12 Labors of Hercules, Caged Pt. 01

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The 12 Labors of Hercules, caged. Part 01


TO THE READER. All the events narrated in the series “The 12 Labors of Hercules, caged”, are pure imagination. There will be several references to male chastity, gentle femdom, facesitting, and consensual cuckolding, but without indulging in humiliation, or sissification.

Handcuffs and other tools from the BDSM repertoire will appear from time to time, but without anyone being hurt painfully. All action takes place between consenting adults, including lesbians; the two protagonists are wife and husband, and they love each other very much, before, during, and after.

If this kind of story does not appeal to you, I strongly suggest you NOT read it.

If these kinds of stories intrigue you, I would be open to constructive comments.

Unfortunately, English is not my mother tongue and there may be some lexical or grammatical errors.


§ Prologue. Caged, on the plane to Greece (appetizer).

The chastity cage tightened on Professor Richard’s cock, while the bra-less air stewardess walked towards him with her light-blue uniform slightly unbuttoned.

“How did she know?” he asked himself, as he tried to look out the porthole of that luxury business class sector.

In a flash, he thought “Cathy! Oh no… but how is it possible that my loving wife, so shy and reserved, now that she has become my keyholder has dared even… to tell a complete stranger about my cage? Or is it just my imagination?”.

But she walked towards him without hesitation, whispering in a gentle voice “I beg your pardon, sir, but I must take the briefcase placed at your side…” and as she said so, she had leaned forward, rubbing her tits directly against his cage…

That briefcase she wanted to pick up had to be jammed: indeed, she stayed with her tits on his cock for a few moments… a time that seemed very long to him.

He was inhaling her perfume and felt his erection spasm inside the cage.

How was it possible that he was in such a situation?

He closed his eyes to try and remember when it had all started.

Before that famous barbecue in the garden: exactly one month before today.

Richard could still smell the meat cooked on the grill, see the eyes, hair, and hands of each people present, and hear their joyful laughter… a month ago.

§ Chapter 01 – Almost Vanilla: how a lovely wife may allocate funds for academic research.

Richard U. H. van Middenstorm had taken many plane trips and had often tried to seduce air stewardesses (as well as all other women of age who came his way, married or not), but that was before the chastity cage, a month ago.

Richard worked as a professor in Greek Mythology at university and had inherited many possessions from his Dutch Calvinist relatives (the notorious “M-Storm Pork Smoked Ham”).

He was not particularly handsome, but he was very self-confident, and he liked to be a ladies’ man, trawling. As he used to say, if you hit on just one, at best you get a rejection, if you hit on thirty or forty, some consent will come sooner or later.

His specialization was the representation of myth in Greek art and archaeology but his career was stalled because he tended to waste time.

Or at least, that was the good-natured accusation with which his wife had tormented him for years. Her name was Caterina Rizzo although everyone called her Cathy, she came from an Italian-American family in New York of ancient Sicilian origin.

Cathy had been educated in the Catholic religion and was disinclined to divorce, despite his repeated betrayals, and despite the advice of her friends.

Perhaps the Rizzo family was wealthier than the van Middenstorms, but she did not show it, preferring a more reserved style.

It should be pointed out that Cathy always loved her husband very much and was always deeply in love with him. Richard also loved his wife very much, although he seemed to almost forget this in critical situations.

Although they were both Americans, they worked in a Scottish university.

Cathy was not a teacher: graduate in Economics, she was in charge of the office that bahis siteleri arranged funds for archaeological and artistic research trips to southern Europe.

A few months ago she had heard about a large sum of money for a trip to Greece, and knowing that the most suitable person was her husband, Cathy initially thought of going with him.

She took the mouse to start searching online. Then she thought back to all the times he had neglected her on holiday, flirting with waitresses or hotel guests, and she felt a special emotion rise within her: it was not anger, it was frustration and abandonment.

Too much. Too many times. Enough is enough.

Cathy decided she would make one last attempt to save the marriage.

She carefully examined the file, the requirements, and the characteristics of the participants. The idea she had at first took shape, step by step.

Her lips, which at first were tense and pained, widened into a broad, satisfied smile.

Cathy sent four e-mails to four different people and made a long intercontinental phone call to verify some details of the hospitality the scientific mission would receive in Greece.

A small island… perfect. Only the research team on the spot… perfect. No bar, disco, club… OMG, it seemed a dream to Cathy!

Everything had started to move in the right direction… and, as the Ancients used to say, “a good start is half the battle”.

Two scholars immediately responded to her e-mails and were kind enough to immediately come in for an on-campus interview.

While Cathy was talking to them, another scholar emailed her: “available for a video call, E.B. Ph.D.”.

And before she had finished, a fourth scholar knocked on her door, and Cathy had the chance to meet all the right people. Anything perfect.

She was reminded of an ancient Roman proverb, audaces Fortuna iuvat, the goddess of Luck helps the bold, and she had felt very bold that day.

She would have tried anything to save her marriage, even the boldest decision, but she felt within herself that she had done the right thing, and she was full of enthusiasm. By then it was very late, but she was so elated that she took off her shoes and started jumping for joy.

Then she texted him:

— “Honey I have been working so hard today… always thinking about you! Sorry I’ll be back late. Great news for your trip! To celebrate, can you please order a romantic dinner? I love you so much xoxo.” —

§ Chapter 02 — A lovely cage from a lovely wife.

Richard had not cooked, but merely ordered a romantic dinner, and he knew she would like to find the table set with crystal glasses and lit candles.

Maybe Richard was not a real cook, but he knew how to set a table: after all, setting the table is like setting a trap, for a predator who hunts prey, as for a seducer who seduces a woman

While he was thinking this, he remembered an ancient Greek verb, “paraskeuazo”, meaning to set up, anything from deploying an army to choreographing a dance in a theatre – and this is an example of how his mind often wandered aimlessly, wasting time on inconclusive thoughts… at least until that evening…

Cathy finally arrived, late but hurriedly. She gave him a hasty kiss then said “I’m going to the bathroom, be a lamb please… wait for me here!” and disappeared.

After a few minutes, she entered the room where the romantic dinner was set. Candlelight sent flickering glimmers on the crystal glasses and walls; jazz music in the distance created the right atmosphere. Nothing difficult… after so many years of marriage, Richard knew very well what kind of evergreen music his wife liked… home automation had made everything so simple… and once again his mind went back to the Ancient Times.

There are no more surprises, Richard thought, surprising himself by envying the ancient Greeks, who had no heating or electric light but at least had everything to discover. A life with no more surprises…

“Surprise!” said Cathy, striding into the room on her heels. Richard ran out of breath: “OMG, is my wife this gorgeous woman?”

Cathy had changed for dinner: a very dark elegant dress, with very deep slits on her cleavage, and only a canlı bahis siteleri very thin gold chain around her neck. And the heeled shoes, which gave her that confident, seductive gait… and her favorite perfume… Richard was deeply in love with her.

And the sound of her heels on the floor… it made him horny as hell, every time.

Richard recognized that dress: the bare back and light fabric would have revealed any kind of lingerie, and Richard knew that his wife would never make such a mistake. So he also knew that she was naked under the dress: as naked as her beautiful feet in her lace-up heels…

“A toast!” exclaimed Cathy, standing up eagerly “to the trip you’re going on to Greece with your Ph.D. students, I can tell you for sure because it’s my office that prints the plane tickets!”

“A toast!” replied Richard, standing up and pouring champagne into glasses.

He had ordered a series of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, and grilled prawns kept warm, but the only thing he wanted in his mouth at that moment was his wife’s darting tongue.

As they drank Cathy stroked his arm with her breast: “do you know how much I love you?”

Feeling her bare, stiff nipples against his arm, Richard replied “I love you more”

“Ah, no, really, I love you much more.” Giggle

“Prove it then, my dear Queen of All Airline Tickets…”

“Ah yes. Greece. So… I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a long time, and I’ve decided today is the day to tell you.”

“Tell me, honey, anything, you know I love you so much.”

“I… accept… to be… your… Keyholder” said Cathy, smiling.


“Remember that chastity cage you bought two years ago, just to play with a couple of nights? You’d said it had intrigued you in a certain sex tape, you bought it, and then we used it… I can’t remember… two or three times, maybe?”

“Yeah… boh… maybe…”

“But each time it was for fun, like the handcuffs or the blindfold, a little thing you do for a few minutes and then you stop, right?”

“Right, yes, exactly,” he hastily replied.

Instead, he was thinking that when he had bought her, he had hoped so much that she would take him seriously.

But Cathy gave the impression that she perceived the keyholder role as a chore, an accumulation of commitment all on her shoulders.

Partly out of laziness, partly out of carelessness, two years ago she had shown that she believed it was just a game; and he had accepted, aware that one cannot force a wife who has no interest in that lifestyle.

But today she seemed determined: “You see, this morning, a colleague of mine showed me a meme her husband had sent her for a laugh… and it read «If a man buys a chastity cage, it is because he wants to be forced to wear it».” Cathy’s face was radiant with joy at that moment “My co-worker laughed and so did I, initially… but then…” Now Cathy’s expression had become pensive, with furrowed brows: “Afterward, on my own, I wondered… if it was «true» and «real» in your case… which means, now, in OUR case.”

Cathy’s eyes stared at him: her voice was stern and determined.

A moment ago she was laughing with her colleague, and now she was asking him to change his life?

Richard was silent for a moment.

The talk was serious and very unexpected during a festive dinner like that.

The candlelight flickered, as did his voice.

He let out a deep sigh and then said:

“OK, Cathy, I confess: I watch a lot of porn with caged husbands, I read a lot of stories with caged men, and I probably subconsciously wish that a woman… I mean, not a woman in general (he had seen an iced gleam in his wife’s eyes) I would like YOU to be mine Keyholder… but it’s just that I know this would be a big commitment for you, Cathy…”

“Oh, but I would have my… advantages. You see, at first, your adventures didn’t bother me, and knowing that you enjoy courting stewardesses and barmaids (and female uni students) in the early stages of marriage didn’t bother me, because I was sure you loved only me.”

“But… exactly, I love only you. If I happen to… goof off… with some stranger… it’s just a physical, silly, and emotionless canlı bahis thing.”

“Of course. I know, I’ve always known. But honestly, Richard… Dicky… I am genuinely concerned about your career. You’re wasting too much time. You masturbate by watching porn for hours (I’ve never shouted at you, but you do it too often), you woo women, you do stupid things with female students in their twenties… your reputation as a scholar is on the edge.”

Edge! Richard was about to start wandering with his mind around the concept of Edge and Denial, but Cathy knew him too well and knew that that particular movement of his eyes meant he was about to get distracted…

But Cathy knew her husband. All she had to do was mention a couple of his Greek gods to get his 100% attention:

“You are not Zeus, or Apollo, with the freedom to dally with anyone; and I am not Juno, nor do I have the patience of Job.”

Mission accomplished: Richard was focusing, even as he stared insistently at her nipples, erect under the thin fabric of her dark dress.

Without realizing it, Cathy had put her hands on her hips and her chest was jutting out towards her husband.

“I don’t want to persecute you, like Juno: I want to be your forever lovely wife… with the key of your cage. Giggle! For you, this trip of yours to Greece can be the turning point… if you want it.”

There was a hint of concern in Cathy’s voice. As if she knew that the thing she was saying could hurt her husband, who seemed so strong and was instead so fragile (like all womanizers, after all: including the almighty thundering Zeus, and Apollo handsome as the Sun).

Silence. Richard was silent. He was thinking so many things at once… my wife knows everything about me, my wife is worried about me, my wife loves me so much that she wants to help me… all these thoughts were overwhelming him. And above all, was it true that he had always wanted a keyholder…

He looked down. He saw the bare toes of her perfect foot, in her heeled shoes. Richard loved the sight of her feet, she knew it and had worn that dress and those shoes on purpose. On purpose to turn him on, to make him realize that she had planned to turn him on.

All that attention from her had to be rewarded: he couldn’t let it go to waste.

He nodded slowly and then said: “OK. I will wear the cage… for you. And you will be my Keyholder… my beloved, adored Keyholder.”

He left the room as Cathy sat down, sipping wine and tasting the prawns he had bought.

While he went to the bedroom, she thought back to a sentence she had read: «It’ tantalizing thoughts of what he can’t have, that make chastity so enticing».

Richard went upstairs, entered the master bedroom, and opened the drawer where he had buried the cage two years ago (and some of his hopes at the time).

He took off his trousers and boxers as if to go to sleep, remaining with his shirt unbuttoned. His penis was as flaccid as ever, and he hadn’t even eaten. He unceremoniously closed the ring around his balls, inserted the flaccid penis into the cage, then put the lock without closing it and slowly walked towards the living room, holding it with his hands.

“Here I am, Cathy… you know — as he said these words, a sincere smile appeared on his mouth — it’s your turn to decide whether to lock it… like when we used to play…”

“It’s not a game, Dicky: I’m serious, and it will last for months, maybe years. And… enough of this confidence: if you accept, you’ll have to call me Miss Cathy.”

“Anywhere? Even on campus?”

“But no, silly, you’ll have to call me Miss Cathy only during the tease and denial sessions… only when we play… During the rest of the day, we’ll be a normal husband-and-wife couple like all those vanilla ones you meet in the corridors from time to time… And forget about me starting to wear latex dresses to play the part of the Dominatrix… I want to be elegant and comfortable, in my opinion, if a woman is forced to wear a costume to feel strong, it means she’s not strong enough… Agreed?”


“But I promise I won’t stop teasing you, not even for a day: he will always think of you.” Giggle, giggle!

He only said: “So… we have a decision?”

Cathy: “If you feel up to it, I have decided.”

Her husband whispered: “So… I beg you to close the lock… my Miss Cathy.”


“I love you, honey” “I love you too, honey…”

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