30 Year Reunion Pt. 01

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Joshua had been on a diet and exercise plan for over a year. He’d dropped 50 pounds and was in great shape. Tonight was the night he’d worked for. His 30th high school reunion.

He slipped on his black suit jacket then stepped in front of the mirror. Moving around to look at himself, he made sure he was dressed to impress. He had square shoulders and a broad chest that narrowed to his waist. His ass stuck out, but was firm. His legs and arms were as solid as a man half his age. His hair was thick and dark with only hints of gray. His green eyes looked clear surrounded by his tanned face. He stood 5′ 10″ in his socks, but 6′ in his boots. He stroked his beard, smiled at himself in the mirror, and headed out the door in his black on black suit, shirt and boots.

He was here alone because his wife didn’t want to come. He was happy to be alone. She was a drag at parties and he wouldn’t have to worry about dragging her along and pulling her into conversations. The elevator was empty as he stepped in. He checked himself out in the elevator mirror. He felt confident. The elevator stopped and the door opened. He stepped out and saw some old friends. “Time to have fun!” he whispered to himself.

An hour into the reunion Joshua was setting in a barstool, with his back to the bar, drinking whiskey, and holding court with 5 women standing or sitting around him. All 5 were divorced women and it was clear they were there for more than pictures of his kids sports events or to hear what he’s been doing.

Joshua was eating it up. These girls wouldn’t have given him a second look 30 years ago, now they were jockeying for a chance to bed him tonight. It was fun for him to flirt and be the center of attention. He hadn’t felt this confident and attractive in decades.

His phone vibrated. He took it out to see a text from a strange number.

“Joshua, I saw you were home. Your mom gave me your number. Can we grab a drink after your reunion? Shelly”

His heart sunk. Shelly was the only girl to break his heart. He hadn’t seen her in 25 years, but the thought of seeing her was so emotional. He put his phone away and went back to his audience. He was distract by the text. He didn’t know what to do.

The night kept on schedule. Dinner. Dancing. Joshua mingled around the room. Then Awards for least changed, most changed, furthest traveled, etc were handed out. Joshua was seated at a round table with his 5 admirers seated there with him. They were laughing and getting drunk. During a speech by the class president concluding the night he took out his phone. He replied, “Where and when?” Then put his phone away.

People were saying their goodbyes. In 20 minutes almost everyone was gone. 3 of his admirers had left for home or had taken some other classmate to bed. It was early still. Only 10:30. The two that were left were Angela and Cindy. Both middle aged brunettes. Single mom’s. Medium build. Both wearing black dresses that was a bit short for a women their age. They were hot shit in high school, now they were average looking women competing over who got to screw a married man.

“I’ve got a bottle of Crown and some beer in my room. I’m heading up there, y’all want to go?”

Angela quickly replied yes. Cindy looked sad like she had lost a race. “What’s wrong? You have to leave?”‘ Joshua asked Cindy.

“No, but three is a crowd ya know!”

“Come on. Its not like that. Just 3? old friends.” He grabbed both by the hand and they headed to the elevator. Joshua thought to himself, “Could I actually bed both of them? I gotta play this smooth.”

They got in the elevator and he put a hand on each of their asses. He didn’t feel it or squeeze. Just put it there. Both of them allowed it. “That’s promising!” he thought.

They got off on the 8th floor and went to his room. He poured all of them a drink. He sipped his then grabbed his jeans. Ladies, I’m going to get this suit off. The two of you decide what we are gonna do tonight while I’m gone.

He took his time getting undressed. Slipped his jeans on. He checked his phone. She had replied, “it’s too late tonight. 10 am. I’ll pick up up.” He replied ok.

He entered the room. The girls were setting looking away from each other. “What’s wrong? Y’all fighting?”

Cindy spoke up, “You need to pick one of us. If not then it’s bahis firmaları going to be a problem.”

“You feel the same way, Angela?”

“Yes. One of us needs to leave.”

Joshua thought, looking at both of them. He lowered his brow and said, “Girls, it’s like this. If one stays and the others leaves then the one that leaves is going to tell the world the other spent the night. I can’t have that. So either both of you spend the night or both leave.”

The girls glared at him. Cindy setting on the bed and Angela setting in a chair across from her. Joshua stood there motionless. Minutes passed.

Finally, Joshua made his move. He stood Angela up, raised her dress and pulled her panties off. She had trimmed her pussy, but not shaved or waxed. Cindy couldn’t believe she was looking at Angela’s bare ass. Joshua moved her back so she stood beside Cindy. He slid 2 fingers in her half wet pussy and kissed Cindy as he fingered her. Angela pulled her dress over her head, leaned back against the wall, spread her legs more, pushed her hips forward. Her pussy was full exposed. Right in front of Cindy.

Joshua ran his left hand under Cindy’s dress. He’d noticed earlier she wasn’t wearing panties. She spread her legs for him to find a smooth, shaved, wet vagina. He didn’t waste time and plunged two fingers in her. He told her to lay down. She pulled her dress up and laid back.

Joshua smiled. He had both these girls that were snobby bitches in high school so horny for him they were letting him finger them at the same time.

He pulled his hands back. He stood up and reached for Cindy’s hand. He helped her to her feet and unzipped her dress. It fell to the ground. The girls both were nude except for a black bra. He removed Cindy’s bra and cupped her breasts. They were large, but surprisingly not saggy for a woman het age. “Doesn’t she have nice breasts, Angie?”

“Yes, I guess. I mean, they look better than mine.”

Joshua pulled Angela to them and placed her hand on Cindy’s breasts.

“Feel them. They feel nice.”

Both girls were uncomfortable, but neither had been laid in over a year. Their desire for sex was overpowering their embarrassment.

Angela firmly felt Cindy’s breasts. Both of them were obviously uncomfortable. Looking away from each other. Joshua’s mind raced. Finally he separated them. Stood between them and spoke.

“Okay. Both of you want to get laid, right?” They shook their heads.

“But you don’t want to touch each other, right”. They nodded.

“And I’m assuming neither of you is going to suck my dick after it’s been in the other one, correct?”

“Gross. Hell no!” Angela exclaimed.

“I don’t suck dick after it’s been in me, much less her!” Cindy stated emphatically.

“So the only idea I have is this. Cindy, you can ride me reverse cowgirl, Angie you grab the headboard and set on my face. Then y’all can switch. Won’t even look at each other. And we all get off!”

Angela pulled his shirt over his head while Cindy undid his belt and jeans button. His jeans fell to the floor exposing his hard dick.

Joshua flopped on the bed. “Come on girls, assume the position!”‘ He said with a big grin.

Cindy straddled him with her ass facing him. She was chubby, but shaped nice. Her ass was round and had tan lines the shape of a bikini bottom. She reached between her legs to grab his dick. She hadn’t had a man inside her for over a year. Her vibrator wasn’t the same. She rubbed his member on her vagina. Opening it up. She pushed the head in a little but she wasn’t ready. She was nervous with another women in the room. Cindy set up straight. Rubbed her pussy hard with Joshua’s dick. From her clit to her opening. She blocked out everything, focused on the penis rubbing her. She was wet, she put his head inside and lowered herself on him, it went all the way in. All the way to his balls. She let out a ooohhh. Put her hands on his thighs and started moving back and forth. Sliding her ass against him, and her thighs rubbing his.

Angela sat on Joshua’s chest. “I wasn’t expecting this or I would have shaved!”, she whispered.

“No worry. I lick bald or trimmed pussy!”, Joshua said loudly.

It embarrassed her, but it was too late. She grabbed the head board and shifted her knees over his shoulders. His head was propped up kaçak iddaa with a pillow. He shifted her around until her clit touched the end of his nose.

“Right there. Perfect!”

Joshua wrapped his arms around her and grabbed the inside of each thigh. He tilted his head back and licked her clit. It was open, dripping wet, and small. Joshua opened his mouth wide and licked her with his tongue wide from her opening to her clit. Like licking and ice cream cone. Angela liked it. His tongue was hot. She moved her hips, but was silent. She shivered when he stuck his tongue deep inside her small clit. She was so wet she was dripping onto his beard. Joshua took a deep breath and focused his attention on her slit. He licked it up and down as fast as he could. Angela shook with pleasure. She pushed herself into his face. Pushing his head into the pillow. Joshua kept licking. Breath through his nose he held his breath and took deep breaths when he needed. He put his front top teeth on her pubic area above her clit and grasped half her vagina in his mouth and bit firmly. He shook his head a few times like a dog shaking a toy. Still licking her. She pushed harder into his face. He looses his right arm. Lowered his hand down her back, sliding his fingers down her crack, tickled her anus cause a jump, then plunged 2 fingers in her pussy. He held them straight while moving in and out. Her fluids running out of her onto his face. She could not be silent. She let go of the head board, leaned back putting her hands on his chest.

“Oh My God! I’m sorry. Oh, I need this. Oh please. Huuuu. Huuuu. Huuu. Ooooooohhhhhh.” Angela shook out a massive orgasm. Literally riding Joshua’s face. Humping against his face so hard he had stopped licking and held his lips tightly closed as he fingered her.

The moaning made Cindy so horny. She was still riding him by sliding back and forth. It felt good. Comfortable. Like a great massage. Then Joshua started bucking upward. Making her rise up. He put his hand on her back, pushing her up. She took the hint to lean forward. She bounced up and down. “Oh. Oh.” She let slip up as his dick reached deeper in her. Joshua kept her moving with his hand keeping her at a pace. All the while Angela was using his face as a humping post. Cindy’s shaved pussy was wide open. Her clit touched his balsa each time she went down. She quickened her pace and went harder. Then Angela started moving, jerking. Joshua had to use both hands to steady Angela. Cindy was so turned on. She humped him harder. She forgot everything and focused on his dick. She pulled up until his head was barely in then dropped down. His thick head pushed her open each time. Touching the back of her pussy when their thrusts were in time. Everything shook as Angela exclaimed her orgasm. Cindy tried to block it out and focus. She felt a tug on her hair, then Joshua pulled it hard. Bending her back. she caught herself with her arms behind her. Joshua held her hips and fucked her. “Play with yourself!” he demanded.

Cindy fell on him. Her legs bent back like they hadn’t done in 20 years. Joshua’s dick kept stroking in and out as she spread her pussy with her left hand and rubbed her clit with her right. In seconds she was pushing down against him. She moaned loud. He kept his rhythm while she rubbed away. With a deep moan her body shook. Her ass muscles tightened. Her pussy squeezed him tight. He pulled out while she feverishly rubbed herself. Cumming for 30 seconds or more. Cindy finally relaxed. She felt his hands on her midsection.

“So how was that,” he spoke as he gave her a kiss on the top of her head. Then she remembered Angela. She opened her eyes to see her friend of 30+ years looking at her with her legs spread wide. She was so embarrassed. She struggled to get up, then rolled off him to cover herself up.

“I can’t believe you watched me do that, Angela!”

“Cindy, you heard me screaming. Besides, I watched you fuck my brother like a dozen times in high school. And we showered together at gym for years. It’s nothing!”

Cindy uncovered her face. “You remember when you were fucking David at the drive inn? In that old station wagon? That’s the first time I ever saw another girls vagina that way. I was making out with your brother, but kept sneaking looks at you. You were quieter back then!”

“Oh fuck you!”

They both kaçak bahis laughed at each other. Relaxing the mood.

Angela sat on the bed and the three of them talked about silly memories. Ignoring the fact they were all naked, not to mention the 2 orgasms they’d had.

After a while Joshua interrupted. “Girls, we gonna switch?”

Cindy stood up. “No. I need “her” to recover. That’s the first sex I’ve had in so long. So, I’m going to set here. I’ll watch Angela fuck you.”

Joshua moved the sheets off his body exposing his hard dick. “Ride it any way you want.”

Angela couldn’t look at Cindy setting at the head of the bed, so she straddled him with her ass facing him. She was in better shape than Cindy. Tight ass. Thin waist. She was still wet, so after swiping her vagina up and down once, she sat on his dick, it slid right in. “This is for you, Joshua. I can’t have kids, so cum in me.”

Angela got on all fours, rocking back and forth. Her pussy was tighter. Joshua grabbed her hips, but she smacked his hands away. “Lay still”, she commanded. He relaxed, but pushed his crotch up a little.

Angela road him fast. She was so wet he slipped in and out easily. Her fluids ran down his shaft, balls, and ass.

Each time Joshua would start moaning, she’d set on him saying, “Not yet!” Angela pulled him out of her. Turning sideways, she picked his left leg up. She mounted him with his left leg between hers, leaning forward, moving her ass up and down. She looked at Cindy as she road him. Raised up and rubbed her breasts, moaning as she did. More for show than anything. She was enjoying him, but wanted to put on a show, too.

Angela straightened his leg out. Leaned down, grabbing his ankle. Then started humping his dick hard. His dick was going inside her at a sharp angle. It made more friction, causing them both to become vocal.

Cindy knelt down beside the bed. Leaned over, put his nipple in her mouth and sucked hard. Her mouth was so hot. Joshua reached between her legs to slide his fingers in her. She bit his chest as she moaned from his fingers massaging her insides.

Angela moaned a little louder. “Come on Joshua. Cum in me!! I need to feel you cum!! ”

“I’m trying. Don’t stop.” his voice quivered.

Cindy stood up and walked in front of Angela. “This is for you, Joshua!” She grabbed her face and kissed her. Their lips and tongues found each other. Cindy scratched at Angela’s back and that’s all he could take.

Joshua bucked up hard. “Easy cowboy. This is my ride!” Angela pounded against him as hard as she could. Moaning as Cindy kissed her face. Joshua grunted hard, tensed his ass, then pumped three hot loads of cum into her.

Angela loved to have cum in her. It made her insides become very sensitive. When Joshua’s muscles unflexed, she grabbed Cindy’s waist for leverage so she could pound against his still semi hard dick.

She wasn’t loud. Just moans like you’d hear someone doing something strenuous. Her vagina squeezed so hard it pushed his dick out of her as he went soft. She shivered. Then took 4 step breaths.

“Damn that was good. I see you are satisfied cowboy. He’s gone limp on ya!”

“Come on Ang. That ain’t right. I’ve had a hard dick all night.”

The girls teased him a little then laughed. They sat around the bed talking. The girls took turns in the bathroom cleaning themselves up.

It was 3 am. As they were leaving they took turns kissing him and thanking him for a great night. He told them they could stay, but they insisted on leaving.

As they left Joshua told them to stand against the wall side by side. He ran his hands up both their dresses, pushing two fingers deep in them. He swirled them around, then pulled out. He stuck his left fingers out to Cindy. “Suck Angie off my fingers.” She rolled her eyes, ” oh what the, hell.” She opened her mouth. He put his fingers in, she closed her lips to suck on them. She sucked hard and rubbed her tongue on them. He pulled them out as she smacked her lips.

He offer up his other hand to Angela. She took his hand, slowly pulled his fingers in his mouth, and sucked them in a seductive way. Actually made him get a little hard.

“See, it tastes good.” He kissed them both, then opened the door. He listened as they walked away.

“Hey, this is weird, but you actually tasted good.” Angela said.

“Angela, you are so damn forward. But, since you said it, so do you!”

They giggled like they did walking the halls of their high school 30 years ago.

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