10 Year Anniversary Gift

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It seems far too long since we had the chance to get away, but our anniversary is here and New Orleans is beautiful any time of year. I can’t believe 10 years has come and gone since the last time we were here. Our honeymoon was quite the trip, and not just for us! The French Quarter hotels are always the best. Being able to stay in an authentic Louisiana French room and have a small balcony overlooking the street below where the city never slows down, always adds to the excitement.

My wife was stunning in her deep purple dress, past her knees… but slit well up half her legs… thigh-highs and heels (she knew I loved those). I was dressed in a black Suit, navy blue shirt, and beige tie. Walking beside her and catching her gaze… I can still get lost in those eyes of hers, dark brown and welcoming… with a hint of naughtiness… just like the day we met. She still makes every part of my body twitch. We always prided ourselves on having a great sexual energy for each other. Something we learned can only be achieved through mutual trust, openness, and willingness to push each other’s boundaries. Being here again, the views… smells… are truly exhilarating. I’m already feeling myself getting turned on in anticipation of our night, but as always I enjoy taking my time and building to the moment.

Dinner seems so long, and I know she can’t wait to get back to our room and ravage me. She has always been the aggressor, but I… I always take my time. Our honeymoon, she got her way. I gave into her need to take me and be taken by me, but this time I had plans and I hoped not to disappoint. Dinner moved on and we reminisced, again losing myself in those eyes of hers. Drifting back… back.

It was hot that night, years ago, I remembered her wearing a cheap short dress and I had on a button up shirt with the collar open and khakis. We didn’t have much, however we were young… in love… and beyond horny for each other. Like I remembered, she couldn’t wait to get me alone and tear at every inch of my body. In the hallway to our room, we were all over each other. She pushed me hard against the wall, driving her tongue into my mouth and running her hands down my chest. I pulled her close and ran my hands over her breasts, down her sides, and over her ass. She told me my hands always drove her crazy. She said I had such a gentle touch, but you can feel the strength in my hands and the want for her body that emanates from them.

While we grabbed for each other that night I was going crazy in my mind. We were rolling against the wall as we attempt to make it to the room. My hand was already between her legs and she was soaked through her panties from my touch. Her hands tore at the button on my pants and she was sliding her hands over my throbbing cock… and stroking me. She dropped her mouth to my neck and we were moaning in unison as she continued to stroke me and I furiously played with her swollen clit… sliding her wetness from her pussy to her clit… over and over. Her frustration had hit the hilt and she finally freed my cock completely, she then dropped to her knees in the hall way. She wasted no time and ran her tongue up and down my shaft, (we were still only half way down the hall to our room), her saliva dripped down my cock and she lavished each and every lick. My head was thrown back in pure ecstasy and I already could feel my knees weaken.

She began to drive her mouth down onto me and the feeling had no comparison. She had this way of swirling her tongue around my cock and twisting her head as she slid her mouth around my manhood. The feeling was without equal, as though my cock was being hit in every sensitive spot at once while being stroked from top to bottom. I was moaning and repeating “fuck baby, that’s amazing… no one makes me feel like you do… no one. Anymore and I’m going to fucking cum.” I could care less who heard me, and she felt the same as she continued to work her magic on my dick and moaned loader with each movement up and down my shaft. When I could take no more, I lifted her off her knees and spun her in the direction of our room and this time pushed her up against the wall.

She was breathing heavy and I could smell the lust oozing from her body. I drove my mouth to her neck and began running my tongue up and down her soft throat… I know she loved the sensation. My hands rose to the top of her dress and I lowered it to reveal her breasts. Full c cups with rock hard nipples that only conveyed her level of eroticism. I began to suck each nipple into my mouth, letting my tongue circle them and my teeth nibble them… they’re so canlı bahis sensitive and she squealed with each movement. My hands were at the bottom of her short dress and I lifted it to reveal her round tight ass and dripping wet pussy. I turned her around and rubbed my cock at her entrance… but it wasn’t time yet… and instead I continued to rub her through her panties while grinding my cock against her ass. The anticipation and teasing made her drip down her leg.

I dropped down to my knees all the while running my hands down the back of her incredible legs… still her best feature to this day. I moved again closer to our door, and sat down against the wall. She took the cue and hovered over me, her pussy smelled so sweet in the heat as she lowered it on my waiting tongue. I sucked her clit into my mouth and she bit her lip and slapped her hand hard against the wall. I sucked it slow and deep and slid my fingers deep inside her. She bent her knees to fuck my fingers like a cock. I slid my fingers out and stretched out my tongue and pulled her pussy onto it. She tasted amazing and I loved hearing her moan and pant as she gyrated her hips and rode my tongue.

She said “My god that feels amazing, fuck your tongue is so hot… I want to cum on your tongue… do you like the way I ride it? This is how I’ll ride your cock baby… this is how I’ll make you cum… how I’ll make you cum in my pussy… I know you like it… I know because you’re a bad boy.”

Her dirty talk was amazing and I stroked my cock as I tongue fucked her pussy… bringing her close to orgasm.

She told me “keep stroking baby… it’s so hot to see you stroke that cock… while you eat my tight little pussy.”

Her taste… the words… the stimulation was unbearable. I felt her body begin to shake into an orgasm and I started cumming with her. Her body was vibrating into mine as I shot my load onto her tight ass. She was moaning and screaming as she came and I loved the sudden rush of her juices over my face. I braced her as she slid down over me, and began to lick the cum off my hand and cock… savoring the taste with a devilish look in her eye. Far from spent, and with the look of astonishment from the lady at the end of the hall… we decided to gather ourselves and stumbled into our room.

We stripped and she forced me down on the bed and climbed on top of me. I was hard again in a minute and she slid down onto me. She was (and still is) tight and wet, her pussy gripped me as she began rocking back and forth. How I loved when she rode my cock. Her hips drove into me and her hair fell over me and into my face. The sweat poured down from her. I lifted up to pull her into my arms as I met each of her thrusts. Bringing her breasts and nipples into my mouth. Her hands were grabbing at my hair and we were pumping with a single timely thrust that forced our bodies into each other. I slowed her down and lifted her off my cock and turned her around. I loved watching her ass while she thrusted up and down on my cock. She was in no mood to slowly stroke my cock with her pussy… she wanted to fuck and she pounded down into me with the thought of cumming… and cumming hard.

Her ass looked amazing and I took the opportunity to play with that sweet asshole of hers. She loved the naughtiness and I knew it made her hotter. As she continued to drive her pussy onto my cock she thrusted her ass onto my fingers.

“You’re such a bad girl… I love how dirty you get when you want to fuck me… how you think of nothing but draining my cock and making yourself cum on my cock… how you let me play with your ass… make you my little whore.” I told her.

“I love riding your cock baby… you’re so fucking hard… you know I’m a whore… I’m you’re slut… you make me this way… you make want to be this for you.” She moaned to me.

The heat in the room was relentless, and the French doors to the balcony were so close.

“So you’re more whore baby? Only I make you feel this way? You’re all mine baby? You’ll do what I want baby? Only I can share you baby?”

“Yes baby” she replies “I’m your slut and I’ll do what you wish, just don’t ever stop fucking me. You want to share me? You want another woman with me baby? Anything Baby… anything.”

I sat up and led her to the balcony, she knew what I had in mind. I opened the doors and let the cool night air rush over our bodies. She bent over and turned her head back to me and the sight of her was unparalleled… and to this day gives me an instant erection. I took her from behind, with a deep lustful thrust and she screamed bahis siteleri in delight. I began to slowly and deeply penetrate her for all to see. The people below brought the thrill to new heights. She loved being watched and I loved showing her off to the world. There was no holding back I relentlessly pounded her.

She screamed “Fuck me… Fuck Oh my god I love your cock… this is so fucking hot… I’m going to cum so fucking hard.”

Her words always went to my cock and my enthusiasm showed as I grabbed onto the railing and let go of everything and let it flow into her. I began cumming like never before and gripped on to the railing to hold myself up. My knees shook and I screamed “Fuck” into the night air.

Her pussy was gripping me as we mutually came. Moaning and panting into the night. Turned on by the onlookers, and not caring if they had a single thought. It was our most intense orgasm and our first dip into our deeper desires. It was a night we learned a lot about each other and even ourselves. A night we found we had a willingness to push boundaries.

That night was amazing and over the years we grew through our experiences, with ourselves… with others… but much of that is left to other daydreams. I had my plans for 10 years from that night, and I wanted to bring her to another place. Dinner was coming to an end but our night was only beginning.

I know her mind traveled back to that night, when she had her way… but tonight would be different. She knew I wanted something else… and I always try not to disappoint. We walked into the night back to our hotel… down that same hall… to that same room. The place has aged a bit, but it was still in the French Quarter and still burned hot with the heat. I could feel her anticipation, and her forward advances were not easily ignored. I wanted so badly to take her in that hall. To push her onto that bed and have my way with her, but I kept my composure. Much to her curiosity and frustration.

When we entered the room I asked her “Do you remember being here 10 years ago? Do you remember telling me you’ll do anything for me?”

She nodded and bit her bottom lip and said “Anything… I love you.”

“Then undress and lie on the bed. No questions.” I replied

She began to slowly undress and my heart still pounds at the sight of her amazing body.

I stopped her “Leave the nylons and heels… you know how I love that.”

She obeyed and laid on the bed and looked deeply into my eyes, the electricity locked us into each other. I approached the bed and sat beside her and pulled a blindfold from the drawer and covered her eyes. There was no fuss, we trusted each other and that’s why we could completely give ourselves to one another. She wouldn’t be removing the blindfold.

“Lay back… enjoy this.” I said as I gently pushed her softly and firmly to the bed.

She obliged and laid back. I rose from the bed, my intentions have rarely been clearer. I walked over to the bathroom door and let my surprise emerge. He was handsome and trustworthy, I do my homework… and there is always trust with my lover… not a second of the encounter would not be attended by myself. My lover and I have been with others, this was hardly the first time I saw her with another man. However, after those encounters we spoke and always felt that we could not give each other to someone else as fully as we give ourselves to each other. Every encounter has always left us missing that thrill of giving in to the level we do when we are with one another. Tonight I get to fulfill her fantasy… and mine.

I walk over to the bed and gently whispered into her ear. “No words… only passion… do you understand?”

A breathy “Yes” escaped her lips.

I took my seat in a chair in the corner and relaxed back as her fantasy and mine began. I do my homework as well as my preparation. I spent a great deal of time with my friend to ensure authenticity. My soft touch, and strong need… everything… right down to every smell and kiss.

He placed his hand on her leg and ran it up her naked and extraordinary body. I could see her writhe and lift her body in response to his touch. She began to speak and he gently placed a finger on her mouth to quiet her. She was in tune with his every caress and I could see her giving in to the moment. An experience she so greatly wanted to feel… and I so immensely wanted to see. He undressed himself slowly, never taking any more time than needed to touch and caresses her body.

When he completely undressed he lied next to her and brought his lips bahis şirketleri to hers. Her aggression… the side of her she has only ever completely given to me was coursing through her and the thrill hit me like a waterfall. She pulled him in and kissed him deeply, darting her tongue into his mouth and pulling at his hair on the back of his head. She ran her hands done his chest and to his rock hard member and began stroking him. Never breaking the kiss.

He knew not to make a sound, and I could see him fighting the urge. He knew the rules however, and I knew he would not break them. She broke the kiss and ran her tongue down his body… not hastily… but with a sense of purpose. When she reached his cock, without hesitation she licked his shaft from the balls to the tip and drove her mouth on to him. I knew she was using her tongue and mouth on him like she only does to me, giving in to him. His face reflected her actions. I know that look on his face, as a look only I have ever given. He continued to fight the urge to scream out as she performed her magic and brought him to a mind blowing explosion in her mouth. As always she cleaned up.

The excitement I felt was unexplainable. I was more aroused than I have ever been, and my need… my want… to take her was only held back by wanting to see more. She stroked him back to life and he quickly turned her over on the bed.

Working his way down her body with his mouth. Remembering to suck her nipples into his mouth and nibble them… a gasp escaped her lips… but no words. He reached her wet kitty and did as I told. Making sure to suck her clit into his mouth and use his fingers to deeply fuck her. Her hips gyrated into his mouth and she was losing herself… she moved with intention… and no inhibition. It was exhilarating to experience this with her. He continued to masterfully conduct himself by imitating my actions, just as I explained them to him. Her body began to shake and I knew she was cumming on his tongue, which by now is buried deep inside her. The smell of her was in the air, and I did all I could not to intervene or too even touch myself.

He rose up over her and teased the head of his cock on the outside of her wet pussy. I knew she wouldn’t allow much teasing. It’s her aggression with me that separates her from being with someone else. Her body and actions always reflected more than just a want… but a need for me… the craving for me. This is what she wanted to feel… this is what I wanted to see.

Without hesitation she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deep inside her. For the first time, she audibly whimpered. I nearly exploded at the moment. He tried to move slowly, but she had other plans completely. She kept her legs tight around him. Only giving him enough space to pull out quickly and then drive himself back inside her.

“Is this how much she craved me?” I pondered. “My god… to see how much she truly gave herself to me… letting everything go.”

She slowed his pace and repositioned herself on top. Her pussy dripping down onto him before he was even inside of her. She slide all the way down him and grinded hard and fast. Driving her hips into him. Completely losing herself in riding him and bringing herself to orgasm. He was instructed not to take her from behind… that was for me… that was for the balcony… that was for the onlookers.

He held her there and bucked himself into each of her thrusts. His body arched as I knew her tightness was bringing him to another orgasm… her as well. Her pace sped up and she lifted off him and dropped down onto him repeatedly. The sound of their bodies crashing could be heard from down the hall. She began to moan loud and her body arched back as she came on his hard cock. He was in ecstasy and she as well. As them came with each other. She had given herself completely. She was able to do it as she imagined… and I was able to see just how much she has given to me. They came off their high and walked to the bed and lifted her blindfold.

At first there was hesitation, but remember… with her and I there is always trust. It only took a second for her to realize what I had given her… and she had given me. My friend, now our friend, did as instructed. Without a word he rose up, dressed, and left. We laid there in each other’s arms, for what seemed like an eternity. No words, just looks of lust and appreciation shared with each other.

When she finally broke the silence she said “I know what you left for yourself tonight.”

She got out of bed and walked to the French doors. Out onto the balcony… bent over… and looked back at me… and said “Thank You. Happy anniversary.”

I quickly disrobed and we finished the night the same as we had those years ago. For all to see… hear… and yet only for me… and her.

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