3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 04

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Volume One: Homecoming

Chapter Four: Alexander and Abigail

Edited By: Todger65

Author Notes: Many have wondered why I tell the story out of chronological order. The primary story takes place in the year 2000 which serves as present day for the characters and continues from one chapter to the next, Act two flashes back to any given point in history and tells the backstory of which ever characters the chapter focuses on though after a while the flashbacks will fade out and the story will stay in the year 2000.

Cast of Characters

Alexander “Alex” Smith- The Main Character, A Nineteen Year Old College Student retunring home from college.

Elizabeth “Liz” Smith- Alex, Nicky, and Abbey’s Widowed Mother.

Nicolette “Nicky” Smith- Alexander Older Sister.

Abigail “Abbey” Smith- Alexander’s Younger Sister.

Victoria Miller- Alexander’s Paternal Single Aunt.

Joanna Miller- Victoria’s daughter and Alexander’s Best Friend and college roommate.

Isabelle “Izzy” Miller- Jo’s Younger Sister.

Margaret “Maggie” Taylor – Alexander’s Maternal Aunt.

Candice “Candy” Taylor- Margaret’s Daughter and Alex’s Ex-Girlfriend.

Katherine “Kitty” Taylor- Margaret’s Daughter, Candice’s Twin Sister, and Jo’s Ex.


Summer 2000

He went to grab his bags but stopped as he heard a noise coming from upstairs as he looked up to see his sister Abigail came bounding down the stairs in a hurried pace her breasts bouncing about under the blue camisole top she wore, her wavy brown pigtails bouncing behind her. He could swear time slowed down a bit as her melons flopped up and down in her shirt. She grabbed one strap stopping it from coming down.

“Bubba.” Abbey yelled almost near the bottom as she jumped the last few steps. He had been so entranced by her breast bouncing he almost didn’t realize she had jumped. He stumbled backwards as he got a face full of her huge soft cantaloupe sized tits. One hand wrapped around her waist but the other hand found nothing but soft firm ass to grab hold of. She threw her arms around his neck pressing his face into her boobs as she hugged him tightly. If he had to pick a way to die this would be it he thought as his face mashed between her melons. They might have trouble closing the coffin though. She slid down after hugging him for a few seconds her breasts sliding upward as they ran down his chest. When her toes touched the ground he reluctantly let go of her ass.

“So did you miss me?” Alex asked softly stroking her chocolate brown hair as she looked up at him with brown amber puppy dog eyes. She was a little on the plump side with a cello figure and shorter than his mother and sister so her big breasts and nice round bubble butt looked bigger on her because of her stature.

“Bunches.” Abbey said as she planted a kiss on him, a kiss that lasted a bit longer than it should have for a brother and sister but it was still innocent all the same. Abbey was probably a little too innocent for her own good, a little naïve. She was the kind of person who was liked by everyone she met, although she had no sense of personal space and was very affectionate especially when it came to him. Alex glanced down to notice her strap had slid down her arm, her caramel brown areola peeking out.

“You’re losing your top there.” Alex grinned.

“Oops.” Abbey smiled fixing her strap.

“Need a hand?” Abbey looked at the bags.

“Yeah sure.” Alex shrugged. Abbey walked over and grabbed the large suitcase.

“That one is pretty heavy.” Alex grinned.

“I got this.” She said as she grabbed the handle with both hands squashing he breasts between her forearms as she did. Abbey’s large tits still rode pretty high on her chest and were relatively perky for a busty girl.

“So are you going to be crashing with me?” Sis said she headed for the staircase.

“That’s what sis said.” Alex tossed one of the bags over his shoulder and grabbed the other two, one with each hand. “I get to sleep with my little Abbey Bear.” He grinned.

“So you glad to be home?” Sis said as she headed up the stairs, Alex following watching her ass twitch in her tight underwear.

“You have no idea.” Alex grinned admiring her cute bubble butt. She was taking her sweet time carrying that heavy suitcase up which was fine with him.

“Where is Jo?” Abbey said looking back.

“Upstairs with mom, they went to see the baby.”

“She is getting so big; she can actually play and crawl now.” Abbey finally reached the top step.

“I bet.” He grinned. He really hadn’t gotten to spend too much time with little bit, not that she did much before. That and having never really being around babies before he didn’t really know what to do other then make faces at her.

“Your room sir.” Abbey said pushing her bedroom door open. “Just put them by the closet, I will help you go through them later. I got you a drawer and cleared out some closet space.”

“Thanks Abbey. Don’t open this one though; it’s my dirty laundry for the week.” Actually two weeks bostancı escort he thought referring to his duffle bag as he set the bags down.

“This will do.” Alex fell onto her bed.

“That’s my side.” Abbey grinned. Alex felt something bump his hand under the pillow.

“What’s this?” Alex pulled out a reddish pink vibrator, curved slightly at the end for G spot stimulation. Realizing he knew that meant he had been working at the novelty store way to long, if one could really call restocking and selling porn and sex toys work.

“Oh shit. Just put it in the drawer.” Abbey came running over opening up her bedside table as a smaller blue one rolled forward in the drawer.

“Fuck, how many do you need?” Alex teased. He learned awhile back that his sister was just as perverted as he was but she hid it behind that little baby face of hers.

“Just a couple.” Sis blushed.

“Cool it lights up.” Alex said playing with the one he had in hand. “I’ve been waiting for you Abbey One. We meet again at last. The circle is complete. When I left you I was but the submissive, now I am the master.”

“Only the master of bondage and domination.” Abbey said grabbing the blue one out the drawer and turned it on.

“Your vanilla sex is weak Abbey One.” Alex playfully swung the vibrator as the two jiggled at each other as they pretended to sword fight.

“You can’t win masturbator, if you strike me down I will become hornier than you can possibly imagine.” Abs grinned. He smiled remembering why he missed his goofy little baby sister. He poked the vibrator to his sister’s crotch.

“Ah… Bubba.” She jumped as she grabbed his arm trying to stop him from doing it again. “Okay enough go get your own toys.” She said. He handed back her toy and she put them away.

“Knock, Knock.” Jo said standing in the doorway.

“Joanna.” Abbey took off full speed running into thier cousin Jo and wrapping her arms around her.

“Good thing you come with air bags.” Jo laughed kissing Abbey on the forehead. Jo treated Abbey like her own little sister, though he always thought Jo was a little sweet on her since Jo didn’t pick on her like she did with her sister Izzy.

“So you got to share a room with this loser also.” Jo smiled at Alex.

“You know you’re going to miss waking up to this smiling face in the morning.” Alex grinned.

“You draw these.” Jo said as she noticed the several framed pictures Abbey had added to the wall. Abbey had always had a talent for art but over the last couple of years had gotten serious about it. Everyone always said that she should go to art school or something but he wasn’t sure if they could actually teach her anything.

“Yeah. If you like I have more sitting on the desk.” Abbey pointed. Jo picked up her sketchbook and began to flip through it looking at the pictures.

“Wow you’re getting really good.” Jo said as she looked through the pictures. Alex saw she had done several drawings of the family, even a couple of the baby sleeping.

“Thanks.” Abbey grinned. “If you want I could draw you sometime.” Alex grinned.

“I would like that.” Jo smiled.

“She wants you to draw her titanic style just wearing a necklace.” Alex teased looking at her.

“Don’t be silly, I don’t wear jewelry.” Jo grinned as she glanced up at him from behind the book meaning she had no problem with posing nude.

“I am going to the bathroom.” Alex said as she got up and got his shaving kit out of his bag wanting to trim up a little before breakfast.

“Say hey bubba.” He saw his mom standing in the door with Addison Francesca latched to her teat.”

“Hey Frankie.” He smiled, the baby turned slightly looking at him, probably trying to figure out who the hell he was. “Wow she has gotten big.”

“I know she is growing like a weed.” Mom said.

“Sis is making breakfast. I am going to freshen up first.” Alex said holding up his bag.

“Yeah you’re getting a little scruffy.” His mom touched his chin then ran her hand up through his hair. “And your sister or me might have to do something about your hair later.” Alex grinned, remembering countless down blouse haircuts growing up. Moms boobs hanging in his face.

“Yeah been a little busy with finals.” Alex shrugged. The last week on campus looked like the start of a zombie movie. Sleep deprived, poorly groomed students shuffling from one exam to another.

“Okay, us ladies will see you down stairs.” Mom said to him then looked at Jo. “Coming Jo.”

“Right behind you.” Jo said as she put down the sketch book and followed her out. Alex headed for the bathroom and put his stuff down opening it up grabbing his razor and shaving cream out.

“Trying to look pretty for someone?” Abbey teased as she popped her head in the bathroom door. Alex just shook his head at her.

“Can I do it?” She said hopping up on the counter beside him.

“No, I kind of want to keep my ears.” Alex teased. He loved her but she could be a bit clumsy sometimes. He didn’t let her drive his SUV since the gnome fatih escort massacre last year.

“I won’t cut you; I never cut myself when I shave.” She replied as she took his hand and put it to her leg. “See feel, smooth as a baby’s bottom.” He ran his thumb along her bare leg. She wasn’t kidding.

“I don’t think shaving your legs counts that is pretty much a straight surface.” Alex teased.

“I wasn’t talking about just my legs.” She blushed.

“Oh really?” He grinned.

“See.” She reached down and pulled boy short panties down just enough to show off that she was bald, though not enough to show off her goodies.

“Wow.” He smiled and looked back up at her. “When you start doing that.”

“Start of spring.” She shrugged.

“Okay.” He smiled handing her the can of shaving cream.

“Little closer I won’t bite.” Abbey said as she pulled on his shirt and then wrapped her legs around him pulling him closer. He felt his cock brush against her pussy, his dick jumped a little as her pussy rubbed against him.

“So you sure you don’t mind sharing a bed with me.” She said rubbing cream over his face.

“Not if you don’t mind.” Alex teased as she poked him under his chin making him look up.

“Guess I will have to stop sleeping naked now.” He smiled.

“What.” His little sis said looking at him a little shocked.

“I am kidding. Jo would try and castrate me if I did that. Why did I get your hopes up a little?”

“You know I do have a razor.” She said pointing it at him before she began to shave his neck. “You talked to Candy since you got home?”

“Not yet. I talked to her on the phone yesterday.” Alex shrugged looking down his nose at his sister. “You think I have a chance of hooking back up with her.” He asked.

“Maybe.” She said with a shrug though didn’t look him in the eye as she focused on his neck.

“You’re a terrible liar. You know something don’t you.” Alex said as he softly touched her shoulder.

“You really need to talk to her about it. You know I love you but she is my best friend, and you are my brother.” She smiled at him.

“Fair enough.” Alex rubbed her shoulder before sliding his hand down her arm. Anytime Alex and Candy had fought Abbey always played Switzerland, she didn’t take sides.

“Besides if things don’t work out you know you always got me.” Abbey grinned at him and leaned over turning on the sink and washing off the razor.

“Always.” Alex kissed her on the forehead getting a little bit of shaving cream on her.

“Alex.” She laughed wiping herself off before going back to shaving him.

“I was wondering if you would want to take some pictures of me sometime later, I got some new swimsuits.” She grinned.

“Of course.” He winked. They talked for a bit longer before he knew it she was done and not even a knick.

“So need any help shaving anywhere else.” She spun the razor looking down at his crotch teasingly.

“I trust you but not that much.” Alex smiled. He would take care of that himself. Do a little landscaping and trim the hedges before he went to see Candy just in case.

Spring 1999

“Wake up Bubba.” Alex heard as he opened his eyes and closed them just as quickly to the bright light of his bed room. Why is it every time someone wanted to wake him up they turned on the damn light.

“Go away ten more minutes.” He said rolling over.

“Mom said to wake you up, not let you sleep all day.” He heard his little sister Abigail say as she shook him. He rolled back toward her, to see her leaning over his bed in a plunging night shirt that she sometimes wore to bed. He called it her flash dance shirt because it hung off one shoulder, and sometimes flashed him, like now, as it hung down showing off her nice large cantaloupe sized tits jiggling in her shirt as they dangled about braless.

“Come on get up.” Abs put both arms on the bed, squashing her breasts between her arms as she pushed up and down on the bed making the bed and her breasts bounce. He caught glimpses of her nipples as she did.

“I’m up.” Alex said rubbing his eyes against the light but looking out from under his hand at her nice fucking tits for a second, before moving his hand and smiling at her.

“Morning.” Abbey smiled biting her bottom lip in that cute way she always did. Despite being grown up she still had that same baby face. It would give her hell when she turned twenty and wanted to get a drink, Hell he could hardly believe she was eighteen today.

“Happy birthday.” Alex smiled. She was eighteen today and though she had a baby face, her body was anything but. She was dressed only in that loose shirt, that was giving him one hell of a down blouse view of her huge braless dangling breasts, as well as a pair of panties that peeked out underneath and hugged her nice round bubble butt. She showed off plenty of her thick juicy thighs and calves.

“Thanks.” Abbey grinned and climbed onto the bed and sat on his lap, right on his morning erection. “So what you get me.” Either she didn’t notice, didn’t bağcılar escort care, or secretly enjoyed it but considering their relationship it could be a little of all three. She had no sense of personal space where he was concerned, even still sleeping in his bed for several weeks after dad had died. And though she was a modest person in public she went around the house all but nude, having no problem running around in her underwear or braless around him. Both of them could be a little more affectionate then a brother and sister should be. She kissed him on the lips and she would wallow on him when they were alone. Luckily she seemed to understand that outside of the house it wasn’t okay to be so affectionate with him.

“Who said I got you anything.” Alex teased putting his hands on her thighs. He had a great view of her tits from here. He could see her dark areolas slightly through the shirt, her large hard nipples stretching the fabric.

“Because I know you.” She smiled.

“Your party is not until tomorrow.” Alex grinned that was a lie they were throwing her a surprise party this afternoon.

“So, you can go ahead and give me it now, I will get plenty of presents tomorrow. Please.” Abbey pouted playfully in the way she always did when she wanted something, giving him her puppy dog eyes.

“Okay, I did get you something you can have today.” Alex leaned over stretching a bit to reach his bedside drawer. He could feel his cock rub against her pussy as he did. He pulled out a small envelop before straightening back up and handing her the envelope.

“What is it?” Abbey opened it and pulling out two tickets.

“Movie tickets for me and you to go see that movie you been begging me to take you to see.” He said sitting up on his elbows. It looked like it was a total chick flick, but at least it had Drew Barrymore in it to look at he thought.

“Oh my God, thank you, thank you.” She said as she leaned forward hugging him as she wrapped her hands around his neck and buried his face as she smothered him between her breasts. She happily rocked slightly from side to side as she hugged him causing her crotch to rub against his cock as she did. He put his arm around her back rubbing it softly enjoying her body against his until she sat back up.

“Shows at noon when they open so you got plenty of time to go get beautiful and what not. Afterwards I figured we could have lunch wherever, if you want.”

“Okay.” She kissed him again and bounded off of his bed and ran for her bedroom. Alex grinned as he reached down and rubbed his crotch which missed her weight on it. He rubbed it for a minute waiting for it to subside a bit. He swore his little sister’s purpose in life was to tease his cock. Every damn morning he woke up with an erection she would want to sit in his lap, not that he minded. He sat up and rubbed his face before he stood up. He grinned as he walked over to the dresser and decided to go ahead and give her birthday present. She was right, she would get a bunch later on and his was more personal. He grabbed it from his sock drawer and headed into the hallway. He heard the water running in the bathroom with the door partially open. He found her busy brushing her teeth. She didn’t see him at first as she was looking in the mirror with her mouth open brushing her back teeth, her tits jiggling vigorously. The way she held the tooth brush made an image of her giving a blowjob pop into his head. He swore he could make an erotic series of his sister just doing stuff braless around the house. She smiled at him noticing him in the doorway. As she did a bit of saliva mixed with tooth paste trickled from her mouth onto her breast and trickling down between her tits. Needless to say what he was thinking.

“Oh crap.” Abbey grabbed a towel padding her breast. “You need to get in here before I jump in the shower?” She ran the towel down between her tits making them jiggle as she rubbed them.

“Nah I just was thinking if you’re going out with me you might need this.” He said as he walked up and handed her a boxed necklace.

“What is it?” Abbey said before opening it up. “Ah, it’s pretty. I hope you didn’t spend a lot of money on it.” She glanced back at him.

“You’re worth it.” Alex smiled. “Open it up.” She did, he saw her face as she froze for a second.

“Now you will always have him close to your heart.”

“Thank you.” Abbey grabbed him and buried her face into his chest; he thought she would squeeze him to death if not for her breasts pressed between them. He rubbed her back for a few seconds before she pulled away and wiped her face.

“This is why I gave it to you now. Don’t want you crying at your birthday party.” Alex smiled as he wiped away a tear with his thumb.

“Can you put it on me?” Abs said taking it out the box.

“Yeah.” Alex took it as she turned and held up her hair. His fingers running it around her neck, she giggled slightly as he hands ran over the back of her neck. She was always very sensitive there and he loved to tickle her there from time to time.

“There.” He clasps the necklace and leaned down and out of the blue kissed her softly on the neck as she giggled. He wrapped his arms around her as she leaned back against him and put her arms over his. “Hard to believe that my baby sister is eighteen now. That’s a lot of spankings.” He grinned.

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