin shoved in cock inside of her. It’d been awhile since she’d felt his curved cock grind against the walls of her inside, getting her wet much quicker than her brother ever could.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Emily cried as Erin gave no warning or hesitation, thrusting himself onto her as fast as he could, deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Erin grunted as he gripped her tiny ass, watching her asshole wink at him between each thrust, as the sounds of her soaking cunt filled the room.

Emily buried her face into his bed, muffling her cries as he continued pounding her tight, pink pussy, soaking his cock in her juices.

The door opened as his buddy Jared walked in rubbing his hands together, “Ah shit dawg! We finna fuck us a bad bitch!”

Erin laughed at his friend’s comment and paid no attention to him as he undressed and crawled onto the bed, positioning himself in front of Emily.

Jared, rolled out his cock and lifted Emily’s head by the chin while she swayed back and forth from Erin’s pounding.

Emily smiled, happy to see Jared again and pulled herself up to kiss him as she stroked his cock, still taking Erin’s deeply into her pussy.

She moaned loudly into Jared’s mouth, reaching up and holding him by the arms as Erin continued pushing into her.

“You ready for this dick baby?” Jared asked.

“Yes daddy!” Emily cried, dropping on all fours and allowing him to feed it into her mouth.

Like Erin, Jared had a thick hung cock that was uncut and veiny. But Jared’s was straight and easily entered her throat much deeper than Erin ever could when he was fully hard.

Emily moaned, as the two hung men slid their cocks into her holes, giving her a solid spit roast.

They switched positions many times and shared her without mercy, thrusting as hard and as deep as they could until they reached their limit.

Very soon, Jared himself cumming inside of her, while Erin withdrew from her mouth and busted his nut across her face, shooting load after load.

As the two men collapsed onto the bed, Emily sighed in relief as her ass remained stuck in the air, bubbles of Jared’s cum beginning to leak from her pussy…

Later that evening, I arrived at an Italian restaurant where Alice was already waiting for me inside. I locked the door to my car and made my way inside, quickly finding her at a booth.

“Good evening!” I said as I arrived at the table.

“Danny! How are you?” Alice asked as she stood up to receive me, giving me a short, but tight hug.

“I’ve been doing alright. How about yourself Alice?”

“I feel fantastic! Happy to say I nailed our new client today!”

“Nailed? Jeez, you were never careful with your words were you?”

“Oh stop! You know what I meant. Always got your mind somewhere else.” Alice laughed as we sat down.

“To be honest, I was surprised you wanted to meet. I didn’t leave the job on ill terms, but I’d expected you’d been more… disappointed to see me go.”

Alice nodded as she drew her glass of wine and swirled it in her hand, “Ah, well you did disappoint me. But it wasn’t something I didn’t get over. It’s not like we were in love were we?”

“No… we weren’t.” I answered, kaçak bahis pouring myself a glass from the bottle she’d bought.

“It was fantastic thought wasn’t it?” Alice asked, now looking me in the eye.

“What? Us?”

“Of course! I’ve been with three other men before I met you, but I’ve got to say that with you it was most adventurous!” Alice smiled, lightly running her leg up mine beneath the table.

I chuckled thinking back to our times together at the school and during our internship at the agency.

“Don’t remind me! Do you remember when we did it in Mr. Dawson’s office?”

“Ohh, Mr. Dawson I forgot about that! He totally almost caught us! Wasn’t that the first time you came inside of me!”

“Ah, fuck that’s right! I was scared shitless until you took the after pill. Can you imagine if you’d gotten pregnant.”

“Ah, it wouldn’t be the first time.” Alice giggled.


“Nothing, I just had an experience before I met you. But anyways! What about you?”

Before I could answer, we noticed our waiter had approached us to see how we were doing. Within a few minutes we’d ordered dinner and were back to catching up.

“So… how’s your life now that you’re back home?”

“It’s pretty good! I’m kinda talking to this girl here and we’re getting a lot closer!”

“Ah.” Alice said as she took another sip of her wine, “A girl? You’re not messing around with boys still are you? Or you digging into both?”

“Eh, I don’t know. Ever since I met this girl, things just feel different. Besides, if anything I just traded one hole for another. Not much of a bottom you know.”

Alice began to laugh at the thought, “I remember! You never did let me peg you like I’d wanted to!”

“Yeah, that’s not for me!” I chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of my head.

As the night went on, Alice and I caught up over the last few weeks since I’d gotten back. She was doing well and moving up in the world, finally getting her new apartment. She was even dating some kid named Daryl or something. I didn’t really care, but it was good to see that she was doing well. More often than not, I found myself looking down at her cleavage, imagining sliding my dick right between them as I’d done once before. She was absolutely stunning tonight.

I guess it didn’t bother me anymore that I was with another girl though I was ‘with’ my sister. Even as we headed to her hotel for the night, I figured what Emily didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her…

Emily moaned loudly as Jared slid her pussy onto his cock from the bottom and she began to ride him cowgirl style. She reached down and kissed him deeply, perking her ass up as Erin positioned himself between Jared’s legs and slid his cock against her back door.

Emily grunted as she looked over her shoulder, biting her lips as he ran his shaft between the gap of her ass cheeks.

“Please… be gentle with me!” She begged as he plopped his cock into her hole.

Emily groaned again as he slipped in balls deep, and Jared continued fucking her pussy from beneath.

“Ohhh fuck!” Emily gasped holding her self up by her hands on the bed as their fourth friend, another young black man by the name of David waved his big, black cock in front of her face.

“There you go baby!” David said as she took him in her mouth, now taking a dick in all of her holes.

The men slowly began to rail her from her mouth, pussy and asshole as she moaned loudly and her body jiggled between them. For Emily, it hadn’t been the first time her body was illegal bahis manhandled by three men all at the same time…

Meanwhile, inside of Alice’s hotel, we entered the room already making out and undressing each other.

It was some of the most intense build up to sex I’d ever had. It’d been a while since I’d been inside of Alice, and I was dying to slip my cock inside of her again.

“Oh – and don’t worry! I’m on the pill!” She said, stopping me between the door and the bed.

“Hell yeah!” I smiled ear to ear as I continued unbuttoning her blouse while she worked the back of her skirt.

To my surprise, she’d only been wearing a bra underneath and was already ready for me to fuck her.

“Damn girl! I knew you were hungry for this dick again!”

“Damn straight! Derrick’s a good boy, but he’s not as big as you!”

“Is that his name?” I chuckled, knowing I didn’t remember it from before.

“What can I say, I like boys with a D!” Alice whispered in my ear as she unbuckled my belt and licked my cheek.

I quickly removed my shirt and tossed it aside as we continued towards her bed, and she removed my pants.

“Fuckkk!” Alice sighed as she freed my cock and immediately kissed it several times, caressing my balls to get me harder and harder.

“You ready for this dick baby?”

“Born ready!” Alice said as she smacked it against her lips and jerked it back and forth until I was rock hard.

“I’ll suck you later, right now I need you inside of me!” Alice cried, shifting to her knees as she climbed onto the bed and licked her fingers, getting her pussy ready.

“Don’t have to tell me twice…” I replied, quickly slipping the tip of my cock inside.

Her pussy welcomed me though I was dry, quickly lubricating my cock so I could enter her more vigorously.

“Oh… fuck yes!” Alice cried as I began to fuck her, “Just like that! Fuck me with that big dick baby!”

“Yeah! You like that shit? You cheating little slut!”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Alice cried even louder, her pussy getting even wetter as I degraded her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard Danny! Make me your little slut!”

“Fuckk yeah!” I grunted as I began to grind deeper and deeper inside of her.

Alice arched her back and pulled me in close, guiding my hands to her breasts as I continued to pound her cheating ass.

“Does that boy fuck you like this huh? You like cheating on that little bitch?”

“Oh fuck yes daddy!” Alice cried as her ass clapped against me, “He never fucks me like this.”

Very soon, I found myself pulling her hair as I continued railing her pussy. Little did I know my sister was only a few blocks over getting all of her holes filled at the same time.

Emily cried tears of joy as her rear was railed by Erin and Jared, who soon came inside of her like they did only a few hours before.

“Oh fuck!” Jared groaned as he withdrew from her pussy and his cum began to drip from her hole.

“Damn! I’m about to bust too baby!” David moaned as he continued fucking her face.

“Alice quickly slipped his cock out from her mouth and turned her body around, raising her pussy towards him and wiggling it as Jared and Erin’s cum continued to gush out from her holes.

“Ohh fuck yeah!” David said slipping his cock into her pussy and shooting load after load inside of her…

Meanwhile, Alice continued to cry as I yanked her by the hair and fucked her hard and deep.

“Oh shit! I’m about to blow!”

“Please! Inside!” Alice cried.

I didn’t hesitate, pumping her pussy with my cum as I groaned loudly, and stuck my cock balls deep inside of her.

“Ohhhh fuccckkk…” I sighed as the last of my loads shot out of my cock, filling Alice with my seed…

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